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Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.


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Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.








Is Duji living through her daughter, Krystle's kid got her temps, cave women hunters, and more!

Scientists claim they found cave drawings depicting women hunters. Does Duji live vicariously through her daughter? People are upset by a young Chiefs fan painting their face black and wearing a headdress. NFL photographer loses his job after a player took his camera from him during a touchdown celebration. The Golden Bachelor is being criticized for his past ahead of the finale episode. Krystle's daughter got her driving temps. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses former officer Derek Chauvin.


The bug guy is washing JLR's clothes, inappropriate sexual behavior on a plane, and much more!

The bug guy is helping wash Jeffrey's clothes. JLR's favorite local weather forecaster was arrested for DUI after crashing their car. Woman fined for inappropriate sexual behavior on a plane. Paris Hilton is upset by the mean comments made about her son's head. Dieter will never get over the way Jimmy Carter looked at his wife's memorial service. Man is attacked after asking Nardo Wick for a photo. People are trying to make it so that you cannot drive your car over 100mph. Jeffrey faked sleeping for a photo.


Rover is worried about a mark on his skin, Charlie had to throw out all of his shoes, and much more!

The lead singer of The Prodigy changes the lyrics to one of their hit songs when performing live. Groom in Thailand kills people at his wedding party. Gross habits of significant others. Charlie had to throw out all of his shoes due to the stench. People are mad at Aaron Rodgers for liking a tweet about skin cancer. Rover is worried about a red mark on his skin. Woman is tricked into eating at a restaurant. T.I.'s son King gets roasted on live. Krystle used to go toe to toe with her mom. Unskilled labor jobs.


Cringey Christmas photo reveal, Charlie's mom was in the hospital, and much more!

Thanksgiving update: Has Duji's racoon problem been solved? Krystle's break started off on an awful note. Jeffrey is scouting bars for a new place to hang out. Charlie's mom was in the hospital. The show reveals their cringey Christmas photos. Dieter missed his flight. Daryl Hall got a restraining order against John Oats. Brian's Jonestown Massacre got into a physical altercation on stage.


Rover had a meeting with the contractor, Krystle has fallen for a scam, and much more!

Is Duji's mom coming for Thanksgiving dinner? Rover had a meeting with the condo contractor. Sideline reporter, Charissa Thompson, admits that she would make up coaches' comments. Released Ring doorbell camera video of Bill Belichick after their a one-night stand. Woman admits she was never abused by Tiger Woods. Are the Will Smith rumors true? Representative George Santos can't stop lying. A 65-year-old man fell for crypto scam through his text messages. Krystle fell for a scam through Instagram.


Rover found a wallet, Snitzer has stopped gaming, smoking weed at 8 years old, and more!

Smoking weed starting at the age of eight. Thanksgiving dinner should cost $6.20 a person. Rover found a wallet at the airport and gave an update on the condo. Do people see being a gamer as a relationship red flag? Snitzer has locked everything down after his Instagram was hacked. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses why are all these animals have been washing up onto the shore.


JLR called into a radio show, Rover and Charlie are challenged to a bare knuckle fight, and more!

Rules are set for cringey Christmas photos. Jeffrey called into The Alan Cox Show. Presidential candidate wants to enforce using your legal name on social media. Duji's anniversary is Saturday. Someone has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter of hockey player Adam Johnson. Senator Mark Wayne Mullin got into an altercation with Teamster boss Sean O'Brien at a hearing. While trying to capture a suspect, cops cause $60k of damage to a woman's home. Caller wants to fight Charlie and Rover in a bare knuckle match.


Rover's Thanksgiving plans, cannabis induced psychosis causes a stabbing, and much more!

More people don't wipe than we thought. A dad lets his kid crawl in the aisle of an airplane. RFK Jr. walks out of a plane bathroom barefoot. Senator Chris Coons is on a train when he is confronted by a journalist. Jeff Bezos and his fiancé's Vogue photoshoot. Presidental candidate has a radical idea to lay off half of the government workers. People are lighting fireworks in theaters across India to celebrate their favorite movie star. Woman stabs her boyfriend over 100 times and claims it was due to a cannabis induced psychosis. Rover shares his Thanksgiving plans. Snitz bought tickets for his whole family to go to Florida.


Rover is embarrassed by what he did, Christmas came early for the RMG crew, and much more!

Jeffrey sounds lovely. A new gender policy is preventing a high school student from performing in the school musical. A teacher was fired after using a prohibited email signature. Most commonly used rude phrases and poor speech. Influencer gives an update on her forehead tattoo. Grammy nominated gospel vocalist gets told to stop singing while on a plane. Should people with domestic abuse charges be able to own a firearm? Rover is embarrassed about what he did over the weekend. Early Christmas for the RMG crew.


Charlie has stepped into adulthood, Dieter thinks knees are sexy, and much more!

Life insurance. Knee liposuction caused a woman to lose her life. Dieter thinks a local news anchor's knees are sexy. Who on the show takes the longest to get ready? Carli Lloyd, U.S. soccer legend, admits that the Women's team lost a match to 15-year-old boys. Football coach, Lane Kiffin, files a motion to dismiss $40M lawsuit amid leaked audio. Krystle's daughter's school went into code red lockdown. Will Rover keep his lead over Dieter in their Draftkings bets?


Tickling is considered torture, man shoots protestors, school shooter's manifesto, and more!

