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Join ESPN College GameDay host Rece Davis and Senior Writer Pete Thamel, as well as many of GameDay’s key analysts and contributors, as they discuss and debate the biggest stories and break down the biggest games in college football, while also leaning into the key basketball moments and storylines as well. With episodes Mondays/Wednesday/Fridays in the fall, and a year-round weekly presence this is the place to be for the college sports fan.


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Join ESPN College GameDay host Rece Davis and Senior Writer Pete Thamel, as well as many of GameDay’s key analysts and contributors, as they discuss and debate the biggest stories and break down the biggest games in college football, while also leaning into the key basketball moments and storylines as well. With episodes Mondays/Wednesday/Fridays in the fall, and a year-round weekly presence this is the place to be for the college sports fan.






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Boston College HC Bill O'Brien on coming home + why Missouri AD Desireé Reed-Francois would leave for Arizona

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel sit down with Boston College head coach Bill O'Brien to discuss how he's constructing his program - from targeting o-line players, to developmental coaches, to incorporating NIL. Then he gets into his previous experience and how programs like Penn State, the Houston Texans, and New England Patriots shaped him as a coach. Then, Rece and Pete get into why former Missouri Athletic Director Desireé Reed-Francois would leave for the University of Arizona, the Pac-12's move which shows why they don't want to go away, and what Pete thinks everyone should keep an eye on in college football right now. 0:00 - Welcome To The College Gameday Podcast 02:12 - First Impressions of New Boston College HC Bill O’Brien 03:46 - Boston College HC Bill O’Brien Sits With Pete Thamel 07:04 - HC O’Brien: We Need To Target The Right Guys To Build The Team 13:52 - HC O’Brien: Boston College Has To Be Part of NIL Landscape 21:35 - O’Brien Kept Penn State Football From Disintegrating 24:49 - Boston College Faces A Challenging Schedule 30:38 - Why Would Francois Leave Miz For Arizona 36:42 - Pac-12 Hints They Don’t Intend To Go Away 40:05 - Gameday Is Headed To UCONN This Week Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nebraska HC Matt Rhule on Recruiting QB DYLAN RAIOLA + Rebuilding Cornhuskers Football

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel sit down with Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule to discuss how his NFL experience - paired with his time at Temple and Baylor - will help him revive Cornhuskers football, why Rhule rooted for defensive coordinator Tony White to get the UCLA head coach job, and what in the world a Runza is. Then, Rece and Pete get into what it's been like working with former Alabama head coach Nick Saban since he joined ESPN, how Pat McAfee has been able to bring Saban's personality out front and center, and how sure they are that Alabama fans are totally patient, pragmatic, and calm following Saban's retirement and not at all worried that Ryan Grubb is going to the Seahawks. 0:00 - Welcome To The College Gameday Podcast 01:24 - Ohio St, UCLA, Boston College Coaching Moves 04:05 - HC Matt Rhule On The Difference Between Year 1 & 2 06:05 - HC Matt Rhule Brings NFL Experience To Nebraska 09:00 - Rhule On The Attraction Of Being A College Coach 13:12 - HC Matt Rhule On Rebuilding Nebraska Football 19:23 - HC Matt Rhule On QB Dylan Railoa Coming To Nebraska 23:04 - HC Matt Rhule: I Just Want To See Our Players Rip It 25:55 - HC Matt Rhule DC Tony White Is The Coolest In The Room 28:02 - Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts’ Farm Stories 30:08 - HC Matt Rhule: Jahmal Banks Has Raised The Bar 32:05 - HC Rhule: Security Didn’t Want Me Storming The Court 33:23 - Nebraska HC Matt Rhule’s Favorite Local Lincoln Spots 37:38 - Former Bama HC Nick Saban Joining ESPN Was No Surprise 43:36 - Nick Saban Is Already 100 MPH On NFL Draft Draft Prep 44:50 - Bringing Out Nick Saban’s Personality On Gameday 47:26 - Peculiar For UCLA Chip Kelly To Go To Ohio State 51:25 - Alabama Shouldn’t Worry About Grubb Going To Seahawks 59:11 - The Apple Vision Pro Is The Bane Of Our Existence Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Washington HC Jedd Fisch Talks About Football ROYALTY On His Staff, the Big Ten-SEC Advisory Group, Bon Jovi > Springsteen

