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The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.


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The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.






Episode 511: Fintech Visionaries Reimagining The Future of Finance & Hot Takes: Fintech on Fire

In This Episode This week we feature the first of a three part series focusing on fintech visionaries reimagining the future of finance. In the first segment host Brett King connects with Mariam Ogunbambi, Chief Client Officer at Engine by Starling, the technology arm of Starling Bank and Bronwyn Francis, SVP, Advisors Business Development, Mastercard. Starling Bank, as many of you know, is Britain’s first digital bank, a true fintech success story. Engine is the platform that powers Starling and is now being provided to banks globally as a Software-as-a-Service solution to help them innovate, digitally transform or launch new digital offerings in their own markets, offering the opportunity to keep up with the pace of change and chance to replicate some of the Starling Bank magic. It's an interesting first segment in this special series! Then, it's time for some more Hot Takes! This time, Fintech on Fire live from MX's Money Experience Summit in Las Vegas. We have three bold panelists eager to tackle hot questions and even hotter wings. For every question and hot take, our panelists Mary Wisniewski, Neff Hudson and Wes Hummel will join Jason Henrichs in eating progressively spicier chicken wings. These hot sauces are guaranteed to bring out some honest and entertaining reactions. It's another Hot Takes hot session!


Episode 510: Future of Money and Web3

In This Episode This week we start with a special segment as we head to SIBOS 2023 in Toronto and prepare for a panel discussion for the Future of Money. We look back over 10 years, pulling clips from prior Future of Money panels, the flagship session for SWIFT Innotribe for many years. Next week we will bring you the highlights from this year's Future of Money panel. It's a two-parter, so stay tuned! Spoiler alert: as we look back there wasn't much that the various panelists got wrong, in some cases the timing was off, but in most they were spot-on as they discussed the digitization of the banking sector and the explosion of banking through the world. Then host Brett King connects with award-winning author and tech investor Alex Tapscott to discuss Alex's new book Web3: Charting the Internet's Next Economic and Cultural Frontier. Referred to as an essential introduction and guide to navigating the next internet revolution, the book and discussion covers everything from the metaverse and NFTs to DAOs, decentralized finance, and self-sovereign identity. The Web and the Internet are entering a new age where individuals own their own identities and can securely trade assets like money, securities, intellectual property and art peer to peer. Web3 promises to shake up business, it is the internet's new frontier. Enjoy the episode!


Episode 509: Making A Difference: Roger That and Discovery Fund

In This Episode It is always exciting when one can do good by combining personal experience, knowledge, need and work to create something for the benefit of many. This is exactly what Citizens Bank of Edmond President and CEO Jill Castilla did with Roger (think military term indicating message received). Listen as Jill and Jason Henrichs discuss how the bank launched a digital bank for military recruits -- entry-level recruits many of whom enter basic training without bank accounts. The lack of an account can delay training start date and a recruit's first paycheck, and financial stability, predatory lending and financial literacy can be threats to military readiness. It's a fascinating success story. Then, as it is FinovateFall, we feature a Finovate conversation between 'MC' Greg Palmer and Elizabeth McCloskey, TruStage Ventures, where they cover the fintech funding landscape specific to Credit Unions and DEI Initiatives.


Episode 508: When Does a Fintech Become a Bank

In This Episode When does a fintech become what they set out to disrupt? Is it when they start offering bank-like products? Get a banking license? Is it when they go all-in and buy an actual bank? In this episode sister pod, Breaking Banks Asia Pacific, asks whether this is good, bad, or something else for competition. The Asian Banker founder Emmanuel Daniel says fintechs struggle to maintain their innovative edge when they get sucked into the bid to become a bank, and Wise’s Surendra Chaplot believes you can be bank-like and still forge a path that is sensitive to customer needs. What do you think?


Episode 507: Innovation, Disruption and Geopolitcal Risk

In This Episode This week FinovateFall Master of Ceremonies Greg Palmer and host of's Finovate podcast gives a taste of things to come as he shares two conversations with FinovateFall keynoters Luke Williams, NYU Stern School of Business Professor and Author of Disrupt, and Manas Chawla, Founder of London Politica. No spoiler alerts here, so you'll need to listen to the episode and come to FinovateFall NYC September 11 -13th to hear Luke talk about Disrupt and Innovation, and Manas talk about Geopolitical Risk and Gray Rhinos.


