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Nerdette is a weekly interview show that helps you unwind with fun conversations, inspiring ideas, and delightful recommendations. And join us every month for the Nerdette Book Club!

Nerdette is a weekly interview show that helps you unwind with fun conversations, inspiring ideas, and delightful recommendations. And join us every month for the Nerdette Book Club!


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Nerdette is a weekly interview show that helps you unwind with fun conversations, inspiring ideas, and delightful recommendations. And join us every month for the Nerdette Book Club!






Taking down anti-fat bias with Aubrey Gordon

Our weekly panel chat is back! NPR’s Code Switch hosts B.A. Parker and Lori Lizarraga join us to discuss the week’s pop culture news. We cover the Academy Award nominations, cultural expectations for tipping and a man who survived off of ketchup while lost at sea. Then, Maintenance Phase co-host Aubrey Gordon tells us about her new book ‘You Just Need to Lose Weight: And 19 Other Myths About Fat People.’ In it, she tackles untruths like "being fat is a choice" and “fat people don’t...


Undercover: The art of adaptation

In the final installment of our “Undercover” series, we head to the movies (or just your living room couch)! Some of today’s biggest films and TV shows are adaptations of books. So what does it take to make a written story just as evocative on-screen? Can the movie *ever* be as good as the book? We take you inside the creative process for series like ‘Interview with the Vampire,’ ‘Little Fires Everywhere,’ and more.


Undercover: How audiobooks bring a story to life

For our special series “Undercover,” we are taking a deep dive into some of the different ways a book comes to life! This week, we’re peeking behind the curtain to learn more about one of Greta’s favorite ways to experience a story: the audiobook! We follow the lifecycle of a “book on tape” from author to producer to narrator to the sounds coming out of your earbuds.


Nerdette Book Club: Kevin Wilson on ‘Now Is Not the Time to Panic’

Nerdette Book Club is back for another year of reading! Our January pick is ‘Now Is Not the Time to Panic’ by Kevin Wilson. It’s about Frankie, a misfit teen girl in rural Tennessee, and the one summer she will never forget. She meets Zeke, a fellow weirdo, and the two create an enigmatic poster together that upends their small town and, eventually, the world. Kevin joined us for a conversation about how the book came to be, his interest in strange, stunted characters, and why he sees this...


Undercover: The thorny business of book blurbs

Nerdette is embarking on "Undercover," a three-part series into the different ways a book comes to life. First up, we take a look at a seemingly small, but very important element of a book: blurbs. Praise from well-known writers can help a new author find their footing, but the system is all about who knows who. We talk to authors, editors and readers about whether it’s time for a revamp.


Special: Making Rihanna

Happy Holidays! Team Nerdette is taking a break this week and we're bringing you a special episode from our friends at WBEZ's Making podcast. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was just 16 when she signed a record deal with Jay-Z. She was 19 when her smash hit “Umbrella” took the world by storm. Now at 34, she is not only known as a popstar but also a fashion mogul and billionaire. But how did she get here? Listen, and find out!


Nerdette Book Club: 'Trust,' discussed!

Nerdette Book Club’s December selection, Hernan Diaz’s critically-acclaimed ‘Trust,’ is a novel that invites readers to question the very act of reading. The historical novel is actually four different pieces of writing — a novella, an unfinished autobiography, a memoir and an excerpt from a personal diary. Each section changes the meaning of the preceding piece, creating what critic Hillary Kelly called a “puzzle box” in her review for LA Times. Kelly joined Lupita Aquino, who you can find...


