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You're listening to Get Your Marriage On!, the fun & spicy [and clean] podcast bringing you new tools and fresh ideas for your most intimate relationship so that you can be the sexiest couple you know! Strengthen your marriage and feel closer than ever. For more info, visit


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You're listening to Get Your Marriage On!, the fun & spicy [and clean] podcast bringing you new tools and fresh ideas for your most intimate relationship so that you can be the sexiest couple you know! Strengthen your marriage and feel closer than ever. For more info, visit




162: How to Keep Your Marriage Hot in the Middle of Raising Little Kids with Kingdom Sexuality

One pernicious thought the often gets in the way of our intimacy is a thought that we can put the romance and desire side of our marriage on the back burner while we raise our children. The reality is the greatest gift we can give our children right now is for us as parents to have a thriving marriage and erotic relationship that feels alive. Prioritizing desire in our relationship, within reason, has done wonders for our marriage. So today I've invited three, yes, three guests onto my podcast. This trio is part of Kingdom Sexuality, where their mission is to help Christian couples see God's design for sex. They also have a great Instagram account, by the way. Alana, Kyle, and Tiera each are married and have children. And we're going to have a frank conversation about practical things to keep strong desire while you're still raising young children. Take some time just for the two of you! And the other thing you can do for your marriage and for your children is to get away once in awhile with your spouse. And there's no better way to do that than attend our next couples retreat in March. Registration is open and you won't want to miss it. We'll do a deep dive into your relationship and give you real practical tools to help you get out of a rut, do away with resentment, and free yourself from the frustrations and limitations you're currently facing in your marriage. We do this by building on top of your strengths and helping you see a clear path forward so that you have hope and excitement in the future of your marriage. This is all, of course, in balance with fun activities to do on the retreat, like ATV in the desert or canyoneering near Zion National Park. To make this an unforgettable weekend, register today on our website.


161: Whole-hearted Lovemaking and Stage 3 Sex, featuring Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

To love and be loved wholeheartedly. It's life's sweetest gift. Marriages thrive when there's two forces working together love and desire. By love, I mean, the qualities like attentiveness, which is like being a good listener, kindness, a feeling of home and belonging in the relationship and loyalty. On the other hand, by desire I mean a sense of passion, excitement, pursuit, adventure, mystery, and fun. We need both of those things in a good marriage. And to really love someone and to really desire someone with all of your heart, it's often a function of how developed and mature we are. Did you know that there are stages of development and romantic and sexual relationships as there are in other aspects of life? And how do you grow from whatever stage you are now to your next stage and become a better lover? I've been podcasting consistently every week without fail for almost three years now. Can you believe it?! And one of my personal most favorite teachers of all time is Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, who you'll get to meet in just a moment. We recorded this podcast a long time ago. And because we have so many new listeners on this podcast, I've gone back to the archives to make sure you all get a chance to hear it! Keep Your Marriage Burning Bright Marriages need more help to stay strong today than ever. And that's why we just opened registration for upcoming marriage retreat in St. George Utah for March, 2024. Retreats are an exciting way to spend some time away and we give you the tools you need to build a stronger sexier marriage and you get to meet other couples, have good food, go on excursions and just have this amazing experience to keep the fires of love and passionate desire burning bright in your relationship for years to come. Register today on our website.


160: I Don't Need You (But I Want You), and Mindful Loving

Oftentimes in our quest to have a deeper, more intimate marriage, it's really not a question of whether you want to be loved or loved more. It's really a question of a capacity to love or be loved more. In my work with couples and individuals, helping them grow intimately in their marriages, one of the very first things I teach them is how to be more mindful. Most of us cruise through the day on autopilot, not quite aware of the thoughts that go through our head. However, when we develop the skill of slowing down and observing our thoughts, we can then shape our thinking to higher levels. In the past, as a Christian, I thought that the whole mindfulness and meditation thing was for Zen Buddhists, but the more I dive into my own beliefs, I see mindfulness built right into my religious practices because what is prayer, the Sabbath, time in God's word, but an invitation for stillness and mindfulness. Higher levels of thinking are required in order to grow one's capacity to love and be loved. And this has nothing to do with IQ. It has everything to do with learning how to be more present and honest with your thoughts. That's why I'm so excited about my guest today. His name is Dr. Ty Mansfield. Ty is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a professor of marriage and family life at Brigham Young University. I first came across Ty's work when I read his book on mindfulness and it changed the way I approached my life in so many aspects. *** COUPLES RETREAT: I am so excited to announce that registration is now open for our next couples retreat March 14-17, 2024 in beautiful, sunny St. George, Utah, which is also my hometown. This retreat is ideal for couples that want to take the intimacy in their marriage to the next level. Watch some testimonials here! *** COACHING: Register any time for our coaching program, Next Level, for coaching resources, and a great community. *** WORKSHOP: Join us for our next workshop all about slow sex on November 22! And remember that all of our guides and workshops are 20% off this month!