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel sit down with Washington head coach Jedd Fisch to discuss the two iconic head coaching sires - Stephen Belichick and Brennan Carroll - on his staff, what he's seen of Washington quarterback Will Rogers, and how the NCAA tampering rules affected his departure from Arizona. He also shares a story about his relentless pursuit to get into the OJ trial. Then, Rece and Pete get into the details of the upcoming 12-team College Football Playoff structure, Dartmouth players possibly unionizing, and whether or not Rece is jinxing the North Carolina Tar Heels! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NCAA being SUED 👀 Michigan after Harbaugh + NFL Draft Talk

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel discuss Tennessee being investigated by the NCAA for NIL violations, and the subsequent attorneys general of Tennessee and Virginia antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA. They also get into the future of Michigan under Sherrone Moore and then bring in ESPN NFL Draft Analyst Matt Miller to go over what we can expect from the NFL draft.Tune in next week for when new University of Washington Head Coach Jedd Fisch joins the pod!0:00 - NCAA Investigating Tennessee For NIL Violations 11:35 - Update: NCAA Is Sued Post-Tennessee Investigation 14:30 - Michigan Hires Sherrone Moore As Head Coach To Replace Harbaugh 23:26 - NFL Draft Prediction: QBs Will Dominate The Top 32:20 - Are We In An Era of Extreme Offense? 36:44 - Will There Be a 1st Round RB In The NFL Draft This Year? 43:00 - The Big 12 Football Schedule For 2024 Is Here Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ohio State Buckeyes NEW Roster Additions From Alabama; Way-Too-Early Pre-Season Game Picks; Are Coaches Being Judged Fairly?

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel talk about Ohio State’s boatload of portal additions - including Alabama quarterback Julian Sayin and Alabama defensive back Caleb Downs - and how this affects new Alabama head coach Kalen DeBoer’s program in the upcoming season. Rece and Pete also get into how Ohio State head coach Ryan Day built and supplemented his team. Then, they make some way-too-early pre-season game picks and get into a discussion on how fairly coaches are being judged. 00:05 Ohio State's Shift In Roster Makeup 09:38 What If We See Ohio St vs Michigan In The Playoffs? 15:20 Way Too Early Team Picks For Pre-Season 19:42 Does The Playoff Affect How We Judge Coaches? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


EMERGENCY POD: Jim Harbaugh Leaves Michigan To Coach Chargers

Pete Thamel and ESPN Senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter convene for an emergency podcast to talk about the news of Jim Harbaugh leaving the national champion Michigan Wolverines to coach the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers. They get into what kept Harbaugh from getting on the plane to Atlanta, what this means for the Michigan program, and the possibility of Michigan offensive coordinator/offensive line coach, Sherrone Moore, stepping into the head coach role. 1:33 What kept Harbaugh from going to Atlanta? 2:10 What’s next for Michigan? 2:34 Who will be Michigan’s next head coach? 5:36 Adam Schefter’s Harbaugh memories 7:44 Expectations for Sherrone Moore 11:20 How well does Harbaugh pair with Charges Quarterback Justin Herbert? 12:55 Where is Michigan Quarterback, JJ McCarthy’s, range in the draft? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Changing of The Guard: Jim Harbaugh’s Unknown “Biblical” Future; Life After Nick Saban at Alabama

