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Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.

Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.


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Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.




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The Loaded Branch

Camden wandered out to the orchard where his dad was picking apples. "How was your day?" Dad asked. Camden scowled. "Awful!" "Define awful," said Dad. "I let Sawyer play a game on my tablet after school today, and he dropped it and cracked the screen," said Camden. "He's such a klutz!" Angrily, Camden kicked a large rock. "Ow!" he yelled. "My toe!" "Calm down," said Dad as he put more apples into the basket. "Do you remember what the Bible says about forgiveness?" Camden's conscience pricked...

Bugges by Night

A piercing scream filled the midnight air and woke everyone in the house. Mom jumped out of bed and ran down the hall. She switched on the light in Peyton's room and found her shaking and sobbing. "Did you have a bad dream, honey?" asked Mom. "There was a huge, icky, giant bug!" Peyton held her arms far apart to show its size. "And and he was trying to eat me!" Mom gave Peyton a hug. "But it wasn't real," Mom assured her. "It was just a dream." Mom held Peyton and quietly talked to her. It...

No Dad

Jack slowly pulled on his socks. I wish I didn't have to go to school, he thought. The guys will all be talking about what they did with their dads over the weekend, and I'll be left out again. Jack used to talk about the things he and his dad did together, but now Dad was gone. Without warning, Dad had left home and moved to another state. Jack hardly ever saw him anymore. Just as Jack expected, many of the boys at school talked about their weekend activities. Some had gone to a game, some...

The Name Craze (Part 2)

Kenda nudged her mother as they waited for the church service to start. "Look, Mom!" She pointed to the church bulletin. Mom smiled when she saw the title of the pastor's sermon: "The Name Craze." Kenda listened closely when Pastor Davis began his message. "Our names are important to us," he said. "We all are alert to the sound of our own names. We even like to see them in print and have them written on things we own." Just like me, Kenda thought. But Mom and I can't find anything with my...

The Name Craze (Part 1)

Kenda used to be glad her name was different from everyone else's at school--but not anymore. Some of the girls had pencils and notebooks with their names on them. Sophie even had a bike license plate with her name on it. "I want something with my name printed on it too," Kenda told her mother while they were out shopping. They looked in several stores, but they didn't find anything with the name Kenda on it. "I'm sorry, Kenda," said Mom. "But I don't think you're going to find anything with...

Hidden Flaws

As Eva and her friend Addison walked through the dining room, Eva pointed to the shelves that held her mother's prized teacup collection. "Mom only uses these when she has company," said Eva. "Otherwise, we're not allowed to touch them. I'll show you my favorite one." She took a cup and held it out to Addison. But Addison backed away, and when Eva let it go, the delicate cup fell to the table and the handle broke off. Both girls gasped in horror. "I I didn't do that," Addison said quickly....

Restoration Project

Dad didn't look happy when he picked up his son from the principal's office. Jerry silently followed his dad out to the car. He knew he was in trouble. Again. On the way home, they saw a man hauling an old dresser to the curb. Dad pulled his truck to the side of the road. "Excuse me," he said to the man. "If you're getting rid of that dresser, may I have it?" "Take it," said the man. He helped Dad load it into the back of the truck. "Why do you want a junky piece of furniture?" asked Jerry...

The Real Thing

"Look at this!" Andrew pointed to a news story on his mom's laptop. "'Thousands Attend Rally for Self-Proclaimed Messiah.' How can anybody believe that? Everyone knows that Jesus is the Messiah--the only Savior." "No, Andrew," Mom said. "Many people have no idea who Jesus is." Later that day, as Andrew waited in line at the bank with his mom, they heard the teller talking with a customer. "Mr. Pell, do you know where you got this?" the teller asked as she held out a one hundred-dollar bill....


Welcome to My Room

"I told Pastor Blake we'd be glad to have the Whitlocks stay with us," said Mom on the way home from church. "They'll be here next Saturday." "You did?" asked Joy. She thought about it. "That's good news and bad news-- good news because it's fun to talk with missionaries, but bad news because I'll have to clean my room." Joy's room was used as the guest room whenever the family had overnight company. "Wow! Cleaning your room will take a looong time," teased her brother, Knox. The following...


We Have a Receipt

Bella followed Jason, her older brother, toward the store's double doors when an alarm beeping overhead caused them to startle and whirl. A husky man wearing a manager badge strode over and demanded to see their purchases. Bella stepped behind Jason, out of the view of several curious customers staring in their direction. She desperately hoped no one she knew was watching. Bella glanced at Jason's unruffled composure. He calmly retrieved a slip of paper from the bag and handed it over. "Ah,"...


