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Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.

Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.


Pasco, WA


Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.




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Kenya Prays

Bible Reading: Jeremiah 29:12; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Kenya ran to her room and quietly shut her door. Kneeling beside her bed, she began to pray. One thing Kenya had learned from her grandma was how to pray. She had watched her grandma pray many times. If someone was sick, Grandma prayed. If someone was hurt, Grandma prayed. If someone was sad, Grandma prayed. If everything was awesome, Grandma prayed. Kenya loved God, and she knew that God loved her too. She knew He cared about...


Children of God

Bible Reading: Galatians 3:26; 4:6-7; Hebrews 2:11 Marisol folded her pajamas and placed them in the top drawer of a white dresser. There was also room for her underwear, socks, and a photo of her mom and brother. Her jeans and a pair of shorts went into the drawer below, and she hung her three T-shirts in the small closet. Marisol placed the stuffed bunny a volunteer had given her on the bed, then sat down on the pink flowered quilt. Beverly, her sponsor, knocked on the door. "Can I come...


Dare to Be Like Daisy

Bible Reading: Ephesians 6:18-20 A hairy body landed with a thump on the bed beside Eden, barking furiously. "Be quiet, Daisy," murmured Eden sleepily. Daisy barked again. Annoyed, Eden pushed the dog away. "Leave me alone!" Daisy bounded off the bed and ran out of the room. Suddenly…THUMP! Daisy returned and pounced on Eden, dashed away, and then came back and pounced again and again, all the while barking loudly. Eden sat up with a huff. "You dumb dog," she grumbled. "Go away!" Daisy...


Treasures of the Deep

Bible Reading: Proverbs 3:13-15; 9:10 When Malik got home from school, he plopped down on the couch and eagerly turned on the TV to watch the next episode of a show called "Treasures of the Deep." It was about the discovery of treasures found in the sea, and Malik loved to imagine what it would be like to find treasure and get rich. Halfway through the show, Dad walked in. "What show is this that you've been so interested in lately?" he asked. Malik hit the pause button, and his eyes...


Tears Are Allowed

Bible Reading: John 11:32-36; Revelation 21:1-4 Avery looked around with tears in her eyes. Everything still felt surreal. How could this be happening? "Oh, sweetheart," her aunt whispered as she hugged her, "I want you to know that he loved you." Avery couldn't believe she was at her uncle's funeral. He had been so young and healthy and full of life. Then, just like that, he was gone, and he wasn't coming back. The next few months were hard for the whole family, and Avery was no...


Stop That Noise

Bible Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:1-7 "Bye, Naomi! See you tomorrow," Paige called as she got into her mom's car after school. "And congratulations on getting the lead in the play." As soon as she shut the car door, Paige muttered, "I can't stand that girl! She's such a snob." "Paige!" exclaimed her mom. "From what I just heard you say, I thought she was a good friend." Paige's brother Sean spoke up from the back seat. "You just want her to help you with math, don't you? That's why you...


Expert Help

Bible Reading: Psalm 37:3-7 "Hey, Mom, look!" Paisley held up a carton of milk. "Ryan and I were going to have a glass of milk, but it's partly frozen!" "That's odd," said Mom, peering into the refrigerator. "Uh-oh! We have a problem. Other things are frozen too." "Should we move the refrigerator out from the wall?" asked Ryan. "If I look at the back, maybe I can tell what's wrong." Paisley laughed. "I doubt it. You don't know a thing about what makes refrigerators run. We need an...


Full Instructions

Bible Reading: 2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Peter 3:14-18 "Dad, there's something I've been wondering about," Lincoln said as he began fitting pieces of his new model plane together. "When I was at Brandon's house, I overheard his dad telling his mom about a man who is really mean to his wife and kids. This guy excused it by saying he was just being the head of the house, like the Bible says husbands and fathers should be." Lincoln sighed. "I guess it doesn't always work out right when you try to obey...


Old and New

Bible Reading: Romans 12:1-2, 9-21 When the bell rang, Quinn was happy the school day was over. "See you tomorrow," she called to several friends as she hopped on her bike. As she pedaled along, she thought about her day and what she'd do later that evening. Almost before she knew it, she reached the house where she had spent most of her eleven years. As Quinn started to turn into the driveway, she looked up at the house. Whoa! Wait a minute! she thought. I don't live here anymore! Without...


Kya’s Mistake

Bible Reading: 1 John 3:1-3 Kya never meant to break Dad's trophy. It sparkled on the shelf, a reminder of Dad's football days. When Dad said, "Don't run in the house," Kya didn't think about his trophy. She and her cousin Danny had only wanted to race. Now they stared at the broken trophy on the carpet. "It was too close to the edge of the shelf," Danny said. "It wasn't our fault." "Danny…" Kya wanted to argue, but tears filled her eyes. What would Dad say? "Are you afraid you'll get in...