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel reflect on new coach hirings, retirements and changes that have shaken the college football world. They discuss latest news of Freshman Caleb Downs possibly entering the transfer portal, the surprise retirement announcement of Nick Saban and his reasons why plus where Jim Harbaugh will land next. We get a behind the scenes look into Rece’s thoughts on his exclusive interviews with these coaches. Hopefully Jim Harbaugh won’t announce where he’s coaching next while Pete is on vacation. Rece's Exclusive Interview with Jim Harbaugh After Winning the National Championship Rece's Exclusive Interview with Nick Saban After Announcing His Retirement 00:20 - Caleb Downs Headed To Portal 02:04 - Alabama Ripple Effects After Saban’s Retirement 04:48 - Nick Saban BTS Interview Moments 18:01 - Asking Jim Harbaugh About His Future Plans 21:16 - The Question Rece Wishes He Asked Jim Harbaugh 22:31 - Jim Harbaugh BTS Interview Moments 25:12 - Jim Is The Best Team Builder 27:29 - If Harbaugh Leaves Michigan, Who Takes Over? 29:26 - Nick Saban BTS Interview Moments 32:28 - Rece’s Early Reporter Days Covering Nick Saban 36:35 - Saban and Harbaugh’s Relationship With The Media 39:33 - Alabama and Michigan Players Headed To The Portal 42:26 - Teams Moving Quickly On Portal Players 44:13 - Washington Hires Arizona’s Jedi Fish As HC 47:09 - Arizona Hires San Jose St’s Brent Brennan As HC 51:22 - Harbaugh To Leave Michigan During Pete’s Vacation 52:36 - College Gameday Pod Off-Season Preview Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


EMERGENCY POD: Nick Saban Hangs It Up

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel convene for an emergency podcast following Nick Saban’s retirement from coaching. The guys discuss how it would always be a surprise when Saban decided to retire, if he is the greatest coach in the history of college football, how he revived the University of Alabama football program, the university using Saban’s success to boost academics, what Rece is hearing from Alabama fans, what’s next for Saban after coaching, and who’s on the shortlist of candidates to coach the Crimson Tide. 0:00 Nick Saban retires from Alabama 1:22 Saban’s retirement was always going to be a surprise 4:07 Rece on Saban: Great coach in history of CFB 7:53 Alabama was down when Saban arrived in 2007 8:26 Alabama capitalized on football’s success 9:36 Saban’s impact on the Tuscaloosa community 11:20 What Rece is hearing from fellow alumni 14:53 What’s next for Nick Saban? 17:58 Early Alabama coaching candidates Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Michigan Wins National Championship the Harbaugh Way

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel are chatting at midfield of NRG Stadium following the Michigan Wolverines’ 34-13 victory over the Washington Huskies in the College Football Playoff national championship game. The guys discuss Michigan dominating despite Washington’s chances, the Wolverines relying on the big play, what makes this a Jim Harbaugh-style championship, the legacy of this win for Michigan, what’s next for Harbaugh, and parting thoughts on the 2023 season. 0:49 MICHIGAN DOMINATED, WASHINGTON HAD CHANCES 1:39 DONOVAN RETURNS FROM WITNESS PROTECTION 2:08 MICHIGAN’S BIG PLAYS 2:38 WASHINGTON WAS A LITTLE OVER-AMPED TO START 3:35 A HARBAUGH CHAMPIONSHIP: DOMINANT, MESSY AWKWARD 6:00 MICHIGAN PROVED TO BE ELITE 7:35 BLAKE CORUM’S CHAMPIONSHIP MOMENTS 8:33 HARBAUGH WON WITH HIS ROOTS: DEFENSE & RUNNING THE BALL 9:16 MICHIGAN PLANTS THE FLAG 10:18 WHAT’S NEXT FOR JIM HARBAUGH? 13:13 FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE 2023 SEASON Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


National Championship Picks: Michigan-Washington; Michael Penix’s Massive Hands; Jim Harbaugh the Artful Dodger

