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Jason Louv brings together thinkers from the worlds of spirituality, high technology and the counterculture with some of the most challenging issues we face today. Change your focus, change your reality.


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Jason Louv brings together thinkers from the worlds of spirituality, high technology and the counterculture with some of the most challenging issues we face today. Change your focus, change your reality.






Ep. 178: ANGELS! With Timothy Wyllie (Remastered!)

In this evocative episode, we delve into the multidimensional life and works of Timothy Wyllie (1940-2017). This is a remaster of the conversation we had with him shortly before his death—it was just too important to leave in the vaults. We talk about angels, the Process, ketamine, PCP, UFOs, disembodied intelligences, and ALL KINDS of other WEIRD SH*T. You're gonna love it! From his roots in Great Britain and his education as an architect, to his pioneering explorations into out-of-body experiences, telepathic communications with dolphins, and profound interactions with nonphysical beings, Wyllie's journey is a testament to the vast potential of human experience. From ventures in New York City's business scene to his subsequent retirement into the world of creative endeavors, Wyllie was a fascinating and multifaceted individual, and listeners will be captivated by the blend of the tangible and ethereal in Wyllie's life. Timothy's unique "Bozon Music" — a harmonious fusion of True Age improvisational jazz and shamanic heartbeats — and his meditative guided visualizations offer a sonic glimpse into his spiritual psyche. Meanwhile, his intricate drawings of sacred landscapes serve as visual portals to sacred spaces. Throughout the episode, we'll explore the inspirations and aspirations that drove Wyllie's lectures, seminars, and writings, including his acclaimed books like "Ask Your Angels" and the "Rebel Angels" series. Join us on this enlightening journey as we celebrate the legacy of a man who seamlessly wove the fabric of the physical and spiritual worlds together. Show Notes Timothy Wyllie's Amazon Author Page Hamilton's Pharmacopeia episode with Timothy Wyllie Magick.Me


Ep. 177: DEATH AND DYING With Anne-Marie Keppel

In this deeply thoughtful and enlightening episode, we have the pleasure of conversing with Anne-Marie Keppel, the award-winning author of “Death Nesting” and a fervent advocate for compassionate, holistic end-of-life care. Anne-Marie opens up about her journey into the realm of death doula practices and the insights that have shaped her understanding of death as a sacred rite of passage. Through her blend of ancient and modern techniques, she offers a unique perspective on caring for the dying and supporting loved ones through the grieving process. Anne-Marie delves into the practical aspects of caring for bedridden individuals, sharing techniques to ease the physical challenges of the dying process. She sheds light on the significance of emotional soothing, breathing practices, and the role of ceremony and energetic boundaries in creating a sacred space around the dying. Her insights into Reiki, ancestral support, and herbal care reveal a multifaceted approach to nourishing and healing on a spirit level. Listeners will find solace and strength in Anne-Marie’s guidance on navigating challenging conversations around death, particularly with children. Her mindfulness practices offer a path to contemplating one's own mortality, and her reflections on self-care provide support for those moving with grief. Join us as we explore the poignant, sacred, and profoundly human aspects of embracing the end of life. Show Links Death Nesting Free Magick.Me Meditation! Magick.Me The Adept Initiative


Ep. 176: The Magick of Orpheus With Ronnie Pontiac

🌌 In this episode, we dive deep into the enigmatic magic of the Orphic Hymns—potent initiatic poems that have been the cornerstone of meditation, ritual, and esoteric ceremonies for millenia. In conversation with Ronnie Pontiac, we unravel new translations of these teletai, recapturing the magnetic aura that has sparked the curiosity and devotion of mystics across the ages. Ever heard of golden passports for the departed souls? Or the profound influence of the Orpheus myth on Western counterculture? We delve into all that and more. With an intricate blend of history and magic, this episode promises to shed light on the original hymns, often seen as formulaic and complex, making them accessible and engaging for the modern seeker. These hymns are more than individual spells or rituals: They form a cosmic calendar, mapping every poignant event from birth to death. They recognize the sanctity of human experience, depicting every emotion and milestone as sacred and essential. Join us on this enlightening journey, as we traverse the crossroads of history, mysticism, and the awe-inspiring world of the Orphic Mysteries. As we unveil the 'The Magic of the Orphic Hymns: A New Translation for the Modern Mystic', prepare to attune your senses to the timeless echo of these divine verses. 📖 Show Links The Magic of the Orphic Hymns by Tamra Lucid and Ronnie Pontiac Magick.Me


