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The Big Take from Bloomberg News brings you inside what’s shaping the world's economies with the smartest and most informed business reporters around the world. The context you need on the stories that can move markets. Every afternoon.


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The Big Take from Bloomberg News brings you inside what’s shaping the world's economies with the smartest and most informed business reporters around the world. The context you need on the stories that can move markets. Every afternoon.



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Are Cheaper Ozempic Knockoffs Safe?

Cheaper, knockoff versions of Ozempic, Wegovy and Zepbound are flooding the market, often promoted by telehealth companies in online ads and by influencers on TikTok and Instagram. These versions of the drugs are made by so-called compounding pharmacies, an obscure corner of America’s pharmaceutical market which makes drugs that aren’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration. On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg reporters Ike Swetlitz and Madison Muller tell host Sarah Holder about their investigation into a $1 billion shadow industry that could be putting Americans’ health in danger. Read more: Unsafe Ozempic Knockoffs Are Flooding the Market See for privacy information.


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Roblox: The Gaming Platform With a Predator Problem

With tens of millions of users under the age of 13, Roblox has become the biggest online gaming playground for kids. The company says its combination of AI chat filters and human moderators makes the platform safe for users of all ages. But a Bloomberg Businessweek investigation suggests that Roblox may have striking vulnerabilities. On today’s Big Take podcast, host David Gura speaks with reporters Olivia Carville and Cecilia D’Anastasio about the way predators have used the platform to groom children — and what Roblox is doing to keep young users safe. See for privacy information.


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Biden Stepped Down. Will Democratic Donors Step Up?

Joe Biden’s decision not to run for reelection leaves the Democratic nominee that replaces him with an unprecedented challenge: running a successful presidential campaign in under four months. That will take a lot of money. On today’s Big Take podcast: How much could that campaign cost? Gregory Korte and Laura Davison, who cover money and politics for Bloomberg, dig into that question, Kamala Harris’s fundraising edge and how Democratic donors are reacting to the news. Read more: Joe Biden Bows to Democrats Who Wanted Him Out, Upending US Politics See for privacy information.


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K-Pop’s Plan for Global Dominance? Remove the K

Is K-pop even K-pop without the K? A Bloomberg analysis of song lyrics shows that for the first time, almost half of K-pop songs released this year have English lyrics. On today’s podcast, host Sarah Holder speaks with Bloomberg reporter Sohee Kim about the genre’s identity shift and why industry efforts to grow its global audience might mean fewer Korean band members. See for privacy information.


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Silicon Valley’s Shift to the Right

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s pick of Senator JD Vance as his running mate has many in Silicon Valley rejoicing — they see the former venture capitalist as one of their own. With Elon Musk’s commitment of $45 million a month to a super-PAC supporting the Trump campaign, it's the latest sign of Silicon Valley elites embracing the MAGA movement. But the tech world hasn’t always embraced Trump. On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg Businessweek columnist Max Chafkin joins host David Gura to talk about how we got here and what their support could mean for another Trump term. See for privacy information.


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He Was the ‘Banker To The Poor.’ Now He Faces Life in Prison.

Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist Muhammad Yunus pioneered micro loans as a tool to fight poverty. Now prosecutors in Bangladesh have linked him and his colleagues to a dizzying number of crimes, including embezzlement and laundering millions of dollars. Today on The Big Take, host K. Oanh Ha speaks to Bloomberg’s Kai Schultz about the complicated saga and what implications Yunus’s case has for Bangladesh, one of the fastest growing economies. We also hear from Yunus himself, who talks about the rift between him and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and the personal impact of the legal drama. Read more: Bangladesh Sentences Nobel Peace Prize Winner to 6 Months in Prison Big Money Backs Tiny Loans That Lead to Debt, Despair and Even Suicide See for privacy information.


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Donald Trump Sits Down With Bloomberg Businessweek

Former President Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination at the party’s convention this week, just two days after an attempted assassination at a campaign rally over the weekend. Prior to that attack, and shortly before his first debate with President Joe Biden, Trump laid out his vision for a second term in a wide-ranging, 90-minute interview with journalists from Bloomberg Businessweek. Reporter Nancy Cook and editor Brad Stone take host David Gura inside that conversation, where they dig into “Trumponomics,” how Trump plans to appeal to voters and business leaders who have turned their backs on him. Read more: Trump on Taxes, Tariffs, Jerome Powell and MoreThe Donald Trump Interview Transcript Corrects length of Powell’s term as chair of the Federal Reserve. See for privacy information.


