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Passionate & Compassionate conversations about all areas of sex, love & connection with The Pleasure Mechanics. Explicit, soulful, candid conversations rich with erotic knowledge and know-how.


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Passionate & Compassionate conversations about all areas of sex, love & connection with The Pleasure Mechanics. Explicit, soulful, candid conversations rich with erotic knowledge and know-how.




I Want More

What are your deepest yearnings? What horizons do you achingly long for? What do you want to experience in this one precious life? Recently inspired by Ariel in the new The Little Mermaid, this episode is an anthem to the power of desire. We all have deep desires that we hide away from those we […]


Embracing Erotic Eras

We all experience seasons within our sexuality. At times seasons stack together to create sexual eras within our lives. We explore how embracing erotic eras can be a useful and liberatory framework to use as we reflect on our erotic lives. This podcast is a continuation of the ideas we shared in podcast #297: Surviving […]


MiniKink : Bite Sized Scenes To Explore Kinky Sex

If you are ready to start exploring kink but feel overwhelmed by where to begin, we invite you to try MiniKink! And if you are already kinky and expanding into new dynamics or activities, MiniKink gives us the chance to efficiently and safely explore what more is possible. MiniKink invites you to create very short, […]


Getting Intimate While Bleeding

Riding the red wave, surfing the red tide, earning your red beard… there are as many euphemisms for period sex as there are opinions about it, and in this episode we dive right into the charged and tender conversation of getting intimate while bleeding. Thanks to our episode sponsors for being part of our global […]


Navigating Depression In Intimate Relationships

JoEllen Notte, author of In It Together : Navigating Depression with Partners, Friends, and Family joins us to discuss how we can all show up more fully for the people in our lives who are living with depression. We ALL know someone who struggles with depression, and in this podcast episode we explore how we […]


Cockwarming, Docking & Engulfment

Cockwarming, Docking & Engulfment are all names for different applications of a similar erotic move, where we hold an intimate part of the body inside our holes, bodies or crevices. This warm, wet, intimate embrace is an erotic technique that we can all explore in our own way, and this episode explores this move in […]


Responsive Kink

On the other side of curiosity there is a boundless playground of pleasure, intimacy and connection. When we listen to what other people find pleasurable about their kinks and turn-ons, we can start noticing the responsive desire that stirs within, and find our own Responsive Kinks! In this episode we invite you into the practice […]


Stretching Into Pleasure

What would it feel like to stretch a little more? How much release, relaxation, relief and pleasure are just a stretch away? In this episode we invite you into stretching into more pleasure – with both the physical practice of stretching whenever and however it feels good to you and the emotional practice of stretching […]


Getting Naked Together

Getting naked brings up emotions for all of us – from fear and shame to bliss and exultation and just about every emotional experience in between, getting naked exposes us and reveals so much about our cultural and personal histories. How do we find more comfort, safety and freedom in our skins? How do we […]


Prioritize Your Pleasure

Since 2006, we’ve been The Pleasure Mechanics, dedicated full time to exploring the power of pleasure, intimacy, joy and connection. It’s been our mission to remember the role of pleasure in our human experience and the creative, generative, healing force of eroticism. One of our anthems since the very early days has been : Prioritize […]


Open To Receiving

Get discounts on pleasure tools and toys from all of our podcast sponsors here There are so many reasons why receiving sexual pleasure can be challenging for so many of us. Receiving sexual pleasure is a specific skill set that is necessary to complete the circuit of pleasure when we are making love. We can […]


Preventing Premature Penetration

Penetration of all kinds can be an intimate and orgasmic part of the erotic experience – but only if everyone involved is ripe and ready for this physical, emotional and relational event. Far too often, lovers rush towards penetration and end up under-stimulated and unsatisfied. In this episode, we explore how to prioritize readiness when […]


How To Build A Sex Room On Any Budget

The Netflix series How To Build A Sex Room has a lot of us asking questions about how we can create a more conducive space for our sex life, yet few of us have the time, budget and square footage for a dedicated sex room. But we ALL can cultivate our erotic context with small […]


The Neuroscience of Pleasure with Dr. Nan Wise

Dr. Nan Wise joins us to discuss the emerging neuroscience of pleasure, orgasm and emotions. Get discounts on pleasure tools and toys from all of our podcast sponsors here Nan Wise, Ph.D. is the author of Why Good Sex Matters: Understanding the Neuroscience of Pleasure for a Smarter, Happier and More Purpose Filled Life. She […]


Trust Your Yes

It makes sense that many of us have fear, suspicion and doubt around our deepest desires – there are generations of erotic mistrust that we have inherited! So how can you begin to Trust Your Yes, affirm your desires, and go after what you want, in and out of the bedroom? Get discounts on pleasure […]


Rough Sex

If you crave rougher sex, but don’t know how to ask for it or suggest it to your partner, this is the podcast episode for you. And if you already love rough play as part of your erotic life, tune in to gather strategies to take your rough sex to the next level. Explore sensation […]


Intensifying Sensation Play

Electrify your erotic life by exploring sensation play, intentionally intensifying sensations that you already enjoy and boldly exploring new ranges of sensations. From soft and silky to rough and scratchy, there is a huge range of sensations to explore and experiment with. In this free podcast episode we guide you in getting specific about the […]


Erotic Roleplaying For Everybody

Tune into this episode to discover how we ALL can tap into the energies and pleasures of erotic roleplaying – even if you never want to put on a sexy costume. Get discounts on LoveHoney, Uberlube and our other sponsors here When many people think about kinky sex, one of the first images to come […]


Butt Stuff, Pleasure Mechanics Style

Curious about butt stuff but don’t know how to get started? Love butt stuff and want to level up your knowledge and know-how? Tune in for a wholesome, friendly conversation on butt stuff for all bodies – and how to keep it pleasurable, pain-free and safe. Get discounts on pleasure tools and toys from our […]

Getting The Touch You Want

Get discounts on Uberlube and pleasure tools and toys from our sponsors here Getting the touch you want doesn’t have to be a matter of luck – we can all learn how to ask for the touch that we want, give feedback that gets us more of the specific kind of touch we most like, […]