Ep. 175: Christina Ward on How Cults, Communes and Religious Movements Influenced What We Eat

Dive deep into the culinary history of America with our esteemed guest Christina Ward. From riding in the Wienermobile with Padma Lakshmi for "Taste the Nation" to her intriguing contributions to transgressive art, Christina's journey is nothing short of remarkable. In her latest offering, "Holy Food: How Cults, Communes, and Religious Movements Influenced What We Eat—An American History," set to release on September 26, 2023, Christina meticulously unravels how religious beliefs intersect with politics, economics, and most intriguingly, food. This work presents an alternate story of America, spotlighting true believers, charlatans, visionaries, and the many who walked behind them. She navigates with precision between academic studies, first-hand interviews, cookbooks, and religious texts, offering fresh insights into American history, all viewed through the lens of our kitchens. In this episode, we journey through the annals of religious influence on American culinary habits, discovering how food fads became mainstream and how vague spiritual movements of the 20th century used food as both a lure and a leash. With over 75 recipes from varied religious and communal groups, coupled with more than 100 historic images, "Holy Food" promises to be a treasure trove for historians, food enthusiasts, and the curious souls alike. Quoting the founder of the International Krishna Consciousness organization, Prabhupada, "This business—eating, sleeping, sex life and defense—this is common to the animal and to the human being," we embark on a conversation that promises to satiate both the mind and soul. Join us as we traverse the crossroads of faith, history, and the tantalizing world of gastronomy with Christina Ward. To explore further, dive into the world of magick with our free guided meditation at: https://start.magick.me. Show Links Holy Food: How Cults, Communes, and Religious Movements Influenced What We Eat—An American History Holy Food at Feral House Magick.Me


Ep. 174: Erika Buenaflor, M.A., J.D., on Ancestral Power, Healing, and the Magic of Curanderismo

Embark on a transformative journey into the mystical realm of curanderismo with our distinguished guest Erika Buenaflor, M.A., J.D., a seasoned curandera and a descendant of a long lineage of grandmother curanderas...! With an academic foundation from the University of California, Riverside, focusing on Mesoamerican shamanism, Erika seamlessly weaves the ancient with the contemporary. Her latest work, 'Veneration Rites of Curanderismo: Invoking the Sacred Energy of Our Ancestors,' serves as a beacon, guiding us on how to reconnect with our ancestors, shape our destinies, and deepen our healing paths. From the sacred energy of ancestors manifesting in various forms to the deification process of esteemed forebearers, Erika delves deep into the heart of ancestral veneration. In this episode, Erika unveils the rich tapestry of curanderismo, from the profound trance journeys and sacred gardening rituals to the art of ancestral altar-making and the path of Nepantla spirituality. Whether you're well-versed in curanderismo or just stepping into its enchanting embrace, join us as we explore the magic, stories, and wisdom that Erika Buenaflor brings to the table.


Ep. 173: Occultism Unveiled With Mitch Horowitz

Today, we journey deep into the world of occultism with very special guest Mitch Horowitz, a PEN Award-winning historian, writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library, and a voice that has garnered respect across academic, journalistic, and subculture circles. Mitch's latest book 'Modern Occultism: History, Theory, and Practice,' takes us on a vibrant, epic journey through the annals of occult history. From the magical corridors of Cleopatra's reign to the revolutionary ideas of Madame H. P. Blavatsky, and the spiritual awakenings ignited by figures such as Aleister Crowley and Carl Jung. In his new book, Mitch unfolds the tapestry of hidden wisdom, the rise and influence of secret societies, the migration of magickal systems, and even the often-overlooked occult influences on iconic figures like Frederick Douglass and Isaac Newton. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of occultism in thought and practice. From the rebirth of esoterica during the Renaissance and the fin de siècle scientists studying the supernatural to the modern understanding of interdimensionality challenging our very perceptions...! Show Notes Pre-Order Modern Occultism Mitch Horowitz's Author Page Magick.Me


Ep. 172: Meeting the Shadow on the Spiritual Path With Connie Zweig, Ph.D.

