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Road Trippin’: Richard vs. Channing


Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye bring you along for the ride as they discuss a wide array of topics including sports, travel, music, food and more. Cavs sideline reporter, Allie Clifton, and Spanish radio announcer, Rafael Hernandez Brito, join the veteran pair to keep them on track along the way.

Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye bring you along for the ride as they discuss a wide array of topics including sports, travel, music, food and more. Cavs sideline reporter, Allie Clifton, and Spanish radio announcer, Rafael Hernandez Brito, join the veteran pair to keep them on track along the way.


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Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye bring you along for the ride as they discuss a wide array of topics including sports, travel, music, food and more. Cavs sideline reporter, Allie Clifton, and Spanish radio announcer, Rafael Hernandez Brito, join the veteran pair to keep them on track along the way.




117. King joins RT in Quarantine

Isn't it ironic? The RT crew and LeBron James, back again on the very same day LeBron and the Lakers were to suit up in CLE. Unfortunately COVID-19 had other plans in which the original gang from the 'CLE' decided to reunite. If only ALL content could remain. The gang talks NBA, where it should go from here. Bron's emotions on not being able to return back home. Space Jam 2. What LeBron has been doing to stay in shape, pass the time and last but not least a fun little round of "would you...


116. RT Crew on hiatus

Hey RT Fam. What a time! As tough and hard as this is we are all in this together, right? While we all try to navigate this new "normalcy" we are committed to bringing you some content that hopefully will allow you to escape what IS, for a little while. The three of us chopped it up yesterday taking some of your questions you sent in (THANK YOU), as well just gave a little update on what is keeping us going daily as well as what the guys think the NBA specifically should do when that time...


115. Rockin' Protein Takes Us To Tucson

Today is Thursday, why not drop a little ‘throwback Thursday’ on you all from our travels back to the campus of U OF A! Richard and Channing, as you all know, have been bragging up their alma mater & even tho it was a random Weds. evening, along, with the help of Shamrock Farms, we had some fun going RT LIVE with those on campus a couple weeks ago. Talking benefits of protein, our favorite Shamrock flavors as well as all the fun stories told about the ‘Glory Days’ for Richard and Channing...


114. RJ, Channing & Allie feat. Jared Dudley

RT is back! On this episode RJ, Channing & Allie are joined by new Lakers reinforcement Jared Dudley. The crew discusses the differences playing on a younger team as opposed to a veteran-led squad, and what it's like winning a ring past your prime. Plus a look at Jared's journey to the NBA, getting into it with the Sixers in the playoffs, and what the crew expects from Zion in his rookie season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


113. De'Aaron & Doug feat. Harrison Barnes & Corey Brewer

On this edition of RT the Kings duo is joined by a duo themselves. Corey Brewer & former RT guest Harrison Barnes travel all over the map as they discuss the legacy of Dirk Nowitzki & their regular season MVP (its unanimous). De’Aaron shares why he wears #5, HB talks what being teammates since entering the league with Draymond Green has been like & Dray’s evolvement ever since. Who is harder to guard: Steph Curry or Dame Lillard, playing alongside James Harden & a whole lot more. Learn more...


112. Dominic "The Shoe Surgeon" Ciambrone

On this edition of RT, we take a unique deep dive into something that is very popular within the NBA & for many, even beyond. Fam, meet Dominic Ciambrone aka the “shoe surgeon”. Dominic shares how he got his start in creating customized shoes, who wears his customized shoes (hint: one individual is ET’s favorite rapper). ET & Brooke get an exclusive look at an unreleased diamond collaboration between the Shoe Surgeon and Celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills and a whole lot more. The trio...


111. De'Aaron & Doug feat. Buddy Hield

On this edition of RT, the Sacramento Kings duo Doug & De’Aaron are joined by Kings G Buddy Hield. The topics are endless, from how they got their nicknames, Kobe stories, fatherhood and the benefits it has had on Buddy on the court. How De’Aaron is turning into a locker room leader - whose college hoops conference was better & a whole lot more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


110. RJ, Channing & Allie feat. Gilbert Arenas & Nick Young

On this edition of RT we get an hour full of friends like the ones we have all come to love in our own Richard and Channing. Nick and Gil join RT for the first time and story time, it was. From USC to AZ comparisons, Nick failing as a hooper and in life (they said it, not us) because nick was the rook of Gil as his vet, endless Gil stories that had Swaggy out of his seat and so much more. Ever wonder what the P in "Swaggy P" stood for? Tune in and find out. I bet you would have never...


109. Quinn & Kerith feat. Jordan Bell

On this episode of Road Trippin', the Golden State Warriors duo, Quinn & Kerith are joined by Jordan Bell. Though the crew covers plenty of Championship glory - parade memories, media attention surrounding the Finals alone, etc ... they also dive into this years MVP debate, keys to guarding James Harden as the Warriors feel they have quite the defensive weapons, only time will tell - maybe?? They also dive into pre NBA life. Did you know Jordan was accused of cheating on a test in high...


