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Tune in as Mark Leishman and the Nights team takes you abroad and helps you find out what’s happening at home - Let us know what's what’s happening in your world!


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Tune in as Mark Leishman and the Nights team takes you abroad and helps you find out what’s happening at home - Let us know what's what’s happening in your world!






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The Panel with Jo McCaroll and Ed Amon (Part 2)

Today on the panel Wallace and panellists Jo McCaroll and Ed Amon find out why volunteer editors are leaving the world's fourth largest webiste, Wikipedia. Then, some NZ organisations are offereing unlimited leave - is it all it's cracked up to be? And, tips to stop your dogs barking - especially if your neighbours have mabe a noise complaint.


The Panel with Jo McCaroll and Ed Amon (Part 1)

Today on the panel Wallace and panellists Jo McCarroll and Ed Amon discuss next year's projected household cost increase, and ask what will happen if earthquake-prone buildings in Wellington aren't fixed by the 2027 deadline. Plus, what is your favourite beach?


How to stop your bike being stolen

Picture this: it's 5 o'clock, Friday evening, you've just finished work for the day. You head outside to where you parked your bike up. But... there's nothing there. Nothing except the 10-dollar lock you picked up at KMart, SLICED IN TWO Anyone who's been through anything resembling this knows that having your bike stolen is one of the MOST frustrating experiences a person can have. This happens quite a bit in New Zealand - more than 400 times a year, and that's just those that are actually reported to police - the real number might well be much higher. But there ARE ways to help cyclists keep their precious vehicles safe. Gabriel Gati, a board member for Bike Auckland joins us...


Are golf balls too aerodynamic?

Golf's governing bodies have announced a change to the rules that govern golf ball design. The new rules are designed to combat the games ever increasing hitting distance. To find out how the changes are going to impact the game, and what they might mean for you Mark is joined by former professional golfer and superstar coach Marcus Wheelhouse...


The revival of an 18th Century Submarine

Most people have a family heirloom they've been trusted to look after for future generation. Very few heirlooms will be 150 year-old submarines. But that's the exact situation Pete Sparrow has found himself in. Pete has been involved in the restoration of a 10m-long, iron-plate Platypus submarine, which was built by his great-grandfather Joseph Sparrow in 1873. The partially restored sub will be unveiled in its new enclosure in Middlemarch, about an hour from Dunedin, this weekend. Pete joins Mark Leishman on Nights.


The world in weather

Former MetService Severe Weather Meteorologist, Erick Brenstrum, joins us from the RNZ Wellington Studio to talk about what the weather events making an impact across the word.


Why Memory Matters

Why do we remember certain aspects of the over others, and why does it matter? Those are the central questions behind a new book from historian, lecturer, and curator of the Auckland War museum Dr Rowan Light. "Why Memory Matters: Remembered histories and the politics of the past" is available now. Rowan Light joins us on Nights.


Public asked to help with great white shark tag retrieval

A search is on in Southland after a Great White Shark parted ways from it's monitoring tag somewhere of the coast of the Catlins. And the public is being asked to keep an eye out for the valuable piece of kit which provides scientists with valuable insights into the free roaming animal. Nikki Ladd from Shark Exeperience in Bluff talks to Mark Leishman about how the search is going and how "friendly" they are with the sharks down there.


Rip It Up now available online

Great news for fans of music journalism 13 years' worth of editions of Rip It Up - spanning 1986 to 1998 - are now available to read in full, thanks to a project from AudioCulture and Papers Past. Murray Cammick is one of the creators of the magazine, and was editor for much of this period - He joins Nights to reminisce about the history of the publication.


Will the rising cost of streaming start to backfire?

Subscribers to Sky Sport Now and Neon got a bit of a shock this morning when they found out their price for those streaming services was increasing. But it's not just the New Zealand services upping their prices, with the big players Netflix and Disney Plus also increasing their prices in the past year. Coupled with the rapid rise in the cost of living, could there be a mass exodous away from paid streaming services? Dan Slevin is Nights' resident tv and film critic and he talks to Mark Leishman about what this all might mean.


