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Treat Em Like a Rockstar Podcast

Jeff Krantz, President of Krantz Training, Author, Sales Trainer, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker visits Dave. Jeff discusses his book about “Encore Customer Service”. Questions or comments email David@GDTB.Biz. EMPIRE OF WEALTH The 50 years between the Civil War and the beginning of WWI in Europe the U.S. economy changed more profoundly that any earlier []


Reaching Resources Podcast

Who should pay for infrastructure in Western Alaska? Mike Black and Rada Khadjinova join Dave to discuss this issue. Questions or comments email David@GDTB.Biz. EMPIRE OF WEALTH The Civil War and how it was financed had a profound effect on how Americans handled their assets. . Questions or comments email David@GDTB.Biz. IN THE NEWS SMALL []


The Relationship Business Podcast

In this podcast meet Stephanie McKenzie, MBA, Author Entrepreneur learn about her new book “The Business of Dating” and the story behind her company The Relationship Firm. Questions or comments email “Coach Steph” at EMPIRE OF WEALTH “Sixty years ago there were no great fortunes in America, few large fortunes, no poverty. Now []


Equity Crowdfunding Podcast

The SEC is a step closer to opening the equity crowdfunding spigot. They have the ball on the 5 yard line getting ready to push it in. Questions or comments email Questions or comments email David@GDTB. Biz. EMPIRE OF WEALTH During the Civil War the Federal government used a mixture of taxes, bonds, printing []


Kick Butt Podcast

Before you get the wrong idea….listen as Rosie Pekar talks about her book Kick But! It’s Time… Bloody –Useless-Talk (BUT) may be holding you and your business back. Listen as Rosie helps you “find more ways to feel good and less ways to feel bad”. Questions or comments contact EMPIRE OF WEALTH The Civil []


Cutting Government Strings Podcast

Telling Uncle Sam thanks but no thanks doesn’t happen that often. Listen as Mollie Dalpae, Executive Director of Spokane Meals on Wheels program tells their story. Developing their own funding sources allows them to react quickly to client needs. Questions or comments contact EMPIRE OF WEALTH The Civil War started April 15, 1861 ending []


Public Economic Development Podcast

Don Dyer, Economic Development Director for the Matanuska-Susitna Borough visits Dave in this program. Essentially the salesman for the borough government Don sells the advantages of doing business in the agriculture middle of Alaska. Questions or comments contact EMPIRE OF WEALTH The Civil War started April 15, 1861 ending April 9, 1865 and was []


Avista Center for Entrepreneurship

Steve Trabun, Regional Business Manager for Avista Utilities handles their center for entrepreneurship. Avista has used their money and people to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in its service area. Questions or comments contact EMPIRE OF WEALTH John Deer was a real person who made the first commercially successful cast-steel plow and founded Deere []


Tale of Failure and Persistence Podcast

Dominick Domasky, Author and Motivational Speaker join Dave today to discuss his book Don’t Double Bread the Fish. Dominick’s book is a tale of failure, persistence and finding success. For more information visit EMPIRE OF WEALTH The Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) is renowned, modern, example of the American market economy in action. Founded []


Business of Radio Podcast

Michael Robbins, President of Alaska Integrated Media, Inc which owns KOAN and four other radio stations. Robbins talks about his lifelong desire to become a business owner. For more information visit EMPIRE OF WEALTH John D Rockefeller is remembered most for starting Standard Oil Company but he spent almost half of his life giving []


Three-Legged Stool Program Podcasts

Scott Goldsmith, Professor Emeritus, Economics and the father of the “Three-Legged Stool” analogy used for the Alaska Economy visits Dave. Every small business owner and managers need to learn how economics will affect your business. For more information visit EMPIRE OF WEALTH John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company was a successful entrepreneur in business. []


From Whales & Wood to Oil Podcast

Have you ever considered how evening activities created a demand for light? What did people do before electricity? They used candles made from Whales and Whale oil powered lighting. Listen as Dave tells the story of how the U.S. became the best Whalers and how we moved to oil. Questions or comments email David@GDTB.Biz. IN []


World Trade Update

Greg Wolf, Executive Director of the World Trade Center Alaska, Rada Khadjinova, Executive Director of the Pacific Rim Institute, and Don Dyer, Economic Development Director of the Matanuska Susitna Community visit Dave. An official delegation from China recently visited Alaska with delegations from other trading partners scheduling future visits according to Greg. Rada told us []


The Future for Employee Benefits

Regardless of your opinion on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) your business needs a strategy for dealing with the impact of this law. Mark Newbold employee benefits specialist discusses possible strategies. Every business owner needs to hear this program. Questions or comments email EMPIRE OF WEALTH Cyrus Field Trans-Atlantic Cable (1819-1892) []


August Economic Update Radio Podcast

PROGRAM TOPIC Jon Snare returns to discuss the economy with Dave. Listen as Jon describes where we are at economically and his insights into where we are headed. Great look into the background of a small business startup. For more visit EMPIRE OF WEALTH Matthias Baldwin Locomotive Builder (1795-1866) How did a successful jewelry []


Smak Mobi Radio Podcast

What is a SMAK mobi? Eugene Harnett the founder joins Dave in this program. Launching a new startup that specializes in Smartphone Marketing for AK (SMAK) is hard work. A technical background isn’t necessary to create a company that develops smartphone applications according to Eugene. Great look into the background of a small business startup. []


Always Moving Radio Program

“Always Moving” the tag line for Xerox Corporation is the true story of this iconic company, with 119,000 employees, working in 160 countries, Xerox has been on the leading edge of change. It’sPalo Alto Research Center (PARC)literally given the world the Ethernet, laser printing and Graphical User Interface. Alaska Enterprise Solutions (AES) a Xerox agency []


Career Management Radio Program

The “hyper-competitive global business environment where the old rules do not necessarily apply, where national boundaries mean progressively less, and where the rewards will to those who will work the hardest and the smartest.” Fred Maidment, Professor and Author of “What Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to know” gives proactive career advice. Find the book []


Live United, Anchorage

Many Gadgets, Many Risks Small companies are giving their employees a lot of leeway with gadgets. Letting workers use personal laptops, tablets and cellphones on the job. This policy has tremendous upside but there is a cost. Listen as Dave summarizes this timely article. United Way in Anchorage What does the United Way do? You may [...]


The Young Founder

If You Want to Beat ‘Em, Learn From ‘Em First Sound research for your new business starts with looking closely at your competitors. Dave ran across an article with some great tips on how to research competitors. Read the entire article here. Paying for College with a Start-Up How would you pay for your college [...]