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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe


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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




Business of Sport - Tokyo Olympics

Felicity Hannah looks at how the Olympic games are financed and the competitors are funded. She's joined by Sir Keith Mills, former Deputy Chair of London 2012 organising committee; Nigel Walker who's National Director of the English Institute of Sport; Marie Oldham, Executive chair of the advertising agency VCCP Media and Danny Downs of online sports retailer Fanatics.


Shelf life

Felicity Hannah hears from the Food and Drink Federation after the Government announced new plans to stop some people having to isolate when they're pinged. UK tech founder Mike Lynch *can* be extradited to the US to face charges of conspiracy and fraud. Unilever warnings on Inflation Toyota shuts its factories in Thailand because of Covid.


Supermarkets weep

Some retailers are warning keeping shelves stocked is getting increasingly difficult as workers get pinged. And Britain and the EU are arguing over Northern Ireland trade, again. Despite Tokyo's empty streets the Olympics are going ahead, though the man in charge of its opening ceremony has been sacked. Tech and workplace training boss Gori Yahaya, founder and CEO of Upskill Digital talks skills and how his staff are heading back to the office for the air con. #WakeUpToMoney With Felicity...


Sweating over isolation

As staff battle the heatwave, bosses worry the 'pingdemic' could shut businesses down, so Felicity Hannah looks at the law on isolation. She also catches up with an Olympic sponsor, asks whether tackling pre-school literacy could save the economy money and she'll have the latest on Netflix results.


Some ping's wrong

As the 'pingdemic' causes more disruption - we speak to one boss dealing with the fallout and catch up on what impact the PM's decision to impose covid passports on nightclubs could have. Sean also looks into the report into Greensill - the finance firm that went bust last March and was the main funder of Liberty Steel's owner. He also catches up with the boss of HMV as it hits 100.


New rules

As unlocking begins in earnest, the team takes a look at what's changing. As nightclubs are allowed to open their doors for the first time since lockdown last year, promoter Laila McKenzie joins Sean for the whole show. Sean also finds out what the latest on foreign travel is, how retailers will be abiding by the new rules, and speaks to live music stalwart and former Mean Fiddler owner Vince Power. Plus Mariko Oi has the latest on the Olympics from Japan.


Independents day

Former Iceland and Wickes boss Bill Grimsey has been looking into the future of the UK's high street. In his latest report he says independent shops can revitalise high streets, but they've need urgent help to tackle the mountain of debt caused by Covid. Felicity Hannah talks to Bill and to ethical clothing retailer Kalkidan Legesse who runs Exeter store Sancho's. We hear from the boss of Goldman Sachs on why he expects 70% of his workers to be back in the office on Monday. Justin Onuekwusi...


Food for thought

Sean takes a look at whether taxing sugary and salty foods is the way to improve our health?


Different rules ok?

Sean Farrington looks at the different approach to lifting Covid rules across the UK, and the impact on business. Plus, former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn on his escape from Japan.


Boogie Rights

Nightclubs and other event organisers have been advised to ask for proof that revellers have had two jabs or tested negative for Covid will it work?


Paying the penalty

Sean Farrington takes stock of England's defeat in Euro 2020, and asks what the social media giants should be doing to tackle racism. He also looks ahead to a full reopening next week.


Taking flight?

Felicity Hannah looks at the travel changes for fully vaccinated holidaymakers. Plus, how are employers preparing for the Euro 2020 final? And, what will the Olympics be like without spectators? We also consider the prospects for the 'triple lock' pledge on the state pension.


It's the final countdown

As England head to the final, could a boost in the nation's spirits also be the economic boost businesses need?


Double, double jab and no bubble

Sean Farrington looks at the business implications for scrapping self-isolation for the doubled jabbed.


A Taste of Freedom

All legal coronavirus restrictions including mask-wearing, social distancing and nightclub closures will end 19 July.


Morrisons goes to the checkout

The latest on the newest Morrisons takeover bid and an in-depth interview with Justin King.


The Big Short(age)

What is going on with jobs? How can we have a shortage of workers for some businesses while others say they get hundreds of applicants for each job? Felicity Hannah presents.


Gigafactories and Gap

What will a massive new car battery factory near Sunderland's Nissan car plant do for the North East? Sean talks to Alan Ferguson, boss of Ferguson Transport who's been supplying Nissan since the 1980's, and Michael Johnson who owns The Sandwich Tree cafe in Sunderland. As much of North America and Canada boils in record temperatures, reporter Sophie Reid joins from Seattle to explain what it's like to live and work through a heatwave. Former Apprentice winner, baker and cafe owner Alana...


They think it's all over...

Felicity Hannah looks at the Covid-19 support measures that start to wind down from July 1, affecting business rates and stamp duty. Plus, where next for the Northern Ireland Protocol with a key date on food imports looming? And, what can football success do for morale in the workplace? Felicity talks to Karen McCormick, boss of venture capital firm Beringea. Neil Randall, CEO of Anytime Fitness discusses business rate support winding down. Mariko Oi joins Felicity from Singapore to chat...


Bubble trouble

What does the pledge to remove restrictions by the 19th of July mean for businesses? And is the large number of children forced to self-isolate affecting parents ability to work? Sean talks to Linda, owner of the Stripey Badger bookshop in Grassington and Martin who owns a string of bars across the North of England. He hears from James Lowman of the Association of Convenience stores about an increase in violence and abuse faced by shop workers. How are supermarkets getting ready for...