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Strategies and Stories to inspire and educate. Learn how to make your Dream Life your Real & create YOUR Legacy of ABUNDANCE NOW!

Strategies and Stories to inspire and educate. Learn how to make your Dream Life your Real & create YOUR Legacy of ABUNDANCE NOW!


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Strategies and Stories to inspire and educate. Learn how to make your Dream Life your Real & create YOUR Legacy of ABUNDANCE NOW!






Episode 95-Social Media Break:How A Social Media Detox Can Help Your Online Business! With Kelsey Abbott and Hanna Hermanson

This online coach quit social media 1 year ago with Kelsey Abbott and Hanna Hermanson What would happen if one day you logged out of your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, ClubHouse, Mama’sHouse, whatever app, and never went back? Would your business shrivel up — or could it THRIVE like Kelsey Abbott’s online life coaching business? Don’t go into panic or withdrawal symptoms just yet, tune into this episode and learn exactly how you might be able to grow your coaching practice...


Episode 94-Financial Freedom: Planning for your Dream Life with Paula Harris and Hanna Hermanson

So often as business owners, we get into a cycle of earn money, spend money, earn money… wait where did my money go?! And when it comes to money and cash flow, the cliche is true- if you fail to plan to plan to fail. Tune into this conversation with Financial Advisor, Paula Harris to learn how to set yourself up for not only business success, but how to afford your dream life. It’s not often you meet a financial advisor who is also an accomplished cheesemaker, yogi, local hero and wonder...


Episode 93-Tried Smart Goals? There’s a Better Path to Success (chatting with my best friend, Courtney Fitzpatrick!)

Today we are chatting with my BEST FRIEND about something near and dear to our hearts… Setting EMOTIONAL GOALS to move you into your dream life (because we’ve learned that SMART goals don’t work)… We met in the 4th grade, did “all the right things”, and now we are reflecting on what achievement really means to us. – What do you need to do before you can manifest or achieve success? – Daily habits to bring more energy and ease into your work day – How to identify your next business...


Episode 92-Brand voice: How to name and share your brand authentically with Jossie Morrison and Hanna Hermanson

Jossie Morrison is a brand naming, strategy and language expert and Founder of The Brand Bulb! After being fed up with corporate life, she launched The Brand Bulb 2 years ago to offer proven strategies, positive creative coaching and practical courses to startups whose budgets and creative confidence might not be as big as their ideas. Jossie firmly believes that small businesses and startups make our world a more caring, creative and fun place to be. She’s here to help startups everywhere...


Episode 91-Jimi Vaughn discusses diversity & inclusion in entrepreneurship-Hanna Hermanson Dream Life is Real Life

Is it “right” to only sell to 1 type of person? What do we need to consider when hiring new team members? How do we include a diverse audience in our personal brand? And so much more with one of the most trusted leaders in DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY, Jimi Vaughn! Jimi Vaughn is a passionate and charismatic disrupter whose transformative approach to challenging biases creates high-performing teams and thriving organizations. Growing up in Ferguson,...


Episode 90-Interview with Tavia Morse-Break the Rules-Hanna Hermanson Dream Life is Real Life

Tavia is a long time client of Hanna’s and runs her six-figure coaching business in 20 hours per week, helping people overcome chronic illness. In the last few months, Tavia has broken all the traditional ‘marketing and coaching rules’ and established herself as the go-to expert in her field. Tun in to learn how she’s grown her business with Feel Good Marketing strategies for her coaching business! Tavia is the founder of Sweet life coaching. Tavia is a functional nutritional health...


Episode 89-Make it past the 3 year mark in your coaching business if you do THIS NOW!-Hanna Hermanson Dream Life is Real Life

Glassdoor: the average coach makes less the $47k per year (after 5-10 years in business) – Only 10% to 20% make six-figure incomes – Most life coaches don’t make anywhere near $30,000. – Failure rate at four years is about 44% – Only 2-3% of coaches go on to build their empire and fulfill their mission So let’s do a little game of WHERE ARE THEY NOW?! What’s the difference between coaches who last beyond the 3-year mark and actually hit 6 figures? Learn more about Sillie Mugo at...


Episode 88-What to do when you realize you can’t sell your “woo woo” & need a better marketing plan-Hanna Hermanson Interviews Lisane Basq

Lisane Basquiat is the founder of Shaping Freedom, a personal growth company that trains individuals on how to gain empowerment through internal congruence and spiritual alignment; resulting in healthier familial dynamics and legacy. She also owns Hera Hub Carlsbad, a female-focused and gender inclusive community, co-working space, and business accelerator. Lisane Basquiat™ is an advocate for supporting human beings in remembering who they are, why they are here, and discovering what they...


Episode 87-Land your first client and scale your coaching business with simple marketing practices that don’t cost you a dime

Join Sandra Booker and Hanna Hermanson as they discuss… – How to land your first paying client – How to explain “what you do” when you’re starting a business – Ways to become “top of mind” to your network, so you can win referrals and partnerships organically – When to hire a team member – The biggest mistakes coaches make in their marketing- and how to avoid them Sandra is an online business manager and founder of Any Old Task, a small but mighty group of passionate peeps who love...


