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Age no barrier for oldest Miss Rotorua contestant

A Rotorua woman has proved that age is no barrier, becoming the oldest person to compete in the Miss Rotorua beauty pageant. Tiana Hodge, who is 77, made history at the event which started in back in 1947. She speaks to Anna Thomas about the experience and why age isn't a barrier


Short Cut with Dan Slevin

It's that time of the week when we check in with our resident film and tv expert Dan Slevin. Tonight he's got his eye on something to keep both the kids, and adults, entertained over the school holidays.


Aotearoa's History of protest posters

From the Springbok tour, to the Nuclear Free Movement political posters have been used as a call to arms. As part of Auckland's Heritage Festival Toby will be hosting a workshop exploring the history of protest posters in Aotearoa as well as teaching others how to draw their own. He speaks to Anna Thomas about what fascinates him about political posters and how they have helped shaped our history.


Daylight Savings and Sleep Health

Aotearoa New Zealand springs forward this weekend, as Daylight Saving time begins. Clocks will go forward by one hour at 2 o'clock on Sunday morning. Sleep expert Dr Alex Bartle speaks to Nights about the effect losing an hour has on the body and our sleep patterns.


Uncovering secrets of Australia's "weirdest" animal

Small, spiky and elusive, researchers are hoping a citizen science project might help shed some more light on the Echidna. University of Adelaide professor Frank Grutzner leads the project and talks to Mark Leishman about why the egg laying marsupial is so mysterious.


Christmas cheer for kiwi troops deployed overseas.

A small piece of New Zealand is on its way to every member of the New Zealand Defence Force that will be deployed overseas this Christmas, thanks to the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association. The parcels were packed near Trentham Military Camp today by a busy production line of `elves' including senior defence personnel, staff from the RNZRSA's National Office and volunteers from the New Zealand Defence Force. Chief Executive of the RNZRSA Marty Donoghue talks to Nights about the initiative.


More wild weather for New Zealand

It's not looking like a great start to the school holidays with heavy snow, strong winds, heavy rain, and thunderstorms forecast over the coming days. To find out the latest Nights is joined by MetService Meteorologist Philippa Murdoch.


Emergency declared in Southland

A region-wide state of emergency has been declared for Southland as the area copes with flooding from heavy rain. Emergency Management Southland group controller Simon Mapp talks to Mark Leishman about the latest on the situation.


Australia's constitution and the Voice referendum

On the same day New Zealand will be voting to decide its next government, Australians will be voting on a proposed change to their constitution. The Indigenous voice to government would enshrine a permanent representation and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Constitutional expert and a professor of law at the University of Canberra Kim Rubenstien explains how Australia ended up with a constitution and what changes the Voice will make.


Claire Turnbull: sort out your sleep and diet for better mental health

Learning about the relationship between food and mood has been a very personal journey for nutritionist Claire Turnbull. She explains why sleeping and eating better are the keys to good mental and physical health.


Midweek Mediawatch - Mediawatch's weekly catch-up with Nights

Hayden Donnell talked to Mark Leishman about coverage of the election ramping up. They looked at political reporters doggedly pursuing the National Party for the details of its tax plans - and party leaders picking and choosing interview opportunities. But first they talked about the first head-to-head live TV debate between Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon.


Community prepare for biggest Cook Islands festival

Preparations are well underway for the biggest Cook Island festival in the world - Te Maeva Nui Festival. The three day festival is the highlight in the calendar for the Cook Islands community and this year it will be held at the Trusts Arena in West Auckland. Joining Mark to talk about why it's such a special event is community podcaster and media talent Ernestina Poukia-Bonsu Maro.


Stewart Islanders soak up record high temperature

Stewart Island Rakiura recorded a new high temperature for September today reaching 23.5°C, but it's not going to last long. Mark Leishman speaks to the island's grocer store operator Sam Jekinson.


British explorer attempting longest solo crossing of Antarctica

In November British adventurer Sam Cox will begin his attempt to set a record-breaking Antarctica solo crossing of over 2000 kilometres. That's 500km further than the current record. He talks to Mark Leishman about what motivates someone to take on such an arduous and potentially dangerous journey.


Eating disorders and the healing power of horses

Anorexia is often called the most fatal mental illness. But a therapy based on the healing power of horses can offer fresh hope. Dawn Marron a counsellor and eating disorder therapy coach talks to Mark Leishman about her equine facilitated therapy at a farm at Hira near Nelson.


Rotorua resident take rubbish issue into her own hands

A Rotorua woman has spent the past seven months tackling what she says is the city's "massive" litter problem. But despite her efforts she says the city's rubbish problem is getting worse. Tracey McLeod talks to Nights about why she's so motivated to tidy her hometown.


Fears future of sheep possibly brought to NZ by Captain Cook

One of the first ever breed of sheep introduced to New Zealand is facing a very uncertain future. Arapawa sheep are thought to have been introduced to Arapaoa Island (formerly Arapawa Island) in the late 18th century, when two of the animals were gifted to resident Maori by Captain James Cook. Rare Breed society member and founder of Christchurch's Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Mike Willis talks to Mark Leishman about his concerns following a recent count of the sheep.


Last hurrah for Hastings Blossom Festival veteran

This year's annual Blossom Festival in Hastings being held over this Saturday and Sunday will be special for a couple of reasons. Not only is it being held as part of the city's 150 year anniversary celebrations, it's likely to be the last parade for one of it's biggest supporters. Kevin Watkins has been building floats for the annual parade since the 1950's but this year is likely to be the last time. He talks to Mark Leishman about why its time to sit back and enjoy the parade.


Air purifiers donated to help school coping with stench issue

For the past 18 months staff and students at one Christchurch school have been battling foul-smelling air from a nearby waste processing plant. The ongoing air quality issues has led to students with existing health issues such as asthma staying at home. To help The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ has donated forty air purifiers to give to family of those children with existing asthma and breathing issues. Principal Scot Kinely talks to Nights about the impact of the issue on the school's community.


Winners and losers after first leaders debate

Mark Leishman is joined by RNZ's political editor Jane Patterson to discuss the first leaders debate between Prime Minister Chris Hipkins and National Leader Christopher Luxon.