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Persevere in Grace

The apostle Paul served as a spiritual father to many believers at the birth of the New Testament church. We read about the rebellion of the young Corinthian church and Paul’s great labor to help them grow. We also read of the tears he shed for those he loved, his brothers and sisters in Christ. Having made the case that Jesus is the reconciler of broken relationship between God and man, Paul turns his attention in 2 Corinthian 6 to those who receive this message with open hearts. He...


Fully and Intentionally Trust Him (FAITH)

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas while forgetting the reason we celebrate. For many, the sentimentalism of the season is all consuming: trees, gifts, baking, family, shopping, laughter, and music. To some, their schedules will overflow with office parties, Christmas cards, and treats. For others, the season will remind them of their losses, hurts, and brokenness. For all, we have an opportunity to be reminded of the overwhelming grace of God made manifest...


Victor, Not Victim: Claim Christ’s Victory over Your Past

We are quick to label ourselves and others according to our stage in life or our status among others. Rich / poor, depressed / happy, famous / normal, popular / not so much… For many of us the labels stick and remind us daily of our place among our friends and family. The labels serve to paint us into a place of believing certain things about who we are in spite of what Christ has done in our lives. Jesus has come so that we are no longer victims of our circumstances. Instead, you and I...


Transformed, Not Conformed: Claim Christ’s Victory Over Your Present and Future

The new year brings with it New Year’s resolutions. Many in America will commit to stop bad habits and start good ones. Maybe you’re one of these who are going to start a new exercise program or stop eating certain sweets. Maybe you’ve decided that beginning January 1 you’re going to read the entire Bible in a year. Whatever your resolution, the new year also provides an opportunity to evaluate what kind of resolve it might take to make 2015 the year you become more like Jesus. CS Lewis...


Passing the Baton

Too often we think of our spiritual journey as a solo race rather than a relay baton. Each generation of the church is responsible to pass along our faith to the next. Moses famously instructed the people of God to love the Lord with all of their heart, soul, and might and then to teach this to their children intentionally. When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment, he summarized His answer with Moses’ instruction from Deuteronomy 6. The greatest commandment is to love God and...


The Coming Kingdom

The categories of popularity, prosperity, and politics may be helpful for us to grasp what is happening in Mark 11:1-11. Riding in on a colt invited the crowd and His disciples to see Jesus as a political leader. These people were desperate for something greater. They longed for a leader who would deliver them from Roman occupation. This crowd had experienced the prosperity of being near Jesus; He drove away demons and took away their sickness. After the feeding of the 5,000 they wanted to...


“He Will Come and Destroy”

God the Father has gone to great lengths to demonstrate His love for His people. You and I know love because God first loved us. God’s love for His people is patient, offering repentance for those who will seek Him. God’s character is holy. As holy and loving one day judgment will come with such surprise that many will be caught off guard. Jesus reveals to the religious leaders in Mark 12:1-12 that their time of influence will soon expire. Their leaders have shamed God’s messengers, beat...


Things That Are God’s

When Jesus was a toddler a group of zealous men rebelled against the Roman government believing that when they paid taxes they were violating the commandment that no one should make an engraved image of God. The “Zealots” as they became known, were quickly stamped out. By the time Jesus was in his 30’s the Zealots were heroic in the minds of many Jews wanting to live the spiritual life while suffering under Roman oppression. Knowing this reality, the Pharisees teamed up with their much...


SENT to Represent

In a world that tempts us to worship everything but God, it is good to remember that our salvation is found only in Jesus. All around us are men and women who have been duped into believing that chasing the American dream will bring them happiness. All around us are people who are hurting because their hope for joy is placed in temporary pleasures. If you have received the good news that God sent His Son to rescue you from the darkness of this world and provided an escape through the grace...


God of the Living

It would be dangerous to gloss over the sense of urgency in Mark’s letter to his church, the Gospel of Mark. History tells us that the Roman government regularly killed Christians because of their faith. Every day Mark’s young church faced the life and death decision to follow Jesus or deny Him. Choosing to believe that God loved them and sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue them from sin and death was for many a choice to leave this earthly life as a martyr. While others sung the praise of the...