Episode 506: Fintech Running Just as Fast As It Can

In This Episode John Pitts, head of Policy at Plaid, and Jason Henrichs were recently talking about open finance and the Interagency Guidance on Third Party Due Diligence -- no doubt these are hot topics in your house like they are in ours -- and the idea to record some Hot Takes came to life. In the time it took to ship out Breaking Banks hot sauce, the Federal Reserve Bank decided to do its own hot take and create a supervision program for “Novel Activities.” Jonah Crane, partner at Klaros Group, former regulator in residence at the Fintech Innovation Lab and longtime regulator at the US Department of Treasury joined in on the fun and Dara Tarkowsi, partner at Actuate Law and host of's Tech on Reg podcast accepted the challenge to co-host with Jason for the first half. Then, if that wasn’t hot enough, in the second half, Frank Rotman, co-founder of QED Investors, 5x Forbes Midas Touch investor and Jason talk about building in the upcycle vs. building in the now cycle. Frank brings the heat and great insights!


Episode 505: Women in Fintech: Leaning in on The Metaverse & Climate Change

In This Episode The Metaverse Economy: How Finance Professionals Can Make Sense of Web3 is Arun Krishnakumar and Theo Lau's new book. Listen as Brett King connects with Theo Lau, frequent guest and Founder, Unconventional Ventures. The metaverse is evolving, the way the metaverse is now, is not close to where it will be. The book is designed to equip fintech professionals with an in-depth understanding of the emergent economic models in the Metaverse and across Web3, and also understand the risks associated with the Metaverse and help these professionals prepare for what lies ahead in this immersive environment. The concept of community in the metaverse is important, we don't want to leave people behind. Then Brett and Jason Henrichs shift the subject to talk about recent fires in Greece (sadly we can also add Maui to the list), the Impact of these fires and the EU response to climate change with author and influencer Dr. Leda Glyptis. July 2023 just scattered the record for the hottest month, per NASA, since 1880. There is no denying that climate change is here. Some of these extreme events are naturally occurring, others man-made, but the number and extent of these occurrences is increasing and there are concerns of irreversible desertification. Banks and regulators need to be front and center, and take more of a stance. In natural disasters the financial system sometimes breaks down -- financial inclusion and financial access are concerns. Major systemic banks in Europe are asking themselves the hard questions, not just taking superficial steps. The cost for these extreme weather events is growing exponentially, economics are in play. Covid made people realize there are no boundaries, it's everyone's problem. Climate change also doesn't stop at borders, a similar degree of focus and urgency is needed. Will Europe lead?


Episode 504: What’s Up With VC Investments

In This Episode Rising interest rates caught many by surprise. We saw some banks fail, Fintech venture funding dropped 50% year over year. IPOs were pulled. M&A for banks and fintechs are in limbo. Many say this is nothing short of an innovation nuclear winter unlike anything we've seen before. For others, this state of the world seemed vaguely familiar before a decade plus of Zero Interest Rate Policies. Except, it isn't just a reversion to the mean. There are many structural differences from 2008 and 2000 before that. It feels familiar, but are we really entering the Twilight Zone of Fintech? Is it a dystopian future or will there be an unexpected twist? Listen as Jason Henrichs hosts another HOT (yes, we added some spice!) episode with Rahul Baig, Managing Director, Head of Venture Capital Coverage at Wells Fargo, Sarah Hinkfuss, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, and Amias Gerety, Partner at QED investors. There was plenty of hot sauce to go with the Hot Takes and debates. Amias even shares his secret recipe for the homemade sauce he was sipping.


Episode 503: Snark Tank Explained & Biometric Payments

In This Episode This week Brett King and JP Nicols are joined by the infamous Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors and Forbes' Author of Fintech Snark Tank. Listen as they talk about Ron’s latest Forbes articles that have created some buzz! From The Checking Account War Is Over (And The Fintechs Have Won) to The Banking Crisis Has Only Just Begun, they have lots to discuss before they get into what banks need — is it Innovation or is it Invention or Just Growth? Then Greg Palmer host of's Finovate podcast begins his FinovateSpring Best of Show winner spotlight series with a conversation on the future of biometric payments with Deepak Jain, Founder & CEO, Wink. Additional best of show interviews can be found on


