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From Norm Van Lier to Michael Jordan to Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls history is loaded with memorable shots, championship runs, and captivating players. ”Bulls Gold” focuses on the past, present, and future of the iconic franchise with weekly discussion, game recaps, and segments.


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From Norm Van Lier to Michael Jordan to Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls history is loaded with memorable shots, championship runs, and captivating players. ”Bulls Gold” focuses on the past, present, and future of the iconic franchise with weekly discussion, game recaps, and segments.






Bulls Stay Competitive at the Trade Deadline

Full reaction to the Bulls uneventful trade deadline. We discuss the potential moves the Bulls had on the table with Golden State and Philadelphia involving Caruso, Drummond and DeRozan. Were the Bulls being irresponsible by not making these trades? Then, we tried to make sense of AK's comments and trade expectations at his presser. This led to us wondering if any recent NBA teams have been successful at using a strategy similar to the Bulls by treading competitive waters. We also have a converstion about Coby White and whether the Bulls are failing to maximize his play on a team-friendly contract. Then, we tried to figure out if the Bulls front office has a strength that can make fans optimistic for what's to come in the future.


2024 Trade Deadline Show (w/ Big Dave and C-Dub)

You know the vibes....Big Dave and C-Dub are back for our annual Trade Deadline episode. We start with a temperature check on the Bulls 24-27 record, and whether it's where we thought the team would be. We get into a discussion on the front office to see if we're still good with "letting AK cook". We continue to be marveled by Coby White's breakout season, leading to the question of whether Coby can be a franchise player and how the team could build around him. We transition into Trade Deadline discussion and wondered whether there's more urgency than ever for the Bulls to make moves on Thursday. Are the Bulls overvaluing their assets and potentially passing on reasonable deals? We went through the trade value of Caruso, DeRozan, and Drummond, and gave our predictions for trades, and talked about the deals we would love to see in an ideal world.


Hornets-Bulls Post Game Show (w/ Mark K)

CHGO's Mark K joins us after the Bulls road win against the Charlotte Hornets. Coby White puts in another great game, and we put his breakout in perspective and discuss the amount of responsibility he has picked up this season. Then, we shift to the much-maligned Nikola Vucevic, and why games like this show the nuance in his value to the Bulls. Next, we reacted to a report that suggests the Bulls will stand pat at the trade deadline, and wondered if it's more urgent than ever for the Bulls to make moves in the next few days. We closed with a discussion on the mysterious nature of Patrick Williams injury and what we're looking forward to seeing from Julian Phillips in his absence.


When Will the Trade Market Heat Up for the Bulls? (w/ Morris Bankston)

BullsOnTap's Morris Bankston joins us. We react to the Indiana Pacers acquiring Pascal Siakam and wonder whether the trade will have any impact on Zach LaVine's market. We also discuss where this trade puts the Pacers long-term in the Eastern Conference. Then we get into more discussion on LaVine and the chances that the Bulls may not find a trade partner at the deadline for him. Do the Bulls have to make a trade at this year's deadline? We explain why they have to. We then wrap with a look at the rest of the Bulls schedule for January and their chances of reaching .500.


Are the Warriors a Match for Zach Lavine? (w/ Charlie Cummings)

Swish Theory's Charlie Cummings joins us for reaction to the Bulls loss to the Golden State Warriors. We discussed the Warriors season, the direction they're heading, their young talent, and how the team could look to improve at the trade deadline. Then we shift to the Bulls, and how the team has looked since Zach LaVine's return to the team. We continue discussion on Coby White's fantastic season, Patrick Williams moving back to the bench, and if the Warriors will have legitimate interest in LaVine. We then close the show with reaction to fans irrational behavior during the Bulls Ring of Honor night.


The Zach LaVine Sweepstakes

After a long holiday break, we discussed the Bulls play in December that's sparking some optimism around the team's present and future. We talked about the progress of all of the young players, including some encouraging signs from Dalen Terry and Coby White's breakout season. Then, we wondered if the Bulls recent play could change the goal of this season. Finally, we wrapped with a conversation about Zach LaVine's return and the lack of traction with his trade request. What's the worst and best case scenario for the Bulls in a LaVine trade?


Coby White Bringing the Vibes Back (w/ Ricky O’Donnell)

SBNation Writer and co-host of Cash Considerations Ricky O'Donnell joins. We react to the Bulls entertaining stretch of wins against Milwaukee and New Orleans. We discuss if the Bulls play in those games without Zach LaVine is a coincidence or nothing. We give flowers to Coby White for his breakout play and discuss whether his ceiling is higher than we thought. We get into our "Project Pat" segment. Is Patrick Williams is starting to maximize his effectiveness as a roleplayer? Then, we circle back to Zach LaVine's future. We go over more potential trade options and players we'd target in a deal for LaVine.


Blow It Up

It's time for the Chicago Bulls to blow it up. We react to the past few weeks of news surrounding Zach LaVine's trade request, his beef with Billy Donovan and what the market for his trade looks like. We talked about Vucevic's regression and if the Bulls have locked themselves into a bad contract for the forseeable future. We also looked at the mistakes of the front office and wondered whether they'll learn from them in the next build of this team. We also discussed the trade value of Alex Caruso and Demar DeRozan, and whether the report of the front office wanting to retain both players is realistic. We ended with a conversation about what this team could look like after all the veteran pieces are moved, and why Patrick Williams time to prove himself one way or another is on the horizon.


Bulls Fall Short In Overtime Against Phoenix (w/ Big Dave)

Big Dave of CHGO joins us for reaction to the Bulls overtime loss to Phoenix including Alex Caruso's impact on the team. We picked back up on our discussion of Zach LaVine and his situation after his disappointing performance in the 4th Quarter and OT against Phoenix. We also discussed the team's slow start to the season and wondered what could be the first domino to fall if the Bulls decide to clean house. We also got into Patrick Williams slow start and wondered what he needs to start showing more consistency on offense.