Connie Zweig, Ph.D., author of "Meeting the Shadow on the Spiritual Path: The Dance of Darkness and Light in Our Search for Awakening," joins us in an enlightening conversation that delves into the complex interplay between spiritual longing and the shadow self. This episode explores the journey of spiritual awakening, the challenges of betrayal and disillusionment, and the path to rekindling spiritual inspiration. In this intimate discussion, Dr. Zweig explains why we are drawn to charismatic leaders and what we unconsciously give away to them. She sheds light on how to reclaim our inner spiritual authority and how to recover from spiritual abuse. Through the practice of psychology and shadow-work, she guides us in breaking free from denial, projection, and dependency. We explore the lives of renowned spiritual teachers such as Sufi poet Rumi, Hindu master Ramakrishna, and Christian saint Catherine of Siena, whose spiritual journeys were marked by both ecstatic experiences and painful encounters with their shadows. Dr. Zweig also shares cautionary tales of contemporary spiritual leaders who acted out their shadows in destructive ways, leaving their followers traumatized and lost. Dr. Zweig emphasizes that meeting the shadow is an inevitable and painful stage on the path to spiritual maturity. Join us as we explore the dance of darkness and light in our search for awakening, and discover how to rekindle the flame of longing and engage in fulfilling spiritual practice once again. Don't miss out on this profound conversation that offers guidance for both inspired and disillusioned seekers! Show Links Connie Zweig's Amazon Page Meeting the Shadow on the Spiritual Path: The Dance of Darkness and Light in Our Search for Awakening, by Connie Zweig Magick.Me: Unleash Your True Self at Our School for Magick, Meditation and Mysticism


Ep. 171: Magick Monday With Vanessa Sinclair & Carl Abrahamsson...!

Swedish author Carl Abrahamsson and American artist and psychoanalyst Vanessa Sinclair join us in an engaging conversation that explores the integration of magic, art, and psychoanalysis in their daily lives. As a married couple, they have successfully merged these fascinating fields, creating a unique blend of creativity, self-discovery, and mystical exploration. In this episode, Sinclair & Abrahamsson take us on a journey through their ideas, theories, practices, experiences, collaborations, successes, and even occasional failures. They share their relentless pursuit of erasing the boundaries between magic, mysticism, art, and the unconscious, experimenting with various artistic expressions while strengthening their occult work. We delve into their relationships with influential figures such as Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, their experiments with the cut-ups technique of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, their insights into the power of exposure and honesty, and their exploration of dreams, creativity, inertia, entropy, and much more. Abrahamsson & Sinclair's casual and inspiring style offers an intimate glimpse into their lives, filled with experimental output, including portraits, photographs, film stills, collages, and cut-ups. Their insights provide a refreshing perspective on how psychoanalytic thinking, language, and artistic expression can have transformative power. Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of Abrahamsson & Sinclair's work, filled with wisdom, experimentation, and a relentless pursuit of deeper insights. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that unravels the extraordinary lives of two exceptional thinkers and creators! Show Links Carl Abrahamsson's Amazon Page Vanessa Sinclair's Amazon Page Carl & Vanessa's Patreon Quotes from Notable Figures


Ep. 170: Undreaming Wetiko & Breaking the Spell of the Nightmare Mind Virus with Paul Levy