The number of vegetarians in New Zealand vastly overstated

A study from the University of Auckland has found only about 2% of New Zealanders exclude all meat from their diets. Vegans make up only about .5% Previous estiamates have been as high as 20% Mark Leishman talks to the study's lead author Dr Kathryn Bradbury about why it's important we have an accuarate idea on the number of people who eat a strict plant based diet.


eDNA uncovers links between deforestation & biodiversity

A new study from the University of Otago has highlighted the links between deforestation and the loss of biodiversity in New Zealand's rivers and streams. Comparing over 100 different freshwater sites in Otago and Southland, the study found key differences in the insect life in areas that had been deforested. Mark Leishman talks to the lead researcher Professor Jon Waters from the department of zoology at the University of Otago.


Dunedin Chopper builder on top of the world

A Dunedin motorcycle mechanic is set to take on some of the best bike building enthusiasts in the world. Andy Martin and his custom built chopper have made the final of the Biltwell's People's Champ The annual competition is the show for up-and-comers, independent builders around the world. So to find out what went into creating the chopper Andy talks to Nights.


Millions rush to catch glimpse of new GTA video game trailer

Together, the Grand Theft Auto games have raked in nearly 20-billion New Zealand dollars since 1997. The next instalment, GTA 6, is likely to be one of the most financially successful entertainment products of all time. It's so hotly anticipated it's trailer was leaked today. Oskar Howell is a video games and technology journalist and he talks to Mark Leishman about the hotly anticipated instalment.


What can the word of the year tell us?

Here's four words for you to ponder: Hallucinate; Authentic; A I and Rizz These four words have each been named the 2023 word of the year by different English dictionaries. So what do the words 'authentic' and 'hallucinate' tell us about where society is at in 2023? Joining Nights to find some meaning is University of Waikato linguist Andreea Calude.


The Coromandel Cure sure to cure what ails you

From Rotorua's natural hot springs to the fresh mountain air of the Southern Alps, the health benefits of New Zealand's natural environment have often been part of our tourism attractions. Well with its picturesque golden beaches, enchanting hills, and lush green valleys the Coromandel is promoting itself as a region that's good for your health and soul. And they can back it up, with a research trial finding those who visited the region reported a decrease in stress and anxiety as well as an increase in relaxation and happiness. To find out about the Coromandel Cure and how the region is faring, Nights is joined by Destination Hauraki Coromandel general manager Hadley Dryden.


Allergy suffers told to be careful around Christmas Trees

Christmas is around the corner, and Christmas trees are about to become some of the hottest properties in town ... But for a certain segment of the population, this can lead to a very uncomfortable time indeed ... people who suffer from Christmas Tree Syndrome Mark Leishman talks to Dr Amy Chan - a pharmacist and spokesperson for Sensitive Choice New Zealand.


BBC Lookahead with Jonathan Frewin

The BBC'S Jonathan Frewin joins us to discuss the latest world news. Including: the election in Egypt, Kenya's Facebook lawsuit, and Argentina's new president.


Spiritual connections to the land

Do you have a favourite place? If you do, how do you feel about it? Would you describe your connection as "spiritual"? For Michaela Richards, a PhD student at Victoria University, her place is Mt Taranaki. Inspired by the mountains soon to be granted "legal personhood", her thesis explores the intersection between spirituality and conservation. That is, how the way we express our connection to the land impacts the way we treat it. Michaela joins Mark on Nights.


The mysterious curry cabal

Have you heard of the Auckland Curry Movement? They're a shadowy cabal of curry connoisseurs with zero online presence... Except every year they give out their "Best Indian Restaurant award" - along with one, short accompanying article. This years award went to "Taste Of India" in Mt Eden. We called the winning restaurant - they didn't know who was behind the curry movement. We called last years winner - same story. But the 2020 champion, Birkenhead's "The Curry Master" gave us a number. A number that was engraved on the bottom of the trophy... Disappointingly it wasn't the number for the curry movement, but for the trophy maker. But someone had to have ordered the trophy.... And it turns out that person was Adrian.