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Brighton, United Kingdom




The Damping Wells Plague Edition 93 // 28 Nov 2022

Plague Edition 93 with metric adjustable skyhook Dj Fiery Biscuit hanging about. Tracks by Martin Chick, Ascsoms, Nuclear Whale and Karl M V Waugh who are all playing at our free all dayer Splitting The Atom this Sunday at the Green Door Store, Also some more local action from I'm Dr Bouyant and Duncan Harrison in amongst it all. Fill yer knickers pop kids!!!***


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 92 // 22 Nov 2022

latest plague edition with flouty pelmvessel Dj Fiery Biscuits. Get busy pop kids!!


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 91 // 14 Nov 2022

Plague Edition 91 with Dj Fiery Biscuits. Tracks by XT, Oh No Noh, Joaquin Ortega, Lena Schmidt, & Marietheres Schneider. Have fun pop kids.


Supplement Radio // 07 Nov 2022

Join Davey and Jay in the Absolute Luxury Villa™, where the Ouzo flows like water and the Saganaki is only a flame away. Following our Holiday episode, we decide to take-it-to-the-extreme™ and actually go on holiday. What are we like? We're coming at you from Kefalonia with our consorts and friends. Trust us when we say- things get Greek.

The Damping Wells PLague Edition 90 // 31 Oct 2022

Plague Edition 90 with 4 stroke pedalo DJ Fiery Biscuits. Enjoy pop kids!

The Damping Wells Plague Edition 89 // 25 Oct 2022

latest Plague Edition with cloven hooved trouser press Dj Fiery Biscuits. Tracks from Amidea Clotet, Marta Zapparoli, Gemma Peacocke, Daunik Lazro/Jouk Minor/Thierry Madiot/David Chiesa,/Louis Michel Marion, Ecka Mordecai, Donnacha Dennehy, Leila Bordreuil, and Molly Heron. Have fun pop kids!

Supplement Radio // 24 Oct 2022

Grab your sandals, throw away your tax return and get rockin' on a Holiday, baby! Those silly idiots have only gone and done it again, and this time they are joined by the iconic Heather Sheret of Hanya and being-our-mate fame. This supplement is peppered to the brim with the finest holiday jams, curated heavily by Heather.

The Damping Wells Plague Edition 88 // 11 Oct 2022

Latest Plague Edition with grass fed claw hammer DJ Fiery Biscuits. Heavy feauture for Orchestre Tout Puissant who we have playing at the Lewes Con Club on Sun 16th Oct, tickets still available here - Also heavy feature for the new album by Brighton based R.Dyer thats out soon on local label Eyeless. See you on Sunday pop kids! g x

Supplement Radio // 10 Oct 2022

BUSINESS. The name, the game, the fame. We love ALL things BUSINESS here at Supplement Radio HQ, and we thought "what's a better business move than, say, a brand merger?" and upon thinking this, simultaneously, we both dropped to the ground clutching our temples in absolute agony (simultaneously) What brand could be on par with Supplement Radio I hear you ask? Well, it's the the beautiful-business-boys at Offie Mag HQ of course! This is also our 20th episode, so there!

The Damping Wells Plague Edition 87 // 03 Oct 2022

plague edition 87 with crash test dumbass DJ Fiery Biscuits whirling up his dervish. Tracks all speak for themselves , which is convenient coz i can't. Enjoy yourselves, its later than you think.


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 86 // 27 Sep 2022

Plague Editon 86 with wide mouthed fraggle Dj Fiery Biscuits. Its all good, g x


Supplement Radio // 26 Sep 2022

We gave you a chance, but you didn't listen. Now we're burned out. THANKS. So this episode is a little-bit-of-a-filler. Bops, drops and all the usual glops ensue as we take a breather, and inhale into our lungs the fresh, warm air of the nations favourite companion: the humble sandwich.


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 85 // 13 Sep 2022

Latest Plague Edition with wide mouthed fug DJ Fiery Biscuits. First up, a shameless plug for a show with Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp on Sun 16th Oct at Lewes Con Club - - Also tracks from Osilasi, Ingrid Plum, Joe Wright, Beaver Harris/360 Degree Music Experience, Atarpop 73/Le Collectif Le Temps Des Cerises, Karin Krog/John Surman/Albert Mangelsdorff/Francy Boland/Niels...


Supplement Radio // 12 Sep 2022

Heyyyyy guuuuys, so we fluffed it a bit... forgot to prepare a show (blame Davey for that blunder) and so we decided... to go... ALL. IN. BABY.


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 84 // 06 Sep 2022

latest plague edition with methylated plaque sedition Dj Fiery Biscuits. Heavy feautre for the latest compilation from Moving Furniture Records, Valerio Tricoli's new offering, and Kamal Sabran's latest on Space Gambus. Also tucked in there somewhere one from the Skronkmeister extraordinaire Rick Jensen in his Onierologist guise. Have all the funs pop kids. g x

Supplement Radio // 29 Aug 2022

TAKE A WALK WITH US, KID, IT'S NATURE TIME. Join Jay and Davey for a ramble as they explore the theme of NATURE. Davey shares snippets of his foraging audioblog, and provides further proof that he can't be trusted to navigate without Jay's immediate assistance. Judith Brown Thesselthwaite bridges the gap between NFT's and nature, as well as delivering some nature realness in the form of some hot, hot tips. See you on the flipside, shroomers!


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 83 // 23 Aug 2022

Latest Plague Edition with crenellated crenulate cretin Dj Fiery Biscuits defying nature. Some oldies all goldles, go nuts pop kids.


Supplement Radio // 15 Aug 2022

The war on video games is far from over, and we're polishing our Greatswords before a fierce battle with the powers that be. We are lucky enough to have the true GGG (good gamer girl) gal.9000 fighting alongside us in this C-R-A-Z-Y supplement. We also get a brief cameo of the hoochie-coochie man himself, Mr. Andrew Thomas, a 3D artist that works on ACTUAL video games. Expect deep cuts, hot slices, and many spices. Sorry x


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 82 // 08 Aug 2022

Plague Edition 82 with shock headed vol au vent Dj Fiery Biscuits serving up tracks by Maria Marzaiola, Gagarin, Andrew Greaves, and Paul Khimasia Morgan , who are among the many performers playing at Sound Plotting, our outdoor event up at Stanmer Organics and the Earthship on Sat 20th August. Its a free event with Installations, Biosonics, Sound Walks, Deep Listening, Improvised Music and some top notch Dancing with Dj John Warr from Slack City's very own Afrobeat show. Its a free event...


The Damping Wells Plague Edition 81 // 02 Aug 2022

Plague Edition 81 with macerated obloid Dj Fiery Biscuits oozing charm upside your head. Heavy features for Mike Neaves new outing on Rat Run and upcoming album from Baby Hair on Eyeless. Then shameless plugs for Splitting the Atom this Sunday, involving Graham Dunning, Phil Durrant amongst others, and Ervan Keravec who we have at the rosehill on weds 10th. truly not to be missed!!!***