108. De'Aaron & Doug feat Marvin Bagley III

Another episode of RT brought to you by the Sacramento Kings. This Week Doug and De’Aaron are joined by Kings, Marvin Bagley. The crew talks their “Welcome to the NBA” moments, playing the Warriors, being scouted by Pop. Who is the toughest match-up Giannis or Dame Lillard. They talk Draft day memories, Coach K taking charges and diving for loose balls in practice and a whole lot more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


107. Channing Frye feat. John Henson & Marquese Chriss

The CLE crew is joined by John Henson and Marquese Chriss for a trip around the map, per usual. One thing is for sure, with the NCAA tournament in full swing, you’ve got a former UNC Tar heel, former Washington Huskie & of course the Arizona Wildcat diving into everything March Madness & a whole lot more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


106. Evan & Brooke feat. Amin Elhassan

Happy Monday RT fam … for you another brand new episode, today on behalf of the Portland crew. Recently the Blazers were in LA and had a chance to catch up with ESPN’s Amin Elhassan. Variety of topics are discussed such as Amin’s pick for this years League MVP – he and Evan have two different choices. They talk the best fight in NBA History. What it’s like going from a front office position to ESPN for Amin. What seems crazier, LBJ missing the playoffs or Kobe? And not to be forgotten the...


105. Golden State! Quinn Cook feat. Austin Rivers

It’s a brand new episode of RT for you, brought to you by one of the newest members of the RT family, the Golden State Warriors. As mentioned before Mondays episode, Kerith Burke and Quinn Cook of the Warriors have joined the RT fam and on their very first episode they sit down with Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers. The crew dives into Quinn’s NBA journey thus far, Steph Curry’s rise to stardom, the most underrated players to guard in the Association as well as if you had to guess which...


104. Sacramento! De'Aaron Fox & Doug Christie

The Road Trippin' fam keeps growing! On this episode, we're excited to welcome Kings star point guard, De'Aaron Fox, alongside his co-host and former Sac-Town fan favorite, Doug Christie. The two dive right into classic stories like LeBron's first NBA game against Doug's Kings team, Vlade Divac's card games and more. Plus, De'Aaron opens up about improving as a player, the trade deadline and how he never leaves home without his PS4. It's a great first episode from the boys in Sac-Town and...


103. Channing Frye feat. Alec Burks

What better way to start your day than with a fresh new episode from the CLE crew. Another opportunity to not only listen to stories told by current NBA players / idols / influencers / etc. but here is another reminder of just how evergreen and unique our platform really is. A lot like that of George Hill, Larry Sanders from a couple years back Alec Burks who spent some time in CLE wearing the wine and gold sat day with Channing J Mike and Angel just days before he was traded to the...


102. Evan & Brooke feat. Enes Kanter

This week the Portland duo is joined by the newest name Trailblazer, Enes Kanter. Several topics are discussed but the two that jump out without question: for Kanter, his inability to go anywhere ALONE due to the issues he has had with the Turkish government as well as, for those of you who are social savy you already know where this is going … can you say elevator? Ever been stuck in an elevator? I have, and so have now, many of the Blazers players. It went viral and thanks to Evan and...


101. Channing Frye feat. Matthew Dellavedova

It's an episode with one of our favorite Aussie's ever, Matthew Dellavedova joins the Cleveland crew for the very first time on Road Trippin'. The crew talks Australian life, his game, food and wine preferences, as if we haven't heard enough Cleveland. The crew also delves into his performance, the overall performance of the Cavs in the 2016 playoffs, and a whole lot more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


100. Evan & Brooke feat. Tommy Alter

100. 100. 100. Feels like we just started cruising yesterday. THANK YOU to all of our fans first and foremost for the continued fun love and support throughout our entire journey thus far. From Episode 1 to now episode 100, through all the changes to where we are now - you all have been AMAZING. We appreciate you. With that, lets kick it out to our Portland crew as the duo is joined by Tommy Alter. Who is Tommy? ... tune in to find out. His friendship with ET, what diversity in the film...


99. Channing, John Michael & Angel feat. The Cleveland Cavaliers (Literally)

Ever wonder what it would be like to hang out on a scheduled off day, in the NBA, with your favorite players? Look no further. This episode RT fam, is FOR YOU. On a recent road trip John Michael, Angel and Channing are joined but a cast of guys from the Cavs - Tristan, Jordan Clarkson, Kevin Love & Larry Nance Jr as they cover a wide array of topics. In their opinion, who has changed the game more Curry or Harden. Speaking of the two MVP's, what is more important - season MVP or Finals MVP....


98. Evan & Brooke feat. Amara Baptist

On this edition of RT Brooke and Evan sit down with the intelligence and creative behind all of the Portland Trailblazers social media, the voice of it all ... which in case you didn’t know, it’s not THAT easy. What are the risks and rewards, Amara explains ... if you follow Brooke on social media in fact you know exactly who the crew is joined by! Wanna know something interesting about Amara before even diving in? She is a former pro ballerina! The crew talk all that and more — What it’s...