Rover doesn't like certain Christmas songs. Study claims that raising your voice to children is as harmful as physical and sexual abuse. Tickling is like torture for children. Youtuber, Adin Ross, says he was scammed out of $200k. Sharon Stone talks to Kelly Ripa about her experiences working in Hollywood. Assistant high school football coach punched a player in the head during the game. High school playoff game called off due to four players horrendous actions. Nashville school shooter manifesto. Man in Panama shoots protestors blocking the road. How are Rover's eyes doing? Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about something we all have purchased that is now linked to a child trafficking ring.


Influencer tattoos boyfriend's name on her forehead, signs you are drinking too much, and more!

Two men try to rob a man entering his home. Influencer tattoo's her boyfriend's name on her forehead. We are pronouncing celebrities' names wrong. Bride-to-be lets her groom have sex with one of her bridesmaids the night before their wedding. Train to be a spy. Deputy kills a lost dog. Signs you are drinking too much. What do Rover & B2 do when they get drunk at home?


Election day starts a heated discussion, how to combat watching porn, and much more!

Election day causes a heated discussion. Awkward interview with Machine Gun Kelly at an F1 race. A salvage yard used a forklift to trap a thief in one of their cars. A woman explains how to get men to pay for the whole bill on a date. An employee is having a lot of medical issues. Many people suffered eye injuries from the lights used at Ape Fest in Hong Kong. Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, and his son have an unusual way to combat against watching porn. Sabrina Carpenter's latest music video is being criticized for filming in a church.


Duji's colonoscopy, JLR was body slammed, a QB cried in his mom's lap, and much more!

Jeffrey has some good news. Alaska Airlines passengers are now suing due to their traumatic experience over an off-duty pilot trying to take down the plane. A woman won $7 million after a Pam cooking spray can exploded causing her severe injuries. How did Duji do at her colonoscopy? The secret life of a mayor in Alabama was exposed. Jeffey got the wind knocked out of him at a wrestling match this weekend. A city manager in Kansas has been suspended after he sent a video of him masturbating on a couch to other employees. Field hockey player in Massachusetts was injured after getting hit with a ball in the face. USC QB climbs into the stands to cry in his mom's lap.


Duji is out for her colonoscopy, police are looking for the booty patrol, and much more!

Duji is out for her colonoscopy. Were there any new bug sightings at Jeffrey's house and did he get his money back from Escrow? Man scammed to believe he inherited $30 million was murdered by his girlfriend. Should you warm up your car? Police are looking for a truck labeled Booty Patrol. Woman gets a foreign object stuck inside her and has to go to the emergency room. Companies selling electric cars are scaling back on their inventory. Crypto scams. The Beatles have dropped a new song. Video of a dispute on a plane. Family steals all the Halloween candy from a bowl that was left outside.


An update to Charlie's plane altercation, throat cancer caused by oral sex, and much more!

There is an update to Charlie's minor plane altercation. Experts say the number one cause of mouth & throat cancer is due to oral sex. Schitt's Creek actress, Emily Hampshire, is under fire for dressing as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for Halloween. People are pushing for an inquest over Adam Johnson's death. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about what bats, berries and popcorn have in common.


Charlie gives details on his trip to Italy, Skims has a new nipple bra, and much more!

Charlie is back and gets caught up on the issues with the sink less sink. What show members participated in Trick or Treat? Kim Kardashian is now selling a bra that has erect nipples. Did Charlie get engaged in Italy? Was he arrested? How much weight did he gain? The show gets all the trip details. Auburn Football coach, Dabo Swinney, responds to a caller's complaints.


Duji is having an odor problem, Flava Flav sings the National Anthem, and much more!

One member of the show dressed up for Halloween. People were shocked by the death of Dan Fazio in a wrong way car accident. Former SNL writer Kevin Brennen posted a tweet mocking Matthew Perry's death. Duji is worried about her colonoscopy coming up. A mother is upset at a restaurant for adding a surcharge to their bill for their children being unruly. Having a "sugar high" is a myth. People are upset with director Joe Russo for posting a video making fun of Martin Scorsese on TikTok. Flava Flav's rendition of The National Anthem has gone viral. Mortgage market is down due to the high interest rates. Duji is having an odor problem. GTA 6 was released. Krystle found a dead mouse in her house.


Duji is over Halloween, Krystle was caught speeding, Washington D.C. trip, and much more!

Duji took down her Halloween decorations and put-up Christmas. Who pulled ahead in the Draftkings bets? Did Jeffrey get his money back from Escrow? An Ohio woman has been indicted for killing multiple people. Rover's condo sink-less sink update. Students protest during a football game over a teacher that was suspended. One of the show members has been issued multiple speeding tickets. Washington D.C. trip recap. Bad drivers.


Did Jeffrey get hacked, is Charlie engaged, Krystle saw a UFO, and much more!

Was Jeffrey hacked? People want to boycott UFC since they have partnered with Bud Light. California pulled Cruise's permit allowing driverless cars. Oregon suspended testing requirements to graduate. Blake Martinez, a former football player who left to trade Pokémon cards, wants to get back into the NFL. A new conspiracy theory has formed about Charlie being engaged based on a photo seen on Instagram. A famous actress claims she had an encounter with aliens. JMF Enterprises sent a flatbed truck with a 3-ton coin payment to pay off their debt. Rumor is that Dieter paid JLR & Krystle out of his own pocket to go to the haunted house with him.