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel share their final thoughts on the Michigan Wolverines against the Washington Huskies in the national championship game. They discuss an update on Dillon Johnson’s health, Michael Penix Jr.’s massive hands, how both teams scouted the College Football Playoff, if Rece revealed his man crush to Will Johnson, keeping an eye on the Wolverines’ defensive personnel, who they like to win the game, the latest on the portal moves and NFL draft declarations, and if Michigan would target Kalen DeBoer if Jim Harbaugh left Ann Arbor. Later, GameDay's Jen Lada talks to former Wolverine and current Cleveland Brown Maurice Hurst from the Mercedes-Benz ESPN College Football Podcast Sprinter. 1:20 DILLON JOHNSON INJURY UPDATE 5:46 DOES WASH OL TROY FAUTANU HAVE TROUBLE BUYING PANTS? 6:30 MICHAEL PENIX’S MASSIVE HANDS 9:30 THAMEL: WASHINGTON HAD TWO SEASONS 11:00 WASH & MICH SCOUTED ALL THE POTENTIAL CFP TEAMS 12:00 BOTH TEAMS SEEM VERY RELAXED 12:39 DID RECE REVEAL HIS MAN CRUSH TO WILL JOHNSON? 14:21 WASHINGTON’S THE UNDERDOG AGAIN (+4.5) 21:30 MICHIGAN’S DEFENSIVE PERSONNEL WILL BE TELLING 25:50 MICHIGAN HASN’T SEEN AN OFFENSE LIKE WASHINGTON 28:00 PICK THE GAME: MICHIGAN (-4.5) V. WASHINGTON 36:30 TEXAS’ TE JA'TAVION SANDERS DECLARES FOR THE NFL DRAFT 37:26 WHO WILL MIAMI LAND AT QB? 38:15 THAMEL: I EXPECT J.J. MCCARTHY TO DECLARE FOR THE DRAFT 39:00 MICHIGAN WILL BE RADICALLY DIFFERENT NEXT SEASON 41:30 SPECULATION: HARBAUGH MOVES ON, WHO WOULD MICHIGAN TARGET? 43:45 JEN LADA WITH MAURICE HURST Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How Would College Football Fans React to Michigan Winning the Title? OSU & Miami Searching for QBs

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel discuss how Washington stayed on script to make the national championship game, the Huskies’ offensive line keeping Michael Penix Jr. upright, Rece potentially interviewing Jim Harbaugh after winning a title, and Kalen DeBoer’s championship experience. Plus, the latest on Ohio State and Miami’s quests for a transfer portal quarterback. And, could Judge Judy fund an NIL program? 02:10 - Washington Clinches Title Appearance 07:29 - Washington Interior O-Line vs Michigan interior D-Line 12:44 - Connor Stalions at Rose Bowl Game 14:42 - How Would Fans React To Michigan Title 25:20 - Kalen DeBoer Wealth of Championship Experience 32:11 - Upcoming Transfer Portal News 34:44 - Miami's QB Situation 39:05 - Judge Judy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Cardiac Huskies Win Another One Score Game, Punch Ticket to Title Game; How Do Michigan and Washington Match Up?

Pete Thamel and Paolo Uggetti run it back one last time at the Rose Bowl, this time recapping the Washington Huskies’ 37-31 win over the Texas Long Horns in the College Football Playoff semifinals. The guys discuss the Huskies winning yet another one-score game, Washington’s wide receivers, Michigan needing to prepare for a different kind of offense and what image they’ll remember from Michigan defeating Alabama in the Rose Bowl. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


RAPID REACTION FROM THE ROSE BOWL: Michigan Masterclass Punches Ticket to National Championship

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel react to the Michigan Wolverine’s 27-20 overtime victory against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff semifinals. The guys discuss how Michigan out SEC’d Alabama, Jim Harbaugh’s gutsy fourth down call, Blake Corum’s overtime touchdown run, J.J. McCarthy making plays and a cathartic win for the Wolverines. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Desmond Howard on the Rose Bowl; Sugar Bowl Cousin Connection; Florida State’s Blowout Doesn’t Mean Anything

Rece Davis, Pete Thamel and Desmond Howard discuss fans swarming Des, if a 12-team playoff will hasten expansion to 16 teams, Des’ thoughts on how Michigan will use J.J. McCarthy against Alabama ,and Washington’s offensive line against Texas’ front seven. Then, Rece and Pete talk about Texas and Washington not flinching in close games, why Florida State getting blown out by Georgia doesn’t mean much, and the new year-to-year nature of college football. 0:00 Desmond Howard joins the podcast 2:48 That time they wouldn’t let Mack Brown on the field at the Rose Bowl 4:05 This is the last four-team College Football Playoff 6:58 Will the 12-team playoff hasten expansion to 16? 8:35 Rose Bowl preview 9:39 How will Michigan handle Jalen Milroe’s legs 11:51 Desmond on how Michigan will us J.J. McCarthy 13:39 Washington’s offensive line vs. Texas’ front seven 15:29 BREAK 16:42 Sugar Bowl preview 17:16 Anything to glean from last year’s Alamo Bowl 19:13 Washington of offensive funk 20:35 Washington manufacturing offense 21:14 Texas also found way to win close games 23:01 Cousin connection in the Sugar Bowl 24:12 Georgia beats Florida State 63-3 25:41 It’s a shame FSU left out of CFP 28:24 How to fix bowl season 30:39 FSU’s blowout loss doesn’t mean anything 32:36 CFB becoming more like CBB 33:33 Florida is auditioning for a new conference Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