Episode 502: Better Tomorrow & Biometric Signatures

In This Episode Welcome to this week's episode of Breaking Banks where we feature pieces from cohosts and sister podcasts NextGen Banker and Tech on Reg. First, David Reiling, host of NextGen Banker, interviews Sheel Mohnot cofounder of Better Tomorrow Ventures, discussing Sheel's first foray into the fintech world with a non-profit and why he’s dedicated his career to making the consumer experience better. Spoiler alert, they also talk about his recent viral wedding in the Taco Bell metaverse. Then we shift to Biometric Signatures: The Digital Dotted Line, and Dara Tarkowski’s conversation with Matthew Gibson Co-Founder of Syngrafii. From virtual signing rooms to remote pens and more, they cover the digitization and compliance of signatures and the changed landscape of biometric signature capabilities.


Episode 501: A Financially Safer World & Fintech4Good

In This Episode Live from Guatemala, Brett connects with execs from Plus TI at the Monitor Plus Conference to talk about financial crime and how AI, data sharing, real-time monitoring and the balance of human and machine learning can prevent fraud, boost bank business and benefit customers. Then, close to 90% of the world’s carbon emissions come from coastal and marine ecosystems, but there is ambiguity on how exactly to measure, manage and take advantage of its protection towards the creation of credits. In this segment from Breaking Banks Europe, host Roberto Capodieci connects with Cerulean Ventures Co-Founder, Jahed Momand. Listen as they talk carbon credits and dive into unlocking the blue carbon credits marketplace.


Episode 500: Celebrating 10 Years of Breaking Banks

In This Episode Today we feature a special anniversary episode of Breaking Banks with hosts Brett King, Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols looking back over 10 years and 500 episodes of Breaking Banks. Listen as the team reflects on highlights and their favorite moments, throughout you’ll hear from some special guests and hosts. Thank you to our loyal listeners for helping to make us the #1 global fintech podcast. Here’s to 500 more and continuing to chronicle fintech innovation around the globe. Cheers!


Special Episode – Finovate: Financial Insights & Breaking Banks Anniversary Trailer

In This Episode Next week is the 500th episode of Breaking Banks. Every week since 2013 we've been featuring the innovators, players and personalities working towards a more innovative and inclusive financial future. We received so many comments on this special milestone we feature several in the second half of today's show. Be sure to tune in next week, as you do every week!, as hosts Brett King, Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols cover industry changes, highlights and their favorite moments over the past 10 years. But first we start this episode by featuring sister podcast Finovate's interview on better understanding the competitive landscape with Financial Insights.


Special Episode — Back By Popular Demand: Fintech’s Getting Spicy

In This Episode Host Jason Henrichs gets spicy, and sheds a few tears, with industry experts Alex Johnson, Creator, Fintech Takes and Amy Radin, Author and Executive Advisor to Enterprises and ScaleUps in this episode of Breaking Banks. The wings are spicy and so is the conversation as they cover current economic challenges, the crypto meltdown, BNPL, value creation, down rounds for neobanks, and everything next! This episode is HOT!


Episode 499: Apple’s Future Vision

In This Episode This week on Breaking Banks a crossover episode from The Futurists featuring the dynamic duo of Robert Scoble and Brian Roemmele — prior Breaking Banks guests, tech evangelists, sought-after specialists, and highly regarded futurists. Listen as they dive into the implications of Apple’s Vision Pro with hosts Brett King, Katie King, and Brian Solis. They riff and discuss what it all means for computing, experiences, even detailing the experience of wearing the Vision Pro, the breakthroughs Apple had to make to get this far, and what likely comes next.


Episode 498: Meet Breaking Chains Crypto

In This Episode Meet Breaking Chains Crypto, a new podcast In the Breaking Banks/ family of podcasts that is hosted by Yield App. BreakingChains Crypto covers the news, rumors and developments in Crypto, DeFi, Web3 and what makes the industry tick. Breaking Chainsbrings an insiders perspective on the true secrets and developments, what really makes a difference in the industry, and how the most exciting coins, tokens and verticals to emerge from the industry will change the world. In this episode, Rhys and Lucas Kiely, Yield App’s Head of Web3 and CIO, along with Ajit Tripathi, strategic advisor at Polygon Labs, discuss the current landscape and share reasons why they think the battle of the L2s is only just starting, how Chat GPT – whileincredibly useful – has striking similarities to a Big 4 consultant, and why South Korea has shown evidence that it is fertile ground forproducing some notable degens.


