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Bloomberg Daybreak delivers today's top stories, with context, in just 15 minutes. Get informed from Bloomberg's 2,700 journalists and analysts in 120 countries.






Middle East Truce Extended; Musk on Helping Rebuild Gaza

On today's podcast: 1) Israel and Hamas extended their truce late Monday after agreeing to release more hostages and prisoners and Washington said it was dispatching its top diplomat to the region for more talks over the conflict in Gaza. 2) Elon Musk was in Israel being welcomed by the nation’s political elite — including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — to visit the region where the Islamic militant group Hamas murdered 1,200 people on Oct. 7. 3) European stocks fell for a second day and US futures pointed to a weaker open on Wall Street amid signs the November rally in equities is overstretched. Full Transcript: Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. First, you want to get to the latest developments in the Middle East. Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend their truth. They will pause fighting until early Thursday. That brings the halt to six days, and we get the latest from Bloomberg's Rosalind Matheson. What we know is that this extension, which was somewhat expected, is likely to be under the same terms as we've seen so far, which is roughly, for every one hostage released by Harmas one Israeli hostage, that there's at least three Palestinian hostages released in turn by the Israelis. That's about a one for three exchange. What we do know is that those exchanges have happened so far every day in the truth, even if they've happened sometimes quite late in the day because there has been continued arguing through the day about some of the terms and conditions. Bloomberg's Roz Mathison says the truce comes as Secretary of Saint Anthony Blinken heads to Israel for the third time since the Hamas attack. Well, Nathan Elon Musk says he liked to help rebuild Gaza after the war with Hamas. The billionaire was in Israel yesterday and made the comments in a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nettan Yahoo. Those who are intended motor must be neutralized. Then the propaganda must stop. That is training people to be murtorers in the future, and then and then making Gaza prosperous. And if that happens, I think will be good future. Well, I hope you will be involved in it, and I'd love to help and muss Israel Visit appears to be an effort to diffuse a growing backlash over his endorsement of an anti Semitic tweet. Last week. Corporations including Apple and Walt Disney stopped advertising on Eggs over concerns of increasing anti Semitism and hate speech on the site since he purchased it well Karen. The first of three US military relief flights carrying aid for the Gaza Strip is set to arrive in Egypt later today. Senior US official say the flights will carry winter clothing, food, medical items, and supplies specifically for children. This comes as the Biden administration seeks to escalate assistance to Palestinian civilians amid pressure from fellow Democrats. Well, Nathan ad to Israel is one of the issues of waiting lawmakers on Capitol Hill. The House is back in session today after the holiday break. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he wants to vote as soon as next week on one hundred and six billion dollars in aid to Israel, Ukraine, and border security, but former Republican Congressman mcmulvaney says it'll be tough to pass it all before the end of the year because Congress is not facing a government shut down deadline by then. Typically big deals would get done at Christmas and again right before the August recess because that's when Congress wants to go home. Well, they don't have the sort of the sword of Damicles to hold over the members right now because the funding deals go beyond Christmas, and former Congressman mcmulvaney says Israel aid could pass alone before Christmas because it has bipartisan support. And he was guest on Bloomberg's sound On. Get the full interview on the sound On podcast. Well, meanwhile, Karen President Biden is cautioning corporations against taking advantage of inflation relief. We get that story from...


Pressure Grows for Continued Cease-Fire; Musk in Israel

On today's podcast: 1) Israel is coming under increasing pressure to agree to an extension of a four-day pause in its war with Hamas. President Joe Biden said he supports prolonging the cease-fire, which is due to end on Tuesday morning and part of a deal to free hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The halt in fighting is “critically needed” for additional aid to get into the territory and for more captives to be freed. 2) Rishi Sunak said he condemns antisemitism “in all its forms,” in a careful criticism of Elon Musk that stopped short of the full-throated condemnation by US President Joe Biden and others who have accused the tech entrepreneur of amplifying anti-Jewish hatred on his X social media platform. 3) Black Friday shoppers spent a record $9.8 billion online in the US, Adobe Analytics reported, offering a positive sign for retailers facing lackluster sales forecasts for the holiday season. Full transcript: Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Amy Morris. Here are the stories we're following today. First, the latest developments out of the Middle East. Israel and Hamas are signaling that a temporary ceasefire could be extended beyond today. Under the current agreement, Hamas is releasing fifty hostages in exchange for one hundred and fifty Israeli held prisoners. President Biden says he's aiming for this break in fighting to continue. Critically, nay, today is going in and hostages are coming out, and there's still structured so that it can be extended to keep building on these results. That's my goal, that's our goal, to keep this pause going beyond tomorrow. When President Biden spoke yesterday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who signaled an extension was possible. Meanwhile, Israel is coming under increasing pressure to agree to an extension of a four day pause in it's war with Amas. We get more from Bloomberg's Simon Marx and Tel Aviv. Israel is under some pressure to continue to slow drip releasing hostages. There is still a lot of public pressure here to get many more released, and the families and the victims of the hostage families are still very active. Bloomberg. Simon mar says, so far Hamas has handed over fifty eight hostages, including non Israelis. It is slated to free another eleven Israelis today to fulfill the four day Agreement. And in Washington, the issue of Israeli aid maybe getting more complicated. Bloomberg zed Baxter has that story. Senator Chris Murphy is saying lawmakers should consider conditioning future aid to Israel based on compliance with international humanitarian law. I think there's both a moral cost to this, many civilians, innocent civilians, children often losing their life, but I think there's a strategic cost. Ultimately, Hamas will get stronger, not weaker, in the long run if all of this civilian death allows them to recruit more effectively, enablely inside Gaza. Murphy on CNN civilian death toll must stop, ed Baxter Bloomberg Radio, Thanks D. Another complicating factor in aid to Israel and Ukraine is a dispute over security at the southern border. Republicans in Congress want to tie foreign military assistance to tougher border policies. On NBC's Meet the Press House Intelligence Chair Mike Turner said it will be tough to pass the AID before the end of this year. While the issue remains unresolved. Man Amy events in the Middle East may be forcing President Biden to skip an event he's attended the past two years. According to The New York Times, a White House official says the President will not be at the COP twenty eighth Climate summit in Dubai. The official didn't say why, but senior aids are suggesting the Israel Hamas war has consumed the president in recent weeks. Meanwhile, Elon Musk will today meet with the Israel with Israel's Prime Minister and president, as well as representatives of the families of hostages held in Gaza. The closed door meeting appears to be an effort to diffuse a growing backlash over the billionaire's endorsement of an anti...


