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Your morning shot of what's new in the world of real estate investing. Daily real estate investment outlook from investor, syndicator, developer and author Victor J. Menasce, so that you can compress timeframes as a real estate investor or developer. Weekday shows are 5 minutes of high energy, high impact awesomeness. The weekend edition consists of interviews with notable guests including Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Helms, Peter Schiff, Chris Martenson, Mark Victor Hansen, George Ross, Ed Griffin, Dr. Doug Duncan, and many more.


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Your morning shot of what's new in the world of real estate investing. Daily real estate investment outlook from investor, syndicator, developer and author Victor J. Menasce, so that you can compress timeframes as a real estate investor or developer. Weekday shows are 5 minutes of high energy, high impact awesomeness. The weekend edition consists of interviews with notable guests including Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Helms, Peter Schiff, Chris Martenson, Mark Victor Hansen, George Ross, Ed Griffin, Dr. Doug Duncan, and many more.




AMA - Third Party Market Study

Today’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) question comes from Ryan in Los Angeles who asks: What are the major components of a market feasibility study for senior housing and what do you consider strong indicators for a viable market? ------------ Host: Victor Menasce email:


The Market Ignores The Fed

On today’s show we are taking another look at interest rates. Global credit markets seem to be at odds with the Federal Reserve’s hawkish statements. Jerome Powell announced on Wednesday another 0.25% interest rate increase in the federal funds rate. We heard the same messages yesterday that we heard back in December at the last rate increase. The Fed set forward guidance for another rate increase at the March meeting, while at the same time stating that they are making decisions on a...


Book Of The Month - The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

Happy first of the month. On the first day of each month we review the book of the month. It’s not often that we get to reflect on timeless lessons. But that is just what “The Obstacle is the Way,” by Ryan Holiday does. The opening examples in the book draw upon Marcus Aurelius and John D Rockefeller or General Ulysses Grant. The common characteristic of these three men and many others, was an almost fearless approach to obstacles that presented themselves. This book is a reminder that...


Property Tax Surprise

When you buy a property, you can expect a property tax re-assessment in many parts of the country. So relying on the backward looking property taxes of the property may not be indicative of what you would pay once you own the property. Performing due diligence means developing a realistic forecast of the property taxes once re-assessed. ------------ Host: Victor Menasce email:


Banks Are Reducing Their Footprint

On today’s show we are going to look at some of the changes underway in the world of banking. I believe that banks have learned a lot about their business processes over the past two years. The pandemic forced an acceleration of the transition away from performing transactions in the physical branch to performing transactions online. We’re going to look at one major bank Wells Fargo as an example of the changes that are underway. Earlier this month, Wells Fargo told investors that it...


Levi Lascsak

Levi Lascsak is based Dallas Texas where he has mastered the art of using Youtube's powerful search capability to have clients find him. Today is a powerful show that you will want to pay close attention to. To connect with Levi, visit and register for an advance copy of his upcoming book. -------------- Host: Victor Menasce email:


Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan is based in San Francisco where his firm specializes in developing co-living projects. Co-living is a product class aimed at the young professional who is seeking an affordable high quality accommodation in high priced markets. To connect with Matthew and to learn more, visit ----------- Host: Victor Menasce email:


When You Can't Use The Sewer

On today’s show we are talking about how having a sewer pipe at the edge of your property may or may not be useful. It’s a very common assumption that if the city services are available in the street, or perhaps nearby, you can have access to sewer services for your project. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Most sewer systems are designed to be gravity fed. So in an ideal world, the sewage treatment plant would be located at the lowest point in the city and the sewer pipes would all...


Short Attention Span

These days at our development company Y Street Capital, it seems like we spend every day in underwriting. We are analyzing potential new projects, re-analyzing existing projects, and then analyzing them again. Bond yields are changing, which means interest rates are changing again. Some lenders who had paused their lending programs in Q3 and Q4 have re-entered the market and are being more aggressive about getting deals done. Construction costs continue to fall, and we are constantly value...