The best TV shows of 2022

Now that it's officially winter, there's no better time to catch up on the best TV series of the year. The New Yorker’s Inkoo Kang is back to wrap up the best in television of 2022, including a comedy special, a couple of genre-blurring memoirs and a new take on an old trope. You can find her full list at our website:


The best books of 2022

MJ Franklin, editor at The New York Times Book Review, joins Greta to discuss the best books of 2022. Plus, listeners chime in with their own book recommendations. You can find a list of all the books mentioned in today’s episode here:


The best podcasts of 2022

From Italian true crime to juicy gossip, Vulture podcast critic Nick Quah is back to share his top 5 podcasts of the year! You can find Nick's full list at our website:


Nerdette Book Club: Hernan Diaz on ‘Trust’

December's Book Club pick is ‘Trust’ by Hernan Diaz. It's one of Greta's favorite books of the year. In this spoiler-free episode, Hernan discusses the rhetoric of male power and who does – and doesn’t – have the power to tell their own story. Stay tuned for a spoiler-filled episode later this month, but before then, tell us what you think! Email your thoughts about ‘Trust’ to NerdettePodcast [at] gmail [dot] com for a chance to be featured in the final book club discussion of the year!


The story behind the behind

This week, Jasmine Garsd, host of NPR’s The Last Cup, and Brandon Pope, host of WBEZ’s Making, drop in to discuss the World Cup, a lawsuit against Velveeta and the word of the year: gaslighting. Then, Radiolab reporter Heather Radke joins us to discuss her book, ‘Butts: A Backstory.’ It explores the history of the human behind and, as she puts it, "the multiple ways that patriarchy and misogyny can infect women’s bodies.”


Nerdette Book Club: ‘Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm’

Nerdette Book Club is back for a spoiler-filled episode to discuss this month’s pick, ‘Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm’ by Laura Warrell. Public radio reporter Sonari Glinton and host of NPR’s 1A, Jenn White, join us to unpack Warrell’s jazzy debut novel. We also get the chance to listen to some of our amazing listeners. Thank you for calling in!


Taking joy seriously with Ross Gay

Poet Ross Gay joins us to talk about his new essay collection, 'Inciting Joy,' and the beauty of finding solace and solidarity in complex life experiences. Plus, we hear from Nerdette listeners about what you are grateful for this holiday season!


‘She Said’ reignites conversations around #MeToo

‘Who? Weekly’ hosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber stop by to share their favorite celebrity gossip of 2022. They also offer highbrow and lowbrow viewing recommendations for the upcoming holiday weekend. Then, ‘She Said’ director Maria Schrader discusses centering the voices of survivors in #MeToo narratives.


The holidays, Covid and you

Nerdette’s “resident epidemiologist,” Dr. Emily Landon of University of Chicago Medicine, explains everything you need to know about navigating Covid, the flu and RSV this holiday season.


Life is stressful, but baking doesn’t have to be

We unwind from election week with 'Parenting is a Joke' podcast host Ophira Eisenberg and 'Fake the Nation' host Negin Farsad. Then, Claire Saffitz tells us about her new cookbook 'What's for Dessert.' Plus, we dip our toes into the weird world of YODELING.


What would you do with a billion bucks?

This week, host of NPR’s ‘It’s Been A Minute,’ Brittany Luse, and host of NPR’s ‘Embedded,’ Kelly McEvers, drop in to talk about the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot, Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, and “pandemic amnesty.” Then, if you need TV recommendations for this cozy fall weather, The New Yorker’s Inkoo Kang has got you covered. You can find Inkoo’s list of shows at our website:


Nerdette Book Club: Laura Warrell on ‘Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm’

This November, Nerdette Book Club is reading Laura Warrell’s debut novel, ‘Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm.’ It’s about Circus Palmer, a struggling 40-something jazz trumpeter in Boston and the women he admires and disappoints. Laura Warrell joins us for a spoiler-free conversation about her jazz-filled, debut novel and the joys of becoming a published author later in life. Read along with us and tell us what you think! Record a voice memo on your phone and email us at


We made it to the Halloweekend!

We discuss candy, tombstones and television recommendations with two fun Halloween freaks. Delia Cai is a correspondent for Vanity Fair and Nick Quah is a podcast critic for Vulture. Then, Michelin star chef Sarah Grueneberg stops by to chat about her new cookbook ‘Listen to Your Vegetables.’ Plus, Utah State University English professor Joyce Kinkead tells us about the history of writer’s block.