Episode 497: Highlights From Finovate Spring & Spotlight: KakaoBank

In This Episode This week it's a Breaking Banks and FInovate podcast mashup as fintech luminaries opine on Finovate Spring (San Francisco). Listen as respective hosts Brett King and Greg Palmer, also VP and Director of Fintech Strategy, The Finovate Group dish with Mary Wisniewski, Editor at Large, Cornerstone Advisors; Alex Jimenez, Managing Principal, Financial Services Consulting; Theodora Lau, Founder, Unconventional Ventures and Deva Annamalai, Founder/CEO of RightFrame Consulting, a Bespoke Fintech Payments Consulting firm, and talk trends, highlights, surprises, opportunities and make a few predictions along the way. Then Brett speaks with KakaoBank CEO Daniel Yun. KakaoBank, a South Korean neobank, is one of the most successful challenger banks out there today. Started in 2017 with a small team and through joint venture, it had 1 million customers within its first few days. Today, KakaoBank has 26 million customers and is one of the most profitable challenger banks globally. There's much to celebrate as it looks to the future and ways to innovate, expand and continue its success.


Episode 496: Leaders and Leadership

In This Episode With 80% of Americans never defaulting on a loan but less than half having a prime credit score, today we spotlight an episode of sister podcast and NextGen Banker host David Reiling's conversation with accidental banker and Leaders in Lending host, Jeff Keltner, also SVP Business Development at Upstart as they talk about using AI or predictive algorithms to improve access to affordable credit with less risk to banks, and how this technology uses larger sets of data to help understand the real risk. Tech doing its magic and continuing to make an impact. Then we turn to another podcast and Finovate host Greg Palmer's conversation with Jacqueline Baker, author, podcast host and leadership consultant, about her recent book, The Unexpected Leader: Discovering the Leader Within You. To lead it's imperative to see yourself as a leader right out of the gate. There are of course always headwinds, but everyone can be a leader, and with four levels of leadership there are many opportunities. Interestingly many of the best leaders are those that have leadership thrust upon them. You may be our next great leader! Enjoy the episode!


Episode 495: Legal implications of AI

In This Episode Society has grown more complex and polarized, with this comes an increased likelihood of complicated disputes. How is the legal industry evolving to deal with a hyper connected society? Dr. Cain Elliott, Head Legal Futurist, Filevine and advisor to chatbot and generative AI platforms connects with The Futurists hosts Robert Tercek and Brian Solis to delve into the legal issues around AI, not only regulatory but inside corporations with respect to how AI should be managed. With the profession digitizing to move faster and operate more efficiently, AI will have a significant impact from automation of legal functions to smart contracts. Listen as they cover the broken business model of legal services, the political and regulatory barriers to change and the transformative potential of legal tech.


Episode 494: Regional Spotlights: South Africa & LatAm Making Strides

In This Episode This episode begins with a special Breaking Banks mashup as Brett King and Breaking Banks Europe's Matteo Rizzi connect with Andres Perez, Co-Founder and Director, Fintech Association of South Africa, a young non-profit born from the race to digitization, not a battle between banks and fintechs. The three year old association is dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth and development of fintech in South Africa, and is enjoying nice traction. A population of 43 million, South Africa is in a unique position with 96% of its population financially included. Recent investments and strong support indicate that there's opportunity to be had in South Africa's unique ecosystem. is helping champion responsible innovation, and the ability to make more of an impact through collaboration. while developing and upholding best practices and standards that prioritize consumer needs and data privacy. Then Brett turns the focus to LatAm with a model problem that will be increasingly looked at around the world as he speaks with Yoel Gavlovski, CEO and Co-Founder,, a Miami-based startup and Fintech Americas winner that is focused on an alternative approach for credit scoring and lending targeted to emerging economies. For financial institutions seeking to increase credit origination to the underserved who have thin credit files, or low to no credit reference information, is finding different ways to get more information on clients, transforming data and using advanced analytics to turn these clients into low risk creditworthy borrowers. Prediction as a Service, adding capacity for FI's for better lending, using large learning models, has increased inclusion for many who would previously have been rejected. How's this for a stat: in performance analysis, since implementation, 20% of the people who previously would have been rejected, have now been included with no added risk to the lending institutions.