Paul Levy, author of "Undreaming Wetiko: Breaking the Spell of the Nightmare Mind-Virus," joins us in a profound conversation that delves into the depths of the human psyche and the insidious mind-virus known as "wetiko." A concept deeply rooted in Native American thought, wetiko represents a collective psychosis that is wreaking havoc on our world. Yet, as Levy passionately explains, within this very madness lies the key to our healing. In this enlightening episode, Levy explores the intricate connections between wetiko and ancestral trauma, revealing how the wounded healer/shaman archetype can be a catalyst for both individual and collective healing. We journey into the heart of multigenerational pain, understanding how it propagates through families and how recognizing the wounded healer within us can guide us through the dark underworld of the unconscious. Levy introduces us to the inner guide—a daemon/angel that resides within us, acting as an ally in our encounters with the daemonic energy of wetiko. We discuss the cultivation of "symbolic awareness," interpreting life events as symbols, akin to dreams, and how this awareness can transmute the poison of wetiko into medicine for the soul. Drawing inspiration from the works of C.G. Jung, Rudolf Steiner, Henry Corbin, Wilhelm Reich, and Nicolas Berdyaev, Levy's insights offer a transformative perspective on the current global crisis. He emphasizes that the ultimate antidote to wetiko is to connect with the light of our true nature and embrace our authentic selves. Join us in this compelling conversation that unravels the mysteries of wetiko and offers a path towards healing, self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of the human condition. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform wetiko into its own antidote and embark on a journey towards wholeness and awakening. Show Links Paul Levy's Amazon Page Undreaming Wetiko: Breaking the Spell of the Nightmare Mind-Virus (Sacred Planet) Paperback – May 23, 2023, by Paul Levy Magick.Me | Transform wetiko into its own antidote


Ep. 169: Walking the Path Less Travelled with Jim Christy

Jim Christy is an author, artist, spoken word performer, and a man who was once described as ‘one of the last unpurged North American anarchistic romantics.’ With a life as colourful as his narratives, Christy's journey from the tough streets of South Philadelphia to his current residence in Ontario has been nothing short of extraordinary. In this intimate conversation, Christy reveals his diverse experiences with an array of unique personalities, from hobos and jazz musicians to boxers and prolific writers such as Charles Bukowski, Peter Trower, and Joe Ferone. We explore his adventures, his relationships, and his uncanny ability to transform life experiences into riveting tales and captivating performances. Jim delves into his childhood, recounting memories of growing up in a boxing-obsessed neighborhood, his early rebellious streak that found him riding freights, and his move to Canada to evade the Vietnam War draft. And we explore his fascination with outsiders, the heroes of his narratives, such as the veteran carnival performer Marcel Horne, the jazz musician Charlie Leeds, the leftist Emma Goldman and Martin Luther King, Jr. Join us as we traverse the unexplored paths of Jim Christy's life, filled with rebellion, creativity, and an undying spirit of adventure. Get inspired by Christy's journey of perseverance, self-discovery, and his relentless pursuit of an authentic life—don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that unravels the extraordinary life of an exceptional storyteller! Show Links Jim Christy's Amazon Page Jim Christy: A Vagabond Life, by Ian Cutler Magick.Me


Ep. 168: BLOOD FIRE DEATH With Ika Johannesson

In this episode of Ultraculture, we sit down with journalist Ika Johannesson to talk about her book BLOOD FIRE DEATH, on the history of Swedish Metal. From the book: "In the early 1990s, Swedish musicians revolutionized the international music scene with their groundbreaking interpretations of what Metal music could be. Suddenly, the mild-mannered Scandinavian country found itself at the forefront of a new movement with worldwide impact thanks to bands such as Entombed, Dismember, and At the Gates. The birth of black metal drove the culture to even greater extremes, featuring a rawer, darker sound and non-ironic death-worship. Soon churches in both Norway and Sweden were aflame, and before long Satanism emerged as more than just an image. "But how did it all start? Why did Sweden become a hotbed for such aggressive, nihilistic music? And who are the people and bands that brought it all about? Blood, Fire, Death: A Swedish Metal Story recounts the evolution of the genre from the massive amplifier walls of 1970s rock, through the church-burning Satanic 1990s, to the diverse and paradoxical manifestations of the scene today. This book focuses on the phenomena that have propelled the scene forward in an evolution that has not only been musical, but aesthetic and ideological as well. This book is a story about grotesque logos and icons that invoke death and darkness, but also a story of dedication, friendship, community, and profound love for music. "Author Ika Johannesson says, 'This is not the definitive history of Swedish metal. Instead, we’ve focused on bands, individuals, and phenomena which to various extents have propelled the scene forward.'" Enjoy the show!! Show Links Blood Fire Death: The Swedish Metal Story Magick.Me


