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The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 32: Bulls full schedule is released and Q&A with listeners

The guys are back with a brand new episode and start the show talking about the full schedule the Bulls will face this season. The guys also touch on the new jersey deal with Nike and how it will affect the Bulls uniforms in the future. They discuss some possibilities for the alternates and also reflect on since retired uniforms. ...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 29: Baby Bulls look to repeat in Summer League and Rebuilding vs. Tanking

The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 29: Baby Bulls look to repeat in Summer League and Rebuilding vs. Tanking Chicago Debate-a BullsThe Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 29: Baby Bulls look to repeat in Summer League and Rebuilding vs. TankingChicago Debate-a BullsThe guys are back this week after the holiday to talk about the start of the NBA offseason. After one week of NBA free agency, the ...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 28: New faces of the Chicago Bulls and front office 'loyalty'

The guys are back this week talking about the brand new Chicago Bulls. The Bulls introduced Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and Lauri Markkanen on Tuesday and held a press conference for the first time since draft night. The guys talk about some of the most important aspects of the press conference and attitude going forward from the players. Jordan talks ...



The guys are back with an emergency podcast after last night’s NBA Draft. The Bulls have finally picked a direction and traded away three-time All-Star Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Jordan and Matt break down the entire trade and tell you why they are not that mad. Join us as we talk through every aspect of this Bulls trade ...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 26: Jimmy Butler to (insert team) rumors, Wade opts in, and Bulls draft status

The guys are back and have plenty of to talk about with the latest Jimmy Butler rumors. The guys shuffle through each of the teams that have supposed interest in Jimmy Butler. Could this finally be the time that the front office decides to hit the reset button? Matt and Jordan might not think that’s the case. What are the ...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 24: "It's just basketball", NBA Finals, Jimmy Butler's sit down with Bulls Front Office - Chicago Debate-a Bulls

The guys are back with another episode in which they talk NBA Finals. Lebron James after the first two losses to Golden State says that “it’s just a game, it’s just basketball” when asked about what was at stake. LeBron seems to be back to the same tone he had in 2015. What can Cleveland do to salvage this series? ...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 23: Jimmy Butler All-NBA, fake rumors, and Derrick Rose/Thibs reunion

This episode previously aired on Dash Radio Thursday, May 25th, 2017, 6-7 a.m. and 11-12 p.m CT. Jordan and Matt are back, they begin the show with talking about Jimmy Butler’s Third Team All-NBA selection. How will this affect how the Bulls approach the future...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 22: Jimmy Butler "Accelerate the Process" trade, Bulls Prospects (Jarrett Allen, Wesley Iwundu), and the Cameron Payne conversation

The Debate-A-Bulls spends the first part of the episode talking about the implication of the Boston Celtics so far in the Eastern Conference Finals. Is this a wake-up call for the Celtics front office to make a trade or is Boston not as far along...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 19: Rajon Rondo's reunion, NBA Combine and early Bulls draft prospects

This episode previously aired on Dash Radio Thursday, May 11th, 2017, 6-7 a.m. and 11-12 p.m CT. On this episode, the guys start the show by talking about Rajon Rondo and his appearance on Kevin Garnett’s KGArea21. In a reunion with the 2007-08 Boston Celtics core, Rondo...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 18: NBA Combine, Bulls Watch List, and Lavar Ball

The guys are back with another episode and the first of the true off-season. The Bulls will have plenty of work to do this off-season filling holes from the last. Jordan and Matt start the show off with the biggest headline from the weekend, Lavar...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 17: Gar/Pax Season Ending Press Conference

This episode previously aired on Dash Radio Thursday, May 4th, 2017, 6-7 a.m. and 11-12 p.m CT. The guys are back reacting to the John Paxson and Gar Forman’s season-ending press conference. What appeared to be a replay of last year’s conference, the guys try...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 16: It's All Over... Jimmy Butler's Future, Young Bulls Offseason Plans, and All Eyes on Gar/Pax

The guys are back after a weekend in which ended the Chicago Bulls season. The Bulls fell to the Boston Celtics in Game 6 at home leaving the Bulls with plenty of questions this offseason. The guys talk about the comments made by Jimmy Butler...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 15: Fourth Quarter Turmoil and D-Wade-Shade

This episode previously aired on Dash Radio Thursday, April 27th, 2017, 6-7 a.m. and 11-12 p.m CT. The guys are back with their reaction from Game 5 in Boston. A very winnable game turned so quickly into one that the Bulls should want to forget....


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 14: Series tied at 2-2, Fred Hoiberg sounds off, and 'Smart Beef' with host Jimmy Butler

The guys come together after a long weekend of NBA Playoff games. The Bulls lose both games at the United Center and the series has begun to shift. The guys talk about the impact of Rajon Rondo’s injury and the scramble of point guard replacements....


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 13: Bulls Win Game 2, "Meeting of the Three Alphas"

This episode previously aired on Dash Radio Thursday, April 20, 2017 – 5-6 a.m. and 8-9 a.m. CT. The guys are back with a brand new episode after the Chicago Bulls take another game on the road in Boston. How could this be possible? Who...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 12: Bulls Steal Game 1 in Boston, NBA Twitter has a Meltdown and Bobby Portis is Free

The NBA Playoffs are underway and the Chicago Bulls have pulled the biggest upset this weekend. The guys dive into their post-game reactions from the Bulls 106-102 win over the Celtics. Jordan explains why he called it all weekend, the Bulls love to steal game...


The-Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 11: Chicago is Playoff Bound

The Debate-A-Bulls welcome a brand new co-host, Matt Peck from Sports Mockery. Jordan and Matt begin this episode by talking about the Bulls official bid to the playoffs. The Nets seemed to hand the Bulls the No. 8 seed by resting seven players. How will...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 10: Brooklyn Beatdown with Mark Karantzoulis

The Debate-A-Bulls are joined by guest Mark Karantzoulis, Owner of to talk about Saturday’s loss to the Brooklyn Nets. The Chicago Bulls continue to play to the level of their competition, how does this change playoff implications? Mark explains exactly why Bulls fans should...


The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 9: Eastern Conference Scramble with Blake Rodgers

The Debate-A-Bulls are joined by guest Blake Rodgers, host of The Blake Rodgers Show, to talk about the final week of the regular season in the NBA. How are the Bulls perceived as an organization outside the city of Chicago? Blake weighs in on how...


Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 8: Four Game Winning Streak, Derrick Rose and LaVar Ball

A four-game winning streak with just five games left puts the Bulls more than likely in the playoffs. On this episode, Jordan is joined by Raejhon Johnson (@RaeJohnsonNBA) to talk about the Bulls chances in the playoffs moving forward. What could be the best matchup for...