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The Trump Shooting Changes Everything About 2024

On Saturday evening, former President Donald Trump was injured in an assassination attempt during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. Even in a country with a history of assassinations and attempts, it is unprecedented. Bloomberg national politics reporter Gregory Korte and senior editor Wendy Benjaminson join hosts Saleha Mohsin and Sarah Holder to discuss how the assassination attempt changes everything in the 2024 election - and how political violence has previously shaped America. See for privacy information.


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Pulling Off a Rare Olympic Feat in Paris: Turning a Profit

Ever since the first Olympics were held over a century ago, the Games have been known for dazzling sporting feats…and dazzlingly expensive opening ceremonies. Recently, the ballooning cost of hosting the Games has led residents in Boston, Rome, and Oslo to reject efforts to bring the Olympics to their cities. As a result, the International Olympic Committee is hoping to rein in costs – starting with Paris. On today’s podcast, host Sarah Holder speaks with Bloomberg reporter Hugo Miller about the lessons Paris 2024 is trying to take from the first and only profitable Olympics held in Los Angeles in 1984 – and why no less than the future of the Games is at stake. Read more: Faster, Higher — Cheaper? Paris's Budget Effort to Reboot the Olympics See for privacy information.


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Biden’s Fight to Get Back in the Game

The fallout from President Joe Biden’s debate performance is continuing to ripple through Washington, as prominent Democrats, donors, and world leaders are questioning his ability to win… and to lead. As US allies converge on Washington for the NATO summit and Congressional Democrats scramble for unity, all eyes are on Biden. Big Take DC host Saleha Mohsin talks with Bloomberg White House and politics reporter Jordan Fabian about what’s at stake for Biden in yet another make-or-break week. See for privacy information.


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Scrappy Drone Startups Are Transforming Ukraine’s Frontlines

A growing number of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, engineers and tech workers are joining the war effort against Russia, making and delivering a key tool: drones. They’re low-cost, high-impact and can do everything from transporting supplies to dropping bombs across enemy lines. On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg Technology editor Jake Rudnitsky talks with host Sarah Holder about the burgeoning cottage industry that’s transforming the battlefield in the Russia-Ukraine war – and what the shift to drone warfare could mean for conflicts around the world. Read more: Ukraine Is Fighting Russia With Toy Drones and Duct-Taped Bombs Further listening: Zelenskiy Talks Trump, Biden and US ElectionUkraine’s Frontline Fight Is Changing How the US Prepares for WarSee for privacy information.


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The Chinese Coffee Chain Beating Starbucks

China’s Luckin Coffee is the nation’s top coffee retailer, overtaking even Starbucks. That would be notable itself, but less than 4 years ago the company filed for bankruptcy, making its comeback even more unlikely. The turnaround is in part thanks to the chain’s automated stores, cut-price deals and innovative drinks that appeal to local tastes. Today on The Big Take Asia, host K. Oanh Ha speaks with Bloomberg’s Rachel Chang on how Luckin managed to turn around its failing business to overtake Starbucks, and asks whether it can hold on to its success as coffee takes off in China, and more rivals emerge. Read more: China’s Luckin Coffee Is Back From the Brink and Beating Starbucks Further listening: What Does China’s Economic Slowdown Mean For the Communist Party? See for privacy information.


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The Lesson From French and British Elections: Incumbents Beware

French voters shocked the world on Sunday by rejecting Marine Le Pen’s efforts to see her far-right National Rally party take control of France’s legislature. And across the channel in Britain, a new government is set to enter parliament on Tuesday after voters last week gave the country’s left-leaning Labour Party a majority. On today’s Big Take podcast, host David Gura discusses the reaction to the surprise result in France with Bloomberg Opinion columnist Lionel Laurent, and Bloomberg’s Head of Economics and Government Stephanie Flanders breaks down why the landslide victory for Keir Starmer and Britain’s Labour Party isn’t necessarily as clear-cut as it might seem. For more, listen to Bloomberg’s “Voternomics” podcast. See for privacy information.


