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Top 10 Little Known Black History Fact Of The Decade #5: Floyd Norman

Floyd Norman was the first Black animator hired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios, a legacy that will remain cemented in time. He was featured in a documentary, “Floyd Norman: An Animated Life” in 2016. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM Norman was born June 22, 1935 in Santa Barbara, Calif., a far cry […]


Top Of The Morning: We’re Celebrating Gerald Levert’s Birthday

Today we opened the show by celebrating the birthday of the great Gerald Levert! He would have been turning 53 years old tomorrow! We started with a tribute to him with a mix of some of our favorite songs of his. Damon Williams actually got a chance to meet him at a celebrity basketball! HEAD […]


TJMS25: Jedda Jones Is Ms. Dupree From ‘It’s Your World’

If you’re a fan of ‘It’s Your World’ odds are you love Ms. Dupree! Jedda Jones voiced Ms. Dupree and was also a writer and creator of the show that started back in 1994. Jones was also the first comedian in the TJMS funny chair, she was on the every Wednesday morning. Tom says, “the jingle would […]


Top Of The Morning: Happy Birthday Lionel Richie

Today is one of Tom’s oldest friends birthday! The Lionel Brockman Richie Jr was born today just a few years ago and Tom has known him since they were kids. Mr. Richie (Lionel’s dad) worked on planes with the Tuskegee airmen and Lionel and Tom went to school together. They’ve been friends ever since! Happy […]


Will Packer’s ‘Ambitions’ Will Be Your New Favorite Show

Will Packer is confident that his new show Ambitions staring Robin Givens will be your new favorite show. Givens plays a powerful, hardcore lawyer named Stephanie who she says is “a lot of fun.” Packer clarifies that “a lot of fun” means, “she will cut you eat you and spit you out before lunch.” Stephanie is […]


Common’s Book ‘Let Love Have The Last Word’ Has Been ‘Therapeutic’

We already knew Common was an extremely talented actor and artist, he recently added author to his resume and he’s just published his second book. The book, Let Love Have The Last Word is an extremely honest account of his journey. Common decided to really open up in this book, “in hopes that other people can […]


Janet Jackson Talks About Baby Eissa’s Musical Talent & More

Janet Jackson can easily fill up any venue! When she performed on the 2019 Fantastic Voyage it was no different. The deck was full of screaming and dancing fans. She told Tom Joyner that while rehearsing for the cruise she realized that “Nasty” wasn’t included in the songs she was performing and decided to take […]


Luenell Is Looking Forward To Her Next Chapter

Luenell has been in the game for a minute and looking over her career she’s grateful for growth. At the beginning of her career she says her attitude was, “I don’t need to be nice I’m the baddest chick in the room.” But, that was not true, you need to make connections and friendships in the […]


The Jackson Family Feels Betrayed By Oprah After Interview

The Jackson family has been publicly denying the allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson for years. With the recent release of the HBO “Leaving Neverland” documentary they’ve been even more vocal and diligent about protecting MJ’s legacy. Taj and Brandi Jackson, Michael’s niece and nephew, tell the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew that the […]


Kevin Woodson And ‘Melvin’s Love Line’ Opened The Door For Gay Characters

Kevin Woodson, who you know as Melvin from “Melvin’s Love Line” was one of the original Tom Joyner Morning Show cast members. 25 years ago today the very first TJMS aired and we’re taking a trip down memory lane. “Melvin’s Love Line” offered relationship advice to listeners and of course it was hilarious! Melvin was […]


Myra J Remembers The TJMS In It’s Early Years

Today the Tom Joyner Morning Show turns 25! Myra J was one of the original TJMS cast members. She did “tips for the single mom” and was a part of the team that produced the on air soap opera, “It’s Your World.” Before the show aired Tom brought his crew to Jamaica to brainstorm for […]


Inside Her Story: ‘It All Changed When I Put On My Uniform’

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Brehanna Daniels who is the 1st black woman on a NASCAR national pit crew. Daniels, 24, entered the NASCAR Rev Racing Drive for Diversity Pit Crew program last year. The former athlete for Norfolk State University, says that when she tried out she didn’t know exactly what she […]


Inside Her Story: The Anti-Abortion Movement

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Yoruba Richen to talk about the Anti-Abortion Movement. Roe V. Wade and the Affordable Care Act are on the chopping block, if they’re cut it will no doubt negatively impact African American women. According to Richen, African American women have abortions, and use abortion services at higher rates than […]


The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: Kym’s Wig Got Caught In The Door!

Kym’s been having wig issues during her stay on the Fantastic Voyage and it’s brought her on a crazy adventure. She first lost a wig overboard, she glued another one on instead of using gel, and now she got her wig caught in the door and it came off! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: […]


The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: Oldest Man On The Boat Is 97!

The Fantastic Voyage has something for everyone young or old. The oldest man on the ship was 97-years-old and his grandkids were struggling to keep up with him! Last year, Roland got footage of him getting it on the dance floor with some pretty ladies. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES […]


The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: Begging Paid Off! Anita Baker Is On The Boat!

Begging paid off! For years, Tom has begged Anita Baker to get on his ship and she finally did. Now he’s set his begging talent on Sade Carlos Santana, and Stevie! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX:


The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: Tom’s Got A Gripe With White Night!

Usually Guy Torry is the one with the gripes, but today it’s Tom! White Night is the easiest night to get dressed up for and this year not nearly as many people participated. Tom was hot about it! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX:


The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: Sybil’s Memory Of Her Mother At Anita Baker’s Concert

The Anita Baker concert was everything that Tom and the crew were hoping it would be and it was really special for Sybil. Sybil was so touched being able to meet Anita Baker before her performance on the ship and realized that Anita’s concert was the last concert her and her mom went […]


The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: White Night And Anita Baker With Xscape

Sad day! Kym and Jenifer Lewis are leaving the ship early. But it’s not all bad because Tom and the crew can hardly wait for white night with Anita Baker and Xscape performing! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX:


The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: People Are Booking The 2019 Cruise!

People are already booking the 2019 Fantastic Voyage! Each year gets better and better and next year will be no different! In the past, the cruise has featured performances by Diana Ross, MC Lyte, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx and so much more. On the 20th anniversary of the Party with a Purpose, the cruise […]