Ep. 167: England's Hidden Reverse With David Keenan

In this episode, we delve into England's Hidden Reverse—the history of the occult industrial bands Coil, Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, and the monumental spells they cast on music and popular occulture. Our intrepid guide on this journey is Scottish writer David Keenan, a literary and musical polymath known for his innovative contributions to the UK cultural scene. Born in April 1971, Keenan has worn many hats, from running Glasgow's iconic record shop, Volcanic Tongue, to shaping the dialogue around experimental music genres in The Wire magazine. As an author, he has written four critically acclaimed novels, with his debut, "This Is Memorial Device", bagging the Collyer Bristow Award for Debut Fiction. Keenan's seminal work "England's Hidden Reverse", the focus of this episode, is an in-depth exploration of the English esoteric musical underground, featuring exclusive biographies of the genre-defying bands Coil, Current 93, Nurse With Wound and many more. Based on exclusive interviews and privileged access to the bands' personal archives, "England's Hidden Reverse" unveils the unique cultural, artistic, and sexual milieu of the English underground. This is a TREMENDOUS episode that focuses not only on the mentioned bands, but on Keenan's own occult experiences and THE VERITABLE NATURE OF MAGICK ITSELF. ENJOY!!!!!! Show Links England's Hidden Reverse, 2023 Expanded Edition David Keenan's Amazon Author Page Magick.Me


Ep. 166: DAMIEN ECHOLS! On Magick, Magick & More Magick

I went to New Orleans and all I got was this awesome 2 1/2 hour sitdown with Damien Echols! Damien Echols, a profound teacher of magick, author, and martial artist, should need no introduction. You may know him from his appearance on the Midnight Gospel or his extensive work in the field of magick. In this episode, we sat down to take turns interviewing each other, resulting in a rich, two-and-a-half-hour conversation about magick—and much, much more. According to Damien, this episode is one of his last podcast appearances, so I was very honored to get the time to sit down with him. If you wish to continue following Damien and his teachings, you can find him on his Patreon page, where he shares extensive content on the practice of magick. And make sure to check out Magick.Me, my online school for magick, meditation, and mysticism...! The school's growing rapidly, with a large faculty of teachers offering a wide array of classes on the wide world of magick, including Tarot, astrology, Hermeticism, chaos magick, astral travel, and lots, lots more. New teachers and classes are constantly being added—check out Magick.Me here! Enjoy the episode, and see you in class!! Links: https://www.patreon.com/DamienEcholshttps://www.magick.mehttps://podcast.magick.me


