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After twenty years as a morning radio star in Atlanta, Melissa Carter has struck out on her own with the insightful podcast, "She Persisted.” It’s a mix of news, interviews and stories from her own remarkable life.


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After twenty years as a morning radio star in Atlanta, Melissa Carter has struck out on her own with the insightful podcast, "She Persisted.” It’s a mix of news, interviews and stories from her own remarkable life.



Nita Patel, author of the new book "Boss Vibes," joins the show to talk about etiquette in the workplace. Plus, Melissa's Christmas tree is up...but can it survive two new kittens? She'll have an update.


A quarter of a million people have died from COVID-19 now, and Melissa not only expresses frustration at the growing numbers but also the hypocrisy of charity by some this holiday season. Plus, what shocking news story about women isn't getting a lot of news coverage? She'll explain.


Sales leader Bernadette Pannier talks to Melissa about starting her own business and how she helps others build, and sell, their brands. Plus, a new parody song in support of those who wear their masks!


Human rights activist, best-selling author, and FreetheMindco CEO Kim Normand Dobrin joins the show. Also, Melissa discusses her bumpy transition into the visual world of Zoom.


Melissa talks with Dianne Beattie, founder of We Web Designer, about the importance of an online presence and more importantly taking the opportunity during the pandemic to really find your purpose in life. Also, Melissa gives her take on the "I'm Speaking" experience we witnessed with Vice Presidential nominee Rep. Kamala Harri


Melissa has posted a video on TikTok and discusses the odd difficulty in making that decision. Plus, how offensive were the President’s latest actions?


Sheena Virji joins the show to talk about Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Plus, Melissa tells you about a disturbing story involving immigrant women in Georgia.


Dream Guide Sweet Georgia Pam joins the show again, and Melissa shares some of your dreams and hers for analysis. Plus, how are the new kittens getting along? Melissa shares how her dog may not be so happy with the new roommates.


Melissa is part of a brand new Internet show, and she’ll tell you where to check it out! Plus, did you ever write a message in a bottle when you were a kid? One woman did, and you’ll never guess what happened to it decades later.


Melissa interviews Voice Coach and Speech Language Pathologist Kathryn Woods, who talks about her own journey from being shy to becoming a public speaker and why it’s important for women to find their voices. Plus, Melissa shares two new projects she’s involved in!


Melissa's son has started Kindergarten! She shares her frustration with Mr. Carter's experience with remote learning so far, plus how she paid homage to her own Kindergarten teacher. Plus, Mr. Carter makes an appearance on the show!


Melissa talks to Grace Sammon, an educator and entrepreneur who has just released her debut novel, The Eves. Melissa also explains why the Mayor of Atlanta is a fan of the LGBTQ community.


Another major change in Melissa’s life has her reflecting on how we are all reacting to this pandemic. Plus, what does your home and the organization within it say about you?


Melissa talks with entrepreneur Cathryn Marshall, who is President of the What Women Want Networking group and passionate about helping women be successful. Plus, Melissa experienced an incident at her son's school that sent her through the roof and forced a tense conversation with administrators.



Melissa gives an emotional reaction to the large community of people who refuse to wear a mask during this pandemic. Plus, she's got two new kittens in the house but which one has already given her a furry middle finger in only a way cats can?


What is true activism? Melissa gives her take. Plus, what is Melissa hoarding in her basement that now she’s trying to get rid of? And she says thank you to those who support her memorial to Millie Pete.


Melissa has a new addition to the family, and had to interrupt the show because of an accident that happened. Hear her live reaction! Plus, what concerns Melissa most about the Black Lives Matter protests? She’ll explain. And what is Betty White up to now?


Melissa talks about the passing of her mother, Millie Pete. Plus, what do some of the most powerful people in our history have in common? She’ll share it with you, and explain how you can have the same ability in yourself.


Melissa’s mother is not doing well, and she shares the struggle of facing her biggest fear. Plus, what does Melissa seem to do every time she’s about to jump on mic or Zoom? And, Melissa has ordered her protective masks, but where are they?