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Value Investors: How to Find Great Cheap Companies

There are plenty of cheap companies around, but how do you find the great ones? 2 methods. (0:30) - Rest In Peace Charlie Munger (4:15) - You Know It When You See It: Finding Strong Value Companies (10:30) - PEG Ratio Stock Screener: Breaking Down The Criteria (13:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (21:00) - Episode Roundup: GM, PYPL, EOG, TM, LZ


Loser Stocks: Buy More, Hold or Sell?

Did you buy at the pandemic highs and now your stock is in the red? What to do now. (1:30) - What Should You Do With Your Big Loser Stocks? (6:10) - Learning From Microsoft’s Long Term Performance (13:30) - Strong Growth Stocks That Have Been Beaten Down: Should You Be Buying? (25:00) - Will PayPal Rebound Anytime Soon? (33:20) - Can The Pandemic Stock Winners Make A Comeback? (47:30) - Episode Roundup: MSFT, SHOP, TWLO, PYPL, PFE, PINS, MELI, NVDA


Pot Stocks: Values or Traps?

Pot stocks used to be hot but many have plunged over the last 2 years. Are there deals? (1:30) - What Impact Will The SAFE Banking Act Have On The Marijuana Industry? (12:00) - Could Investors See Any Near Term Growth For Cannabis Stocks? (17:15) - Breaking Down Tilray’s Current Business and Performance (25:45) - Investing Into Marijuana Through Real Estate (35:00) - Is Buying Pharmaceuticals A Safer Play For Cannabis Investing? (41:50) - Episode Roundup: CGC, TLRY, CTZ, IIPR, JAZZ Podcast@Zacks.coim


5 Cheap Strong Buy Bank Stocks in 2023

Are you ready to look at the community banks again? (1:00) - Can You Find Good Investments In The Banking Industry? (7:45) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: Creating A Strong Watchlist (25:00) - Episode Roundup: CZWI, FINW, FRBA, NECB, OPBK


5 Powerhouse Growth Stocks to Buy Now

If a soft landing is coming, growth stocks should be on your radar. (1:00) - Finding Strong Growth For Your Portfolio (6:45) - Tracey’s Top Picks: Creating A Good Watchlist (22:00) - Episode Roundup: NVDA, GWRE, AEO, PGR, PEGA


5 Classic Value Stocks That Also Have Growth

There are plenty of value stocks in 2023, but how many also have earnings growth? (1:00) - Finding Small Cap Value Stocks For Your Portfolio (10:30) - Stock Screener Criteria (14:50) - Tracey’s Top Stocks Picks (33:45) - WFC, TOL. SKX, JD, PAGS, PHM, LCUT, DB, IWM


Is Apple’s Magic Fading?

Earnings and sales growth have plunged into the single digits. (1:00) - Understanding Apple As An Innovator: Should You Be Investing? (9:30) - Breaking Down Apple’s Performance Over The Past Few Decades (19:45) - How Has Sony Performed vs The S&P 500 Overtime? (27:15) - Taking A Look At IBM’s Long Term History: Could This Fit Into Your Portfolio Right Now? (33:30) - Episode Roundup: APL, SONY, IBM, VOO


How to Find the Next Stock Winners

The stock winners of the last decade may not be the winners of the next 10 years. How do you find the “next” Apple? (1:00) - Finding The Next Industry Heading Into A Bull Market (7:20) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: Where Should You Be Looking Right Now? (31:00) - Episode Roundup: V, NFLX, BAC, XOM, CVX, VRT, DFIN


How to Pick Stocks During a Sell-Off

With the S&P 500 falling from recent highs, what stocks should investors be putting on their watch lists? (1:35) - What Should Investors Know About The Stock Market Movement Right Now? (8:15) - Finding Stocks That Fit Into Your Portfolio: Breaking Down Vistra Corps Current Performance (14:05) - Are The Magnificent 7 Still Working As A Defense Play? (21:50) - Where Should Investors Be Looking For Long Term Investments? (34:45) - How Low Can These Beaten Down Stocks Go? (40:30) - Episode Roundup: VST, GOOGL, CVX, BRK.B, BRK,A, SQ


The Best Stock Investing Tools on Zacks

How can you use Zacks stock picking strategies? Tracey and Derek show you where to find all the juicy charts, stock screens, and even free Zacks Rank buy stocks. (1:30) - Tips And Tricks On How To Use (10:45) - Stock Screens and Sector Heat Map: How To Find Top Performing Industries (21:50) - How To Get All The Information Needed About A Individual Stock: Analyst Report Breakdown (32:30) - Finding Stocks Stocks Using The EPS and Sales Charts (47:10) - Episode Roundup: JPM, LEN, NVDA, NKE, LULU


3 Value Stock Screens: Which One is Best?

One stock screen may not be enough to find the top cheap stocks. Thankfully, Zacks has dozens to choose from. (0:45) - Finding Opportunities From Beaten Down Stocks (5:10) - Using Stock Screeners To Create A Strong Watchlist (27:30) - Episode Roundup: R, SCS, HURN, JPM, AEO, SKX


The Banks: Value Stocks or Traps?