159: For the Men: Embracing Your God-given Sexuality for an Intimate Marriage

Are you looking for a big shift in your relationship? The men in my coaching program continually see these shifts in amazing ways. They feel more grounded. They see themselves more clearly. They feel more confident in their own skin. They stand on their own two feet better. They're at more peace with their God-given sexuality and who they are, and their wives take notice and often make changes and adjustments themselves too. I am so excited that we are starting another men's coaching cohort on Sunday, November 8! In this episode, you'll learn all about the program and what kind of things you can expect to learn and ways you can grow to achieve the marriage you've always dreamed of. Register now for the men's only coaching program! You can also hear from other men who have gone through this program. I look forward to seeing you next week!


158: The #1 Limiting Factor in Your Sex Life, According to a Marriage Expert

I have a background in computer science and I love writing code. Nerdy, right? The better the code, the better the program. A program can’t run better than the code it’s written from. The way we express our sexuality is the same way. We can’t out-sex ourselves beyond the thoughts we have about sex. This is one reason why I am a big believer in marriage and sex coaching. I help my clients to recognize their current thoughts about sex and their marriage, and invite them to reprogram their thoughts to elevate and improve their thoughts about sex so that they can live happier, more fulfilling lives. So many marriages can do better if they take the time to think about what they think about sex and their relationship. If more couples did this, we could eliminate poverty from bedrooms everywhere! My guest today is Heather Flake. Heather is a fellow life coach that helps married women love who they are in their marriage more. If you like this content, check out for more: FREE MASTERCLASSNext Level Intimacy ProgramPrivate CoachingWorkshopsAppsGuides


157: 7 Ways To Put the PLAY back in FOREPLAY and Make Sex Fun, Not Work

Today I want to talk about what to do when you want to want to have sex but you don’t feel in the mood for it yet. Although it would be nice to get in the mood, you know that it’s going to take time and energy to get there, and it’s tempting to just postpone sexy time to another time when you’ll have more energy. But when you think about scheduling sex, it feels like yet another thing to add to the to-do list. So there it goes again: sex feels like work rather than play, and it gets put on the back burner. Again. This episode covers reasons that couples struggle with play and foreplay, and then 7 actionable ways to add relaxed playfulness into your relationship and sexual encounters! Remember that if you plan on building an exciting, intimate marriage that lasts a lifetime, it requires healthy doses of newness injected into your marriage regularly. We all go through seasons, but the best way to keep your sex life out of a rut is to keep things fresh and new. Some of the suggestions in this episode are going to take some effort to prepare. But even the preparation can be part of the fun! It builds anticipation! Here are links to some of the resources discussed in today's episode: Episode 89, “Foreplay Throughout the Day”Intimately Us AppSheets and Ladders GameHow to Have Shower Sex Slip & Slide Date Night Tutorial


156: How the 9 Personality Types Influence Your Sex Life, According to Relationship Expert Christa Hardin

The famous psychologist Carl Jung once said, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Intimate marriages require a lot of intimate contact in terms of body, mind, head, and soul. It’s also why I believe marriage, especially sex in marriage, is the most sure-fire path to grow up and mature to attain your best and highest version of yourself. The principles I want to share with you in today’s episode is that when you have a better grasp of your own light and shadow, and your spouse’s light and shadow, you can work with each other’s strengths to create a remarkable marriage. This requires self awareness and practice of course. One of the tools I’ve found that has helped me understand myself and my wife better is the Enneagram personality typing. Today I’ve invited Christa Hardin to my podcast to talk more about it. I’ve read her recent book, The Enneagram and Marriage, and I wanted her to share some of her insights and experience with you to help you get your marriage on. You can learn more about her book and purchase it on her website or Amazon. Free enneagram test: If you like this content, check out for more: FREE MASTERCLASSNext Level Intimacy ProgramPrivate CoachingWorkshopsAppsGuides


155: Sex is Weird: Embracing the Awkward, Fetishes, Butt Stuff, and Building a Marriage for Two - Q&A

