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Selling, Business and Leadership content for the Automotive Dealership




AutoSuccess 782: Challenges to Moving Vehicles Efficiently

Trent Broberg of ACERTUS discusses the challenges of moving vehicles efficiently and how technology has improved that process, as well as how a logistics provider can help car dealers acquire more inventory.


AutoSuccess 781: Automotive Retail Trends

Arabah Woodberry of JP Morgan Chase discusses industry trends, such as EVs and inventory challenges, as well as some of Chase’s initiatives — from a platform that provides pre-approved customers directly to a dealer’s CRM to their investments in the minority dealer population.


AutoSuccess 780: Industry Insider Tips from Reddick Brown Ford

Brock Patterson, national specialty vehicle manager and Braxton Patterson, marketing manager with Reddick Brown Ford in Morrison, Tennessee, discuss how their dealership has developed a niche in performance and specialty vehicles, also converting and upgrading vehicles.


AutoSuccess 779: Modern Dealership Software Needs

Guru Sankararaman, cofounder of Tekion, explains how updated software can bring automotive retailing into the modern consumer market, how to improve digital retailing processes, his perspective on the EV market and more.


AutoSuccess 778: CRMs: Data Management or Customer Engagement Tool?

Steve Roessler from DriveCentric discusses how dealerships should be utilizing CRMs in a modern business world.


Episode 777: Creating Engaging Customer Videos

Evan Riley, the national sales director for Flick Fusion, discusses some best practices for creating engaging customer videos.


Episode 776: Digital Marketing for Dealerships

Dan Moore, president of Vistadash and COO of DealerBuilt, joins us in the AutoSuccess studio in this episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast, to discuss DealerBuilt’s acquisition of Vistadash, and the two brands' perspectives on digital marketing for the modern dealership. You can watch the original episode on our YouTube channel.


Episode 775: Mastering One-on-One Meetings

In this episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast, Ian Vandenbark, a national trainer and account executive with iA American Warranty Group, joins us to give his advice on being an effective leader to your F&I team. Ian wrote an article about one-on-one meetings in the October issue of AutoSuccess, which he is following up on in this episode. The original article can be found on


Episode 774: The Importance of Recon

In this audio airing of the Executive Spotlight interview with Velocity Automotive, the Founder, Hugh Hathcock, and Executive Vice President, Kalah Hathcock, discuss why they created Velocity Automotive and how it helps dealerships move into the modern era of auto sales. For the Hathcock's insights into why recon is so important as well as a look into Velocity's sponsorship of AutoSuccess' Champions of Charity program, listen in to todays episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast.


Episode 773: Industry Perspectives from a Marketing Exec

In this audio airing of the Executive Spotlight interview with Reynolds and Reynolds' VP of Marketing Greg Uland, the experienced marketing exec gives his insights and tips on consumer behavior and relations, F&I sales, updated selling processes, and much more. To watch this interview, head to or subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Episode 772: Updated Calling in the Modern Dealership

In this audio airing of a Dealer Insider interview with Jordyn Crocker, internet sales director, and George Ransom, regional GM, of Hall Mile One Autogroup, we cover the topics important to modern dealerships. These topics include inventory, vehicle acquisition and updates to phone call technology. Hall Mile One Autogroup, a 17-store operation, offers a great perspective to all of these topics in this episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast.


Episode 771: Getting ROs to Your Service Lane

In this airing of the Executive Spotlight interview with Chuck Worley, OEM specialist with Naked Lime Marketing, the industry veteran discusses how to bring in high value repair orders through connecting with the consumers. For insights on strategic messaging surrounding fixed operations and thoughts on other current challenges in the auto world, tune in to this episode.


Episode 770: Leadership — Successful Daily Habits

Continuing our leadership series on AutoSuccess: The Podcast, we asked recent guests what daily habits that have helped in their success. Today's episode includes advice from Becky Chernek of Chernek Consulting, Zach Billings of Wikimotive, Travis James of Flick Fusion, Rick Kurtz of Protective Asset Protection, Laura Rowland of iA American Warranty Group and Ryan Pitz of Car Wars. Listen in to this episode for insights on education, motivation and more.


Episode 769: The Guest Experience

In this audio airing of a past Executive Spotlight interview, Ryan Powers, the VP of marketing and business development with SoundFox, discusses the importance of the guest experience during the car buying process. From the hold message for call-in customers to those waiting for F&I help in the dealership lobby, Ryan offers his insights to give your customers the experience they want.


Episode 768: How to Level-Up Hiring Practices

Laura Rowland, account executive with iA American Warranty Group, joins us today on AutoSuccess: The Podcast to discuss the who, what, why and how of modern hiring. For insights on what benefits to offer employees and how to make your whole team part of the hiring team, listen in to this important interview.


Episode 767: Analyzing Fixed Ops Processes

This episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast features an audio airing of the Executive Spotlight interview with Kristin Williams, the manager of dealer development with DealerPRO Training. Through her role with DealerPRO, Kristin helps dealership's all around the U.S. evaluate and improve their store processes. Listen in to this episode for insights on what processes Kristin says the nation's top performing dealers are implementing.


Episode 765: Increasing Dealers' F&I Potential

In this episode of Auto Success: The Podcast, Rick Kurtz, the senior vice president and chief distribution officer for Protective Asset Protection, discusses how dealers can better strategize F&I profits amid this challenging and quickly changing sales climate. Rick offers insights on inventory and parts shortages, consumer behavior, inflation, training and how all these factors affect F&I.


Episode 764: Mentoring Your Employees

In this audio airing of the Executive Spotlight episode with Kimberly Cowen, the CEO of automotive marketing company Kymeera, we discuss all things employee relations. From how to keep your employees happy and the importance of creating a mentoring program, tune in to this episode for some invaluable tips and advice from this executive.


Episode 763: Improving Call Management

In this episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast, The VP of Training with Car Wars, Ryan Pitz, gives dealers and their sales team advice on how to have more successful sales calls. For more information on his company, visit


AutoSuccess 762: Marketing Your Service Lane

In this audio airing of our Executive Spotlight interview with Russell Hill, the co-founder and managing partner of FixedOPS Marketing, the fixed operations expert discusses improving marketing tactics for your service lane through better video, user-friendly websites, increasing your social media presence and more.