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HMS - Segment Three - 08 18 2015

Robert Larson us from the otherside of Cleveland National Forest. We talk about five people who are being charged with murder after the death of someone in a drug treatment center died in there care.... Plus road rage and rolling coal!!!!


HMS - Segment Two - 08 18 2015

Tom Tresser from the TIF illumination project talks about how TIF money is skimming money from Chicago's general tax base fund to fund projects for powerful friends of office holders....


HMS - Segment One - 08 18 2015

Neil deMause from fieldofschemes.com joins us for his weekly visit. We talk Scott Walker's hypocrisy for opposing all "wasteful" spending while spending nearly 500 million dollars in subsidies for the Bucks new arena. For here we veer off into how depressing campaign 2016 has become before going back on course to talk about the Olympics and Minnesota United. Plus more!


HMS - Segment Four - 07 07 2015

Heather announces her upcoming departure from KUCI for Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo.


HMS - Segment Three - 07 07 2015

Robert Larson joins us from the otherside of the Cleveland National Forest to talk IE mayhem!


HMS - Segment Two - 07 07 2015

Kevin Baxter from the LA Times joins us to talk about the finish of the 2015 Women's World Cup. Surprise! The US fixed all of its' loose ends and won the whole damn thing. Amazing team, Amazing women.


HMS - Segment One - 07 07 2015

Neil deMause from fieldofschemes.com joins us to talk about the Milwaukee Bucks city council vote, Key Bank not paying for it's naming rights to the Seattle Arena since the Sonics left and is Olympic stadium in Montreal really that decrepit?


HMS - Segment Four - 05 19 2015 (web only this week)

Robert and I wonder which is more prevalent in the Inland Empire, Meth or Bath Salts? Plus more odd crimes with odd weapons. Enough said. All of that and more!.


HMS - Segment Three - 05 19 2015 (web only this week)

We close out on the re-writing of the lead up to the Iraq war.... If I only known then questions that are being asked of the 2016 field of candidates for president. It didn't take a genius then to figure out that the war in Iraq was a bad idea and it didn't take a security clearance to figure that out. Also discussed..... being annoyed with Bruce Jenner's super commercial coming out party. Just throw out the info via press release and be done with it. Bruce, no womens name known yet, is...


HMS - Segment Two - 05 19 2015

Deadspin.com writer Kevin Draper joins us to talk about his recent article "The NBA's Next Labor War Is Here." To read the full article after hearing the interview follow the link below: deadspin.com/the-nbas-next-labor-war-is-here-1703832294


HMS - Segment One - 05 19 2015

Neil deMause from Field of Schemes joins to talk about: The San Diego Citizens Stadium Advisory Group proposal which is about 650 million dollars in direct subsidies before we even get to the probable property tax exemptions. Is it worth that much money to keep the Chargers in town? We also discuss MLS' odd policy around, "Soccer Specific Stadiums Only" in regards to adding expansion teams and how there is exceptions to the rule. Plus the San Jose Sharks are attempting to renegotiate their...


HMS - Segment Three (web only this week)

Robert Larson joins us from the other side of the Cleveland National Foreset. We discuss a police brutality video surfacing in Apple Valley. Odd crimes and an Inland Empire assembly women introducing a bill to get around city laws requiring a green lawns in the desert at ALL TIMES!


HMS - Segment Two - 04 14 2015

Jeremiah Goulka joins us for the second segment. We talk about his article on Tom Dispatch, "Confessions of a former Republican." Link found below: www.tomdispatch.com/blog/175590/


HMS - Segment One - 04 14 2015

Neil deMause joins us from fieldofschemes.com. We talk about the city of St. Louis both getting sued and the threat of a law suit from both sides of the stadium debate for the Rams. We also talk about the City of Anaheim firing it's chief negotiator, Charles Black, after he let Angeles owner Arte Moreno have three more years to opt out of the current lease agreement. Also discussed how bad the new MLB commissioner is at shaking down cities for stadium subsidies, at least early in his tenure.


HMS - Segment Three - 03 17 2015 - Web Only This Week

Robert Larson joins us from the other side of the Cleveland National Forest. Discussed is a cop that didn't secure his suspect in the police car and drove the car away as the cop was wrapping us his investigation. A Murrieta women who was prostituting her own daughters, one of whom was under age. This an more from the Inland Empire!

HMS - Segment Two - 03 17 2015

Dawn Paley author of "Drug War Capitalism" joins us to talk about how the Drug Wars real aim in South America is to expand markets that were previously untapped to Multinational Corporations while terrorizing the local population. Our discussion is just the tip of the ice burg for more information read the book!. www.akpress.org/drug-war-capitalism.html


HMS - Segment One - 03 17 2015

Neil deMause from the blog field of schemes.com joins us to talk about the ramifications of the Obama administration proposal for sports stadium projects no longer being funded though the use of municipal bonds. We also talk about the Georgia courts throwing out a lawsuit challenging the Georgia World Congress Authority's standing to issue bonds for the new Atlanta Falcons stadium. MLS trying to get a publicly subsidized stadium in Minneapolis.... and so much more


HMS - Segment Three - 02 24 2015

Jessica Schoech the curator of the Vegan Street Fair joins us to discuss the upcoming fair, veganism, and the work involved with putting together the first Vegan Street Fair. For more info go to: www.veganstreetfair.com


HMS - Segment Two - 02 24 2015

Jason Blackmore director of the new film Records Collecting Dust joins us to talk about his new film in advance of it's one night screening at the Frida Cinema. For more information go to: thefridacinema.org


HMS - Segment One - 02 24 2015

Neil deMause from www.fieldofschemes.com joins us for his weekly visit to review new stadium schemes of the previous week. This week we discuss the Los Angeles NFL clusterf**k over which of the three teams Chargers, Raiders and Rams will be left standing and calling LA their new home. Also discussed the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars blackmailing himself....