Ep. 165: Shakespeare Decoded With Alan Green

In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome our special guest, Alan Green, a British-born pianist, composer, author, educator, and a scholar of the Shakespeare Authorship mystery. Alan's career is as diverse as it is impressive, having served as the musical director for Davy Jones of the iconic 60’s pop group, The Monkees, and co-authoring two best-selling, award-winning books about their journey. Alan's passion for the Shakespeare Authorship mystery, a historical question surrounding the identity of the author behind the works attributed to William Shakespeare, has led him to create a variety of original works on the subject. These include "Bard", a musical, "Under A Shakespeare Moon", a novel, and a book series titled "The Holy Trinity Solution". In this episode, we delve into Alan's insights and experiences, exploring his unique blend of creativity, scholarly rigor, and a deep passion for uncovering historical truths. We also discuss his new show on Gaia, "Shakespeare Decoded", a captivating exploration of the mathematical codes and alchemical clues hidden within the works of Shakespeare. This series reveals Shakespeare's connections with Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, and royal families, and takes viewers on a journey into a hidden world of espionage and esoterica. Also! The "Magick of Tarot" course offered by Magick.Me is going strong, and the rave reviews are coming iin! This comprehensive course, guided by the world's greatest teacher of the Art, author Lon Milo DuQuette, is a transformative journey into the arcane world of Tarot. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this course promises to enrich your practice and ignite your spiritual evolution. One of the highlights of the course is a guided meditation journey through all 22 major trumps, led by DuQuette himself. Students who have completed the course have praised it highly. James M. said, "I will forever use the material as reference for not only Tarot, but all esoteric exploration." And musician Aaron M. compared the course to a great record produced by a modern contemporary master in the same genre. So why wait? Embark on your journey today with "The Magick of Tarot". Visit tarot.magick.me to start your journey today. Join us in this episode as we explore the fascinating intersections of literature, history, and mystery with Alan Green...! Show Links: Shakespeare Decoded ToBeOrNotToBe: https://tobeornottobe.org/ The Magick of Tarot: https://tarot.magick.me


Ep. 164: Screamin Jay Hawkins: I Put a Spell On You

In this fascinating episode of Ultraculture, host Jason Louv sits down with Steve Bergsman, the author of "I Put a Spell On You: The Bizarre Life of Screamin' Jay Hawkins." This book brings together hundreds of interviews with the larger-than-life musician Screamin' Jay Hawkins, his family, and bandmates to weave a new tale of the life of this seminal rock and roll pioneer. In our conversation, Steve dives into the life of Screamin’ Jay, a man who was as enigmatic as he was influential. Known for his haunting performances where he emerged from a coffin singing “I Put A Spell On You,” Screamin’ Jay has long captivated audiences and left an indelible mark on the landscape of music and black identity. Join us as Steve shares insights into Screamin’ Jay's self-created myth and the nearly unbelievable truth of his life, drawing from his extensive research and interviews. This episode is a must-listen for any fan of rock and roll history, music lovers, or anyone interested in the complex interplay between identity and performance. And after listening, consider diving deeper into the mystical with our new Magick of Tarot course...! Guided by world-renowned occult author Lon Milo DuQuette, this comprehensive course offers over 4 1/2 hours of insightful video content, guided meditations, and thought-provoking exercises to help you unlock the mysteries of the universe and transform your life. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this course promises to enrich your practice, ignite your spiritual evolution, and guide you toward your ultimate destiny. Experience highlights like a guided meditation journey through all 22 major trumps and even create your own Tarot deck, a tangible reflection of your journey. The Magick of Tarot respects your time with its self-paced and fully recorded design, offering lifetime access across all your devices. Regardless of your experience level or gear, this course promises to be transformative for everyonee. Invest in yourself today by enrolling in "The Magick of Tarot." Your future self is already thanking youu.. Change your reality one conversation, and one course, at a time...!


Ep. 163: John Michael Greer on the Magical and Occult Roots of Political Power

In this enlightening episode, we sit down with the multifaceted John Michael Greer, an American author, blogger, occultist, and teacher known for his writings on ecology, politics, appropriate technology, oil depletion, and the occult. Greer shares his insights on the role of magic and the occult in the rise of the ultra-conservative right, focusing on the unexpected presidential victory of Donald Trump in 2016, as discussed in his latest book, "The King in Orange: The Magical and Occult Roots of Political Power". Plus! Find out about the "Magick of Tarot," the latest course offered by Magick.Me...! This comprehensive course, guided by the world's greatest teacher of the Art, author Lon Milo DuQuette, is a transformative journey into the arcane world of Tarot. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this course promises to enrich your practice and ignite your spiritual evolution. To learn more, visit https://tarot.magick.me...!