Daybreak Weekend: The Double Dip, UK Housing, Korea Data, House Budget Battle

Bloomberg Daybreak Weekend with Tom Busby takes a look at some of the stories we'll be tracking in the coming week. 1) US Equities 2024 Outlook: The Double Dip 2) Falling house prices could worsen the crunch facing households when they come to refinance their fixed-rate mortgage deals, according to research from the Bank of England. 3) South Korea’s early trade data show exports are likely to maintain their growth momentum this month, continuing their rebound from a year-long slump and helping brighten the outlook for global commerce. 4) Republican ultra-conservatives are running out of patience less than four weeks after installing one their own, Mike Johnson, as House speaker, signaling turmoil ahead and heightened risk of a government shutdown in the new year. See for privacy information.


The Israel-Hamas Hostage Release; Details on the Niagara Falls Explosion

On today's podcast: 1) The first truce since the war between Israel and Hamas erupted last month went into effect on Friday morning. The deal came after weeks of complex and delicate talks brokered by Qatar, the US and Egypt. The halt in fighting in Gaza is intended to last for four days. Hamas, an Iran-backed militant group, is meant to return 50 of the almost 240 hostages it captured from Israel, while the Israelis will release 150 jailed Palestinians and allow more aid into Gaza. 2) The Canadian mayor of Niagara Falls, Jim Diodati, said the Rainbow Bridge is expected to reopen in a day or two, after a car explosion that killed two people shuttered the busy crossing between the US and Canada. 3) Barclays Plc is working on plans to reduce costs by as much as $1.3 billion over several years, which could involve slashing as many as 2,000 jobs, according to Reuters. Full transcript:| Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm John Tucker. Here are these stories we're following today. The first group of Israeli hostages is expected to leave the Gaza Strip soon in a deal that's meant to return fifty of the nearly two hundred and forty captives that Hamas took from Israel. Israel plans to release one hundred and fifty jailed Palestinians. All involved are women and people under the age of nineteen. This stop in fighting is intended to last for four days. It marks the first major lull in this war since it began October seventh. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah, who says the military offensive will go on after that. We hope to get this first tronch out and then we're committed to getting everyone out, but we'll continue with our fore aims namly to eradicate Kamas, because Kamas has already promised that they will do this again and again and again. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah, who says he has delivered that same message in a phone call to President Biden. We had along with a hostage release, the deal will also allow for more AID into Gaza. Bloomberg's owner Aunt says the humanitarian aid is critical for the people at Gaza. The very first trucks that went in we're carrying cooking gas, which obviously is very critical for more than two million people are currently living in Gaza in what the UN calls a dire humanitarian situation. Bloomberg's owner Aunt reports Palestinians were emerging from temporary shelters and crowded the streets as southern Gaza as the AID trucks entered. Back in the US, we want to bring you update from the events that unfolded on the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls this week. New York Governor Kathy Hochel says that bridge is back open after a car explosion on Wednesday killed two people and closed that crossing between the US and Canada. Hockel says there is no sign of terrorism so far. She adds a suspect of ties to Western New York has been identified. Investigation will determine if the blast was intentional or an accident. The holiday shopping season kicks into full swing today, with shoppers searching for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Deloitte Saniel Thanksgiving survey. He finds consumers plan on spending and average almost five hundred and seventy dollars on both days. That's up thirteen percent from last year. And Bert Flickinger managed Rector with Strategic Resource Groups. As shoppers are feeling confident, however, they're using a new tool this shopping season. It's going to be by now, pay later. Fifteen percent of all purchases will be that way, and consumers are still taking on credit card debt, but sixty three percent of consumers will be buying with debit card and trying to put less on credit as interest rates have climbed and the average household has seventeen thousand and revolving unpaid credit card debt. Bert Flickinger with Strategic Resource Groups. As many consumers plan to do much of the shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in order with their spending limits, traders are going to be following the traditional kickoff of the holiday shopping season...


Daybreak Holiday: OPEC+ Delays, Holiday Shopping Begins, Google Antitrust Case, Ozempic Effect

Bloomberg Daybreak Holiday Edition with Nathan Hager takes a look at some of the stories we're tracking around Thanksgiving. 1) What's in store for the energy space as OPEC+ delays its meeting? 2) How are retailers faring as we enter the holiday shopping season? 3) An update on some big antitrust cases, including the Justice Department's lawsuit against Google. 4) Plus, a look at the Ozempic effect on Thanksgiving dinner. See for privacy information.


Middle East Truce; Altman Returns as OpenAI CEO

On today's podcast: 1) Israel and Hamas Agree to Short Truce for Hostage Release 2) Altman Returns as OpenAI CEO 3) Nvidia Investors Give Ho-Hum Reaction to Latest Growth Surge See for privacy information.


Microsoft CEO on Sam Altman and OpenAI Drama; Hostage Talks Progress Between Israel and Hamas

On today's podcast: 1) OpenAI said it’s in “intense discussions” to unify the company after another tumultuous day that saw most employees threaten to quit if Sam Altman doesn’t return as chief executive officer. 2) Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella signaled that he’d be open to Sam Altman going back to OpenAI, rather than joining his company as part of a surprise move announced over the weekend. 3) The leader of Hamas said his group was close to reaching a “truce agreement” with Israel via Qatari mediation in rare public comments that suggest talks over freeing some hostages held by the Gaza-based group are progressing. 4) Nvidia’s quarterly results could still exceed sky-high investor expectations thanks to strong demand for generative artificial intelligence. Full transcript: Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. Karen, we begin with the controversy surrounding open Ai. A day after the founder, Sam Altman left for Microsoft, the firm says it is in quote intense discussions to unify the company. In an internal memo reviewed by Bloomberg News, Vice president of Global Affairs, Anna Macanju says open Ai management is also in touch with Aldman. In an interview with Bloomberg News, Microsoft CEO Satia Nadella signaled he would be open to Aldman going back to open ai. We really want to partner with open ai, and we want to partner with Sam. And so you respect to where Sam is. He's working with Microsoft, and that is the case on Friday, and that'll be that's the case today, and we will I absolutely believe that'll be the case tomorrow. Microsoft CEO Satia Nadella says, no matter what happens, open ai needs governance changes. Microsoft shares closed at a record high yesterday. Nearly all of open AI's employees threatened to quit and follow Altman to Microsoft unless the current board resign. Gene Munster managing partner at deep Water Asset Management thinks Altman will land back at open AI. The board's going to be gone. So when if Altman goes back, by the way, that is my prediction what happens here. I think he's actually going to return to open AI. If he goes back to open AI, they're going to be more aggressive at opening these models up. And if he stays with Microsoft, they're going to be more aggressive. And I think at the end of the day, you're probably going to see faster adoption of AI features. It's been coming at a neck break speed, but I think it's going to be even faster based on everything that's happened here. This is really allowing Altman to take his gloves off and probably do what he's wanted to do for the last eight years, and that's deep Water Asset Management's Gene Munster speaking to Bloomberg. Now, let's get to the latest from the Middle East. The leader of Hamas Ismail Hania says his group is close to reaching a truce agreement with Israel through talks mediated by contract President Biden has said both sides are near a deal to free some of the two hundred and forty hostages Hamas seized in the October seventh attack. White House National Security spokesman John Kirby says there would need to be a pause in the fighting if you're going to secure the release of hostages, and we certainly hope we're going to be able to do that soon. You got to make sure they can get from where they are to safety and do that as safely as possible, which means you're going to have to have at least a temporary, localized stop in the fighting. White House spokesman John Kirby says it's been difficult getting information on the hostages because Hamas has control of that access. Meantime, Israeli forces continue to engage in heavy fighting in the Northern Gaza Strip. Israel's taking control of much of the Alshifa Hospital, which it says Hamas used as a command and control center. Well Nathan, the White House is open accounts on Meta's social media platform as threads for the President and Vice President, and Bloomberg said Baxter has the details. The...


Microsoft Hires OpenAI Co-Founder Altman; Hostage Talks Progress in Israel-Hamas War

On today's podcast: 1) OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman is joining Microsoft to lead its AI effort after the board replaced him with Twitch’s ex-CEO, a stunning reversal for the widely respected tech-evangelist who helped jumpstart the artificial intelligence boom. 2) Israeli forces engaged in heavy fighting with Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip overnight as the US said it was optimistic about a deal to free hostages held by the militant group. 3) Elon Musk railed against “bogus” media reports accusing him of antisemitism, issuing his strongest response yet after endorsing antisemitic content in a post on X that provoked outrage and alienated advertisers like Apple Inc. 4) Rosalynn Carter, who broke new ground as an activist US first lady by attending her husband’s Cabinet meetings and leading a presidential effort to improve care for the mentally ill, all while raising a young daughter at the White House, has died. She was 96. Full Transcript: Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. Karen, we begin with a wild weekend in the world of artificial intelligence. Less than seventy two hours after he was ousted at OpenAI, the company behind chat GPT, which he helped to create, Sam Aldman has now been hired by Microsoft. He's going to lead Microsoft's new in house artificial intelligence team. Bloomberg Original's host A Zimazhar, author of AI newsletter Exponential View, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella didn't waste time nabbing old men. Satya has moved very quickly to shore up the commitments he has made to his customers. Microsoft has made a big bet on open ai, and the technology was now powering so many Microsoft products, including their most premium office Suite through the co pilot that was sort of part supported by OpenAI. So I think this is a very very rapid move on his part to ensure that Microsoft can continue to be a leader in developing and deploying AI systems for enceerprises. Bloomberg Original's host A zim Oshar says Greg Brockman and open ai co founder who also left, is going to be joining Altman at Microsoft as well, and right now shares of Microsoft are hire by two and a half percent in early trading. Well, Nathan Altman was fired on Friday after the board of open Ai said they lost confidence in him as a leader, and Bloomberg's Rachel Metz says open Ai offered few clues as to the reasons for the departure. Open ai leadership has put out memos internally at the company, saying that the board hasn't said that there was any quote mal season or anything like that, so it's not totally clear what the board was initially even accusing him of doing when it got rid of him, and Bloomberg's Rachel Metz says open AI's board hired former Twitch chief Emitted Sheer as chief executive. Microsoft CEO Sunny and Adela said his company looks forward to working with Sheer and remains admitted to the open Ai relationship. Well Karen, Another big name in tech is in the news this morning for a very different reason. Elon Musk is defending himself after an anti Semitic furor has deepened. More on that this morning from Bloomberg's John Tucker, John and Nathan Musk posted on x that he is not anti Semitic and he wishes only the best for humanity. A backlash erupted last week after the head of Tesla and AX agreed with a post that said Jewish people hold a dialectical hatred of white people advertised there's like Apple and Walt Disney pulled away from Max. What we used to know is Twitter. The Financial Times Meantime reports that advertising executives privately urged X CEO Linda Yakarino over the weekend to resign in order to save her reputation. A Musk is a track record of promoting hate speech, but not everyone is abandoned Musk. Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman was among those who leapt a Musk's defense. I'm John Tucker, Bloomberg Radio, Right, John, Thank you now. To the latest. In the Middle East, the White House says a deal is as close as it's ever been for Hamas to release...


Daybreak Weekend: Shutdown Averted, Autumn Statement, Fentanyl Crisis

Bloomberg Daybreak Weekend with Tom Busby takes a look at some of the stories we'll be tracking in the coming week. 1) Earnings big company reporting this week is Nvidia. According to Bloomberg Intelligence...Nvidia is likely to report another beat in its fiscal 3Q earnings results and guidance. 2) In the UK: Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt likely has limited scope to ease fiscal policy in his upcoming Autumn Statement. Bloomberg Economics expects near-term growth and inflation impact of the Autumn Statement will be broadly neutral. 3) In Asia: The Biden administration’s decision to remove a Chinese organization from a sanctions list as part of a deal to combat the fentanyl crisis marks an unusual concession to Beijing’s complaints over US trade restrictions. 4) In Washington: President Joe Biden signed a stopgap bill to extend government funding into early 2024, averting a government shutdown for now but kicking a politically-divisive debate over federal spending into a presidential election year. Full transcript: See for privacy information.


Government Shutdown Averted; Gaza Telecom Services; AI Battle with China;

On today's podcast: 1) President Joe Biden signed a stopgap bill to extend government funding into early 2024, averting a government shutdown for now but kicking a politically-divisive debate over federal spending into a presidential election year. 2) Gaza’s telecommunications services stopped Thursday after providing companies said the fuel used for generators had been depleted, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said. Syria’s aerial defenses intercepted some Israeli missiles that were fired against targets in Damascus, state-run Sana news agency reported. 3) Alphabet Inc. Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said he expects China to be “at the forefront” of artificial intelligence, and said it’s important for the US to collaborate with the Asian nation on both regulation and innovation. 4) Embattled New York Republican George Santos announced he will not run for reelection to his seat in the US House. The news came just after the GOP chairman of the House’s ethics panel called Thursday for Santos’s expulsion following a committee investigation that found “substantial evidence” the New York Republican violated federal criminal laws. 5) Cincinnati Bengals lose QB Joe Burrow with sprained wrist in loss to Baltimore Ravens. Ravens TE Mark Andrews is also injured. Full transcript: Good morning, I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. President Biden has ended the immediate threat of a government shutdown. He has signed a temporary spending bill that extends government funding into early next year. Bloomberg's Amy Morris has the details from Washington. President Biden signed the legislation yesterday while in California for a summit of APEC leaders. The bill maintains existing funding levels and pushes a fight over the federal budget into the new year. When Housublicans say they will push for stiff spending cuts. It splits the deadlines for passing full year appropriations bills into two days January nineteenth for some federal agencies February second for others. This short term package allows lawmakers to regroup over the Thanksgiving holiday while talks continue on spending in policy agreements in Washington. I maye more as Bloomberg Radio, Sorry, Amy, thanks by the stopgap bill does not include funding for Ukraine and Israel. In fact, new usaid for Ukraine risks slipping to mid December and maybe longer, casting doubt on Washington's ability to keep up the flow of weapons that both the Biden administration and the Ukrainian governments say is vital as soon as Congress could complete negotiations and pass new Ukraine assistance his mid December, nearly two months after President Joe Biden first requested sixty one billion dollars for the country in its war against Russia. Well, now, Karen, let's turn to the latest on the war in the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu is defending his country's raid on the Alshifa Hospital in Gaza City. He says, Israeli troops uncovered a Hamas command center underneath the facility. We had concrete evidence that there were terrorists chieftains and terrests. There are terrorists minions in the hospital, and in fact they fled as our forces approached. They fled. That's why we had no firefight. We entered that hospital with Arabic speaking Israeli doctors with incubators and we had no firefight. But Hamas was using the patients in that hospital as a human shield. Prime Minister n Antanyahu spoke on the CBS Evening News. Meanwhile, the Israeli military says it has taken control of Gaza's harbor. People in the southern city of Conyunis say Israel has dropped leaflets telling them to seek shelter and sirius as it's intercepted some Israeli missiles aimed at targets in Damascus. Well back in the U, asked Nathan. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation some it is wrapping up in San Francisco, and we're learning more about President Biden's deal with China's Sheshin Ping to crack down on Fentanel....


Biden Calls Xi A 'Dictator' After Meeting; Senate Votes to Avert Shutdown

On today's podcast: 1) Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping emerged from their first meeting in a year betting that a handful of small victories will arrest a surge in US-China tensions that has unnerved neighboring nations and threatened global economic growth. 2) President Joe Biden said he still believed his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping was a dictator, casting a shadow over what both sides had characterized as their most productive meeting to date. 3) The US Senate overwhelmingly approved a temporary funding measure to avert a government shutdown, delaying a partisan clash over federal spending until the new year and leaving out emergency aid to allies Ukraine and Israel. 4) The Cleveland Browns announce QB Deshaun Watson is out for the season. Full transcript: Good morning, I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. We begin with the high stakes meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and she Jinping. They met for more than four hours on the sidelines of the APEX summit in San Francisco. President Biden called his discussions with China's leader some of the most productive he's ever had. I've been meeting with President Sheeshu's both us for vice president over ten years ago. Our meetings have always been canda stradeforward. We haven't always agreed, but they've been straightforward, and today build on the groundwork related over the past several months of high level diplomacy between our teams, We've made some important progress, I believe, and President Biden's words were echoed by President she China is ready to be a partner and friend of the United States. The fundamental princippos that we follow in handling China US relations are mutual respect, peaceful co existence, and wing wing corporation. China's president spoke there through an interpreter, but after the gathering, President Biden was asked whether he still considers China's leader a dictator. Look, he is. I mean he's a dictator in the sense that he is a guy who runs the country. That is collin Cocu based on formagart totally different than ours. And after President Biden's remark, China's Foreign ministry called the statement extremely incorrect and irresponsible political manipulation. Well Nathan asked for the actual meeting, Both Biden and Shi jinping Is say they reached a number of agreements. Bloomberg's ed Baxter has that part of the story, as well as fentanyl. High on President Biden's list is opening communication between the country's militaries. We're reassuming military to military contact direct contacts. As a lot of you press know follow this that's been cut off and it's been worse, and that's how accidents happened. Biden also saying the two agreed on finding ways to control ai Biden also says he was assured that China has no plan to invade Taiwan. Now. She did say that he told Biden that the US should not have plans to suppress China and also ask for sanctions to be removed. In San Francisco, I'm at Baxter Bloomberg Radio, and thank you. Some of Wall Street's elite attended dinner with Si Jinping. Black Rocks Larry Fink and Stephen Schwartzman of Blackstone were among the top executives seated at the Chinese leader's table, according to a program seen by Bloomberg News. Other big names and attendance were Apple's Tim Cook, Bridgewater associates Ray Dalio, and Pesla says Elon Musk also met with President she yesterday. Well Nathan some major developments out of Washington to avoid a government shut down. In a late night vote, the Senate overwhelmingly approved the House's short term spending bill. Bloomberg's Amy Morris reports from Washington. President Biden is expected to sign the bill that will extend government funding at current levels through two deadlines, one in mid January, the other in early February, but the bill did not include aid for Israel nor Ukraine. Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer says that will be lawmaker's next priority after the holiday break. Both sides genuinely care...