The Debt Ceiling and Investor Confidence

How is the US dollar still the world reserve currency? Every year or two it seems like the US is running out of money again. Legislative gridlock, combined with spending money like drunken sailors leaves the population wondering whether those in Washington entrusted to govern the United States are really worthy of the honour and the responsibility. The debt ceiling is coded into the legislation by design. The debt ceiling is designed to force a public legislative dialog about spending...


Growth Versus Value

You know me as the host of the Real Estate Espresso Podcast. By day, I’m also one of the partners at Y Street Capital where we specialize in new construction and development projects across the US and Canada. We are observing that Investors these days are cautious. We agree that it make sense to be cautious. You want to ask tough questions whenever you are performing due diligence. You really want to understand what it means to invest in a particular project from a market standpoint. On...


California's Incentives

We have heard of a debt trap. This is where the cost of servicing a debt exceeds the cash flow needed to service the debt. In those instances, some borrowers take on additional debt hoping for better days and hoping to outrun the bankruptcy. States, cities and provinces don’t have the luxury of printing money. They need to live within their means, or at least within their ability to get revenue from taxation. It’s no secret that companies and wealthy individuals have been leaving high tax...


George Ross

On today's show we're talking about the negotiating techniques for sellers who are looking to sell when few people are buying. George taught negotiation at the law school at New York University for over 20 years. His writings on negotiation are based on his course notes from those days. George has established himself as a world class authority in negotiation through his many decades in the practice. ----------------- Host: Victor Menasce email:


Paul Kazanofski

Paul Kazanofski is based in Nashville Tennessee where he runs Revision Homes, a high volume house flipping and one of the premier custom builders in Nashville. On today's show we are talking about the state of the market and how the downturn is affecting people in the business. To connect with Paul you can find him on LinkedIn. ---------------- Host: Victor Menasce email:


A Car Crash In Slow Motion

What is the no-sale auto auction, and why do we care as real estate investors? The world of real estate is highly dependent on borrowing and the liquidity and affordability that banks and other major lenders can offer. But banks lend in multiple areas. They have consumer credit. They have subprime credit. They have real estate credit, automotive credit, commercial credit, and on and on. The auto industry, like real estate is highly driven by credit markets. During the pandemic, dealers...


Second Look at AI Software

On today’s show we are going to take a closer look at AI tools that are making headlines. A couple of weeks ago I put out an episode on the OpenAI framework and the software ChatGPT which uses that framework as the underlying AI engine. In that episode I gave some live examples of questions and answers that I put to the software. In that episode, I concluded that the results were underwhelming and no threat to us humans. It turns out that my conclusions missed the mark in that episode....


Hotel Meltdown

According to an article published in the Bloomberg Law Journal last week, we are in store for a massive meltdown in the world of hospitality. Just as it appears that travel is returning to normal, hotels are about to get slammed in the side of the head again. But this time its from their lenders. As of December, close to $4.1 billion out of roughly $93 billion in outstanding lodging loans are delinquent, according to data from CMBS analytics firm Trepp Inc. It currently projects about $35...


World Economic Forum Misses The Mark?

The World Economic Forum opened its annual meeting on Monday evening in Davos Switzerland. This five day in person event is one of the global networking events of the year where you can rub shoulders with some of the most influential people in the world. These folks hold sessions on everything from the economy to energy, to health care to climate change. The output of the conference seems more like a highly choreographed Hollywood production than a conference designed to influence change....


Has Elon Changed The Value of Real Estate?

When you think of Elon Musk, we largely think first of Tesla, or PayPal, or more recently Twitter. None of these has the potential to materially impact the value of real estate. But SpaceX has changed the value of real estate in ways that are not showing up readily in the metrics. At least, you might not see the effect right away. Today, a large percentage of the population have adopted high speed internet. If you’re going to work from home, and participate in your office culture, you need...


Carina Guzman

Carina Guzman specializes in land development. On today's show we are talking about a 90 acre residential subdivision that is next to a ski resort. To learn more or to connect with Carina, you can find her on LinkedIn, or on Instagram at -------------- Host: Victor Menasce email: