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Interviews with transportation newsmakers by transportation journalist Bernie Wagenblast.






Stop, Look, Listen: Engaging Communities to put Equity into Action

This episode concludes AASHTO's four-part series on equity, where we've focused on transportation professionals' work towards building an equitable transportation system. This episode is brought to you from the AASHTO 2023 Annual Meeting where we spoke with guests and attendees from all over the country. Our guests today join us from the audience and the panel of the annual meeting knowledge session titled "Stop, Look, Listen: Engaging Communities to Put Equity into Action!" We speak to them today about their immediate thoughts and reactions on the knowledge session and get their perspective and opinion on what equity looks like in transportation.


Alex Argudin, CEO, Miami Parking Authority – Parking Trends, Challenges, and Innovations

Alejandra "Alex" Argudin, CEO of the Miami Parking Authority in Florida, joins the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to talk about parking trends and challenges in a densely populated city, how Miami is utilizing parking more efficiently and effectively, and how these trends are affecting other urban areas. Alex, who is chair-elect of the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI), also discusses some of the changes that have impacted the parking industry since COVID, how curb priorities have changed, and how equity and sustainability factor into parking decisions.


Bidding Farewell to ITE Executive Director and CEO Jeff Paniati

After eight years of service, ITE Executive Director and CEO Jeff Paniati is retiring at the end of October. He joins the podcast to reflect on his storied career in transportation, including his many years at the Federal Highway Administration and his tenure at ITE. He also shares his hopes and vision for the future of the organization, and a bit about what he plans to do upon retirement.


Active Transportation Reshaping Communities

This is the second episode of a four-part series on AASHTO's ETAP Podcast that focuses on how transportation professionals may work towards building an equitable transportation system. Our guests highlight the crucial connection between active transportation and equity as transportation planners, policymakers, and communities' team up to create a more inclusive and accessible future. Tamika Butler, principal of Tamika Butler Consulting, sits with us as she dives into her leadership efforts in building an equitable and inclusive transportation system. Our second guest is Joshua Phillips, communications and public relations coordinator with the Alabama Department of Transportation discusses Alabama’s City Walk Birmingham.


Gabe Klein, Executive Director, US Joint Office of Energy and Transportation: Moving Transportation Electrification Forward in the US

Gabe Klein, Executive Director of the US Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, joins the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to talk about transportation electrification in the United States. He discusses how his newly created office is working to help deploy its share of the US Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to build out infrastructure across the country to support various aspects of electrification, and how local and state entities can take advantage of the funding. He also talks about the technological advances taking place in the space and how data sharing will help expand the advantages of adopting electrification.


Reconnecting Communities with ReConnect Rondo

This is the first episode of a four-part series from AASHTO's ETAP Podcast that will focuses on building an equitable transportation system. We are joined by Keith Baker, the executive director of ReConnect Rondo, and we discuss a variety of topics including the vision behind ReConnect Rondo, and the innovative approach they are taking to transform their neighborhood. EPISODE NOTES More Information on the October Reconnecting Communities Summit can be found here: 2023 Inaugural Reconnecting Communities Summit - ReConnect Rondo More information on ReConnect Rondo's vision can be found here: The Vision - ReConnect Rondo More information on USDOT's Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods can be found here: Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Grant Program | US Department of Transportation An in-depth exploration on the 4P Funding plan can be found here: Funding - ReConnect Rondo Additionally, listeners and supporters can directly send financial support to ReConnect Rondo here: Donate (


People-Oriented Design: An International Perspective – Bas Govers, Senior Urban Mobility Consultant, Goudappel

Bas Govers, senior urban mobility consultant, Goudappel, The Netherlands, joins the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to share insights on creating sustainably safe and comfortable people-oriented spaces that promote mobility. He talks about the evolution of his country over the past 50 years to become more biking and pedestrian friendly, and how they’ve addressed the challenges and lessons learned that come along with accommodating these users. Govers was a part of the Tuesday plenary panel session in Portland, Oregon at the ITE Annual Meeting in August titled “Creating People-Oriented Communities.”


The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission's Strategic Plans and Cooperative Growth

The Lehigh Planning Commission is a metropolitan planning organization that was created to provide planning services to Lehigh and Northampton counties while working alongside the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. LVPC coordinates with its municipalities, community leaders, and businesses, elevating Pennsylvania’s transportation and quality of life while keeping the environment in mind. In this episode of AASHTO's ETAP Podcast you'll hear from the executive director of the LVPC, Becky Bradley, and the impact LVPC is making in Pennsylvania.


Washington State DOT's Stormwater Management Innovations

In this episode of AASHTO's ETAP Podcast, Tony Bush, Stormwater Branch Manager in the Environmental Services Office at the Washington State Department of Transportation speaks on its stormwater management innovations and key takeaways.


From Student to Younger Member: ITE’s Roadmap to Success – Anamaria Torres, Sr. Transportation Engineer, Stantecc

ITE younger member Anamaria Torres joins the podcast to talk about the wealth of opportunities within ITE for both student and younger members ITE provides for this population. A senior transportation engineer at Stantec, Anamaria talks about the value of not just building her transportation knowledge within the organziation, but also her networking and leadership skills. As Co-Chair of ITE’s premier leadership program LeadershipITE, Anamaria conveys how ITE helps younger members find their path as leaders within the industry, giving them the tools to succeed. She also shares advice for any student or younger member looking to get more involved within ITE or anyone wanting to join.