Israeli Troops Enter Gaza's Main Hospital; Biden, Xi Hold Key Meeting; Government Shutdown Risk Eases

On today's podcast: 1) Israeli troops entered Gaza’s Shifa hospital compound as part of a “precise and targeted operation” against Hamas that runs the risk of intensifying international ire if it causes more civilian casualties. 2) President Joe Biden and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping’s carefully choreographed, much-anticipated sitdown on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit kicks off Wednesday at the Filoli estate south of San Francisco. 3) House lawmakers overcame partisan animosity Tuesday to pass a temporary government funding bill that greatly lowers the risk of a shutdown even as it delays fights over Ukraine aid, border policies and deep cuts to federal programs. Full Transcript: Good morning, I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. We begin in the Middle East, where Israel is now carrying out a raid on Gaza's main hospital, Alshifa. The Israeli military calls it a targeted and precise operation against Hamas, but it could add to growing concerns among allies about civilian casualties. Sources tell Bloomberg News the White House is getting more frustrated with Israel's handling of the war and ignoring what the Biden administration calls difficult conversations. But Israeli government spokesman Alon Levy says he is still confident of US support. Israel and the United States a completely in lockstep on the goals of this operation, which is that Hamas must be defeated. President Biden has been very clear from day one. We have been very grateful to him for his moral, material and diplomatic leadership in saying that Israel has every right and every duty to go after Hamas and destroy that terror group and eliminate that threat. That is the only way we can make sure another October seventh massacre doesn't happen. Alon Levy tells Bloomberg Radio Israeli troops are delivering medical aids of the hospital. He says this operation won't be the end of Israel's war with Hamas well. Nathan al Shifa Hospital has now been without power and water for days. Manir al Bersh is from the Hamas run health ministry, and he says newborns are being moved to improve their chances because of shortage of electricity. They have gathered them all and put them on those bids together so that they can have some more tem bricher. You know, the winter is getting inside now Gazza. Without having a proper temperature for them. They immediately die. The UN says only one hospital in northern Gaza is still operational at a minimum level. Back here in the US, Karen, we're following another major story this morning. The threat of a government shutdown is easing. The House has passed a temporary funding bill, and we get the latest from Bloomberg's Amy Morris in Washington. It is a two part measure that would fund some parts of the government through January nineteenth and others through February second, which sets up the possibility of another shut down deadline on Groundhog Day. Democrats bailed out the Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, whose plan drew opposition from hardliners in his own party because it doesn't cut government spending nor change border policies, and it also doesn't include aid for Ukraine nor Israel. But Senate Democrats are expected to back it anyway. They'll need the cooperation of all senators to meet the Friday night deadline when federal funding lapses. Shington I ma Any Moore is Bloomberg Radio right to me. Thank you well. We are just hours away from the highly anticipated meeting between President Biden and Chinese leader Shi zhen Ping. Their schedule to meet on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in San Francisco. Bloomberg said, Baxter has a preview. It will be the first meeting in a year. She was greeted here by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Governor Gavin Newsom. Students line in the streets waving Chinese flags, and President Biden says communication here is key. We're not trying to decouple from China, but we're What...


Biden Urges Israeli Restraint; Biden-Xi Fentanyl Crackdown; Government Shutdown is Near

On today's podcast: 1) Israel and Hamas trade accusations over Gaza hospitals and President Joe Biden called on Israel to take “less intrusive action” at the al Shifa hospital — the latest sign the US wants fewer civilian casualties. Israel says Hamas uses hospitals as bases for its operations. 2) Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, are set to announce an agreement that would see Beijing crack down on the manufacture and export of fentanyl, according to people familiar with the matter, potentially delivering the US president a major victory. 3) House Speaker Mike Johnson is counting on Democrats to overcome misgivings and approve his proposal to avert a US government shutdown. 4) Denver Broncos beat the Buffalo Bills on Monday night football Full transcript: Good morning, I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. Let's get you caught up on what's happening in the Middle East. The focus is turning to hospitals in Gaza, where Israel accuses Hamas of housing command centers and weapons. President Biden says the Alshifa Hospital in Gaza City must be protected. I have not been reluctant and especially my concerns going on and is my hope and expectation that there will be less intrusive action role through hospital. President Biden's concern about civilian casualties is being answered by Israel's Economy Minister Near Barkat, do you understand that we have to wipe isis Comeaus off the map and we will do it with minimal collateral damage. This is our values. We don't need to be told that we know that ourselves Israelly Economy Minister Near Barcott spoke on Bloomberg Business Week. You can hear more of his comments on the BusinessWeek podcast. Download it wherever you get your podcasts. Well, Nathan. As the war goes on, tens of thousands of Israel supporters are gathering in Washington, d C. To show their solidarity. On Bloomberg's Amy Moore, supports from the nation's capital. Organizers are expecting up to one hundred thousand people to attend today's event on the National Mall Capitol Hill. Security will be boosted, access to the capital will be restricted. Roads are being closed. DC police have requested assistance from the National Guard and the Department and If Homeland Security has designated the march a Level one security event that's the highest rating of risk assessment. The FBI says there's no specific threat, but there is fear of loan actors attacking pro Israel demonstrators coming to DC. The event begins at one this afternoon on the National Mall in Washington. I maye more is Bloomberg Radio, Oka, Amie, thank you staying in Washington. This could be a critical twenty four hours in Congress's attempt to keep the government funded. Bloomberg Zed. Baxter has the story. House Speaker Mike Johnson says he'll bring the bill to the House floor in spite of negative reaction from the right wing of his party, who wanted spending cuts included. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has opened the door to a settlement for now. I am pleased that Speaker Johnson seems to be moving in our direction by advancing a cr that does not include the highly partisan cuts the Democrats have warned against. And President Biden also has often saying he'll wait to see The deadline is Friday midnight, add Baxter, Bloomberg Radio. All right, and thank you well. We turned to the economy now, and we get the first of two big readings on inflation this morning. With the consumer price index for October. Economists say inflation probably ease to an annual rate of three point three percent, and we get a preview from Bloomberg's crety GUPDA. There are some varied estimates here, but I think the takeaway is simply that some of the disinflation, the progress essentially that has been happening in the US economy when it comes to inflation, is going to slow down. So it's not that it's going to increase, but it's also not going to be making as much downward progress as we expect, at least has to...


