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Biblical teaching from Steve Stewart and stories of God's grace transforming lives around the world.


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Biblical teaching from Steve Stewart and stories of God's grace transforming lives around the world.






8-16 "Everyone Is A Burning Bush" (Interview with Felicia Murrell)

This week Tim is joined by author Felicia Murrell to discuss her book “And: The Restorative Power of Love in an Either/Or World”. Tune in to explore who Love is inviting us to be and learn more about how emotions play into our humanity. Stay Connected with Felicia: Buy the book - Book Tour Information - Follow Felicia on Facebook - Follow Felicia on Instagram - Felicia’s website -


8-15 “Two Aliens and a Crucifix” (Interview with Brian Zahnd)

This week Tim is joined by author Brian Zahnd to discuss his book “The Wood Between the Worlds”. Tune in to hear more about the salvation story and what the cross meant and continues to mean for the world. Stay Connected with Brian: Buy the book -,to%20mean%20for%20the%20world. Brian’s website -


8-14 “Snake Ministry” (Interview with David Balestri)

This week Tim is joined by author David Balestri to discuss his book “Marketplace Invasion: ‘Operating in the supernatural power of God invading the marketplace’”. Tune in to be inspired to look at the great commission through the eyes of the first-century church. Stay Connected with David: Buy the Book - His website - More videos from David -


8-13 “The Incarnational Gospel” (Interview with Jon DePue)

This week Tim is joined by author Jon DePue to discuss his book “Beyond Justification”. Tune in to learn more about Paul’s Gospel. Stay connected with Jon: Jon’s YouTube Channel - Jon’s Twitter - Order the book -


8-12 “Inside Our Delusion” (Interview with Baxter Kruger)

This week Tim is joined by author Baxter Kruger to discuss his book “Parable of the Dancing God”. Tune in to learn more about the story for the prodigal son. Stay connected with Baxter: Baxter’s ministry - Order the book -


8-11 "You'll be fine" (Interview with Peri Zahnd)

This week Tim is joined by Peri Zahnd to discuss her book “Every Scene By Heart: A Camino de Santiago Memoir”. Tune in to hear more about Peri’s journey down the Camino de Santiago. Stay connected with Peri: Word of Life Church - Buy the book - Join the Journey - The Journey to Israel is still uncertain at this time, but visit to learn more about going on a Journey with Impact.


Thank You Impact Family!

2023 was an amazing year at Impact Nations! In this short clip, Tim is excited to share the success of the year with you.


Week Four: The Eternal Sacred

“The Glory of God is always with us.” Merry Christmas Eve! Enjoy this last episode of the Advent Series. This week Steve encourages us to come, see, and believe.


Week Three: Outside the Margins

“It's in the midst of our discouragement, that so often God meets us” Welcome to week three of the Advent Series. As we creep closer to Christmas Steve encourages us to understand that often God meets us outside the margins.


Week Two: The Christ-Bearer

“Mary had a choice, and what she chose changed everything!” Welcome to week two of our advent series! This week Steve gives a short teaching on how we can honor Mary, Theotokos, this advent season.


Advent Week one: The Incarnation

Happy Advent Season! For the first four Sundays in December Steve will be giving a teaching for Advent. To hear more teachings from Steve visit


0-40 “58,000 homeless in a day”

We are taking a break from the Author series as we move into advent, but before we begin we wanted to share what’s happening in Malawi. For more information on the JOC to Malawi visit:


8-10 Money Incinerators (Interview with Eric Knopf)

This week we welcome back Eric Knopf to discuss his book “Raising Entrepreneurs”. Tune in to hear more about the key elements of raising young entrepreneurs. Stay connected with Eric: Check out Eric’s Work - Eric’s Instagram - Purchase Eric’s Book -


8-9 Surrender To His Care (Interview with Dr.Bradley Jersak)

This week Tim is joined by Dr.Bradley Jersak to discuss his book "Her Gates Will Never Be Shut". In this episode Tim and Brad discuss the meaning and differences of infernalism, annihilationism, and universalism. Stay connected with Bradley St. Stephen's University: More from Brad: Get the Book:


8-8 The Hound of Heaven (Interview with Father Aidan (Alvin) Kimel)

This week Tim is joined by Father Kimel to discuss his book "Destined for Joy" as they dig deeper into the concept of universal salvation. Order the book: More from Father Kimel:


8-7 Crisis in the Holy Land - What Are We To Do? (with Mercy Aiken)

Mercy Aiken returns to the Impact Nations podcast to give her insight on the current events in Gaza. To learn more about Mercy's ministry at the Network of Evangelicals for the Middle East, visit The Impact Nations Podcast is brought to you by the our annual Gift Catalog. Don't miss your chance to rescue a life today. Browse the catalog and read the stories at


8-6 In Charge, But Not In Control (Interview with Eric Knopf)

This week, Tim sits down with Eric Knopf to discuss his book, "The Will of God". Eric is an entrepreneur and the founder of Epic Life. Learn more about Eric's ministry at Follow Eric on Instagram: Purchase Erics book on Amazon: Learn more about Impact Nations at


8-5 "The Fifth Gospel" (Interview with Mercy Aiken)

This week Mercy Aiken joins Tim to discuss her book “Yet In The Dark Streets Shining”. Mercy gives unique insight into Christian and Palestinian relations. Stay connected with Mercy: Neme website: Contact Mercy: Purchase the Book:


8-4 Cleopas and The Other Guy (Interview with Steve Smothers)

This week Pastor Steve Smothers explains what a new covenant life looks like. Tune in to hear incredible stories and learn more about his book Better Covenant Living! Stay Connected with Steve: Sozo Church: Purchase the Book:


8-3 Evangelism By Terrorism (Interview with Brian Zahnd)

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" or "Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God"? Tune in to hear Pastor and Theologian Brian Zahnd explain his take on Jonathan Edwards 18th century sermon. Israel Journey of Discovery registration: Stay connected with Brian Zahnd: Buy the book -