The Right Key

Bible Reading: John 14:6; Acts 16:25-34 "Sure you don't want to come along to pick up Grandma from her appointment?" asked Riley's grandfather as he turned the car into the driveway. Riley shook his head. He planned to enjoy a glass of milk and some of Grandma's cookies while he waited. "Okay," said Grandpa. He held out a key chain. "The silver key with the round top is the house key. Grandma and I will be back soon." Riley took the keys and went up the walk. None of these keys look like...


Time to Get Up

Bible Reading: Psalm 118:24-29; 122:1 "Roman! I told you to get up twenty minutes ago. Now hurry!" Roman's mom said from the doorway of his room. "We'll be leaving for church soon!" Roman sleepily opened his eyes. It was so hard to get up in the morning! He put one foot on the floor, then the other. It was cold. He wrapped his blanket around him. "Roman, are you hurrying?" Mom called from the hallway a few minutes later. "Yep, I'm hurrying," Roman answered, and he quickly got dressed,...


Even in the Dark

Bible Reading: Psalm 139:7-12; Jeremiah 23:23-24 "Church in a cave!" exclaimed Elias. He and his family were on vacation, and Dad had announced they'd be attending a church service inside a cave. "I've never been in a cave," Elias said. "I wonder what it will be like." Early Sunday morning, they were on their way. When they were finally down in the cave and seated in the large room where the service was to be held, Elias shivered. It was very dark, except where electric lights lit the way....


Chocolate Courage Layer Cake

Bible Reading: Joshua 1:1-9; Philippians 1:12-20 "Something smells delicious!" Dad said as he walked into the kitchen. "That's because it's chocolate." Lacy pointed to three bowls. "It's going to be a chocolate layer cake with three layers of dark, milk, and white chocolate." Dad winked. "I'm glad you started watching baking shows in your free time." "I wonder why!" Lacy giggled. "How have things been going with Nia?" asked Dad. Lacy removed the paddle attachment from the mixer. "We've...


The Picture Puzzle

Bible Reading: Romans 12:3-8 "I'll help with that," Everett said when his sisters got out a puzzle. "That's a cool picture." He pointed to the cover, which showed three sailboats out at sea. "There sure are a lot of different shapes and colors in this puzzle," Grace observed as she tipped the box over and the pieces tumbled onto the table. She picked up a piece. "I like the ones with the pretty, sunshiny yellow color." Natasha nodded. "I like the blues and greens too. I want to work with...


To Grandma with Love

Bible Reading: Mark 14:3-9; 1 John 3:18 Grandma will like this, Kade thought as he worked on a picture. She'll probably take it home and put it up somewhere. He finished drawing a house, then worked on trees and clouds. Kade enjoyed art, and his teacher had told him he had a talent for it. "There!" he said, looking over the finished picture. Nearby, Kade's five-year-old sister Chloe worked on a picture of her own. "Mine's done too," she said, holding it up. Kade scoffed at it. "What's...


What to Wear

Bible Reading: 1 Peter 3:3-4 Willow waved goodbye to Sydney's family, then ran into the house. "Hi, honey," Mom said. "Did you enjoy Sydney's church today?" "Yeah, but I kind of felt out of place," Willow said. "I was too dressed up. Nobody dresses up at Sydney's church. She says it makes visitors feel uncomfortable." Willow shook her head. "I don't get it. You and Dad want me to dress up to show respect for God when we go to church to worship Him. But I get what Sydney said too. Who's...


Gold, Diamonds, and Pearls

Bible Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:14-23; James 1:5 Jasmine and Kayla rummaged through a large jewelry box as they helped their grandmother sort things in preparation for a garage sale. "Look at this pretty necklace!" Jasmine exclaimed. "Is it real gold, Grandma?" Grandma rubbed her thumb gently over the shiny metal. Then she peered at her thumb. "No, honey," Grandma said. "This is just cheap jewelry." "How do you know?" asked Kayla. "It looks like gold." Grandma held out her hand. "See...



Bible Reading: Isaiah 40:25-28 Daniel stared out the window as fluffy white snowflakes gracefully floated down from the sky. I'm glad school was canceled, he thought. It's gym day, and I stink at basketball. Daniel heaved a big sigh. I stink at everything. Mom walked over with her mug of coffee. "Why so gloomy?" she asked. Daniel shrugged. "I just wish I were special." "You are special," said Mom. Daniel shook his head. "If I were special, I'd be good at something, like all my friends...


One Rotten Egg

Bible Reading: Romans 3:23; James 2:8-13 "Yum! Are you making chocolate cake?" Elijah asked when he arrived home from school. Mom nodded as she beat the mixture in a big yellow bowl. "Yes, I am. How was school today?" "Good," said Elijah. "Except for Jordan. He came to church yesterday, and Mr. Allen shared some Bible verses with us that say everybody has sinned and nobody deserves to go to heaven. Jordan told me today he doesn't believe that. He says he hardly ever does anything...