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Passionate & Compassionate conversations about all areas of sex, love & connection with The Pleasure Mechanics. Explicit, soulful, candid conversations rich with erotic knowledge and know-how.


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Passionate & Compassionate conversations about all areas of sex, love & connection with The Pleasure Mechanics. Explicit, soulful, candid conversations rich with erotic knowledge and know-how.




Sensitive, But Not Delicate

Erotic Touch Mastery, Stroke by Stroke. Get started tonight. Our bodies are sensitive, but not delicate. This phrase is something Chris has been teaching for twenty years, since the early days of the Sexological Bodywork training, in response to a pattern they noticed after teaching erotic touch for hundreds of hours. Many people are hesitant […]


Love Every Day with Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Dr. Alexandra Solomon joins us to explore the power of daily incremental practice in the realms of love, connection and pleasure. In this free podcast episode we explore how we can all practice Love Every Day, while being patient with change, working with even the most reluctant of partners, and respecting the process of incremental […]


Making Good Vibrations

Here’s how to create more sensation and arousal with the pleasure of vibrations! In this podcast episode, we explore how you can create exquisite sensations of vibrations for yourself or a lover, and enjoy the wide range of feeling that vibrations can evoke for us – using just your hands and mouth! We also explore […]


The Erotics of Fear

Why do we humans enjoy being afraid? Why does it feel so good to be just the right kind of scared? This spook season, we explore the erotics of fear – what it means to want to be afraid, how we all have different appetites and preferences for fear, and how we can choose to […]


Relaxed Receiving

Relaxing into pleasurable touch is one of the most nourishing erotic experiences – but how do we stay relaxed while also being present with our partner, communicating our needs and expressing our pleasure to create a positive feedback loop that you’ll both enjoy? This episode was inspired by a recent personal coaching session. If you […]


Vanilla, With Toppings

Vanilla can be so delicious on it’s own, but with permission to enjoy a wide range of toppings, the possibilities for pleasure become boundless. Maybe it is the whipped cream of extra romance, the sprinkles of sensation play or the spicy popcorn of adding in new toys, you can add so many toppings to your […]


Savoring Vanilla Sex

Vanilla is absolutely delicious, but only if we choose to savor it. Vanilla sex is not “plain” or boring in any way – vanilla can be luxurious, decadent and indulgent. In this episode we sing the praises of vanilla sex, and share strategies and tools for deepening our enjoyment of the many pleasures of vanilla. […]


Shame Free Sexual Self Care

How worried do I need to be about STIs? How often should I get tested? What does a complete STI panel mean? Do I need to get tested every time I have a new partner? I have erectile struggles but only sometimes, and especially on new dates, why? Should I try ED medication? What is […]


Superfreaks: Kink, Pleasure & The Pursuit of Happiness

Superfreaks Unite! What would happen if we all let our inner Superfreak flag fly? What joy and bliss awaits us on the other side of courageous kinky exploration? Join us in conversation with Arielle Greenberg, author of Superfreaks: Kink, Pleasure & The Pursuit of Happiness (Beacon Press, 2023) Explore more of Arielle’s work here. We […]


Managing Mismatched Kinks

Mismatched Libido is one of the most common reasons couples seek therapy, but we don’t hear a lot about Mismatched Kink. It doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker if your kinks don’t align perfectly, if you have very different kinks or even if only one of you is kinky! Join us in this podcast episode […]


Your Erotic Journey Awaits

What awaits on YOUR erotic journey? What discoveries, adventures, lessons and transformations are just ahead on your path? Join us to sink into the idea that your erotic life can be a journey – rich with excitement, meaning and purpose. Unroll your map of possibilities and gaze at the expansive horizons with us, and get […]


Break The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a recipe for erotic disaster – doing unto others what you would have them do unto you is NOT good advice, it turns out, in or out of the bedroom. It’s time we started breaking the golden rule – and started exploring the true meaning of reciprocity, mutuality and generosity. Thanks […]


Touch Hunger

Touch is not a luxury nor a pleasure to be earned at the end of a work day. Touch is an essential human need, at all stages of human life. Most of us experience some level of touch hunger or touch starvation, and the impact on our lives can be dire. The good news? Touch […]


Make Love As Art

What would it feel like to Make Love As Art? What would it look like to bring more artistry, playfulness and creativity to your love life? If eroticism is a creative expression, what wants to be expressed through you? What kind of erotic artist are you ready to become? In this episode we bask in […]


I Want More

What are your deepest yearnings? What horizons do you achingly long for? What do you want to experience in this one precious life? Recently inspired by Ariel in the new The Little Mermaid, this episode is an anthem to the power of desire. We all have deep desires that we hide away from those we […]


Embracing Erotic Eras

We all experience seasons within our sexuality. At times seasons stack together to create sexual eras within our lives. We explore how embracing erotic eras can be a useful and liberatory framework to use as we reflect on our erotic lives. This podcast is a continuation of the ideas we shared in podcast #297: Surviving […]


MiniKink : Bite Sized Scenes To Explore Kinky Sex

If you are ready to start exploring kink but feel overwhelmed by where to begin, we invite you to try MiniKink! And if you are already kinky and expanding into new dynamics or activities, MiniKink gives us the chance to efficiently and safely explore what more is possible. MiniKink invites you to create very short, […]


Getting Intimate While Bleeding

Riding the red wave, surfing the red tide, earning your red beard… there are as many euphemisms for period sex as there are opinions about it, and in this episode we dive right into the charged and tender conversation of getting intimate while bleeding. Thanks to our episode sponsors for being part of our global […]


Navigating Depression In Intimate Relationships

JoEllen Notte, author of In It Together : Navigating Depression with Partners, Friends, and Family joins us to discuss how we can all show up more fully for the people in our lives who are living with depression. We ALL know someone who struggles with depression, and in this podcast episode we explore how we […]


Cockwarming, Docking & Engulfment

Cockwarming, Docking & Engulfment are all names for different applications of a similar erotic move, where we hold an intimate part of the body inside our holes, bodies or crevices. This warm, wet, intimate embrace is an erotic technique that we can all explore in our own way, and this episode explores this move in […]