Ohio DOT's Historic Bridge Inventory, Evaluation, and Preservation Plan

The guests on this month's episode of AASHTO's ETAP Podcast are Ohio DOT's Erica Schneider, Assistant Environmental Administrator and Tom Barrett, ODOT's Historic Bridge Program Manager and State Byways Coordinator. They speak on Ohio’s Historic Bridge Inventory, Evaluation, and Preservation Plan and how other DOTs may implement these findings in their state.


Richard Montanez, Deputy Commissioner of Transportation, City of Philadelphia – Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Program

Richard Montanez, Deputy Commissioner of Transportation for the City of Philadelphia, joins the podcast to talk about the Safe Streets and Roads for All Program (SS4A) and how the city plans to use the $30 million grant award it recently received from the US Department of Transportation funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. He describes the unique safety challenges faced by the city, and discusses the planned multimodal safety improvements for several of the city's streets and traffic infrastructure, as well as the updates for Philadelphia's Vision Zero capital plan.


Oregon DOT’s Wildlife Crossing Corridors

FHWA recently launched its Wildlife Crossings Program, approving $350 million for wildlife crossing projects to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions and improve habitat connectivity. The Oregon Department of Transportation has set a successful wildlife corridor program, reducing 86% of wildlife-vehicle collisions. In this episode, Cidney Bowman, Wildlife Passage Program Coordinator with Oregon DOT, speaks on the state's work.


Peter Koonce, Portland Bureau of Transportation – Traffic Engineering: Improving Outcomes for All Users

Peter Koonce, engineering manager with the Portland Bureau of Transportation in Oregon, joins the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to talk about the opportunities and challenges facing traffic engineers in the profession today. He gives an overview of some of the efforts taking place on the ground in Portland to improve outcomes for all users including equity, safety and Vision Zero initiatives, and more. Peter also shares with listeners a bit of what they can expect when visiting Portland this August for the 2023 Joint ITE International and Western District Annual Meeting and Exhibition.


Young Professionals in the Transportation Sector

Leaders of the transportation sector sit with us as they consider today's transportation climate and how DOTs can best equip tomorrow's leaders in tackling future challenges. Joining us today are Sara Stickler, Thomas Davidenko, and Alicia Walker. Sara is the President and CEO of the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) International, Thomas is the Director of Programs at the Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT), and Alicia is the Director of Programs and Strategic Engagement at the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO). Our guests discuss a variety of topics such as workforce development, the challenges faced in recruiting and retaining quality candidates, and more.


Planning and Engineering Professionals – Fostering Collaboration for Great Communities

Stephen Buckley, P.E., AICP, Vice President Planning and Advisory Services at Kimley-Horn, joins the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to discus the collaboration between transportation planning professionals and engineers. Having began his career as an engineer, and now working as a planner, Steve shares some of the key milestones along the path of his career, discusses real-life examples of successful collaboration between the two groups of professionals, and offers up guidance for how planners and engineers can support each other in their projects while bringing their own valid insights and valuable perspectives. Steve recently took part in the keynote conversation at ITE’s Virtual Spring Conference in March.


Georgia's Transportation Investment Act Marks First Decade

In 2012, voters in three Georgia regions approved a one percent sales tax to fund local transportation projects. In 2023 the Georgia Transportation Investment Act is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Joining us in this podcast is Kenneth Franks, State Transportation Investment Act Administrator, speaking on TIA’s success, future projects, and the regional and local impact.


Interstate Bridge Replacement Program: Engaging Communities and Working Across State DOTs with Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson, administrator for the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program, joins the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to discuss the ins and outs of this $6 billion project spanning the Columbia River and connecting the states of Washington and Oregon. The project is replacing a 106 year-old bridge on I-5, the only west coast interstate in the United States that goes between Canada and Mexico. Johnson talks about the complexities of managing a large infrastructure project, what it’s like working with two state DOTs, and the importance of engaging community members and having buy-in for this multimodal project. He also highlights the equity considerations involved in the project and how data is being utilized to ensure equitable and inclusive outcomes for the communities touched by the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program.


The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

The NJTPA is the metropolitan planning organization responsible for the distribution of federal transportation funds for 13 counties in northern New Jersey, including Cranford. They also assist counties and municipalities in improving transportation infrastructure. David Behrend serves as the executive director of the agency and Ted Ritter is the manager of external affairs. They join the Cranford Radio podcast to talk about the work of the agency and to provide examples of how their work directly affects the movement of people and freight through Cranford.


New York State's Resilient Transportation System

The US has experienced severe weather changes including floods, droughts, and hurricanes, damaging infrastructure and habitats. Recently, the country experienced a wave of winter storms one of which took place in the State of New York. Listen to this episode to hear from Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez to learn about how the New York State Department of Transportation works to build a resilient transportation system.