Talks Intensify to Release Hostages in Gaza; U.S. Shutdown Deadline

On today's podcast: 1) The Israeli army conducted raids in northern Gaza on the outskirts of the Shati refugee camp, while a UN agency said that a naval strike had seriously damaged one of its guesthouses. 2) The US still faces a risk of a government shutdown at the end of this week despite a new compromise plan by Speaker Mike Johnson that leaves out hardline conservative priorities like cutting spending and curtailing migration. 3) The White House cited a resumption of US-China military communications as a priority ahead of this week’s meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. Full transcript: Good morning, I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. Let's get the latest developments on the war in the Middle East. The US has conducted airstrikes in eastern Syria on targets link to Iran. Those strikes come as talks intensified to secure the release of hostages in the Gaza strip As Bloomberg News Managing editor Sylvia Westall reports, President Biden discussed that issue with the leader of Katar last night. Kata's quite question important role in this. It's already helped mediate between Israel, Hamas and foreign governments to release a small number of people and the estimates for around about two hundred hostages still trapped there, and are those talks ongoing. There's been discussions between Biden and the ruler of Katar and all these countries involved, and Israel said it won't even contemplate a cease far until those hostages are released. Bloomberg Sylvia west All reports President Biden also talked about increasing the flow of humanitarian assistance into Gaza with Cautter's premiere. Well, it's really Prime Minister Benjamin Etna who was asked about whether there could be a deal to exchange captives with Hamas. There could be, but I think the less I said about it, the more I'll increase the chancels that it materializes. And it's a result of pressure, military pressure, of the extraordinary work that the idea of was doing. And Prime Minister Nanya, who was on NBC's Meet the Press, but as really President Isaac Herzog is expressing caution, there are talks of behind the scenes. I cannot confirm any details. What I can say is that there's nothing substantial right now on the table. The United States is also heavily involved in this, so there's nothing tangible that I can report. Israeli President Isaac Herzog was a guest on CBS's Face the Nation, and you can hear Face the Nation and Meet the Press every Sunday on Bloomberg Radio. Turning to politics back here at Home, Karen, there is now one less Republican candidate for president. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has ended his campaign. Scott says he will not immediately make an endorsement in the race, and he's not looking to join a Republican ticket as a vice presidential candidate Well Nathan. The US faces a risk of a government shutdown at the end of this week. Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson is trying a new approach to funding the government. By Bloomberg's At Baxter reports, the shutdown risks still Inger. The Johnson plan would extend some government funding until January nineteenth and others until February second. It also declined to do the immedia thirty percent spending cuts demanded by the right wing of his party, so that means fewer Republican votes and reliance on Democrats to cross lines and vote for it. He says, spending addiction cannot be broken overnight. Democrats so far have been moot. Whitehouse, though has already said it would only lead to future shutdowns. Johnson says he's scheduling a vote for tomorrow at Baxter Bloomberg Radio. All right, thank you well. Former New York Fed President Bill Dudley's warning the US fiscal position is on a quote unsustainable trajectory. Dudley is also a columnist form Bloomberg Opinion. He told the conference in Sydney there's a lack of political will to resolve the crisis at a time when debt costs are soaring, Nathan. The warning from Dudley...


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Daybreak Weekend: Biden Prepares for Xi Meeting, Inflation Data, Government Shutdown

Bloomberg Daybreak Weekend with Tom Busby takes a look at some of the stories we'll be tracking in the coming week. 1) We preview this week's upcoming CPI and PPI data 2) The Dubai Airshow kicks off this week - a major event for airlines and plane makers 3) President Biden prepares to meet China's President Xi in San Francisco this week 4) A Government shutdown looms - Speaker Johnson in focus. See for privacy information.


