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From Norm Van Lier to Michael Jordan to Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls history is loaded with memorable shots, championship runs, and captivating players. ”Bulls Gold” focuses on the past, present, and future of the iconic franchise with weekly discussion, game recaps, and segments.


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From Norm Van Lier to Michael Jordan to Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls history is loaded with memorable shots, championship runs, and captivating players. ”Bulls Gold” focuses on the past, present, and future of the iconic franchise with weekly discussion, game recaps, and segments.






Should the Bulls Sell High on Zach LaVine? (w/ Will Gottlieb)

CHGO's Will Gottlieb joins us to discuss Zach LaVine's trade value and if this offseason is the Bulls last chance to get optimal value for their all-star. We all discuss the likelihood of a trade between the Blazers and Bulls, DeMar DeRozan's trade value, and Will's experience at the NBA Draft Lottery and Draft Combine.


The Bulls Have No Draft Picks (w/ Corey Tulaba)

Corey Tulaba of No Ceilings joins us to discuss the Bulls draft strategy without any picks in hand and second round and undrafted talent that could be of interest. We also reacted to some trade rumors and looked back on the 2022 Draft to wonder if Dalen Terry is still the right selection. Also discussion of Brandon Miller vs. Scoot Henderson, the Thompson twins, and more.


What are the Bulls Offseason Plans? (w/ Kris Amundson)

Swish Theory's Kris Amundson joins us to discuss the Bulls offseason plans, as we continue the discussion of retool vs. rebuild vs. run it back. We looked deeper into the front office's comments on changing the shot profile of the team for next season. We also look into Coby White's free agency to figure out if the Bulls will prioritize retaining him. Also, Kris provides a great review of Patrick Williams in this week's Project Pat segment, we discuss the NBA playoffs and give our current finals predictions, and Salim takes a victory lap on Jimmy Butler's elite postseason peformance.


The Bulls Offseason Begins (w/ Rob Schaefer)

Rob Schaefer joins for reaction to the Bulls play-in loss to the Miami Heat. We get into the perception of Zach LaVine after a bad performance in Miami, the front office's end of season presser, speculate about which players won't be in Chicago next season, whether retooling the team makes sense, and the chances of re-signing Coby White. We also discuss whether Bulls fans should be down on AK and Eversley and we get into some reaction from around the NBA in the playoffs so far.


The ”Bulls Almost Finished at .500” Afterparty (w/ Mark Schindler)

Mark Schindler returns to discuss the regular season finale after the Bulls defeated the Detroit Pistons. We got into predictions for the Bulls play-in game against the Raptors Wednesday and looked at how the two teams match up. We also wondered who the Bulls would want to face between Miami and Atlanta, if they beat Toronto. We also discussed Pat Bev's impact on the team, what went right and wrong for the offense and defense this season, Coby White's improvement and future with the team, and more.


LeBron is Too Small for Pat Bev (w/ Larry Golden)

Swish Theory's Larry Golden joins us to discuss what's been a solid March for the Chicago Bulls. We reacted to the Bulls win over the Los Angeles Lakers, complete with Pat Bev antics, and discussed why his acquisiton has been so necessary to the team's improved play. We looked at the play-in picture and wondered if the Bulls are peaking at the right time with eight games left. We also give Coby White his flowers, discussed why Ayo didn't take a jump this season, and got in our Project Pat bag to provide some perspective on the improvements he's made this season.


The Bulls Play-In Push Continues (w/ Morten Jensen)

Morten Jensen returns for reaction to the Bulls solid play in March and how Patrick Beverley has been instrumental in the team's performance. We wondered whether this play is meaningful for the team's direction and got into a conversation about what a rebuild or a retool could look like in the offseason. We also discussed what Zach LaVine's elite production after the all-star break means for his future in Chicago and we reacted to the latest Lonzo Ball injury update and what it means for his career.


Can Pat Bev Save the Bulls Season? (w/ Corey Tulaba)

Corey Tulaba of No Ceilings joins us to discuss his reaction to the trade deadline, Patrick Beverley's early impact on the Bulls, the Bulls shutting down Lonzo Ball for the season, the team's chances of making the play-in, and our guesses of what direction the team will go in during the offseason. We also got into some NBA Draft discussion and looked at players who could fit the Bulls if they end up getting a pick in the draft.


