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Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.


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Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.








JLR drove to Gettysburg and back in a day, a prince in East Cleveland scams the Mayor, and more!

One of Jeffrey's family members has been admitted to a healthcare facility. A man in East Cleveland, claiming to be a prince, scammed people out of money. Cybertruck owners are complaining about the exterior of the vehicles rusting. Elon Musk says by 2029 he will get one million people living on Mars. DOJ in Tennessee suing over a law that targets sex workers in who don't disclose they are HIV-positive. Jimmy Kimmel is being sued by George Santos. Man left a 10k tip for his server who shared it amongst her fellow employees. Why does Rover's face look different? JLR drove to Gettysburg for the day. Who went on a date?


Duji wants JLR to take off his pants, teacher caught selling students' art projects, and more!

Republican law makers in Tennessee introduced a bill that would prohibit the sale of cold beer. A teenage employee at a car wash sprays a driver in the face with the power washer. The show talks about their experiences with customers. A Canadian woman was kicked off the flight due to her using the restroom too many times before takeoff. Duji wants Jeffrey to take his pants off and leave them outside the studio. 90-year-old woman let go from her volunteering position after she did not understand the use of pronouns. Contruction worker Rover has a list of jobs he must accomplish at the condo. School art teacher caught selling the students projects.


Dieter is riled up over George Soros, Virgin Island, exposing a renter's infidelity, and more!

Dieter is riled up over George Soros buying a media company. Kansas City shooting at the Chief's celebration parade. A Cleveland man was arrested for selling guns to felons and was sentenced to one day in jail. There is a new reality show, called Virgin Island, that has people upset. A dispute with an Airbnb host leads to exposing the renter's infidelity. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about the red flags our government is not telling us.


Rover & Duji get into it over check cashing, is Dieter soft, Snitzer eats the whole kiwi, and more!

Duji made a big purchase. A guy was arrested after he connected to a restaurant's televisions and played pornography. A gang in Mexico has been arrested after running a fake tourism rental company. Rover will be in Mexico in a couple months for the Backstreet Boys show. Krystle sees Dieter in a different light after watching Love on the Spectrum. Police bodycam footage has been released of a woman denying having drugs in her home after her a 9-year-old reported what he found. Snitzer eats the whole kiwi skin and all. The topic of cashing old checks gets Rover and Duji into an argument.


Was Rover wrong, is Travis Kelce's behavior a red flag, the least stressful jobs, and more!

Rover has an earworm. How much money do parents give their adult children each month? Relationship experts say Travis Kelce's behavior at the Superbowl is a red flag. Morgan Riddle, girlfriend of Tennis player Taylor Fritz, posted about the harassment she experienced during the Superbowl. The least stressful jobs that pay 100k a year. More details on the Lakewood Church shooter. Was Rover in the wrong?


Jeffrey's wrestling saga continues, Piper Fawn calls into the show, slut-shaming, and more!

Was Rover IT successful in setting up his father-in-law's television for the Superbowl? Travis Kelce yelling at head coach Andy Reid. The JLR saga continues with the owner of Battle on the Border Pro Wrestling calling in to explain his side of the story. OnlyFans model, Piper Fawn, kids have been kicked out of their Christian school. A TikTok user is being slut shamed for how many people she slept during a ten-day period. Piper Fawn calls into the show.


Who will enjoy Rover's Diaper Spa, Dieter is late to the show, and much more!

People in Tampa have been upset because a loud bass noise has been disturbing their sleep. The Uber Eats Superbowl commercial has started a controversy. Dieter explains why he was late. Parent arrested at school for trying to have lunch with their kid. Who will take part in Rover's Diaper Spa? Who is the crew picking to win the Superbowl?


Rover is angry at a toddler scanning items at the store, squatters are taking over, and more!

Rover is shocked by Tom Cruise's appearance. Deadspin is being sued for defamation by the family of the child who was accused of wearing blackface at a Kansas City Chiefs game. Scientists are developing a way to combat global warming. Key witness in the Holly Bobo case makes a shocking confession. Squatters are taking over Atlanta homes. B2 has been suffering with back pain for two years. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about an influencer's impact on society.


Jeffrey says he could not be a pilot, leaked video of Drake and his manhood, and much more!

Someone on the show has a birthday. Taylor Swift's attorneys have sent a cease-and-desist letter to a college student tracking her private jet. Jeffrey says he could not be a pilot. School shooter Ethan Crumbley's mother, Jennifer Crumbley, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. What is Drake packing? People are upset that five transgender players are dominating a college volleyball. Gina Carano is being backed by Elon Musk in her lawsuit against Disney.


Dieter says he could live off of $25k a year, Rover is not allowed to workout, and more!

Two guys on trial for Jam Master Jay's murder. Security cam pictures were released showing Lisa Ann using her phone at the Matt Rife show. DINK couple shares how they plan on saving money this year. Dieter says he could live off of $25k a year. Deepfake Zoom call scams an employee into sending them $20 million. Rover is not allowed to workout until the condo work is done. Many companies are afraid to produce Superbowl commercials due to the backlash they could face.


Rover and Duji went to a wedding, the NoFAP community, Lisa Ann was arrested, and much more!