Gaza Strikes Intensify; Humanitarian Windows Open; Powell Upends Bond Market

On today's podcast: 1) Israeli struck outpatient clinics of Al-Shifa Medical complex in Gaza City, Palestine Authority radio reports. The Israeli military has said that Hamas’s main military headquarters is located underground near Al-Shifa and has told the hospital to evacuate patients. 2) Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the US central bank will continue to move carefully but won’t hesitate to tighten policy further if needed to contain inflation. 3) West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced Thursday he won’t seek reelection, a blow to Democrats’ prospects for keeping the Senate majority in 2025. 4) Industrial & Commercial Bank of China’s US unit had been hit by a cyberattack, rendering it unable to clear swathes of US Treasury trades after entities responsible for settling the transactions swiftly disconnected from the stricken systems. That forced ICBC to send the required settlement details to those parties by a messenger carrying a thumb drive as the state-owned lender raced to limit the damage. 5) Chicago Bears take down the Carolina Panthers in Thursday Night Football Full transcript: Good morning, I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. Karen, the latest on the Israel Hamas war. Israel says it's struck back at an organization from Syria. The target at a school in the southern city of Ailat with a drone. Meanwhile, the White House is confirmed Israel's agreed to four hour daily humanitarian pauses in northern Gaza to allow civilians to flee, but Mark Regev, who advises Israel's Prime Minister, says it's not a ceasefire. We will continue this operation until we have destroyed Harmasa's military machine. The idea of a humanitarian pause is in a specific place, for a specific time, to help the civilian population who are not the target of our operation on the country. We want to see the move out of Hamsway. That was Benjamin Natanyahu advisor Mark Regev meantime. A short time ago, Palesidine Authority Radio reported that Israel's forces struck outpatient clinics of a medical complex in Gaza City. Israel's military says the main military headquarters of Hamas are located underground near that hospital, and had they told the hospital to evacuate patients, well, Nathan, we turn now to news that still making waves in Washington. A Democrat, Joe Mansion of West Virginia, stepping away from Capitol Hill. I will not be running for re election to the United States Senate, but what I will be doing is traveling the country and speaking out to see if there is an interest in creating a movement to mobilize the middle and bring Americans together. Senator Manchin is an honorary original honorary co share of No Labels, the centrist group that's now working on a possible third party presidential campaign. Bloomberg's Wendy Benjamin Sin has more from Washington. If he does go for an independent or third party run, that's going to make it very, very difficult, because the people who feel that Biden may have gone too far to the left, or is too old, or all the other things are looking at this guy a true old soele conservative Democrat. Bloomberg's Wendy Benjamin Sin notes mansion still has eleven point three million dollars in a Senate reelection campaign that he could use in a presidential run. Well, politics has Washington's focus. Karen Summer, President Biden's cabinet have headed West Finance. Leaders of the US and China have begun talks setting the groundwork for the Biden she meeting next week at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. Bloomberg's Ed Baxter has the story from San Francisco. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen meets again today here in San Francisco with Chinese Vice Premier Hu LaFong. She is saying the US has no design to break economic ties with China, but these two day meetings are aimed at making progress on a slew of economic issues before the heads of state sit down. China's main concerns in the supply chains in high tech, the US focusing on fair...


Clinton on Israelis and Palestinians, SAG-AFTRA Strike Over, Ivanka Trump in Court

On today's podcast: 1) Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said both Israel and the Palestinians need new leadership in order to have a chance of achieving a peace deal once the current war in the Gaza Strip ends. 2) The five Republicans scrapping to fashion themselves as the alternative to Donald Trump opened their debate Wednesday night blaming the former president for the party’s latest election embarrassment — then spent the next 90 minutes doing little to distinguish themselves from the GOP frontrunner. 3) Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump testified she had no role in preparing his allegedly inflated financial statements and wasn’t aware that he was claiming a net worth of more than $4 billion as she was trying to get a Trump Organization loan for the Doral golf club in Florida in 2011 3) Missed your favorite actors? After nearly four months of striking, they're coming back. Wednesday's deal between striking actors and studios and streaming services won't immediately restore filming to its full swing. That will take months. 5) Walt Disney, embroiled in another fight with activist investor Nelson Peltz, posted fourth-quarter profit that beat analysts’ expectations and said it will cut an additional $2 billion in expenses. Disney stock jumps. Full Transcript: Good morning, I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. We begin with the latest developments in the war in the Middle East. The Pentagon says the US IS carried out an airstrike on a weapons warehouse in eastern Syria. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says the self defense strike was in retaliation for attacks on American forces in Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, Israel says some fifty thousand more Palestinians have fled to southern Gaza as Israel's army pushes deeper in to Hamas strongholds in the north of the territory. All this as, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says, both Israel and the Palestinians need new leadership. So I think you have to create the environment in which there is a chance to revitalize the peace process and a potential for a two state solution. Hamas is not interested in a two state solution. They are dedicated to the destruction of Israel. That is in their charter. If you've been watching lots of different outlets over the last month, that is what the leaders of Hamas say, you know they want to destroy Israel. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton added that while Israel's unlikely to agree to a ceasefire that would benefit Hamas, it probably will accept pauses to allow aid to reach civilians in Gaza. Clinton made the comments in an interview with Bloomberg's editor in chief John Micklethwaite at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore. Well Nathan. The war in the Middle East was a major topic at last night's Republican presidential debate in Miami. The five candidates on the NBC stage were united in support of Israel, including Florida Governor Ronda Santis. I would be telling BB finish the job once and for all with these butchers. Come on, they're proris, their massacring innocent people. But there were devides over a to Ukraine and how to approach China. Of ak Ramaswami and Nikki Haley had a sharp exchange over banning TikTok in the last debate. She made fun of me for actually joining TikTok while her own daughter was actually using the app for a long time. So you might want to take care of your family first. Read my appreciation daughter man. Nikki Haley and the other candidates also went after front runner Donald Trump for skipping the debate. Jeanie she and Zano is a politics contributor for Bloomberg. She said he was a good president for the time, but he is not the right president for now. And then she pointed to the fact that he created eight trillion dollars in debt, he's wrong on Ukraine now, and the fact that we can't live in the past. Genie she Andzano notes the former president held a rally ten miles away rather than appearing on the debate stage. Meanwhile,...