CFP Semifinal Preview From THE ROSE BOWL; Don’t Get Bored Playing Michigan; Let’s Talk About Quinn Ewers

Rece Davis, Pete Thamel and Stanford Steve are in the bowels of the Rose Bowl for their College Football semifinal preview. The guys lead off with Michigan-Alabama, discussing the clash of styles, J.J. McCarthy and Jalen Milroe needing to use their legs, and what this game means for Jim Harbaugh’s legacy. Then they get into Washington-Texas, talking about Washington’s end of season gauntlet, Quinn Ewers blossoming, and not a lot of hype around Michael Penix Jr. Later, they pick the games and eat steak — to wrap up the Race for the Ribeye. 0:00 CGD Podcast at the Rose Bowl 1:53 Rose Bowl Preview 3:44 Clash of styles 5:25 Will time off help J.J. McCarthy? 8:55 Wolverines defensive line advantage 9:38 Wolverines tight end advantage 12:21 McCarthy needs to use his legs for first downs 12:36 Michigan’s lack of postseason success 14:15 Jalen Milroe learning how to run 15:03 Michigan hasn’t seen a QB like Milroe 16:57 Is this Nick Saban’s best coaching job? 20:46 What’s at stake for Jim Harbaugh’s legacy? 23:32 You can’t get bored playing Michigan 26:35 Sugar Bowl Preview 28:43 Where does the Sugar Bowl hinge? 31:04 Washington’s end of season gauntlet 32:48 No one’s talking about Michael Penix Jr. 34:49 Washington needs to clean up its defense 36:24 Let’s talk about Quinn Ewers 38:40 Double does of bitterness for Ohio State fans 40:14 Quinn Ewers likely to return to Texas 41:22 J.J. McCarthy lively headed to the NFL 43:35 Interesting moment for Michigan 44:52 Picking Michigan (-1.5) vs. Alabama 48:11 Picking Washington vs. Texas (-4) 50:28 Who would be favored in Texas-Alabama? 55:42 Let them eat steak! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Florida State Calls SPECIAL BOARD MEETING + Saturday bowl games!

Pete Thamel and Stanford Steve discuss Florida State's Friday board meeting and the expectation that they will challenge the ACC grant of rights. They also look to where FSU could turn to if they chose to leave the ACC. Lastly, the guys deliver on what to expect from Saturday's bowl games. 0:00 FSU expected to challenge ACC grant of rights 2:04 Where would FSU go? 10:40 Birmingham Bowl: Troy (-7) vs. Duke 13:06 Camellia Bowl: Arkansas State (-3) vs. Northern Illinois 15:21 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl: James Madison (-2) vs. Air Force 18:36 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Georgia State vs. Utah State (-1.5) 20:34 68 Ventures Bowl: South Alabama (-17) vs. Eastern Michigan 23:20 SRS Distribution Las Vegas Bowl: Utah (-6) vs. Northwestern 28:19 EasyPost Hawai'i Bowl: Coastal Carolina vs. San Jose State (-9) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ole Miss Portal DOMINATION; Pete’s Breaking News on Tulsa’s QB; Does Butter Go On A Pop-Tart?

