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How would your life change if you reached Financial Independence and got to the point where working is optional? What actions can you take today to make that not just possible but probable. Jonathan & Brad explore the tactics that the FI community uses to reclaim decades of their lives. They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, tax optimization, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate and how to travel the world for free. Every episode is packed with actionable tips and no topic is too big or small as long as it speeds up the process of reaching financial independence.


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How would your life change if you reached Financial Independence and got to the point where working is optional? What actions can you take today to make that not just possible but probable. Jonathan & Brad explore the tactics that the FI community uses to reclaim decades of their lives. They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, tax optimization, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate and how to travel the world for free. Every episode is packed with actionable tips and no topic is too big or small as long as it speeds up the process of reaching financial independence.








430 | Mindset, Financial Independence, and Real Estate | The FI Couple

In this episode: early financial conversations, what you truly value, house hacking, and the psychology of FI. It can be scary to have to acknowledge the reality of your financial situation, especially if you feel you do not have the financial literacy to proceed with confidence. However, setbacks and failures can often be blessings in disguise. This week we are joined by The FI Couple to discuss the importance of perseverance and flexibility in the face of uncertainty, as well as the...


429 | FI Frugal Hobbies | Chris Terrell

In this episode: finding your why, creating space, deprivation, board games, lesson learning, and decision making. Whether you’re years into your FI journey or just beginning, evaluating your finances and spending, you may feel like you have to make some cuts into your favorite hobbies in order to reach your goal quicker. However, deprivation and cutting out the things that bring enjoyment into your life should never be the only option. This week we are joined by friend of the podcast Chris...


428 | Fees, Frugality, and 401K Fears

In this episode: personal investments, 401k contributions, FI is for everyone, travel rewards, task management, and taxes. On what is considered a very personal journey, how do you handle changes that feel like setbacks? Whether its spending more when you feel you should be saving, or re-evaluating goals based on what needs immediate attention, do you feel equipped to handle it with confidence? This week we are having a weekly roundup, and are re-joined by Ginger to not only answer...


427 | Drawdown Strategies: Karsten vs. Fritz

In this episode: the "average" withdrawal, Karsten's strategy, Fritz's strategy, fixed withdrawal rates, the bucket strategy, and refilling. Preparing for retirement can look different for all on the journey to FI. All of our goals differ, but we are still in the mindset of positioning ourselves for the coming years. This week we are having a face-off between returning guests Karsten and Fritz, as they discuss their own receptive drawdown strategies, their advantages, and how you can best...


426 | What to do with $2.5 Million & Real Estate Update | Scott Trench

In this episode: the 2.5 million dollar inversion, looking at the incentives, interest rates, your biggest asset, and potshots. When you begin your FI journey, you may feel like you must follow a certain path or plan in order to achieve your desired outcome. However, the longer you are this journey the more you realize that it is a personal one that requires adaptability when so many factors can affect your bottom line. This week we are back with Scott Trench from BiggerPockets as he shares...


425 | Turning the Tables on Brad

In this episode: the value of time, what are you optimizing for, bold moves, increasing your kid's odds for success, and balancing deprivation. Because we have put so many leaders, members, and experts in our community on the hot seat here at ChooseFI, we figured it was finally time we played fair and put Brad on the hot seat himself! With the assistance of Aaron Lee, a longtime listener, friend, and host of "The Next Generation Leader Podcast," we ask Brad all the burning questions related...


424 | The Power of FI | Deanna

In this episode: budgeting, the power of FI, different funds, living in the present, and the power to make your choices. No matter your background or the hardships you’ve endured, you should never rule yourself out for success! Ruminating over your past mistakes can make you feel undeserving of the life you want, but those same mistakes can actually serve as motivation to propel you further on your journey! This week we are joined by returning guest Deanna to discuss how her FI journey has...


423 | What Are You Optimizing For? | Chris Hutchins

In this episode: what sparks goals, what are you optimizing you, valuing your time, and money prioritization. Sometimes on the journey to FI, we ask ourselves the following; do I really need to spend money on this? Do I really have the time and resources for that? These questions may be easy to dismiss by saying no in order to stay on track with your financial goals, but by dismissing them, you could be missing out on something that is beneficial to your personal journey! This week we are...


422 | Lessons From a Young Entrepreneur

In this episode: taking the unconventional path, the price of time, early entrepreneurship, talent stacking, and the pursuit of learning. At least once in most of our FI journeys, we have pondered what our life would look like if we started earlier. Maybe you have even wondered what value could've been gained if you had started in your teenage years. Well, for some context into the possibilities decision that could provide, we decided to have 17 year old listener Devin on the podcast to...


