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Nerdette is a weekly interview show that helps you unwind with fun conversations, inspiring ideas, and delightful recommendations. And join us every month for the Nerdette Book Club!

Nerdette is a weekly interview show that helps you unwind with fun conversations, inspiring ideas, and delightful recommendations. And join us every month for the Nerdette Book Club!


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Nerdette is a weekly interview show that helps you unwind with fun conversations, inspiring ideas, and delightful recommendations. And join us every month for the Nerdette Book Club!






Nerdette Book Club: ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’

Nerdette Book Club is back to discuss our September book, ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’ by Gabrielle Zevin. Our panelists are Jason Concepcion, co-host of ‘The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon’ with Nerdette’s Greta Johnsen, and Amber Sparks, author of ‘And I Do Not Forgive You.’ Special thanks to all of the listeners who contributed your voices to this chat! We love y’all.


Hell, or hell yeah?!

WBEZ’s Adora Namigadde and Lauren Ober, host of the podcast ‘The Loudest Girl in the World, discuss ukuleles, ants, and scrunchies, all of which had news-worthy moments this week. Plus, what should you do with old clothes? We ask The Atlantic’s Amanda Mull.


God save the new boy Queen

WBEZ’s Meha and Ahmad and The New Yorker’s Helen Rosner join Greta to talk about King Charles’s standoff with a pen, the new unsend feature for iPhones, and pumpkin spice’s entrée into Merriam-Webster. Then, we talk to romance writer Jasmine Guillory about her eighth book, ‘Drunk on Love.’


Does ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ need a special master?

We are living for the drama behind the scenes of the film Don’t Worry Darling. Our fabulous guests, Christina Tucker, co-host of Autostraddle’s ‘Wait, Is This a Date?’ podcast, and Margaret Willison, culture writer and podcaster with Not Sorry Productions, unpack it all. Plus, W. Kamau Bell and Kate Schatz stop by to discuss their new book ‘Do the Work! An Antiracist Activity Book.’


Nerdette Book Club: Gabrielle Zevin on ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’

We have a spoiler-free conversation with author Gabrielle Zevin about our September book club pick, ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.’ Book club will be back on the last Tuesday of the month and you are invited to participate! Send us a voice memo with your take on ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’ and we will try to include you in the episode. You can reach us at


The moon and Thee Megan

The co-hosts of NPR's Code Switch, Gene Demby and B.A. Parker, join us to discuss moon launches, Megan Thee Stallion on Marvel, and a marinara traffic jam. Plus, Camryn Jones talks about playing Tiffany in the Amazon Prime show 'Paper Girls,' which is about a squad of teen time travelers.


Finding joy with Courtney Barnett

Sam Sanders and Saeed Jones help us unpack a big week, from student loan forgiveness to the made up phrase “quiet quitting.” Sam is the host of the Vulture podcast ‘Into It’ and Saeed Jones is author of the forthcoming poetry collection ‘Alive at the End of the World.’ They are also two of the hosts of the new Stitcher podcast ‘Vibe Check.’ Then, indie rock musician Courtney Barnett tells us about her extreme vulnerability in the new documentary ‘Anonymous Club.’


Summer is NOT over!!!

We’re sharing all of the best things to do during your last days of summer! First, ‘Maintenance Phase’ host Aubrey Gordon and ‘There Are No Girls on the Internet’ host Bridget Todd give their recommendations for things to read, watch, and listen to. Then, food writer Alex Beggs and New York Times restaurant critic Tejal Rao share their favorite slacker picnic recipes. You can find a list of all of the recommendations included in today’s show at our website:...


If you’re going to get COVID, make it count

Nerdette’s “resident epidemiologist,” Dr. Emily Landon of The University of Chicago, returns to give us her advice for navigating monkeypox and COVID-19.


Goodbye to a GOAT

This week, the panel discusses the one and only Serena Williams, millennials on defense on TikTok, and the rise of Italian beef. We’re joined by City Cast Chicago’s Jacoby Cochran, Chicago Tribune’s Britt Julious, and Nerdette guest host Araceli Gómez-Aldana.


We’re still talking about Beyoncé

We discuss none other than the queen, Beyoncé, with WBEZ metro reporter Adora Namigadde and Director of Audio at Medill School of Journalism Arionne Nettles. Plus, Vox’s Emily Stewart tells us about the pandemic purchases that many have grown to regret.


'Nope,' Austen adaptations, and the end of the Choco Taco

‘Fanti’ podcast hosts Tre’vell Anderson and Jarrett Hill join us to unpack the week. Then, Vulture’s Carrie Wittmer walks us through a timeline of Jane Austen film adaptations. Plus, Gloria Liu tells us about her piece for Outside Magazine, “One Woman’s Wholesome Mission to Get Naked Outside.”


Bennifer, 'Crawdads' and getting caught in the rain

The co-hosts of Celebrity Book Club, Lily Marotta and Stephen Phillips-Horst, join us to unpack the week that was. Then, The New York Times Magazine writer Marcela Valdes tells us about the efforts to diversify the publishing industry. Plus, has reality TV become a parody of itself? We ask Wired’s Kate Knibbs.


James Webb FTW

Podcasters Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer stop by to talk about Emmy nods and snubs, the incredible images from the James Webb space telescope, and the best conversation-starters. Then, we check in with Lucy Westlake, the youngest American woman to summit Mount Everest,


A peek behind the librarian desk

We teamed up with WBEZ’s Curious City to answer a listener's question about how librarians always seem to know what we want to read before we do.


Let it out

We check in on how YOU are feeling. Plus, bestselling author Susan Cain tells us why she is happy to be melancholy.


How are you REALLY?

The news is a lot right now, so we're checking in. Send your voice memos to nerdettepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com for Friday's episode.


What to read this summer

Book Riot’s Liberty Hardy reads hundreds of books a year. She tells us the best new books of this summer.


What is your daily EGOT?

EGOTS for everyone! This week, ‘City Cast Chicago’ host Jacoby Cochran and Vox’s Jonquilyn Hill join the panel to talk about the week in pop culture. Then, Linda Holmes tells us about her new book ‘Flying Solo.’ Plus, we listen back to our interview with Michael Greyeyes in honor of the release of ‘Rutherford Falls’ season 2.


They weren’t heroes but they saved lives

First, we talk about updating the Bechdel test and re-embracing Kate Bush with bestselling author and host of ‘Bad With Money’ Gaby Dunn. Then, we hear about the new HBO documentary ‘The Janes,’ which is about a group of women who performed abortions before it was legal. Plus, what are the best summer blockbusters?