The Greatest Command

As a modern reader of Mark 12 we may miss the common language presented by the scribe at the end of the chapter. Most likely, this scribe is a man of influence. The text tells us he is impressed with Jesus. This scribe watched while the Pharisees and Sadducees have battered Jesus with hard questions. As a scribe, we can assume this man was well educated in the law. As a legal professional he would have studied the various points of view maintaining a professional freedom to navigate...


“Christ is the Son of David”

The crowds were intensely curious and interested as Jesus debated the scribes within the shadow of the temple in Mark 12. It was generally understood that the Messiah, the one who would deliver Israel from the hands of her enemies would be a son in the lineage of King David. In fact, Mark has already set the scene that many in the crowd believed Jesus was the Messiah. They cried out in Mark 11, “Hossanna!” and made references to Jesus as the son of David. This must have frustrated the...



All three gospel writers include Jesus’ debate with the scribal leaders. The scribes and Jesus shared an appreciation for God’s Word but had two very different opinions on the ethics of obeying God. The scribes distorted God’s law to the point that they regularly took advantage of the weak to the benefit of the socially strong. As society’s legal experts, the scribes served as academics that could out reason nearly anyone for their own sake. While God’s word teaches we are to care for...



On Sunday we were privileged to hear from six of our student leaders as they shared the Good News of Jesus by working their way through the entire Bible. They used an acronym G.O.S.P.E.L to help us remember: God, Our, Sins, Paying, Eternal, Life. The message reminds us that the message of the Bible is that God the Father sent His Son that by the power of His Spirit we may have eternal life with Him. Our study will help us dig deeper into these ideas and give us an opportunity to practice...


Birth Pangs

The disciples were surprised by Jesus response when He didn’t join them in celebrating the beauty of the temple in Mark 13. In so many ways, the temple represented the patriotic and religious symbol of the day. Restored and rededicated in 164 BC after the defeat of Antiochus Epiphanes, the temple was annually celebrated in Israel during the Feast of Dedication. To the citizens of Rome, the temple was one of the wonders of the world. The temple was decorated with a solid gold covering over...


The Abomination of Desolation

Mark recorded a rather innocent comment about the beauty of the Jewish temple and Jesus’ puzzling response. Jesus warned His disciples that this temple and all it represented was being replaced with a new covenant where the people of God would represent Him throughout all the earth. No longer would God’s people primarily gather in one place to meet with God; the disciples would be scattered to the ends of the earth on mission for Jesus until He returns. The temple as they knew it would be...


Finding Hope

The suspense of Psalm 23:4 provides a beautiful place for David to affirm His complete trust and dependence on his heavenly Father. The valleys and shadows paint a colorful picture reminding the reader of life's dark moments. In David’s day, the valley was the place where dry stream beds would quickly flash flood. The shadows provided shelter for lurking bandits and wild animals. The threat to the traveler was real. The fear was palpable. All of us experience the real or imagined shadows of...


A Suffering Messiah-Prophetic or Pathetic?

The Prophet Isaiah prophesied over 700 years before Jesus’ birth that the Messiah, the God-Man who was predicted to come clothed in flesh and bring salvation to mankind, would be a suffering Servant that would not be welcomed by Israel because He came as a humble servant, not a conquering hero. The prediction was that the Messiah would be hated, despised, loathed, afflicted, stricken, beaten, oppressed, tortured and killed. Why would God allow His Son to be abused, afflicted and killed?...


Jesus, the Passover Lamb; Miracle or Masquerade?

Before the foundation of the world God knew He would have to be the ultimate final sacrifice for man’s sin. The Passover Lamb in Exodus freed the Hebrews from their slavery to the Egyptians. The coming of the Messiah was for the sole purpose of becoming the Passover Lamb who would ultimately free man from their slavery to sin, Satan and eternal death. Jesus Christ is the final Passover Lamb who voluntarily died for the sins of mankind. But, the most important fact of God’s plan of victory...


Celebrate the Gifts

All who are in Christ have received spiritual gifts for the purpose of building up one another in love. Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthians that we are like a body with different parts that need one another to be healthy. No part of the body can say to another, “I don’t need you.” We are not all the same. We need each other if we are to grow in love. There is unity in diversity. When we discover how God has gifted us, we are set free to serve with joy knowing that we are a part of...