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Get ready to experience pure audio orgasm sensuality pleasure with this erotica podcast of everything kinky, naughty, and romantic! Surrender to your wildest libidinous desires when you subscribed to our episodes of unlimited lascivious pleasures. The perfect sensual escapism to take your auditory eroticism senses to new heights. To get started see websites for more;


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Get ready to experience pure audio orgasm sensuality pleasure with this erotica podcast of everything kinky, naughty, and romantic! Surrender to your wildest libidinous desires when you subscribed to our episodes of unlimited lascivious pleasures. The perfect sensual escapism to take your auditory eroticism senses to new heights. To get started see websites for more;




A Lesbian Blind Date

On this episode we share you the sordid sexual exploits of a lesbian blind date. Listen as we tell you about how these lesbians set off on their naughty escaps together - feeling each other up, exploring each other's bodies, and experiencing new heights of ecstasy together. Ashley's heart skipped a beat when the blonde beauty smiled at her direction - she had never felt anything like it before. Her eyes roamed over every inch of Elise's body; taking in all those delicious curves while being totally oblivious to everything else around them. They wasted little time with introductions before they were engaged in conversation, making out halfway through dinner at one point (Elise couldn't resist). By the end of the night both women knew what they wanted - and it was just between them. Don't miss out! Talerotica is always bringing us more erotic adventures that are perfect for satisfying your wildest fantasies without fail.


Lesbian Milf Tenant Fucks Sexy Young Landlady

The episode's erotica story revolves around a woman who has an arousing love affair with her sexy landlady, so get ready to have your wildest dreams come true when we embark on this sultry journey together. She can't imagine anything hotter than the erotic fantasies she will tell you about today. But don't worry because they're not done yet! They take you through every pleasurable moment possible, but there's always more where that came from if listeners like yourself keep coming back! So if you want to hear what happens next then make sure to subscribe now before it's too late! It's well worth it after all - how else could these breathtaking stories continue being told?


Cuckhold Teen Watches Milf Touch Herself

Today's story will enlighten you about how a young teen was able to find relief from her voyeuristic thirst by watching an older woman touch herself. Prepare yourself for the ecstasy of reality and fantasy in this erotica section. Give your fantasies a chance to come true with this episode in its entirety. As soon as we give you something new to feast on- brace yourself, because it won't be long before you're reaching points that no one else has yet reached. This one is crazy enough already but if we keep going who knows what else might happen? Stay tuned in to see if listeners enjoy it enough and only then shall another jewel await those who are willing to keep up with us!


Couples Roadtrip Threesome With Stranger

Tonight's erotic story will be about a young couple who gets involved in sexual activity outdoors while they're waiting for their car to get fixed. They'll take advantage of the time alone and indulge themselves in whatever way they see fit until it's time for them to go home.


Hot Stepdaughter Seduce Horny Step-Daddy

This episode's erotica story is based on a "Horny step-daughter who wanted it rough". Join us as we embark on yet another voyeuristic journey of eroticism! Listen to more adult sex stories & erotic fiction right here. Make sure you subscribe so you never get to miss an episode!! Enjoy listening!


My Wifes Best Friend

Stay at home husband Fucks Wife’s Hot Best-Friend - Enjoy


Slutty Petite Intern Fucked Hard By Horny Boss

An Office Sex Erotica - Enjoy


Stepson Seduce and Fuck Stepmom

This episodes sex erotica is based on a Sexual secret affair between a stepmom and her stepson during family vacation. Join us as We Embark On Yet Another Voyeuristic Journey Of Eroticism! Listen to More Adult Sex Stories & Erotic Fictions Right Here. Make Sure You Subscribe so You Never Get to Miss an Episode!! Enjoy Listening! “Jackson couldn't believe how hot his stepmom was. Even after a full year after the wedding while he was merely 20 Alana was in her mid-thirties, far younger than his dad. It seemed like she should be dating him instead of that old man, the 20-year-old student simply couldn't keep himself from staring at Alana day and night. Alana had the kind of body, most men would spoon for her tits were firm and round her ass, apple-shaped her hips. Amazing. And oh, those legs seemed to go on for days. Her hair was blonde and her skin tan, and it was clear she was high maintenance. His dad pampered Alana and gave her everything she wanted from new dresses to jewelry. And even spa days after all her looking so good was in his best interest too. The older man adored showing off his younger wife and enjoying her between the sheets. When Jackson's dad invited him to take along on a vacation abroad, the younger man hesitated. Was it a good idea to spend even more time around that hot piece of ass? The temptation was only growing further and further, and it was becoming almost impossible to resist it. He wanted to fuck that blonde Barbie doll so badly, but in the end, his father convinced Jackson to go along with them. And as the young man was on spring break, it wouldn't affect his studies. The problem was the instant. Her tits were incredible. Unlike anything he had ever seen before firm and round gorgeous beyond belief with the most stunningly erect pink nipples. She smirked at him and motioned towards the towel. Are you happy to see me or are you hiding something underneath your towel? She asked making it clear. She noticed the tent forming down there. He grunted once more hesitating, whether he should do this or ask her to leave, after all, he would be betraying his dad if he fucked this amazingly sexy woman. And yet. How could he deny her when she looked the way she did? Are you going to stand there or do something about all this? She asked irritated, removing the bottom part of her bikini and revealing the most stunningly trimmed pussy. He couldn't believe how good she looked. It was insane. His father could fuck this woman, no matter how much money he had, but then again, I wouldn't all want to marry an older man who would pamper her the rest of his life and then leave her a huge inheritance. And why wouldn't she want to enjoy the pleasure of fucking someone younger from time to time? I don't know if I should do this to my dad. I mean, he loves you, he mumbled, but she just chuckled and rolled her eyes. Yeah. Yeah. And I love him too. His money that is, he loves my body silly in showing me off to his business partners. Now I need a real fuck. And if you won't give it to me, I'll have to go look for someone else. She said with amusement, as she moved closer to the younger man and tugged at his towel, he let it fall, then revealed his fully erect cock, and she arched her brow. Grinning wickedly. It's bigger than your dad's."


