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America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.

America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.


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America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.






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#2022: Ask the Ethicist

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Mary wants to sell her Accord, but it has a leaky water pump. Does she get the work done, knock the price down, or none of the above? Can Tom and Ray put their inner mechanic aside, and guide her to a clear conscience, or do they need an outside consult? Elsewhere, Tina just learned a scary and stinky lesson about why you shouldn't drive drive down a mountain in neutral; Jerry is looking for an alternative to the "stick and ballet pose" method he's using to...


#2021: Odometer Dreans

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Bill's broken odometer fixed itself, right after Bill dreamed it was working. Will Tom and Ray have a mechanical explanation, a metaphysical explanation, or (most likely) a boooooogus explanation? Elsewhere, Toby wants her husband to get rid of her old BMW, but he's proving as immovable as the car; Sally is getting half her husband's mileage, and hopes it's not because she's buying cheap gas from Rotten Robbie; and Derek's dog would really appreciate it if...


#2020: The Waccabuc Flash

This week on The Best of Car Talk, paging Agents Mulder and Scully! Sally drove under a wire, heard a loud noise and saw a flash of light in her console. Is Waccabuc, New York the new Area 51? Elsewhere, Wyatt holds Tom and Ray responsible for the worst eight months of his life, and not because they gave him bogus car advice! It's a tale of woe and intrigue that ends with an almost cross-country escape in a VW Microbus. Also, Cynthia's kids want her to dump her beloved Subaru. Should she go...


#2019: Click & Clack & Mom

This week, Car Talk celebrates Mother's Day with a special appearance from Tom and Ray's long-suffering mom, Elizabeth. She'll spill the beans on what life was like in the Magliozzi household, and do her best to evade the question of which of her kids she liked best. She's also ready to give out advice to new moms ("You've got a long way to go, sweetheart!"); get to the real reason one caller really wants to teach his mom to drive ("Is she going to leave you a lot of money?"); and, offer a...


#2018: Your Wife or a Cigar

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Tom and Ray demonstrate their unmatched ability to plant all four feet firmly in their mouths and endanger their marriages— all while diagnosing a simple vacuum leak. Later, however, they just might make amends by helping to save Beth's marriage, with a ruling on whether her Civic's clutch should be more afraid of Beth or her husband. Elsewhere, Susan is a philosophy professor by day, and a pig rescuer by night. Is there one vehicle that can handle both...


#2017: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

This week on The Best of Car Talk, a salute to Edwards Bulwer-Lytton, the writer who set the bar for bad opening sentences with, "It was a dark stormy night." Can any current authors hope to match him? Elsewhere, Liz wants to use her Maxima to remove some unwanted shrubs from her yard, but is worried her bumper will wind up as part of the landscape. Elsewhere, Nancy's 16-year old son wants a muscle car. Will she be abdicating all parental responsibility if she buys him one, and is there a...


#2016: The Stick Fix

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Martin drove off a ledge and dislodged his muffler. He found a stick to keep it in place. Will this brilliant solution set New Hampshire and the entire Northeast on fire? Elsewhere, Tom and Ray administer the Leadfoot Personality Test to try to figure out whether Martha is responsible for her Passat's rough shifting, or if she can blame a failing transmission. Also, Dick's car is blowing so much smoke he's on Pennsylvania's Most Wanted Polluters list; and,...


#2015: The Popsodent

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Sarah's about to graduate from college, and is ready to address the 5,000 dents her Taurus has suffered from years of being parked in campus lots. Will she find the solution on late-night TV? Elsewhere, really low-budget filmmaker Seth wants to blow up a car for his latest project. Is there enough cash in our legal defense fund for Tom and Ray to even consider giving Seth any advice? Also, a manure overload may have made Art's truck's steering &*%^! the...


#2014: A Nice Juicy Pizza

This week on The Best of Car Talk, unearthed letters from summer camp prove that the child really is the father to the man, at least when it comes to our Technical, Spiritual and Menu Advisor, John Bugsy Lawlor. Elsewhere, Lee liberated herself from her mechanic by changing her own oil, but also got liberated from her cash when she poured the oil into her transmission; Author Cameron needs a lesson in how to burn rubber; and, Jane and her husband want to buy a stretch limo to cruise around...


#2013: The Sacrificial Battery

This week on The Best of Car Talk, did the battery in Keith's electric winch give up its life to lift a tree trunk? If so, how can Keith honor its memory? Elsewhere, Anne's family is planning a cross-country road trip. Is their Mercury Villager up to the task, or likely to wind up being pushed off the top of Pikes Peak when the engine fails? Also, Arlene wants her recently retired husband to learn how to work on their six cars. He says cars are too complicated, but is he just blowing smoke?...