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel discuss Ole Miss’ recent monster portal haul and dissect effective transfer portal strategy. They also get into QB Dylan Raiola’s commitment to Nebraska and QB Dante Moore’s commitment to Oregon. Then - as the pod record timer is running - Pete breaks the news that Tulsa’s QB Braylon Braxton has entered the portal. Rece finishes out the show by tossing up the question, ahead of the Pop-Tarts Bowl, have you ever put butter on a Pop-Tart? 0:00 QB Dylan Raiola commits to Nebraska 5:54 Nebraska is ready to go all-in on NIL 7:33 Portal winners are the teams spending money 12:28 Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss portal domination 19:43 Pete stops the show to break news 20:49 Tulsa’s QB Braylon Braxton enters the portal 21:28 Oregon’s collection of quarterbacks 26:08 Where will FSU’s QB Cam Ward go? 30:00 Pete’s take on the Fenway Bowl 31:18 Rece’s butter on a Pop-Tart pop culture reference 32:31 Rece’s take on the Pop-Tarts Bowl 34:21 Preview of the GameDay pod in LA! 36:00 A “quick” Georgia High School football story Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Bill Belichick Drops by College GameDay Set; LSU QB Jayden Daniels Wins Heisman; QBs Dive Into the Transfer Portal

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel discuss what we didn't see when Bill Belichick swung by the College GameDay set at the Army - Navy game, who their Heisman Trophy votes went to, and quarterbacks landing in the transfer portal. Then they look at the most motivated teams going into the end-of-the-year bowl games before giving a preview of some upcoming podcast postseason episodes. 00:00 Delineating the Army - Navy rivalry spirit from all other games 6:27 Lee Corso archival video behind-the-scenes moment 8:35 Bill Belichick's on-set surprise 13:08 Rece and Pete disclose their Heisman Trophy votes 18:50 Quarterbacks in the transfer portal 27:06 Should coaches emphasize pursuing a QB or developing one? 28:32 Coaches' biggest challenge is player retention 31:20 Producers Taylor and Sara share their experience at the Army - Navy game 38:21 Race for the Ribeye payoff could take place at the Rose Bowl 42:26 Bowl games: Who is motivated vs. unmotivated? 49:38 Podcast postseason episodes coming! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


FSU Out is a NEW LEVEL of Controversy; Quarterbacks Galore Hit the Portal; College GameDay Heads to the Army - Navy Game

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel discuss why we are seeing more parity in college football, how the Heisman will be remembered, and the development of LSU's quarterback Jayden Daniels. Then Bill Connelly, creator of the SP+ ranking, joins to give a snapshot of the college football playoff semifinals. SportsCenter commentator and sports betting analyst Stanford Steve also joins the pod. He shares why he has no problem with FSU being out, then lays out why the Army-Navy game absolutely lives up to the hype. 00:00 FSU being out of CFP is a new level of controversy 8:39 Why are we seeing more parity in CFB? 13:08 Losing will be less punitive in CFB 14:54 How will the Heisman be remembered? 21:00 LSU did a great job at developing Jayden Daniels 22:12 Creator of the SP+ ranking Bill Connelly joins the pod 22:40 Bill is big mad about FSU being left out of CFP 36:39 Formula vs. Committee in a 12-team CFP 43:39 Bill's snapshot of the CFP semifinals 52:11 SportsCenter commentator and Race for the Ribeye winner Stanford Steve joins the pod 54:19 Steve has no problem with the FSU decision 1:02:28 What Pete's hearing in the quarterback transfer market 1:10:29 College GameDay heads to Army - Navy game in Foxborough, MA 1:16:13 Steve's tasty Army - Navy bet Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Florida State Left Out of CFP; SMU ROBBED from New Year's 6 Bowl; Quarterbacks Hit the Transfer Portal

Rece Davis and Pete Thamel deliver their thoughts on Florida State being left out of College Football Playoff, whether it was fair to judge them based on the ACC title game, and the "Alliance" delaying the CFP expansion this year. Then, ESPN senior writer Ryan McGee joins the show to talk about possible big-picture changes to the CFP committee, and Ohio State’s Kyle McCord and Oklahoma's Dillon Gabriel hitting the transfer portal. 00:00 Undefeated Florida State is left out of CFP 6:08 Is it unfair to judge FSU on the ACC title game? 10:00 Rece: It's time for expansion 11:00 The "Alliance" delayed the 12-team CFP this year 13:34 SMU snubbed from New Year's 6 19:29 ESPN senior writer Ryan McGee joins 22:03 A look at possible big picture changes to CFP committee 30:44 Will 12-team playoff bring peace and prosperity? 37:47 OSU and Oklahoma quarterbacks enter the transfer portal 47:04 Preview: Michigan vs. Alabama in the Rose Bowl Learn more about your ad choices. Visit