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“Business Reinvention with Nancy Lin” keeps you up to date on emerging trends and business innovations that could transform your industry. The show helps you make sense of new technologies and business models to understand their implications. Nancy Lin is a thoughtful and engaging host with a knack for asking questions that draw out unexpected insights. Her in-depth interviews with experts empower you to think innovatively and offer you inspiration and business lessons.


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“Business Reinvention with Nancy Lin” keeps you up to date on emerging trends and business innovations that could transform your industry. The show helps you make sense of new technologies and business models to understand their implications. Nancy Lin is a thoughtful and engaging host with a knack for asking questions that draw out unexpected insights. Her in-depth interviews with experts empower you to think innovatively and offer you inspiration and business lessons.




Taxi 4.0 - The Post-Uber Era

The medium salary for U.S. Taxi drivers is only $33,034, according to Under threat from Uber and driverless cars, the traditional taxi industry is facing a bleak future. In this episode, I will speak with Dr. Sheng-Tsung Hou, the Director at the Center for Service Innovation and Mobility Design (SIMD), who has spent years studying the taxi industry in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. We will discuss the innovative system in Singapore which Uber emulated as well as the turnaround...


Enhancing Public Education

U.S. students are improving in math and science, but are still lagging behind their counterparts in many other countries. One of the reasons for the poor performance is funding inequality. About half of our education funding for public schools comes from local property taxes, resulting in large disparities in funding between wealthy and impoverished communities. This is a sharp contrast to the situations in other developed countries where school districts typically receive equal funding on...


Making Room for Change

The travel industry is the world’s largest employer. Several trends are reshaping the industry. The sharing economy for example, is blurring the line between hotels and short term rentals. As hotels and airlines take control of their own inventory, and turn away from third-party sites such as Expedia, will more travel search engines and other players look toward the home sharing market for growth? Please join me and Jen O’Neal, CEO and Founder of, to explore the changing face of...


Encore - Small Is Beautiful: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big

With the business environment becoming more competitive than ever, many companies are wrapped-up in the notion that if they don’t grow rapidly, they will not survive. Magazines are full of top 10 lists that measure success by size and wealth. In this episode, Inc’s editor at large, Bo Burlingham, will talk about his book, Small Giants, in which he discusses companies that strive to be great instead of big and define their own success. We will gain insight into how these companies thrive by...


Encore: Brainstorm with Nature - How Biomimicry May Hold the Key to Your Innovation Challenge

Many technologies are designed to conquer nature or natural events. But now we’re seeing businesses in wide range of industries look to nature for innovative ideas. Biomimicry takes inspiration from nature to solve human problems, and has attracted the attention of companies such as Apple and IDEO. The number of innovations based on biomimicry design is on the rise. Chris Allen, CEO of Biomimicry 3.8, and Anthony Brennan, CTO of Sharklet, will provide insight into this emerging sector, its...


Reinventing the Insurance Industry

Insurance has become a commodity for many people but that’s about to change with innovative startups entering the market. Executives in the industry are expecting digital technology to transform the marketplace within the next few years, according to a study by Accenture. This week, we will take a look at Metromile to get a glimpse of the innovations that are happening in the insurance business. Tina Wong, Director of Marketing at Metromile, will join me to discuss their business strategy...


Encore: The Business of Sports Entertainment

Thanks to the growing Hispanic population, soccer’s popularity continues to climb in the US. In addition, it now ranks as the second favorite sport among Americans age 12-24, according to the new ESPN/Luker poll. David Kaval, President of San Jose Earthquakes, will join me to discuss the business strategies that have helped boost season ticket sales by 42%. We will also explore the new technologies that are helping to reinvent the in-stadium experience and innovate the business of sports...


Encore: Looking for Superman Or Woman: How to Find Exceptional Talent

How do the world’s savviest talent judges find superior talent? In this fast-changing global market, great talent is the key for companies maintaining competitiveness. George Anders, the Pulitzer Prize winner and top writer for The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, will share with us insight from his new book, “The Rare Find. We'll also hear from Joy McGovern, Head of Client Services of Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. She'll discuss what...


Encore: Going Beyond Growing Pains

How do you take a growing business serving a few markets, and scale it up to meet the increasing demand for you products while motivating your team to cope with change and limited resources? This is one of the biggest challenges for successful and fast-growing companies. In this episode, Nanette Miller, Partner at Marcum LLP, and Juli Betwee, Managing Partner of Pivot Point Partners, will offer their advice on how to overcome growing pains and take your business to the next level.