Election Results: Big Wins for Democrats; Ohio Abortion Rights Vote Passes

On today's podcast: 1) Ohio voters enshrined abortion rights in their state’s Constitution, a boon for Democrats running on the issue and complicating Republicans’ approach to the 2024 elections. 2) Political polarization has helped make 2023 the biggest off-year for ballot measures in more than a decade in the US, 3) Israel said its troops have entered the middle of Gaza’s main city, as they continue their operation against Hamas. 4) Two days after former President Donald Trump testified at his New York Fraud trial, it's his daughter Ivanka's turn to take the stand. Full transcript: Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. We begin with last night's election results and a major victory for abortion rights in Ohio. Voters approved Issue one, which enshrines the right to abortion access in the state constitution, by a fifty six to forty four percent margin. Bloomberg Politics reporter Mark Niquette is in Ohio and has more It passed pretty overwhelmingly. And what's going to get a lot of attention is this past in what has become a Republican state. And it's clear that this issue passed even in counties that Donald Trump carried pretty handily in twenty twenty. Bloomberg's Mark Mniquette reports this makes Ohio the latest state to back abortion rights after last year's Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In the interest of transparency, we should note that Michael Bloomberg, founder and majority owner of Bloomberg Radio parent Bloomberg LP, donated a million dollars to the campaign supporting Ohio's abortion rights amendment. Well Nathan, It was also a good night for Democrats in Virginia, with every seat in the state legislature up for grabs. Democrats won majorities in both the House of Delegates and the state Senate. It's a blow to Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin. He's seen as a presidential contender in twenty twenty eight and had hoped to pass a fifteen week abortion band with GOP control. And in another major race, Democrat Andy Basher has won a second term as governor of Kentucky, a state former President Donald Trump carried by nearly twenty five points in twenty twenty And In other political news, Karen Tonight, in Miami, Republicans hold their third presidential debate. Five candidates will take part. Ron De Santis, Sneaky Haley, Vivek Ramaswami, Tim Scott, and Chris Christy Well Nathan notably absent, will be GOP front runner Donald Trump. Two days after the former president testified at his New York fraud trial, it's his daughter, Ivanka's turn to take the stand, and Bloomberg's ad Baxter has the story. The trial issue is whether Donald Trump inflated the worth of his properties to lenders and other business dealings. Ivanka Trump has pretty much disappeared from the public spotlight, opting to leave both New York and Washington, d C. For Miami, but part of what prosecutors want to look at as her role in several real estate transactions, as well as the valuation of her New York apartment, which they say was priced at about two and a half times the value ed Baxter Bloomberg Radio. Okay, Ed, thank you. We now turn to the latest developments in the war in the Middle East. Israel says its troops have entered the middle of Gaza's main city. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Investment says talks toward normalization of ties with Israel remain on the table, Despite the Kingdom criticism of Israeli military action. We spoke exclusively with Khalid Alfala, you know when those discussions were taking place, and his Royal Highs, the Crown Prince was clear that it is contingent on a pathway to peace for resolution of the Palestinian questions. That was on the table, that remains on the table. And obviously the setback over the last month has brought that has clarified. Why was Saudi Arabia so adamant The resolution of the Palestinian conflict has to be part of a broader normalization in the Middle East. Saw the Investment Minister. Khalid Alfala...


Israel War Enters Second Month; Fireworks at Trump Civil Trial; WeWork Files for Bankruptcy

On today's podcast: 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he sees his country having security control over Gaza for an “indefinite period,” suggesting it will maintain that role even after fighting in the besieged territory ends. 2) Donald Trump took to the witness stand Monday morning and within minutes turned his day in court into a live Truth Social post. No one understands real estate like he does, Trump testified, and the banks knew what they were doing. The judge sitting next to him is “biased,” the court is a “fraud” and the case against him “crazy,” Trump said, voice rising. 3) Former high-flying startup WeWork filed for bankruptcy listing nearly $19 billion of debts, a fresh low for the co-working company that struggled to recover from the pandemic. 4) In football, the Los Angeles Chargers break the New York Jets 3-Game win streak Full transcript: Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karen Moscow. Here are the stories we're following today. We begin with the war in the Middle East. Today marks one month since the Hamas attack in southern Israel that's set off the conflict. Now, the Hamas run health ministry in Gaza says more than ten thousand people have been killed since the fighting began on October seventh, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rejecting calls for a ceasefire. There'll be no ceasefire, general ceasefire in Gaza without the release of our hostages. As far as tactical little pauses an hour here, an hour there, we've had them before. I suppose we'll check the circumstances in order to enable goods, umanitarian goods to come in or our hostages individual hostages to leave. But I don't think there's going to be a general seas far and Prime Minister Natanyah, who tells ABC News Israel could have security control over Gaza for an extended period. Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner tells Bloomberg Radio the goal of war is to dismantle humous as a governing authority and a terrorist entity. Of course, we understand that that role, that goal is a very expensive goal and it will take time. And so the operation itself, the war itself, is an open ended war. It so we don't have any power glass counting the minutes until we end. And you can listen back to our entire interview with Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner on the Bloomberg Talks podcast. Well, Nathan, back here in the US, the civil trial continues in New York against Donald Trump. It was a fiery day one. On the witness stand for the former president of Bloomberg's, Ed Baxter has the story. Trump yelled at the judge, said he was biased, and the court was a fraud, was a skill, and this is the case. It should have an attorney general. Letitia James says she got what she needed. At the end of the day, the documentary evidence demonstrated that, in fact, he falsely inflated his assets, and Bloomberg's Patricia Hurtado says she's never seen anything like it. He was claiming that I've done real estate for fifty years and as a developer, basically I have a right to just declare magically what Something's worth. Daughter Ivanka is on the stand Wednesday Ed Baxter Bloomberg Radio. Okay and thank you now. Donald Trump will not be participating in tomorrow Night's Republican presidential debate in Miami. Five candidates will. They are Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswami, Senator Tim Scott, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Former White House chief of staff mc mulvaney says Trump's decision not to participate may have repercussions. I think it may come back to haunt him when Joe Biden, assuming Bibes's the Democrat nominee, has the ability then with good reason to say, oh, Donald, you didn't debate in the primary, I'm not debating you in the general. And Trump would be desperate for a debate headhead against Bid and Bide would be desperate for an excuse not to do one. And former Trump White House Chief of Staff mcmulvaney says Nicky Haley is the one with the most to gain from this debate. Mulvaney was on...