We Got the Jazz (w/ Elias Schuster)

Bleacher Nation's Elias Schuster joins us for reaction to the Bulls win over the Jazz and the last stretch of games. We get into the recent impact of Jevon Carter, and wonder when his role will start to expand. We also looked at Patrick Williams play off the bench so far, and discussed if we're concerned about his slow shooting start. We then get into the Bulls Big 3 and the consistent reasons why the trio is not working well together. We end the show with a discussion on how Zach LaVine's future with the Bulls will play out this season.


Bulls-Pacers Post-Game Show (w/ Larry Golden)

We're joined by Swish Theory's Larry Golden minutes after the Bulls 112-105 win over the Pacers. We give our immediate reactions to the game and the first week of action for the Bulls in the regular season. We also got into the Bulls shot profile, Patrick Williams tough start to the season, starting lineup decisions, and our confidence in the team going into the remainder of this week's games.


The Marathon Begins (w/ Matt Peck)

CHGO's Matt Peck joins us to discuss the beginning of the Bulls regular season. We start with the news of Patrick Williams not receiving an extension from the Bulls, and discussed the chances of him getting a lucrative deal next summer. We get into starting lineup decisions at point guard and power forward, and wonder if Williams is better suited off the bench to begin the season. We also discussed the importance of the Bulls getting off to a good start with a favorable home schedule to start the season, gave our win/loss predictions, and more.


Coby White Impresses in Preseason Opener (w/ Will Gottlieb)

CHGO's Will Gottlieb joins us for reaction to the Bulls first preseason game. We got into Coby White's game, observations about Patrick Williams, lineups and rotations, and discussed the Bulls efforts in improving their shot profile. We also wondered if there's cause for any concern with Dalen Terry's game. We also discussed what an extension for Patrick Williams might look like and if there are any roadblocks to expect during talks.


2023 Bulls Media Day Reactions (w/ Larry Golden)

Swish Theory's Larry Golden joins us for reactions to the Bulls 2023 Media Day. We talked about the Bulls continued desire to change their shot profile and moving faster on offense. We also got into the things we're looking forward to seeing when the Bulls begin preseason on Sunday. We also discuss the Bulls starting PG competition and wondered whether there's a chance that Coby White could win out. Finally, we close the show with reactions to the Bulls rumored involvement in the Damian Lillard and Jrue Holiday trade discussions over the last couple of weeks.


Is the Zach LaVine Trade Noise Real (w/ Joey Spathis)

CHGO Producer Joey Spathis joins us to discuss the latest Twitter trade rumors involving Zach LaVine. We also discuss the Bulls offseason and whether they'll actually see continuity pay off this season. We take another look at the Eastern Conference picture to see if there's any room for the Bulls to overachieve. We also talked to Joey about his experiences at CHGO and how it's shaped him as a Chicago sports fan.


Will Coby White Breakout This Season? (w/ Matt Gentile and Drew Stevens)

Matt Gentile and Drew Stevens of Rebuild-A-Bull join us for our 200th episode. We get into the Bulls schedule for the upcoming season and discuss how important it is for the team to get off to a hot start with a favorable opening schedule. We also looked at the Eastern Conference and wondered how much the landscape will change this season. We also talked Bulls Fest, and Marc Eversley's comments on the team's offseason. This led to a discussion on Coby White, and if Eversley's comments suggest a breakout season for White is in the cards.


Ayo Stays with the Bulls, and the Two-Way Dilemma (w/ Doug Thonus)

Doug Thonus of the Bulls Beat joins us for reaction to the Bulls re-signing Ayo, as we wonder if he'll be able to earn a consistent role in the rotation this season. We also got into Javon Freeman-Liberty's two-way deal with the Toronto Raptors and whether the Bulls got it wrong by not finding a place for JFL on the roster. We also talked Onuralp Bitim's two-way deal with the Bulls, looked at the Bulls win total upside with the current roster, and more.


Is Dalen Terry Passing the Summer League Vibes? (w/ Steph Noh)

Sporting News' Steph Noh joins us for reaction to the Bulls Summer League. We get into Dalen Terry's play and discuss whether Terry has a path to playing time this upcoming season. We also talked Javon Freeman-Liberty's play and wondered how the Bulls will proceed forward with him after a solid Summer League. We also get Steph's reaction to the Bulls offseason and if the team can realistically bounce back from last year with the additions of Jevon Carter and Torrey Craig


Bulls Sign Torrey Craig, and Dalen Terry Has to Play (w/ Larry Golden)

Swish Theory's Larry Golden joins us for reaction to the Bulls latest free agent signing in Torrey Craig. He helps us break down Craig's fit with the team, whether the Bulls could actually win more games this season, and how Craig's signing could affect Patrick Williams. We then shift to summer league talk, and discuss Dalen Terry's outlook and why the Bulls have to prioritize playing him this year. We also get into a little talk about Adama Sanogo and Julian Phillips. We also talk the Disabled Player Exception, who we're looking forward to seeing in Summer League, and some watercooler talk around the association.


Are the Bulls Dropping Dimes in Free Agency? (w/ Corey Tulaba)

Corey Tulaba of No Ceilings joins for reaction to the Bulls moves in NBA free agency so far. We discuss Coby White's return, Nikola Vucevic's contract extension and the signing and fit of Jevon Carter. We then turn to the Twitter-rumors of a potential Zach LaVine trade brewing and wondered whether LaVine could be linked to any of the major offseason trade developments. Corey also gives us his insight on Julian Phillips, Adama Sanogo, and Onuralp Bitim.