Episode 86-Leverage Feminine Energy Marketing Strategies for online sales for your best year ever w/Ron Ben-Joseph & Hanna Hermanson

Ron Ben-Joseph, Presentation Skills, Storytelling, and Content Coach has spent the past fifteen years empowering professionals to overcome their fears of sharing their messages and stories by organizing their content into a tight narrative structure that is the basis for all effective storytelling. Having worked with Broadway actors as well as heart-centered professionals in fields ranging from health and wellness to finance and real estate, Ron is proud to have helped hundreds of people...


Episode 85-The ORGANIC formula of a multi-million dollar empire (clue: it’s not The Law of Attraction) with Lorraine Dallmeier

Lorraine Dallmeier is the award-winning CEO of Formula Botanica, the online organic cosmetic formulation and business school, which has trained over 11,000 organic cosmetic formulators and indie beauty entrepreneurs in 170+ countries. Voted the most influential person in natural beauty for 2020 and awarded the Digital Achiever of the Year award for the cosmetics industry by Google, Lorraine is on a mission to show female entrepreneurs that through hard work, determination and drive they can...


Episode 84-Monetize your Blog with Health Coach and Instagram Influencer Taylor Dadds and Hanna Hermanson

Taylor Dadds is located in Austin, Texas where she is a health coach and recipe developer. She helps busy women find balance by simplified nutrition and lasting routines. She focuses on using simple, clean ingredients and meals that can easily be made for maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout a busy life. Meal prepping and preparing has been a foundation in her health journey so she loves to share her tips and tricks for incorporating it into your own lifestyle. Started One Balanced...


Episode 83-Can you really sell meditation, self love and consciousness? Wisdom from a Life Coach, Patrick Rea with Hanna Hermanson

Many of us discover passions or strengths as we develop ourselves, personally. Our personal toolkits of mindfulness, meditation, exercise, daily habits, etc propel us to new levels in our own lives. And right now, the life coaching industry is booming with people who are monetizing their personal strengths by teaching others their tools. But is it necessary to monetize your strengths? Can you really charge people to help them meditate? I talk to a former client and mindset coach, Patrick...


Episode 82-Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr with Hanna Hermanson

So grateful to share my good buddy, Alex Starr, and his new book with you on this episode! We sit down to review his book and examine how we are each rewriting rules in our lives, because You can build your life, or have it built for you. “How the hell did I end up here?” I wondered as we shot across the smokey sky in a helicopter, a wall of flame on the horizon. It wasn’t long ago I was broke, stuck, and lost after following the standard path expected of me. It took a second, but I...


Episode 81-STOP DOING THIS if you want to hit 6 figures in your coaching business with Hanna Hermanson

What’s the difference between struggling coaches, and the ones who easily hit 6 figures? It’s simple. If you’re not at 6 figures yet, it’s because you are selfish. Tune in to learn how to shift your focus from self to service so you can confidently enroll coaching clients. Be sure to subscribe to this show for weekly episodes with other “go-getters” and inspiring leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs. You can find out more about Hanna at dreamlifeisreallife.com/show and connect with her...


Episode 80-Understand your Human Design Type to Accelerate your Business with Kelsey Abbott and Hanna Hermanson

Kelsey Abbott is an intuitive Human Design Reader, a Certified Professional Coach, Instigator of Joy and the host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps spiritual adventurers remember who they are and why they’re here so they can uplevel with ease. She believes that the universe wants us to be sparklyAF and that joy is our natural state. When Kelsey isn’t playing in her business, she’s bringing curiosity, play and joy to triathlon–a sport she races as an elite amateur. After studying...


Episode 79-Leveraging Joy and Relationships to Grow Your Coaching Business with Lee Noto and Hanna Hermanson

Lee helps women become masters of authentic self-expression, embodied confidence, and intimacy. In her “past life,” she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Entrepreneurship and her Master’s Degree in Education. From teaching in the classrooms of Hawaii to running multiple businesses in New York City, she has a reverence for nature, learning, and quick wit. In “this life,” Lee is a master coach with certifications in holistic coaching and transformational coaching, and has deep study...


CASE STUDY: 6 weeks in Dream Life is Real Life – coaching process + client results with Hanna Hermanson

Ang Davis spent 6 years studying marketing, yoga, mindfulness, psychology and therapy before starting her coaching business. Jump into this conversation with Ang as we share the steps she took in just 6 weeks to land her first 2 high ticket coaching clients. Step 1- Make the decision to implement your studies and transition from learning for yourself to coaching others Step 2- Get CLARITY on your lifestyle goals and profitable coaching niche Step 3- Learn how to CONNECT with ideal...


Episode 77-Website Starter Kit for Online Coaches with Ina Coveney and Hanna Hermanson

Ina Coveney is the founder of The Global Phenomenon, a podcast and community where new entrepreneurs gain the confidence and strategy to create global businesses from the start. Ina is the creator of the BE FOUND system, which outlines the exact steps for a new entrepreneur to step into the global stage with a world-class online presence that speaks directly to their desired audience. Ina has been featured on NBC News, USA Today, Business.com, Change Creator Magazine, and podcasts She’s...


Episode 76-Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good-How to Identify, Debunk and Dismantle Dangerous Ideas with Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kruger is a South Africa native and the author of several books, including the hard-hitting new release, ‘Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good – How to Identify, Debunk and Dismantle Dangerous Ideas.’ Douglas’s previous books have focused on topics like wealth and poverty, and how different belief systems contribute to either. He hosts a YouTube channel dedicated to debunking terrible ideas, called ‘Breaking Woke.’ His book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/38hqUOv Be sure to...