Ep. 162: Tramps! Ian Cutler on Tramps, Tramping, and the Magick of the Margins

Step into a world less explored in this compelling episode of the ULTRACULTURE podcast—in an exclusive conversation with philosopher Ian Cutler, a unique scholar with a deep interest in the Cynic school and a personal passion for documenting the uncharted territories of society. Known for his detailed chronicling of the lives of tramps, vagabonds, and hobos throughout the world, Cutler's work sheds light on the often overlooked individuals that escaped the control grid of civilization to pursue freedom on their own terms. In our conversation, Cutler takes us on a fascinating journey, starting from his attraction to the Cynic philosophy and its context in modern life, to his captivating experiences in the field. As he recounts his encounters with these marginalized communities, Cutler challenges us to look at society from a new perspective, unearthing the wisdom hidden in the places least expected. If you've ever thought about packing it all in and heading off into the big wide world to chase thrilling adventure instead of boring responsibility, this episode's for you! Plus! We delve into the realm of Tarot with an introduction to our newest course at Magick.me, "The Magick of Tarot" with the world-renowned author and magician, Lon Milo DuQuette. This comprehensive Tarot course is designed not merely to impart knowledge but to spark a transformative journey that reveals the mysteries of the universe through the age-old art of Tarot! Check out the course now at: https://tarot.magick.me


Ep. 161: Lon Milo DuQuette on the Magick of Tarot

Legendary occult author and teacher Lon Milo DuQuette stops by the podcast to talk about his new Magick.Me course, The Magick of Tarot...! A singer-songwriter, recording artist, and humorist, DuQuette is also the author of 19 critically acclaimed books (translated in 12 languages) on Magick and the Occult. Critics have called him one of the most respected and entertaining writers and lecturers in the field of the Western Mystery Traditions. He lives in Sacramento, California with his wife of over fifty years, Constance. Check out the course now at https://tarot.magick.me...!


Ep. 160: Reverend Wendy Van Allen on Relighting the Cauldron

In this exciting new episode of the Magick.Me Podcast, we delve into the mystical realms of spirituality and nature with esteemed guest Rev. Wendy Van Allen. An ordained interspiritual minister, counselor, and long-time practitioner of Wicca and the Lukumi Afro-Caribbean tradition, Rev. Van Allen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our discussion. We explore the themes of her latest book, "Relighting the Cauldron: Embracing Nature Spirituality in Our Modern World." In this timely work, Rev. Van Allen addresses the urgent need for spiritual wholeness in the face of the climate crisis and social chaos. She reveals how we can save the planet through nature-based spiritual practices that unite Indigenous, African Diaspora, and Pagan faith traditions from around the globe. But that's not all! We're also thrilled to announce our brand new course with Lon Milo DuQuette, "Master the Magick of Tarot." This comprehensive Tarot course, available at tarot.magick.me, is designed to unlock the mysteries of the universe and transform your life. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned Tarot reader, this course promises to enrich your practice and ignite your spiritual evolution. Under the tutelage of Lon Milo DuQuette, an acclaimed occult author and internationally recognized authority on tarot and esoteric Freemasonry, you'll journey into the arcane world of Tarot. The course features over 4 1/2 hours of insightful video content, guided meditations, and thought-provoking exercises. By the end of the course, you'll even create your own Tarot deck—a tangible reflection of your journey and a tool for continued spiritual growth and divinatory practice. So, join us in this episode as we journey through the realms of spirituality, nature, and Tarot. And don't forget to check out our new course with Lon Milo DuQuette. Your journey of transformation awaits. Enroll in "The Magick of Tarot" today. Your future self is already thanking you. Start learning now at https://tarot.magick.me - See you in class!


Ep. 159: The End is at Hand: Apocalyptic Visions Throughout History

Darrel Perkins, author of the art book The End is at Hand: An Illustrated History of the Apocalypse, and professor of Visual Communication at the American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, joins the podcast to talk about his experience chronicling humanity's obsession with the end of the world, and how mass movements and cults alike have projected their wildest fears onto reality throughout history. To start learning magick now, check out our free guided meditation at: https://start.magick.me