I love hearing your success stories! If you would like to share yours on the podcast, please fill out this form. This episode covers six of the anonymous questions I've received this month. You all sure send me some really good questions! If you would like to submit an anonymous question, you can do so on our website. Today we answer questions about fetishes, shame, anal play and how we overcome awkwardness and the "gross factor." I also address talking to our partners about the hard stuff, what to do when we don't share their perspective or want them to do something differently. Ultimately, it's all about how we can know and be known by our spouses and make room for both spouses to be equal partners in all things. Thanks for listening! If you like this content, check out for more: FREE MASTERCLASSNext Level Intimacy ProgramPrivate CoachingWorkshopsAppsGuides


154: Good Vibrations: How To Close the Orgasm Gap in Your Marriage Tonight, Featuring Amanda Louder

I strongly believe one of the paths to a stronger marriage is by doing the work necessary to have a great sex life as a couple. Why start with sex? It’s because there’s such a strong link between pleasure and connection. When you increase and broaden the pleasure you experience as a couple, you’ll find your emotional and spiritual connection deepen as well. Besides, doing the work necessary to have great sex forces individuals to learn how to deeply love their spouse like they’ve never loved before; it requires trust, self-confidence, and an open heart. In short, developing your sexual relationship leads to more personal growth than anything else. Unfortunately, there’s an orgasm gap in many marriages. Although orgasm isn’t the only measure of a great sex life, it’s a good enough proxy measure for the pleasure a couple enjoys in sex. I believe women are just as capable of sexual pleasure than men, if not more capable than men. And even though just about every person on the planet is capable of experiencing the pleasure of orgasm in sex, in far too many marriages women aren’t experience orgasm as frequently as men do. Today my guest is my friend Amanda Louder. Amanda is a fellow marriage and intimacy coach. She is the host of the podcast, Sex For Saints. We’re going to talk about practical strategies to help you overcome your orgasm gaps in your marriage today. We’re also going to talk about sex toys that are used as an aid for pleasure as a couple. Did you know that over 70% of those that responded to my poll on Instagram say that they have used or currently use a vibrator? Many people are curious about trying a vibrator but don’t know where to go to buy one without feeling weird about it. If that’s you, open the Intimately Us app and go to the Learn Section, then Products We Love for my personal recommendations from trusted companies and brands.


153: How a Sexy Bedroom Game Took Our Sex Life to the Next Level with Dan & Emily Purcell

RETREAT FLASH SALE: We've sold out of the main hotel (Hotel Lucy), but we're offering some spots at an overflow hotel next door at a discounted rate! It's $300 off right now through Sunday, September 24. PLUS, if you send us a DM on Instagram @getyourmarriageon, we'll send you a code to get another $100 off! This is the best price you'll get, so don't delay! Get the details here. *** We're going back in time a couple years today as I'm bringing back an episode from our archives. I'm doing this for a few reasons: We were interviewed by a friend, Ariel Finlanson, who hosts the podcast Ladies Talking Love. I do the Get Your Marriage On! podcast because I want to share what I'm learning with everyone. The reality is I'm not that different from many of you. I am on this journey and I'm just so excited that you can come along with me for the ride as I share the things that I'm learning alongside with you.


152: Your Sexual Fantasies: Once Upon a Time in a Bedroom Far, Far Away

Just a few spots left for our retreat! Register today! After Dark Role-Play Workshop is tonight (Sep 15)! Sexual fantasies can let you explore and try on new ideas to break away from the mundane and ordinary. When used properly, they can deepen your appreciation for what you have as well as take your relationship to new heights! I hope by the end of this episode you’re convinced of the value of sexual fantasies in your relationship as well as specific tools on how you can use your sexual fantasies to deepen your intimate connection as a couple as well as make sex really fun and exciting! Along the way today, I’m going to answer questions I’ve received from many of you such as these: “I’m embarrassed to tell my husband that I fantasize during sex. Is there anything wrong with that?” “How do I tell my spouse about my fantasies?” “I asked my wife what her sexual fantasies are. She said she doesn’t have any. I find it hard to believe anyone doesn’t have sexual fantasies. Does she really not have any or is she just reluctant to tell me?” “I’m embarrassed about my fantasies. They’re inappropriate! What’s wrong with me?” “My spouse keeps telling me about his fantasies and I’m put off by it! How do I tell him how I feel about it?”