#2012: Automotive Darwinism

This week on The Best of Car Talk, after driving in Massachusetts for the first time, Addie is baffled by the concept of the rotary. Happily, Tom and Ray can explain its true purpose. Elsewhere, is "Backseat Driver Syndrome" incurable? Lani got used to yelling at her husband when he was a stinko driver, but now that he's doing better behind the wheel, she's still nagging from the passenger seat. Also, Christine is wondering if she needs to give up knitting in the passenger seat, lest a...


#2011: Attack of the Black Widows

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Heather recovered her stolen Civic, but found a family of black widow spiders had taken up residence. She killed the mother with a shovel, but how can she evict the rest of the clan? Elsewhere, Howard ran out of brake fluid during a long drive and is wondering if he could have used his bottle of tequila to fill in; Timothy is wondering if it's time to cut his losses on the Maserati that has him on a first-name basis with AAA; and could Tanya's loss of...


#2010: Freedom From Perfection

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Deb is extending 3-minute errands into 20-minute excursions, because her headlights won't turn off until the car warms up. Is her best fix a new switch, or loose wires and liberation? Elsewhere, the good news for Allison is that there are still sparks between her and her husband. The bad news is, we mean that literally. Also, the Click and Clack Forensics team tries to figure out why Sarah's Volvo burst into flames on her way home from its 60,000-mile...


#2009: Saddle Up

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Mara's husband says he'd rather drive a horse and buggy than a minivan. But, with one kid on hand, and twins on the way, are there any options other than an Odyssey or spurs? In another auto-marital dispute, Pat and her husband disagree over whether driving their daughters 3/10 of a mile to school in cold weather is killing their car. Also, after meditating for three months, Conrad found his Civic in an immovable state, thanks to a frozen parking brake;...


#2008: Moses Blew Beets

Will's beloved dog Moses got carsick and puked on the dashboard of Will's now not-so-beloved Ford Ranger. Will's mechanic wants a couple hundred bucks to remove the dashboard and clean out the vents. Is there a cheaper, if messier, solution? Elsewhere, Jeffrey and his girlfriend disagree over how often to wash the road salt off their cars in the winter--their dispute might have something to do with the fact that Jeffrey drives a junky Tercel while his girlfriend has a shiny Subaru Legacy....


#2007: The Pavlovian Dope Slap

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Cathy thinks she may have found Mr. Right, but he may not live to see their wedding day if he kills her Sentra's clutch. Can a rigorous training program save Cathy's car, and the relationship? Elsewhere, Nicki gets a primer in how to shop for a used truck, including wardrobe tips. Also, Kate needs to slow down her neighbor who's zooming around their small island in his Malibu; Arleigh's car is afflicted by the "Elvis Idle"; and after Melissa cranked the...


#2006: Brotherhood of Cheapeskatism

This week on the Best of Car Talk, meet Tommy's new best friend, Paul. After the screws holding Paul's gas pedal fell through the rusted floor of his '78 Datsun, Paul eschewed a body shop and found a cheap fix at his local cobbler. Now he needs a podiatrist to help with the limp his brilliant solution gave him. Elsewhere, neat freak Doug thinks his wife is a slob when it comes to cars, so he's considering buying a stick shift so she can't drive it. Also, Kathy's sister's boss suggested...


#2005: Roadhog Day

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Tom, Ray, and our callers anxiously await the annual sign from Tommy's Dodge Dart that winter may end early. Up in Maine, Paula's Subaru won't start in really cold weather unless she lies a heated blanket on the engine for 10 minutes. She's getting tired of waiting, and having her neighbors think she's nuts. Meanwhile, out on Martha's Vineyard, Betsy's Toyota Echo is sliding around in the snow, making it difficult to get to team sword dancing practice....


#2004: Are You Ready For Summer

This week on The Best of Car Talk, let's escape winter for a few minutes with a ride in the '75 Pontiac convertible Red, just bought off someone's front lawn. Hey, are those flames shooting up from the carpet? Elsewhere, a potential fire is just one reason Gladys is too scared to use the remote starter she got for Christmas. Also, Trent thinks his van suffered a stroke, taking out the power window, blinker and tail lights; Josie inherited a VW Westfalia with the annoying habit of starting...


#2003: Optimal Rust

This week on the Best of Car Talk, Steve's wife gave him a homework assignment--write a paper explaining why he should keep the '77 MG he bought a year ago, but has left sitting in the garage. But does Steve love it enough to defend it? Elsewhere, Helen's tires are growing mold. Tom and Ray say it's because Helen drives the car infrequently, to which Helen replies, "Au contraire Piston Pusses!" Also, Linda's fiance insists on washing his car before a long trip, to improve its gas mileage;...