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The Celtics Talk podcast from NBC Sports Boston is hosted by Insiders A. Sherrod Blakely, Chris Forsberg, and Pre/Postgame host Kyle Draper. Guests include players, coaches, management and media members from around the NBA.

The Celtics Talk podcast from NBC Sports Boston is hosted by Insiders A. Sherrod Blakely, Chris Forsberg, and Pre/Postgame host Kyle Draper. Guests include players, coaches, management and media members from around the NBA.


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The Celtics Talk podcast from NBC Sports Boston is hosted by Insiders A. Sherrod Blakely, Chris Forsberg, and Pre/Postgame host Kyle Draper. Guests include players, coaches, management and media members from around the NBA.




Former Celtic Keyon Dooling on mental health hurdles to clear in NBA’s return to play

Former Boston Celtic Keyon Dooling discusses his role as a mental health counselor for the NBPA. He also reacts to the NBA’s plan of return, and the issues the players face returning to play. 1:00-What mental health issues are NBA players facing returning to play? 5:00- Keyon discusses how proud he is of the young leadership on this Celtics roster 10:30- Which former Celtics teammates and coaches does Keyon keep in touch with? 13:00- Keyon discusses Danny Ainge’s impact during his mental...


Former Celtic Shane Larkin on EuroLeague cancellation and Jayson Tatum's star potential

Former Celtic Shane Larkin joins the Celtics Talk Podcast to discuss the cancellation fo the EuroLeague, his time in Boston and why he thinks Jayson Tatum could one day be the best player in the NBA. Chris, Sherrod and Kyle also get into the NBA potentially returning and what it could look like for certain teams if and when it does. 2:00 - How optimistic are you that basketball will return and what could the format look like? 8:00 - Which team will benefit the most from having the last...


Donnie Wahlberg: Why NBA games with no fans will work and will be fascinating

Celtics Superfan Donnie Wahlberg chats with Sherrod Blakely about why this year’s Celtics team was his favorite, and why he thinks an NBA win no fans will be just as entertaining. Our Celtics Talk crew discusses his comments and give their picks for which Celtics team they want to see a ‘last dance’ documentary on. 4:00- Donnie Wahlberg discusses attending Celtics game vs Jazz before COVID-19 outbreak 9:45- Donnie explains why this year’s Celtics team is his favorite of all-time 14:20-...


Dan Crawford: Rasheed Wallace was ‘impossible’ to referee, how Brad Stevens 'gets his shots in at the refs'

Former NBA referee Danny Crawford joins the Celtics Talk Podcast to give insight into his 30+ years with the NBA. Danny shares stories about Rasheed Wallace, Tommy Heinsohn and Brad Stevens and also talks about what it was like to be a part of the infamous Michael Jordan "push off" in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. 2:00 - Danny Crawford reflects on Michael Jordan's infamous "push off" in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals 5:45 - Danny explains why Rasheed Wallace was the most difficult NBA...


NY Post's Brian Lewis on Kyrie wanting to play Kemba and Nets' future as potential beasts in the East

The New York Post's Brian Lewis joins A. Sherrod Blakely to discuss Kyrie Irving wanting to play 1-on-1 with Kemba Walker. Lewis also offers his thoughts on the long-term potential of the Brooklyn Nets and what changes he'd like to see on and off the court once the NBA returns. 0:50 – The New York Post’s Brian Lewis on Kyrie Irving wanting to play Kemba Walker 1-on-1. Is this a Boston-New York thing or something else? 4:25 – What should we expect from the Nets once Kyrie and Kevin Durant...


Bulls insider K.C. Johnson on "Last Dance" Bulls and Danny Ainge

NBC Sports Chicago's K.C. Johnson joins A. Sherrod Blakely to talk about "The Last Dance" docuseries from an insider's perspective. The two also discuss comparing both Michael Jordan's Bulls to Bill Russell's Celtics as well as the Bulls' current front office vs. the Celtics success under Danny Ainge. 1:00 - Bulls insider for NBC Sports Chicago K.C. Johnson about the emotional episodes 7 and 8 of "The Last Dance" docuseries. Has the series focused enough on Scottie Pippen? Should the Bulls...


Marc J. Spears highlights special personalities of Grant Williams and Jaylen Brown

Marc J. Spears from ESPN The Undefeated joins A. Sherrod Blakely to discuss the likelihood of the NBA returning this summer, the popularity of "The Last Dance" series, Dennis Rodman's career, the interesting personality of Jaylen Brown and more. 1:00 - Marc Spears gives his thoughts on the potential return of the NBA in 2020. 4:00 - With "The Last Dance" series on Michael Jordan becoming a smash hit, Marc and Sherrod discuss what separates it from other docuseries. The two also discuss...


Mike & Tommy explain the history behind the Tommy Award

2:30- Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn discuss where the idea for ‘The Tommy Award’ came from 5:30- How did Red Auerbach help influence giving away ‘Tommy points’? 7:00- How did a Tommy point help get a girl asked to prom? 9:15- Who has the most Tommy points and Tommy awards of all-time? 15:30- Montage of some of our favorite Tommy point/Tommy awards


Catching up with Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn

1:00- Mike and Tommy share what they’ve been up to during quarantine 5:00- Tommy talks about his art work, and some of his famous paintings 16:00- Mike & Tommy share their favorite stories throughout the years 20:00- Mike reveals the moment that he thinks they became “Mike & Tommy” 25:00- Tommy reflects back on almost not becoming a Boston Celtic


Danny Ainge & Wyc Grousbeck weigh in on chances of NBA return

2:50- Wyc Grousbeck and Danny Ainge discuss possibilities of NBA return 6:30- Should NBA fans feel optimistic about a return this season? 11:00- How would NBA with no fans impact the quality of the games? 17:55- Reaction to first 2 episodes of Jordan doc, is Ainge to blame for Jordan’s 63 points? 25:45- Which current NBA player could defend Michael Jordan in his prime?