151: How a "Good Girl" and Her Husband Bravely Chose a Better Sex Life: A Sextimony

Any of you with children are quite familiar with stages of child development. However, less talked about and less understood until recently are stages of adult development. As adults, our bodies may have grown, but our mind and spirits still continue to grow. I love this interview you're about to hear with my friend Tammy. It's an inspiring and relatable story about Tammy and her husband, Jake, and how they grew and progressed in their relationship. Tammy talks about her journey to break out of a limiting mindset and to embrace her own sexual desires and needs. She mentions that a turning point was when her husband enrolled them in a course related to sexual development and introduced her to a couple's retreat. These experiences opened her eyes to the possibility of change and growth in this area. We also discuss how curiosity, open-mindedness, and gradual steps were key components of Tammy's journey. She describes a process of shedding her need for external validation, which allowed her to change and grow without being dependent on other people's opinions. She also emphasizes the importance of self reflection learning how to love herself. I hope this episode also inspires and gives hopes to listeners who wish their spouse would step up more in the sexual arena in their marriage. Listen closely to what Jake did that gave room for Tammy to grow and try new things. If you're looking for support in your growth and intimacy in your marriage like Tammy and Jake did, I highly recommend you get on our website and book a spot at our upcoming couples retreat in Texas at the end of October. Our retreats are romantic, they're fun, as well as really in depth. They're a perfect balance of instruction and unstructured downtime to really enjoy a getaway with your lover. It's right around the corner, and spots are filling up quickly, so please register today.


150: Black Belt Sex Tips 3.0

SEXTEMBER STARTS TODAY (September 1)! Read here for more. Many of our podcast episodes are interviews with guests. I often invite my guests to share what I call a black belt sex tip. The idea for this comes from my own martial arts training I did for 13 years, and it applies to building a great sexual relationship with your spouse in your marriage too. It's that there's always going to be a next level. Your growth never stops. You must master the basics before enjoying the higher level tactics in training. So, this is episode number 150. And I want to give you a roundup of the best black belt sex tips that my guests have taught me over the last 50 episodes. It's geared towards couples that have mastered the basics and are ready for their next level. We have just a few openings left for our October Marriage and Intimacy Retreat in Granbury, Texas, which is just outside of the Dallas Fort Worth area. It's limited to about 20 couples only. You get to spend 4 days and 3 nights with your sweetheart, receive great instruction, enjoy good company, eat excellent food, participate in fun activities, and enjoy beautiful surroundings. Besides, we take you on a deep dive into your relationship to help you unlock your next level to a closer and more intimate relationships and better sex in your relationship. Sign up today!


149: Afraid Your Husband Will Reject or Ignore You AGAIN tonight? Featuring Dr. Laurie Watson

What popular media has taught us The media and stereotypical culture norms show that men are the ones usually sexually pursuing while the women are seducing and being pursued. Our culture is saturated with these tropes and themes: think James Bond, Indiana Jones, or many other shows that show this theme. But what happens if you’re in a marriage where you, as the wife, find yourself often pursuing him? And he’s the one withdrawing, needing to be wooed? Or you’re the one with more acceptance and freedom about your sexuality, eager to explore and pursue novelty and sexual fun while he’s not so sure about his sexuality or has a lot of hangups? Is it because you're not attractive enough? It’s common for women in these marriages to feel like they must not be attractive enough. You might have gone through a lot of effort to look and dress pretty (or undress) for the occasion and his rejection can really hurt. It’s disregulating to feel rejected, and you wonder what’s wrong with you. It’s easy to get reactive in these situations, and start a downward spiral. You may even be wondering what you can do to get him interested in you sexually, or wonder why he withdraws, encouraging you to pursue even more. Let's ask a therapist AND higher desire wife My guest today is Dr. Laurie Watson. She’s a sex therapist and marriage therapist and also a married woman who is the one with more sexual desire and the pursuer in her own marriage. I figured she’s uniquely qualified to answer questions I’ve had about higher desire wives. I’ve found this conversation enlightening and refreshing. Laurie even gives very specific step-by-step suggestions on how to approach the subject with your spouse and how to build a better sexual relationship. Get Help If you’re in a marriage where there’s hard feelings because of a gap between the pursuer or distancer, or find differences in sexual desire levels to be a sore topic, don’t stay there in misery. Get help. Check out Next Level, my coaching program for couples. You can meet with me and my team. It’s really affordable, flexible, has TONS of value, and geared towards busy couples. Another option is our in-person intensive in Dallas Forth Worth Texas area this October. Our retreats are 4 days, 3 nights and are in-depth and challenging in a good way. They’re also really fun and romantic too! We have a few spots left. You can reserve your spot here! Free Coaching Come experience what coaching is like with my free marriage coaching hour on September 1. Register here!