Horny Petite Allow Stranger Fuck Her Ass in the Woods

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Big Boobs Brunette Caught Fucking BFF's Boyfriend

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Cheating on My Husband with His Best Friend

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Cumming Deep Inside Girlfriend's Thick Ass

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Lonely Wife Can't Resist Neighbors BBC

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Horny Stepsister Fucked While On The Phone

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Tenant Pays Rent With Anal

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Horny Cougar Ties and Uses Teen Neighbor

In tonight's erotica episode, we would be telling a tale of a lustful teenager and his beautiful middle-aged neighbor. Seems like appearances can sometimes deceive - our precious sweet-looking neighbor turned out to be an aggressive and sadistic naughty cougar who gets kicks from tying up teen guys in some kinky shenanigans. So sit tight while we tell you about how brody was bound to a chair downstairs in the basement of his own home. Our respectable-looking elderly woman seemed like she was the sweetest one around; baking cupcakes for everyone who came by her place. Even though they looked delicious, he only took one bite before running inside since he had something important on tonight. When it came time for him to head over there, he found himself walking up those familiar steps down into the basement where there sat an unfamiliar man bound tightly to a chair with a rope around his neck which kept him still but alive - just waiting patiently for this horny teen too fall victim to sinfulness...


Cheating Wife's Lesbian Romp With The Nanny

Tonight's story is about the lesbian escapades of a lonely mistress. Join us on this steamy erotica as we explore the sexual utopia where one horny woman dared herself into an erotic afternoon rendezvous with hot lesbians and so many other pleasures. Even if they were 10 years apart in age and her co-worker had divorced ten times over; even though he was handsome enough while he himself went unnoticed. She could indulge in some afternoon delight, said amy, wrapping her arms around karen and kissing her passionately. Prepare yourself for the ecstasy of reality and fantasy tonight during our program featuring only our favorite episodes from time to time! Are you ready for a bit of everything tonight? With just one sentence spoken without fear or shame - brace yourselves people, because these last few minutes will be just as exciting as any moments before...The end.


Husband Creampie Submissive Slut - BDSM Sex Erotica

On tonight's bdsm friday specials, we bring you yet another steamy hot couple submission sex story. Have those lustful bdsm desires of yours thrown into the gutters on this titillating audio asmr eroticism. Get cumfy as we guide u on a happy sticky ending experience. Visit our website at to subscribe for more sexy stories like this.


Hot Horny Milf Fucks Teen Gardner

There's a difference between wanting an orgasm and wanting to love someone. When you want an orgasm, all you want is release; but when you're in love, all you want is for it not to end. This episode of erotic audio features a hot horny milf housewife who seduced and fucked her teen gardener when no one was home. As she goes inside her house though, he comes along behind her- ready to make her fantasies come true! Get comfortable while we guide you through every last bit of sensual pleasure from start to finish- if we didn't already tell you earlier, there's nothing left out! Remember that this audio story experience is available for download so make sure to subscribe if you haven't already -because at the end of the day without listeners like yourself... none of these wonderful stories would exist.


Couldn't Resist Hot Seductive Secretary

Tonight's steamy sex story is all about an unwitting boss who couldn't resist the seductions of his cunning young secretary. Prepare yourself for a wickedly erotic journey that will take you to places you have never been before. With this revealing heat erotica episode, bring your most explicit sexual fantasies to life as they happen right before your eyes! You're about to experience something like nothing else at all!