Bank stocks have sold off over the last month as treasuries have spiked. Are they deals? (0:45) - Is Now A Good Time To Start Investing In The Banking Industry? (5:15) - Finding Strong Value Stocks Among The Traps: Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (28:30) Episode Roundup: OZK, BAC, PNC, CMA, WSBC


What Zacks Earnings Data Tells Us About Q3

What can NVIDIA and Meta Platforms earnings revisions tell us about the upcoming earnings season? (1:30) - Breaking Down The Upcoming Earnings Season: What Should Investors Expect? (7:30) - Understanding What Was Going On During Q3 Earnings (13:35) - What Is Going On Within The Tech Industry Right Now? (19:10) - Earnings and Revenue Growth For The Magnificent 7 (27:40) - Where Should Investor Be Looking To Invest: Creating A Strong Watchlist (34:20) - Episode Roundup: NVDA, GOOGL, META. AMZN, JPM, STRL


5 Top Value Stocks That Will Pay You Real Cash

Cheap and you earn income, what’s not to like? (0:30) - Finding Strong Value Stocks That Pay Dividends (5:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (20:40) - Episode Roundup: MAN, SCS, WHR, ETD, GES


How to Use the 50 and 200-Day Moving Averages

New to technical chart analysis? David Bartosiak explains the basics. (1:45) - What Is A Moving Average And How To Use It? (12:00) - Breaking Down Nvidia’s Stock Charting Using Moving Averages (24:30) - Using Darvas Box Theory To Find The Right Time To Invest (28:40) - Golden Cross vs Death Cross: Are They Helpful To Identify Investing Trends? (37:10) - Using Moving Averages For Stocks On A Strong Run (46:20) - Episode Roundup:NVDA, ELF, DIS, WBBA, CTAS, CVX, XLE, IWM, SPY


The Easy Way to Become a Landlord

Here’s how you can own data centers, shopping malls and hotels with little cash. (1:00) - Should You Be Investing Into Real Estate Through A REIT? (5:15) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: How To Find The Strongest REITs (24:45) - Episode Roundup: EQIX, PSA, SPG, PK, ABNB, PLYA


Are Stocks in a Secular Bull or Bear Market Right Now?

Strategies and tips on how to invest for either market scenario. (1:00) - What Is A Secular Bull or Bear Stock Market? (6:50) - Learning From The Past Market Trends: Tracking The S&P 500 All Time Highs (18:30) - What Can You Learn From The Earnings Beats and Misses From Industry Leaders? (26:20) - Who Could Lead The Bull Market Moving Forward? (35:30) - Where Should You Be Investing If We Enter A Secular Bear Market? (41:20) - Episode Roundup: SHOP, PYPL, GOOGL, AAPL, TSLA, NVDA, HAL, SLB, BKR


Screening for Warren Buffett Stocks

Want to invest like the world’s greatest value investor? Here’s the screen to run. (0:45) - Stock Guru Stock Screening : Investing Like A Professional (4:30) - Warren Buffett Stocks To Keep On Your Radar: Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (16:45) - Episode Roundup: PRDO, RELL, KBH


The Fun, and Unusual, ETFs You Can Invest in in 2023

Want to invest like Nancy Pelosi or buy companies involved in KPOP? There are ETFs just for you. (1:30) - Is It Common For Failing Thematic ETFs To Call It Quits? (11:45) - Unusual Whales Subversive Democratic and Republican Trading ETFs: NANC & KRUZ (17:20) - What Is The Asset Under Management Goal For ETFs? (20:15) - The Meet Kevin Pricing Power ETF: PP (23:30) - Baron Partners Mutual Fund: BPTIX (26:00) - Global Music Industry ETF: MUSQ (29:10) - KPOP and Korean Entertainment ETF: KPOP (32:20) - Episode Roundup: QQQM, VOO, IVV, GOOGL, AAPL, TSLA, SONY


Should You Read the Intelligent Investor Book?

(0:25) - The Book That Changed Warren Buffett’s Life (4:30) - Benjamin Graham’s Impact On Investing: The Lessons To Learn (10:10) - Stock Screener: Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (23:30) - Episode Roundup: MOV, KBH, RES, AFCG, RELL