148: How Hannah Learned to Love Sex and Her Body (Next Level Sneak Peek)

Expert marriage coaching can facilitate accelerated growth, overcoming obstacles in weeks or months that might otherwise take years to do on your own. Coaching has made a huge impact on my marriage. Two years ago, I went back to school and learned how to coach others too. I'm now full time with Get Marriage On! and I desire nothing more than to help you have a fulfilling, intimate marriage! Today, you get to be like a fly on the wall, listening in to a real coaching session with a wonderful couple, Hannah and James. (Note that these aren't their real names and I have permission to share this excerpt with you.) I want to invite you to try marriage coaching with me. I have an extremely affordable program unlike anything else out there. I call it Next Level because I believe no matter where you are or where you think you are in your marriage now, there's always going to be a next level. My program is designed to help you reach your next level through our weekly calls, a private podcast, its own dedicated mobile app that ties you to the community of hundreds of other next levelers. And it comes with tons of bonuses. There's also a men's and women's private group, and you can be as anonymous as you would like to be and participate as much or as little as you're comfortable doing. And if you're still unsure, on Friday, September 1st at noon Mountain Time, I'll be hosting a free marriage coaching hour, where you can come and get coached at no charge to see how it can benefit you. And if you'd like a more intensive experience, check out our couples retreat coming up on October 26! It's going to be amazing!


147: The Penis Episode with Joshua Savage, PA-C

I’ve been looking forward to this podcast episode for months! As I think ahead into my 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond, I want to have a healthy and vibrant sex life. I want my body, specifically my penis, to serve both of us in creating pleasurable and intimately connecting experiences for many years to come. Lots of men, and I’m in this category too, really like their penis and get concerned when it doesn’t function as they expect. Good strong erections are indications for a man’s health and vitality, as well as a means to pleasure too. Many men and their lovers have questions about erectile dysfunction, lasting longer in bed, testosterone, and much more relating to men’s sexual health. So how do we take better care of our sexual health, and when we get sick, how can we get better? My guest today is Joshua Savage, a friend of mine who also is a urologist. Thanks in advance to many of you that shared your questions about male sexual health via our Instagram account. If you don’t follow me yet, I recommend you do so now! There’s lots of great content and some funny reels there too. After listening to this podcast, you might have questions about your own sexual functioning from a psychological point of view. If you’re interested in getting coaching to help you through mental struggles interfering from all the pleasure you could be enjoying in your sexual relationship, contact me about marriage coaching. It’s like getting a personal trainer for your marriage, and you’re just one coaching session away from a more meaningful, pleasurable, and intimate sex life. Which leads me to my next point: getting away for a weekend once in a while can really nourish your marriage. Especially if it’s a marriage retreat where you can learn about how to have a more intimate and fulfilling sex life, develop closer friendships, meet other couples on a similar journey, learn new skills to deal with conflict, and most importantly to have fun together! Our next retreat is four days and three nights, October 26 - 29, in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Register now so that you don’t miss it! If you’re on the fence, go to the web page anyway


146: Female Orgasm, Premature Ejaculation, and Why It's So Hard To Be a Higher Desire Spouse - Q&A

I have to say, Wow! I invited my listeners and readers to submit anonymous questions to me, and I've been blown away by the response. You have all asked some great questions! So this episode will be another session answering some of those questions that you've asked. Each day, the questions accumulate, and I don't think I'll ever be able to answer all of them on this podcast or my email newsletter, though I will do my best to be consistent on all those platforms. However, I would recommend that if you really desire to get your marriage and sex questions answered and get some help moving forward to moving that needle in your relationship, that you give my next level coaching program a try. In this episode we discuss the following: Other things to know: In Next Level, which is a coaching program, not only are your questions answered, but we're there with you every step of the way to help you build a more intimate and joyful marriage. If you'd like to experience coaching, to see how it works, I'm offering a free coaching session on September 1st. Sign up here! On August 16, I'll be hosting a workshop all about navigating differences in sexual desire. This is probably the most common issue couples have in their sexual relationship. So we'll be diving deep into how and why sexual differences happen and solutions for couples to overcome those differences and create greater connection and intimacy in the relationship. We recently published a new digital product called the Ultimate Guide to Pleasing Your Husband, which is a companion to our previously published Ultimate Guide to Pleasing Your Wife. We also have several other guides and products on our website. Lastly, as you make plans for the fall, why not schedule a weekend away for just the two of you? Better yet, why not make your getaway even more meaningful by attending our marriage retreat coming up in October in the Dallas Fort worth Texas area? These retreats are in depth and designed to challenge you as a couple while balancing it with fun and romance.