Esi's Hope

Esi stood beside her mom and trembled with tears. It was the hardest day of her life. Eric was her brother, but he had also been her best friend. Why did he have to die? Would she really never see him again? "Eric, Eric, Eric," was all she could cry into her mother's red dress. Their red and black funeral clothes showed those passing by in the streets of Ghana, Africa, that they were grieving. Esi glanced at some people as they walked by, wondering if they could see the aching of their...


Believe It or Not

Uriah loved spending summer vacation with his cousin Korbin--except for the time each evening when Uncle Paul called them together for family devotions. "You don't really believe all that religious stuff, do you?" Uriah asked Korbin one night from the bed across the room. "Sure I do--but it's not 'religious stuff.' It's what God tells us in the Bible." "I don't see how you can believe some of those Bible stories--like the ones about people walking around in fire and not being burned or...


First Source of Help

"Dad! Look over there!" Bianca exclaimed as their canoe reached a rough stretch of water. Up ahead, an overturned kayak drifted downstream, and a teenage girl desperately clung to a tree that had fallen partially across the river. "Hang on! We'll help you!" Dad called as they approached. He turned to his daughter. "Bianca, if we get too close to her, she might panic and grab our canoe. Let's maneuver around and get downstream from her." With rapid strokes, they moved to a place just beyond...


Just Like Anybody

Dalton felt nervous on his way to return books his dad had borrowed from Pastor Green. Our family hasn't attended any church until lately, but now I have to talk with the pastor! he thought. What in the world could we talk about? Maybe he won't be home. Dalton parked his bike in the pastor's driveway and slowly walked to the door. Timidly, he rang the bell. "Hey there, Dalton," Pastor Green said, taking the books Dalton handed him. "My wife just took some of her famous chocolate chip cookies...



It was Friday evening, and Roland and his friend Sam were playing catch in the backyard. They had a baseball game in the morning and were getting in some catching practice before it got dark. Just as Roland was throwing the ball to Sam, his mom yelled from the kitchen, "Dinner!" CRASH! Sam had looked away for just a second, and the ball went speeding past him and crashed right through Mr. Wilken's window. "Oh no!" Roland yelled. "What was that loud noise?" Mom asked, coming outside. Sam...


Take Off the Label

"What's wrong?" asked Susan, watching her younger sister squirm at the breakfast table. "My neck is itchy!" moaned Karen. She tugged the collar of her new purple sweater. "I bet Charlotte would wear that sweater, itchy or not," said Susan. "Everyone thinks she's weird because practically everything she owns is purple. Yesterday, she got in trouble for doing her math in purple!" Mom turned from the coffee maker and examined Karen's collar. "The label is scratching your skin," she observed....


The Whole Clock

"Did you already fix that one?" asked Elias, pointing at a large clock standing on the counter. He always enjoyed visiting Uncle Ben's shop--especially when his uncle was working on a clock. "That one seems to be ticking all right," Elias added. Uncle Ben laughed. "Yes, but that's all it's doing." Elias looked at the clock more closely. "Oh--it doesn't have any hands on it," he remarked, feeling foolish for not having noticed that. "No, it doesn't," said Uncle Ben. "So even though the clock...


A Slow Start

"I. love going on a walk with you every afternoon," Ruby told her grandfather. "I feel like I missed out by not joining you sooner like I said I would. I knew walking would be good for me and being with you would be fun, but I had a hard time getting started." "I understand," Grandpa assured her. "I've had that kind of problem myself." "You didn't start walking as soon as you should have either?" Ruby asked. Grandpa smiled. "Actually, I was thinking of something else I had trouble...


Family Traits

There was much excitement as Jase and his family waited at the airport. Uncle Dan and Aunt Mary were returning home after spending several years serving as missionaries. Everyone was eager to see their little son, Benjamin, who had been born in Africa. When the families finally got together, Jase stood back while the grownups greeted one another. Then Uncle Dan turned toward him. "And this must be little Jase--but you're not so little anymore, are you?" "I'm six years old," Jase proudly told...


No Distractions

"Are you pitching today?" asked James's older brother, Jackson. James grinned. "Yep. And I'm gonna strike out all those guys." Jackson laughed. "I hope you're right." Jackson had recently gotten his driver's license and was taking his younger brother to the baseball park. As James talked about the upcoming game, Jackson smiled and nodded his head now and then. "I hope I get good enough to play in the major leagues someday! Wouldn't that be great?" asked James, eagerly turning to look at his...