Rover and Duji attended a wedding over the weekend. The No FAP community. Dieter used to feel guilty when he masturbated. Fans waiting for Anne Hathaway claim she was rude when they asked for a picture with her. Lisa Ann, former pornstar, was dragged out in handcuffs at a Matt Rife show. Duji noticed a weird charge on her credit card statement. An Illinois lawmaker wants to pass a bill that doesn't allow police to pull you over for multiple infractions. A fundamentalist preacher and state senator wants to outlaw pornography. Group of migrants beat up a police officer.


A wrestling scandal involving JLR, a new business called The Diaper Spa, and much more!

There is a scandal involving JLR at his new wrestling gig. State staffer, caught in a sex tape made in the State's Senate meeting room, will not be charged. A mom is upset that the school has banned her from picking up and dropping off her kids. An employee said they couldn't attend a work meeting because they had already scheduled a workout class. Rover has been getting hounded by iHeart. A woman in Arkansas was fired from her job after she arrived an hour late. In New Hampshire there is a new business called The Diaper Spa. An insider has revealed that THC, cocaine and Fentanyl were found in all three Kansas City Chiefs fans who passed away.


Rover would never let anyone see his porn history, how much filth is allowed in our food, and more!

The amount of filth the FDA allows in our foods. Update to the Jordan Willis story, after his three friends were found dead in his backyard. Dave Canales, the new Panthers coach, wrote a book about his addiction to pornography. An email was sent to the District Attorney's office and an employee replied all with an inappropriate question. Are any members of the show addicted to porn? Students are complaining about the redesigned bathrooms at a school in New Zealand. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner dives into the E. Jean Carol's story.


JLR left a gift for Jeff Jr., Charlie is disgusted by a woman breastfeeding her niece, and more!

Security cam footage of Israeli special forces, dressed as civilians, storming a West Bank hospital. Jeffrey left a gift at Jeff Jr.'s grave. Charlie is disgusted by a woman who is breastfeeding her sister's kids. Controversy over Neuralink implanting first brain chip in a human. Complimenting someone on their age or how they look. Rover needed help deciphering what was happening in a video he was sent. The man who tried to burn a church down after they wanted to have a drag queen story hour, has been sentenced. Instagram extortion scams.


Dieter was hit in the eye with a ping pong ball launched by a stripper, is Rover soft, and more!

Elon Musk's company Neuralink has implanted their first brain chip in a human. Base jumper dies after his chute doesn't open properly. People are upset by an art piece depicting Jesus. Woman suing General Hospital star, Haley Pullos, is also suing the restaurant Haley was working for before DUI wrong-way crash. Dieter was hit in the eye with a ping pong ball shot out of a stripper. Did Krystle make it her workout class? There is a proposal in Ohio to pay kids to go to school. Who uses emojis on the show? Rover's father-in-law thinks he is soft.


Would Duji go on a show trip, Dieter left drunk friends at the library, and much more!

Video has surfaced of the Atlantis Bahamas shark attack. A man at a NJ man was caught stealing diesel with a homemade device. Dieter would carry drunk passed out frat guys to the library. Memphis DJ, Slick Rick, was found decapitated in his home. Would Duji go on a show trip aboard a cruise ship? Krystle is tired of being a couch potato. Researchers have mapped out Bigfoot sightings, leading them to believe people are actually seeing black bears. Lawmakers in Oregon are reevaluating what drugs should be legal.


Rover is part of the neighborhood watch, Senators dueling in Missouri, and much more!

A 10-year-old girl has been charged after they find her bully hit list. A member of the Missouri Senate has proposed a rule change that would allow Senators to challenge each other to a duel. Vince McMahon is being sued by a former employee over sexual assault and trafficking claims. Could there be an American Civil War? Rover is on the neighborhood watch. Tyreek Hill claims he never filed for divorce. Taylor Swift is furious over naked AI images of herself. How is the show doing with their Draftkings bets?


Rover loves the latest fashion trend, nude art performer is suing MOMA, and much more!

A man in Alabama is on death row for the second time. Rover loves the latest fashion trend sweeping the nation. Ohio Supreme Court is ruling on a domestic violence case due to controversial "victimless prosecution." A nude art performer is suing MOMA after saying they "turned a blind eye" to his sexual assaults. President of FIFA wants to make a rule that unacceptable behavior of fans can cause the team to be disqualified. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses the top movie conspiracy theories.


Rover does manual labor, Duji fake cries to get her way, Snitz wants a gun, and more!

Jeffrey tells his most embarrassing story. Rover has been doing manual labor at the condo. A study done claims there is a chemical in women's tears that makes men less aggressive. Duji will fake cry to get her way. Update about the woman who fatally stabbed her boyfriend 108 times. Gun shop in Kentucky is being sued since they sold a gun to a mass shooter. Snitzer is thinking of buying a gun. Teacher who was brutally attacked by a student speaks out.


Duji had a scare over the weekend, is Dieter right about the NFL, and much more!

The crew tells their most embarrassing stories. Should you interfere with someone acting out in public? Company fires woman after she asked to work remotely due to her baby being in the NICU. Duji had a scare over the weekend. Is Dieter right about the NFL being scripted? They say the trick to a successful marriage is to vacation separately. Hollie Strano is making a social media comeback. Gen Z is avoiding alcohol due to anxiety.