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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe


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News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe




Say Au Revoir to your French summer holiday

Businesses tell Danni Hewson how they'll be affected by France and Netherlands being added to the list of places you'll need to quarantine on your return. Also a soft play centre looks forward to reopening and Fortnite and Apple lock horns.


What's in a grade?

Bosses and recruiters tell Danni Hewson what they look for when hiring school leavers and graduates and it's not all about the grades. Danni gets some practical tips on what to do if your results were not what you'd hoped for. Reaction to the terrible crash in Scotland which caused a train to derail, killing three people. And whether vintage trainers can be a good investment... #wakeuptomoney


Bracing for the Covid recession

Sean looks ahead to official figures that will show what we all know - that the UK economy is now in recession. He catches up with four businesses in Wrexham, four years after interviewing them after the Brexit vote, to find out how they're faring during the pandemic. And he finds out about a rise in the use of auction houses. One in Port Talbot says it's had its busiest month in its 52-year history, because of the increase in liquidated businesses.


How many people are out of work?

Ahead of the release of the latest unemployment figures, Sean Farrington talks to someone looking for work, and to a recruiter, about how the jobs market is changing. High street retail has been struggling before and throughout the pandemic, but what about the future? Sean speaks to a retail futurist who is optimistic for the UK high street. As schools in Scotland begin to reopen today, the rest of the UK will be keeping a close eye on developments. Sean finds out more from the chief...


Will workers have the skills for a post-Covid world?

Could there be a mismatch between the skills of laid-off workers and the types of firms wanting to hire new staff? Sean Farrington speaks to an economist and a photographer looking for work. A government scheme to encourage people back into restaurants and cafes does seems to be working, but will it be enough to save the struggling hospitality industry? And have you ever heard of the lipstick index? It's using lipstick as a gauge for consumer spending. The logic goes that when more...


A tale of two economies

Danni talks to two business one that has been open through lockdown the other yet to open, as the governor of the Bank Of England warns a million people could lose their jobs. .


Covid economics

Danni speaks to two economists about what shape the economic recovery could take, she discusses the latest job losses, finds out why some Manchester restaurateurs aren't happy, and asks how much higher the gold price could get.


Mounting job losses

Danni Hewson speaks to the British Chambers of Commerce about the recent acceleration in job cuts, she chats to the UK boss of Ford, and she finds out how our TV viewers' habits have changed during the lockdown.


Biffa boss on dealing with waste in a pandemic

Danni Hewson speaks to the boss of FTSE 250 firm, Biffa, discusses a government letter sent to pharmaceutical firms urging them to stockpile drugs post-Brexit, and finds out more about the ongoing TikTok saga.


New tests, local lockdowns and eating out.

Felicity Hannah talks to businesses as they grapple with lockdown measures ramping up - both on a local, and sector level. It's the launch day for the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme, to entice would-be diners into restaurants. Felicity talks to a business that's taking part, and one that's excluded from the scheme. Get in touch #wakeuptomoney


Is the Northern Lockdown a Game changer

Danni Hewson looks at the massive slump in US GDP, discusses the big tech firm results from 'Super Thursday', speaks to businesses about changes to the government's furlough scheme, and catches up with the CEO of the ten-pin bowling alley chain Hollywood Bowl about the new rules in force, as alleys are allowed to reopen again.


"Too much Power"

Should the power of big tech companies be curb as Congress says they are anti competitive and lockdown saw a big surge in demand for pets Danni speaks to a dog breeder


"We've gone from a travel agency to a refund agency"

The latest on quarantine measures and there effect on the economy and the UK boss of Ebay says business rates need reform and that will mean Ebay will 'probably' pay more tax.


Holidays in Spain are cancelled until further notice.

The Foreign Office is now advising against all non-essential travel to the whole of Spain - so what will that mean for the beleaguered travel industry


Spain quarantine rule returns

Danni looks at the impact of new quarantine rules on travellers and businesses. Also, is an ad ban on unhealthy food the answer to tackling obesity? Plus, have our ambitions to cut down on plastic been forgotten during the pandemic?


The cover up

Felicity speaks to retailers as face coverings become mandatory in English shops. The Olympics were due to start today. Where has the pandemic postponement left businesses?


Trains, planes and ticket refunds

Rail commuters in some parts of the country have had a tough time - cancellations and delays have become normal for many journeys. In fact, Northern Rail was even nationalised in January over its performance. Today the government is pledging to tackle some of the problems that hamper services in the North with a boost of £600m. Felicity asks, is it enough to make a difference? Plus whether we'll soon see coronavirus testing at airports, why the luxury brand Bulgari is getting involved in...


The businesses left behind

Felicity Hannah hears from businesses that are stuck in limbo because they revolve around people socialising. Plus the impact of restaurant no shows. And the rise in scams and what we can do about it.


A public sector pay boost

Felicity Hannah finds out about the online misinformation spreading "virulently" during the pandemic. The Digital Culture Media and Sport Committee wants to see the big tech companies regulated. Gyms are due to re-open on Saturday. Wake Up to Money takes a tour of one as it prepares to open its doors to clients again.


Klarna and the rise of buy now, pay later

Felicity Hannah talks to the vice president of payment firm Klarna.