Virtual Reality Going Mainstream

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently said that while mobile is the key platform of today, virtual reality will be one of the major platforms of tomorrow. He predicts that virtual reality technology can change the way we work, play and communicate. The technology had been associated mostly with gaming but new applications are being developed rapidly. Business Insider estimates shipments of VR headsets will grow at a 99% compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020, and the market...


Special Encore Presentation: Bringing The Cloud to Earth

Innovation can often be counter-intuitive, or it can simply embody the repurposing of ideas from other industries. The Space Monkey device moves the cloud into your home, using a peer-to-peer local storage network and making it easy to store and share your digital content without dealing with your Internet connection. The market for public cloud services is expected to exceed $200 billion by 2016, according to Forbes. Clint Gordon-Carroll, co-founder of Space Monkey, will talk about the...


New Marketing Thinking for the Digital Age

More than 10 years after social media and mobile phones went mainstream, marketers are still trying to make sense of the fast-changing media landscape and consumer behaviors. The change has compelled companies to rethink their organizational structure and alignment in addition to their capability to harness big data and respond to market intelligence. In this episode, I will talk with David F. Giannetto, the author of “Big Social Mobile – How Digital Initiatives Can Reshape the Enterprise...


Smart Food and Precision Agriculture

By 2050, the world’s population will reach 9.2 billion, 34 percent higher than today. With companies like Google racing to extend our lives, are we going to have enough food to feed an increasing population who are living longer than any time in history? Over $2.3 billion in venture money was invested in agtech in 2014. In this episode, we will explore how precision agriculture is transforming one of the world’s oldest industries. The advanced technologies are helping farmers collect...


3D Printing - Now and the Future

We first featured 3D printing technology on the show in 2012. How has it evolved and what has the industry learned about market needs? In this episode, I will speak with guests from Autodesk, Shapeways and Wohlers Associates about the progress and impact the sector has made in the last 3 years. We discuss new implications for other industries and re-examine the future of the 3D printing market. Panelists – James Page, Senior Product Manager of Spark at Autodesk Tim Caffrey, Senior Consultant...


Encore of Breaking All the Rules: Delancey Street

Delancey Street is the leading residential self-help organization for substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom. For 40 years, the ground-breaking social enterprise provides an environment where the “untouchable” learn to develop their strengths, hold each other accountable, and run successful restaurants, moving companies, landscaping businesses and bookstores without any professional help. In this episode, we will speak with the founder and CEO of Delancey...


Encore: The License to Slow Down

Since the Slow Movement stared in 1986, the business environment has become even more complex and fast-paced. Has the movement failed or is the explosive pace of change finally driving businesses and consumers to embrace the movement and deal with our addiction to speed? This show is for trend watchers who are looking for new opportunities as well as busy professionals who want to take control of their lives and reboot business results. I will speak with Carl Honoré, author of In Praises of...


Encore: The Retail Revolution, And The Road to Remarkable

There are many articles and experts that are predicting the end of brick-and-mortar stores. Is it possible to reverse this downward slide? Will implementing disruptive technologies alone save the traditional retailers? Are online retailers really invincible? Doug Stephens will join me to examine the future of the retail industry. He'll provide a thought-provoking perspective about the root causes of the demise of traditional retailers. We’ll also discuss critical strategies retailers should...


Encore: DNA Marketing - What Does It Mean for Consumers and Advertisers?

As competition intensifies, businesses are going beyond online tracking to find better data for their marketing strategies. Hugo Boss now uses body heat to track shoppers and identify areas in the stores that are most visited. Other advertisers use facial recognition technology in their digital advertising display to tailor personalized message to the shopper. Miinome, a start-up in Minneapolis, is betting that genetics-based advertising is the next big thing. Paul Saarinen, CEO of Miinome,...


Rethinking Cyber Security

Juniper Research warns that annual cost of cyber security breaches could reach $2.1 trillion by 2019 as mobile devices and the Internet of Things networks proliferate. Cyber attacks are now the most lucrative crime - something that no CEO can ignore. In this episode, Mike Kirwan will deconstruct cyber threats - to help many of us who don’t have a technical background understand the key issues and learn how to strategize a better cyber security plan to reduce business risk. The program also...


Contextual Retail - Can In-store Analytics Help Retailers Get Their Groove Back?

For over a decade, technologists have been predicting the down fall of traditional retail stores. eCommerce has been taking market share from the physical channel as the use of Internet increases. The problem worsened when smartphones became ubiquitous and turned stores into showrooms for eCommerce sites. But the advancement of technology is now helping brick and mortar stores to turn the tide and reinvent the way they operate. This week, Shelley E. Kohan, VP of Retail Consulting at...