421 | Secure Act 2.0 Deep Dive | Sean Mullaney

In this episode: taxes, the secure act 2.0, the best news, roths, 529's, catch-up contributions, and the new options you have. On December 29th 2022, Joe Biden signed into law the Secure 2.0 Act. As this law may have ramifications on your retirement tax planning, to stay ahead of the curve we decided to have The FI Tax Guy Sean Mullaney back on the show to discuss what this law is and ways one may be able to approach and utilize it going forward with there retirement planning. While laws...


420 | Mindful FIRE | Adam Coelho

In this episode: mindfulness, removing judgement, thoughts creating reality, envisioning, awareness, and the hot seat. Oftentimes on our show we like to remind listeners that achieving FI isn’t an end all be all to one’s problems, and that reaching financial independence doesn’t automatically equate to happiness. An important part of the journey is the work you do inward along the way, and this week we are tackling what that can look like. This week we are joined by coach and host of...


419 | Your Bold Move for 2023 | Dominick Quartuccio

In this episode: bold moves, building bold moves, dreams, themes, uncomfortable awareness, and finding energy. For most people, a new year can signify new goals that we hope to accomplish. Regardless of where you are on the FI journey, the new year ushers in a time for change and welcomes the opportunity to learn and grow! In this episode we are re-joined by Dominick Quartuccio to discuss navigating new beginnings and designing your “Bold Move” as we enter the new year. Instead of having a...


418 | Investing Lessons Learned in 2022 | Brian Feroldi

In this episode: the federal reserve, interest rates, buying the hype, the problems with effortless earning, and narrative follows price. It’s suffice to say this past year has been one of distinct changes from a financial perspective, with investment techniques and former practices no longer working the same as they did two years ago. However, there is much to be learned and a lot to be gained as we move forward into 2023. This week we are re-joined by a friend of the show Brian Feroldi to...


417 | Year End Wins 2022

Happy Holidays! As the year's end approaches, it's only natural to look back and think of all that you’ve accomplished. Whether you just began your FI journey this year or are well on your way, recognizing the improvements you’ve made throughout the year is essential and worth celebrating! This episode is our 6th annual year-end wins episode, and we are re-joined by MK Williams to listen and read submissions from our listeners and celebrate the progress of our audience through different...


416 | Learning to Leave | Diania Merriam

In this episode: using your resources to create change, your employer is your customer, identifying discrimination, and abundance mindsets. For some on the journey to FI, it may seem like you must at all cost continuously strive to meet your monetary goal as quickly as possible. However, staying in toxic and unfulfilling work environments to hold the course with your goal is not what this journey is about. This week we are re-joined by Diania Merriam to have an intimate conversation about...


415 | Four Thousand Weeks | ChooseFI Book Club

In this episode: slowing down, stoicism, finding something to neglect on purpose, focusing on the present, flow states, and actionable steps. Throughout the history of this podcast we have had many guests discuss books that have offered great advice and education to them on the Journey to FI, and with the large selection to choose from we can't think of a better time to start working down the list! On today’s episode we are joined by Josue and Ginger in our new series The Choose FI Book...


414 | House FIRE | Alan Corey

In this episode: the value of a door, the hour FIRE method, tax breaks, focusing on income, and return on hassle. Many of our listeners have tuned in to hear our guests discuss the real estate market, mortgages, and taxes as it relates to obtaining property. However, many of us on the road to FI may not realize how scaling the properties you own can actually act as a mutual fund-like portfolio. On this week’s episode we are joined by our new in-house real estate expert, author, and...


413 | Mental Wealth & Healing | Rich Jones

In this episode: success on paper, building the life you want, therapy, craving progression, and what leads to change. When beginning and well into your FI journey, it may seem like reaching and achieving your end goal of financial independence will somehow leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled. However, reaching this end goal doesn’t automatically solve all your problems. On this week’s episode we are joined by founder of and host of "The Mental Wealth Show" Rich...


412 | What's In Your Index Fund? | Katie & Alan Donegan

In this episode; global funds, it's not doctrine, index funds, VTSAX, what is in index funds, and the opposite of active investing. If you've been in the FI community for a while now, you've probably at one point have heard of index Funds. However, whether you are familiar with this concept of investing, have invested in index funds, or are unfamiliar entirely, you may not necessarily know the mechanics and specifics of what certain types of index funds can actually do for you on your FI...


411 | The Simple Path to Wealth | JL Collins

In this episode: VTSAX funds, bonds, cap-weighted funds, finding your ballasts, staying the course, and the simple path to wealth. This week, we are getting back to the basics! While many of you who have been in the FI community for a while now have definitely heard of JL Collins, those who are new should absolutely be prepared to absorb the wealth of information he provides every time he decides to grace our podcast! Listen along as he and Brad review the basic information that can put you...