145: Yes Dear, Size Does Matter (if we're talking about your heart) featuring Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner

My wife and I both grew up in good homes, but stereotypical to most that grow up in a conservative Christian culture in the 80s and 90s, conversations around sex were usually limited to biological reproduction or staying pure from sexual thoughts. These messages served me well before we were married but after we were married, we realized that these models led to anxiety about sexuality and difficulty with our sexual relationship. These issues didn’t really surface until after a decade into our marriage, when we weren’t so entrenched in survival mode from raising a young family any longer and could actually take a breath and focus on our relationship again. I’m grateful for the many resources that helped me grow my understanding of marriage and sex in marriage. Specifically, where at first I thought spirituality and sexuality were incompatible, the examples of teachers like my guests on today’s podcast helped me see that spirituality and sexuality actually go together. Fast forward a few years I’m grateful for the privilege of coaching other couples in growing their marriage intimately. It’s now what I do for work full time, and I hope this podcast, our apps, retreats, workshops, and other resources are helping you build a stronger marriage. One of the common issues I see with my clients as a marriage coach is how “duty sex” or viewing sex as something just for the man for example often limits a couple’s ability to grow sexually. Another has to do with one’s interpretation of biblical teachings around sex growing up, and how those views are often antithetical to building an intimate marriage. Another has to do with sexual performance pressure. And sexual dysfunction. We get to talk about all of these things and much more in this episode with Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner. As my guests will attest, getting away for a weekend once in a while can really nourish your marriage. Especially if it’s a marriage retreat where you can learn about how to have a more intimate and fulfilling sex life, develop closer friendships, meet other couples on a similar journey, learn new skills to deal with conflict, and most importantly to have fun together! Our next retreat is four days and three nights, October 26 - 29, in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Register now so that you don’t miss it by going to, click on Retreats, and then DFW retreat. If you’re on the fence, go to the web page anyway and check out the videos shared by past retreat attendees sharing their experience to get a feel for what it’s all about. For more great content like this, check out the following resources: Next Level!: Couples Retreat (Dallas/Ft Worth area): Website: Instagram: @getyourmarriageon Fun and Sexy app for couples: Intimately Us


144: Learning to Love Sex, Higher Desire Wives, Sexual Imagery - Q&A

Today is a really fun episode that I have planned with you. I emailed my mailing list a few weeks ago, asking for anonymous questions and I got a ton of questions. So today we're going to go through a lot of these great questions that you asked. There's a lot of value in asking good questions. First, it opens your mind to other possibilities. Second, it invites you to change. Even if it's just microscopic, it changes your lifestyle or your attitude about certain things. And number three. It puts you in a position where he can receive instruction, receive coaching or whatever it is for you to really level up things in your relationship. For more great content like this, check out the following resources: Next Level!: Couples Retreat (Dallas/Ft Worth area): Website: Instagram: @getyourmarriageon Fun and Sexy app for couples: Intimately Us


143: How Seductive Are You? featuring Dr. Michael Sytsma

This episode is for anyone interested in investing in their sexual relationship from an early stage to set the foundation for a fulfilling and intimate connection in the future. My wife and I are beginning our fifth decade in life. We had a discussion the other night about what kind of sex life we want to have in our 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s and beyond! Having a long term vision for your sex life will bring up things that are important to address. For example, you might find it difficult to find sex pleasurable, have some hang-ups around sex that you want to overcome, or you might have a tendency to withdraw emotionally when you feel rejected, or it might be time to finally address the underlying causes of premature ejaculation. Today’s guest is Dr. Michael Sytsma, a licensed sex therapist and evangelical pastor. Michael is the author of an excellent book called The Secrets of Sex and Marriage. I absolutely loved his insights about the importance of exploring sensuality and pleasure in various aspects of life, not just sexual experiences. In this episode you’ll hear us talk about the role of mindfulness and being present in one's body, as well as the significance of connecting arousal with emotional intimacy and connection within the relationship. We’ll emphasize that a healthy and fulfilling sex life requires a holistic approach that considers spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational aspects. Most of all, we’ll talk about being seductive to our spouse, and what that means. And sometimes building a great sex life requires grieving the things you’re not going to be getting. For more great content like this, check out the following resources: Next Level!: Couples Retreat (Dallas/Ft Worth area): Website: Instagram: @getyourmarriageon Fun and Sexy app for couples: Intimately Us