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Bloomberg Technology is the only daily news program focused exclusively on technology, innovation and the future of business.


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Bloomberg Technology is the only daily news program focused exclusively on technology, innovation and the future of business.






Meta's AI Push and the Apple/Epic Fight Goes to SCOTUS

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow break down Meta's push into generative AI after CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced AI tools are coming to Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Plus, Apple asks the US Supreme Court to reverse its app store ruling won by Epic two years ago, and TikTok airs ads during the Republican candidate debate. See for privacy information.


Meta Connect and the FTC's Big Tech Fights

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow break down what to expect from Meta Connect as analysts watch for the company's generative AI and VR plans. Plus, the FTC revives its challenge against the Microsoft-Activision deal just a day after its landmark antitrust suit against Amazon. See for privacy information.


The FTC Sues Amazon and Biden Heads to the Picket Line

Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow break down what the FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon and Google’s antitrust trial mean for the future of big tech antitrust in the US. Plus, they discuss the future of the EV industry as President Biden joins UAW workers on strike. See for privacy information.


Amazon's Anthropic Deal and Hollywood Screenwriters' Deal

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow break down Amazon's push into the world of generative AI with a deal of up to $4 billion dollars with Anthropic. Plus. Hollywood screenwriters strike a tentative deal with studios to end their months-long strike. See for privacy information.


Microsoft's Activision Takeover and UAW Strike Expansion

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow take a look at Microsoft poised to clear its final hurdle for its $69 billion takeover of Activision Blizzard. Plus: the UAW expands its strike against GM and Stellantis as talks progress with Ford, and Apple's iPhone 15 hits shelves around the world. See for privacy information.


Cisco Buys Splunk and Tech IPOs

Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow break down Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk in a $28 billion dollar deal as it pushes into AI. Plus, they get a read on the state of the IPO market with Jeff Thomas from Nasdaq as companies see their trading debut pop begin to fade. See for privacy information.


Klaviyo's IPO and Amazon's AI Alexa

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow break down Klaviyo's IPO as it becomes the third major US listing in a week. Plus, Amazon announces a new smart home device and a generative AI-based Alexa. See for privacy information.


Instacart Starts Trading, iPhone 15 Is a Hit in China

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow provide full coverage of the Instacart IPO as the grocery delivery and software company opens 40% above its $30 IPO price. Plus, Apple sees bright spots in China as its iPhone 15 sells out within minutes of being released. See for privacy information.


Instacart IPO Pricing and Klaviyo to Go Public

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow break down what's new in the world of IPOs this week: Instacart set to take the plunge into public markets while Klaviyo also prepares to go public. Plus, in the midst of the crypto winter, how the crypto-focused VC firm Blockchain Capital raised $580 million. See for privacy information.


IPO Outlook and UAW Strikes

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde wraps up this week's Arm IPO and looks ahead to other anticipated IPOs. Plus, President Biden speaks about the United Auto Workers' strike against all three of the legacy Detroit carmakers. See for privacy information.


Arm Makes Its Public Debut

Bloomberg's Sonali Basak and Caroline Hyde live from the Nasdaq bring full coverage of the Arm IPO as it makes its trading debut as the biggest IPO of the year. See for privacy information.


Salesforce's Dreamforce, Tech Leaders on Capitol Hill

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow zoom in on what to expect from Salesforce's annual Dreamforce conference, where artificial intelligence is taking center stage. Plus, tech leaders descend on Capitol Hill for a meeting with Senators to discuss AI regulation. See for privacy information.


Apple's Product Launch and Google's Antitrust Challenge

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow bring full coverage of Apple's product launch from Apple Park as the company faces internal chip delays, restrictions in China and a shifting supply chain. Plus, a look at Google's biggest antitrust challenge yet. See for privacy information.


Technology Special: Apple's Wonderlust Event

Bloomberg's Ed Ludlow hosts a special edition of Bloomberg Technology live from Apple's Wonderlust event. The event to showcases the new iPhone lineup, updates to the Apple Watch and AirPods, and upcoming software updates. See for privacy information.


Qualcomm and Apple's Chip Agreement, Daniel Zhang Leaves Alibaba

Bloomberg's Ed Ludlow takes a look at Qualcomm and Apple extending their semiconductor agreement for three more years and what that tells us about Apple's in-house chips. Plus, Alibaba's former chief Daniel Zhang leaving the company's cloud division just months after agreeing to lead it. See for privacy information.


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US-China Tech Tensions Flare, Health of the IPO Market, Apple 'Wonderlust' Preview

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow discuss the US probe into the advanced made-in-China chips used by Huawei. Plus, a preview of Arm and Instacart's initial public offerings. And, what to expect from Apple's "Wonderlust" event slated for September 12th. See for privacy information.


China's iPhone Ban and Instacart's IPO

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow break down why Apple wiped out as much as $200 billion dollars in market value after China broadened its iPhone ban. Plus, how Instacart is preparing to set its IPO price range as soon as Monday. See for privacy information.


FTC vs. Amazon and Starfield Launches

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow zoom in on the FTC gearing up to sue Amazon this month after a four-year antitrust investigation into the company. Plus, after years in development, Microsoft's highly anticipated Starfield hits the marketplace to rave reviews. See for privacy information.


Arm’s Reduced IPO and Huawei's New Phone

Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow zoom in on Arm's IPO roadshow as the company seeks nearly $5 billion dollars. Plus, we'll take a look inside Huawei's new phone which holds the most advanced chip made in China yet. See for privacy information.