Tommy Heinsohn reflects back on the life and career of John Havlicek

55 years ago today was the famous ‘Havlicek stole the ball’ Tommy Heinsohn reflects back on the life and career of John Havlicek. 4:15- Tommy Heinsohn reflects on the athlete John Havlicek was 6:40- Heinsohn on being roommates with Havlicek 14:30- Where does Havlicek rank among Celtics greats? 16:30- Tommy on the ‘Havlicek stole the ball’ play


Mike Gorman debates the best Celtics trades in franchise history

Mike Gorman joins our Celtics Talk crew to share what he has been up to during quarantine, then debate what has been the best Celtics trade in franchise history. 1:00- What has Mike Gorman been up to during quarantine? 3:30- How does a play-by-play guy stay sharp during the break? 11:10- Where does the KG trade stand among the best Celtics trades? 12:00- What was the best Celtics trade ever? 26:00- What’s the Celtics ceiling if season returns?


Isaiah Thomas reflects back on snapping Warriors 54-game home winning streak

Isaiah Thomas and Jared Sullinger join as guests to look back on the Celtics huge win on April 1, 2016 against Golden State, where they snapped the Warriors 54-game home winning streak. 2:00- Sherrod & Chris share their memories from the Celtics win over Golden State 5:30- Isaiah Thomas joins to reflect on snapping GSW 54 game home win streak 11:45- Isaiah says he’s ready to show he is one of the best players in the world 16:40- Jarred Sullinger joins to look back on beating GSW


Danny Ainge breaks down Michael Jordan’s 63-point game vs Celtics in 1986

Brian Scalabrine and Danny Ainge look back on Michael Jordan’s 63-point performance in Game 2 of the 1986 Eastern Conference First Round. 4:50- Was this Michael Jordan’s coming out party? 6:00- Ainge tells story of golfing with Michael Jordan days before the game 13:00- What was the Celtics locker room after Jordan’s 63 points?


Paul Pierce and Brian Scalabrine break down 2008 Finals Game 6 vs. L.A.

Paul Pierce and Brian Scalabrine re-live the Celtics Game 6 win over the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2008 Finals. They go quarter by quarter to get Paul Pierce’s memory of what it was like to bring win a championship in front of the Boston crowd. 1:30- Pierce on his mindset heading into game 6 4:45- Pierce praises James Posey for being a ‘glue guy’ 7:00- How big of a factor was the home crowd in game 6? 10:50- Pierce tells the story of recruiting P.J. Brown 14:30- Pierce reflects back on...


Best ways to keep Celtics fans entertained during NBA suspension

Chris Forsberg, Sherrod Blakely and Abby Chin discuss what they have been up to since the NBA suspended the season. They go over some of their favorite moments from Celtics players in quarantine, and which Celtics classic games they are looking forward to watching the most. 1:00- What our Celtics broadcast team has been up to in quarantine 8:00- Chris, Sherrod & Abby share where they were when season was suspended 13:00- NBA set the tone for other pro sports by acting quickly 15:00-...


MacMullan, Mannix, Maxwell and Goodman react to NBA suspending the season

We talk with some of the biggest names in basketball sports media to give their opinion how the NBA is handling the coronavirus, and what’s ahead for the NBA. 2:30- Jackie MacMullan, this is the worst case scenario for the NBA 6:30- Chris Mannix, there’s not a lot of optimism this NBA season will resume 12:30- Cedric Maxwell, what’s next for the Celtics team and the media that travelled with them? 20:30- Jeff Goodman , the NCAA might suspend the NCAA tournament


Marc Spears: Celtics have potential to win NBA Finals if they stay healthy

Kyle Draper and Sherrod Blakely talk with Marc Spears, senior NBA writer for the Undefeated, about his article regarding being a black athlete in Boston. He also lays out his blueprint for the Celtics winning a title this season. 7:30- Is Marc surprised by the emergence of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown? 12:30- Marc explains why he could see the Celtics winning a title this season 18:45- Marc discusses his article on being a black athlete in Boston 32:00- How important is the #2 seed for...


How long until Jayson Tatum is a top 5 player in the NBA? Five reasons the Celtics are legit title contenders

Chris Forsberg and A. Sherrod Blakely discuss what’s has been the biggest reason for Jayson Tatum’s dominance, and what players in the NBA they would trade for him. Max Lederman joins to discuss how concerned Celtics nation should be about Kemba Walker and rank the playoff opponents you’d least like to see. 4:00 – What's responsible for Jayson Tatum’s recent dominance? Which players would you trade him for? 8:00 – How long until Jayson Tatum is a top 5 player in the NBA? 12:45 – Sherrod...


Michael Holley's first-half reflections, second-half predictions | Ray Allen's number to the rafters too?

0:55 - Chris Forsberg is joined by Michael Holley to discuss how Kemba Walker has been the key to the Celtics' first-half success. 5:55 - There's no question this season has been much less stressful for Brad Stevens. Chris and Michael talk about how enjoyable this current squad is compared to teams of the past and how it's helped Stevens. 14:18 - With the announcement of Kevin Garnett's No. 5 being retired by the Celtics, Michael and Chris debate if Ray Allen's No. 20 should also hang in...