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A Conversation With Zelenskiy: Trump, Biden and What’s at Stake for Ukraine

With the US presidential election on the horizon and no end in sight to the Russia-Ukraine war, Bloomberg’s Annmarie Hordern sits down with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy for an exclusive interview. They discuss where the conflict stands now, what it would take to secure a peace deal and a possible end to the war – and Zelenskiy’s thoughts after watching the US presidential debate. On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg’s lead on national security coverage Nick Wadhams sits down with host Sarah Holder to analyze the most important moments from the Zelenskiy interview and game out what the outcome of the US election could mean for the future of Ukraine. Watch the full interview: Zelenskiy on Putin, Russia Cease-Fire Prospects, Trump and US Election See for privacy information.


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Will Kamala Harris Replace President Biden?

In the fallout from Biden’s performance in the first presidential debate, a leading name has emerged as the president’s natural replacement: Vice President Kamala Harris. White House and politics reporters Akayla Gardner and Gregory Korte join Big Take host Sarah Holder to unpack why the calls for a Harris candidacy are surfacing now, her access to Biden’s war chest and who else could be a contender. Read more: Kamala Harris Is Having a Surprise Resurgence as Biden’s Campaign Unravels See for privacy information.


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How Hackers Held the Car Industry Hostage

The car sales industry in North America ground to a halt in mid-June after sophisticated cybercriminals took down CDK Global, the software provider with a near-monopoly on the industry. It caused chaos in the middle of one of the biggest seasons for car-buying. Dealers couldn’t access their inventory. Buyers couldn’t get cars off the lot. And customers feared for their personal data. On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg senior technology editor Dana Wollman and host Sarah Holder discuss what getting back to normal for dealerships might look like, how the group of hackers behind the shutdown operate, and why industries that rely on centralized software systems — from education to healthcare — are vulnerable. Read more: BlackSuit Cybercrime Gang Blamed in CDK Hack That Roiled Car Dealers See for privacy information.


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Why China’s Investment Bankers Are Breaking Up With Capitalism

One after another, bankers at China International Capital Corporation — China’s premier investment bank – are pledging loyalty to the Communist Party, underscoring a new reality for Wall Street-style capitalists in the era of Xi Jinping. Today on The Big Take Asia, host David Gura speaks with Bloomberg’s Cathy Chan about the tug-of-war between communism and capitalism at the “Morgan Stanley of China,” and how politics are redefining Chinese finance. See for privacy information.


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Forget Sleep. Who’s Ready to Trade All Night?

There is a growing push from retail traders, international investors, and a few big hedge funds to do something once unthinkable: keep stock markets open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But when do traders sleep if Wall Street never shuts? On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg finance reporter Katherine Doherty joins host Sarah Holder to break down what’s behind the growing demand for after-hours trading on platforms like Robinhood, whether regulators will ever approve such a move, and what happens to the opening bell if the New York Stock Exchange never closes. Read more: 24-Hour Stock Trading Is Booming – and Wall Street Is Rattled See for privacy information.


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Democratic Panic Follows the First 2024 Presidential Debate

From big questions about Biden’s performance that have sent Democrats into panic over whether he should be on the ticket to Trump’s misleading statements on January 6th, the first 2024 US presidential debate may have been billed as a rematch, but it was full of surprises. Inside the spin room in Atlanta, Big Take host David Gura talks to Bloomberg senior politics editor Wendy Benjaminson and politics reporter Stephanie Lai to dig into those moments, discuss what the candidates said about inflation, taxes and immigration, and what it all means for the rest of the campaign cycle. Read more: Panicked Emails, Gallows Humor: The Aftermath of Biden's Debate Disaster See for privacy information.


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The ‘Upflation’ Formula: Halve the Ingredients, Double the Price

You’ve probably felt the pain of inflation. And you’ve also probably heard about shrinkflation — when companies respond to inflation by keeping their prices steady and making their products smaller. But have you heard of ‘upflation’? It’s a new tactic consumer goods brands are using to get people shopping again. From whole-body deodorant to more genres of razor, companies are tweaking everyday essentials and jacking up the price. On today’s Big Take podcast, Bloomberg consumer goods reporter Leslie Patton tells host Sarah Holder where to spot upflation in the wild – and how to avoid paying extra for everyday products. See for privacy information.