Are We Going to Sign Russell Westbrook? (w/ Will Gottlieb)

CHGO's Will Gottlieb joins for reaction to the NBA Trade Deadline, the trade rumors surrounding Zach LaVine, Vuc's future with the team, the chances of the Bulls making the play-in, and whether adding Russell Westbrook makes sense for the rest of the season.


2023 NBA Trade Deadline Show (w/ Big Dave and C-Dub)

Big Dave and C-Dub of Bawl! Sports join us for our annual trade deadline episode. We get into what direction the Bulls should take, which players are most likely to be dealt, which players should not be moved, targets from other teams, and much more. We also discuss the latest on Lonzo Ball, revisit Billy Donovan's secret contract extension, and the improvements the team is making game-by-game.


Big Things From the Big 3 (w/ Jackson Frank)

Jackson Frank joins us to discuss the play of the Bulls Big 3 during their 17-game stretch, Coby White and Patrick Williams development, the team's approach to the trade deadline, the Eastern Conference playoff picture, and more.


Zachary Attackery (w/ Elias Schuster)

Elias Schuster of Bleacher Nation joins us to discuss whether the Bulls can become a legitimate playoff team, Zach LaVine's return to form, Patrick Williams deadline, thoughts on Lauri Markkanen's revenge game against the Bulls, and the urgency level the team is working with as they approach this year's trade deadline.


Kings of the 4th (w/ Chuck Swirsky)

Chuck Swirsky joins us to discuss some of his favorite memories doing play-by-play in his career, his thoughts on how the Bulls season has played out so far, whether the team can make the postseason this year, and why their struggles against inferior teams. We also discussed Lonzo Ball's injury update, the Bulls recent hot streak, Zach LaVine's return to form, and much more.


Rebuild and Destroy (w/ Kris Amundson)

Kris Amundson of Swish Theory joins us to react to the Bulls back-to-back losses to the Knicks, the latest injury news on Lonzo Ball, the areas that are holding the Bulls back, a discussion on what a rebuild or retool might look like for the Bulls, positive signs for Patrick Williams, and much more.


Bulls-Hawks Post-Game Show (w/ Larro Golden)

Larro Golden of Swish Theory joins us to react to the Bulls 123-122 OT loss to the Hawks after an A.J. Griffin buzzer beater. Discussion on the final play and what the team could have done differently. We get into a discussion of how Billy Donovan is running the Bulls offense, and react to the news of his contract extension. We also discussed Zach LaVine returning to form and whether this 10-game stretch in December can make or break the Bulls season.


No Adults in the Room (w/ Corey Tulaba)

Corey Tulaba of No Ceilings joins us to recap all of the Bulls drama from their loss to the Orlando Magic, Zach LaVine's 4th Quarter benching, the team's continued slow starts, whether it's feasible for the team to actually rebuild at some point, a discussion about the Bulls history of developing young players, and more.


Are the Bulls Built for the Playoffs? (w/ Mat Issa)

Mat Issa of SB Nation joins to discuss if the Bulls roster is built for playoff success, Zach LaVine's knee management, Patrick Williams increased involvement in the offense this week, Lonzo Ball's recovery, and more.


Is Patrick Williams Developing Properly? (w/ Rob Schaefer)

NBC Sports Chicago's Rob Schaefer joins us to recap the Bulls back-to-back losses to the Spurs and Sixers and their slow starts in games so far this season. We also discussed Patrick Williams development for the season, the Bulls attempts at balancing developing young talent and winning now, and whether the team needs a starting lineup shakeup.


Opening Week Reactions (w/ John Sabine, Matt Peck, and Big Dave)

John Sabine, Matt Peck, and Big Dave join us for reactions to the Bulls opening week, DeMar DeRozan's play, Patrick Williams struggles, and much more.


The Season Begins (w/ Mark Schindler)

Mark Schindler joins us to wrap up the Bulls preseason play. We discuss the improvements the Bulls are looking to make on offense, the Bulls guard depth, the media perception of this year's team, and we look ahead to the regular season.