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Two actors who perform the weird Internet on stage dive into the deepest web wormholes with members of fringe online communities. Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula have hilarious and humanizing conversations with furries, ticklers, balloon fetishists, professional cuddlers, adult diaper enthusiasts, and more. You can't un-hear this.

Two actors who perform the weird Internet on stage dive into the deepest web wormholes with members of fringe online communities. Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula have hilarious and humanizing conversations with furries, ticklers, balloon fetishists, professional cuddlers, adult diaper enthusiasts, and more. You can't un-hear this.


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Two actors who perform the weird Internet on stage dive into the deepest web wormholes with members of fringe online communities. Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula have hilarious and humanizing conversations with furries, ticklers, balloon fetishists, professional cuddlers, adult diaper enthusiasts, and more. You can't un-hear this.




175 Vore

We often refer to attractive people as "snacks" and talk about "eating someone up." But vore enthusiasts take those feelings to the next level. The fetish is about consuming others, or being consumed, but it's completely fantastical of course -- no one is harmed in the making of vore content or roleplay. This week, Alli and Jen talk with Carter, a moderator of the subreddit r/vore about the elaborate art created by the community, the discovery of his own feelings for the fetish, and why this...


Introducing "Green Eggs & Dan"

We're taking the week off, but we're excited to share another fantastic show on the Podglomerate network called Green Eggs & Dan, where comedian/writer/restaurateur Dan Ahdoot talks to some fascinating (and often famous!) people about what's in their fridge. The conversation that starts with food always ends up somewhere else. Enjoy this episode of Green Eggs & Dan featuring Top Chef host and author Padma Lakshmi, and listen to Green Eggs & Dan wherever you're listing to this podcast. And...


174 LARPing

People have been role-playing on the Internet since...the very birth of the Internet itself. And out of the tabletop and digital versions sprang LARP: Live Action Role-Playing. Social media like Facebook and Discord have given rise to thriving and diverse groups of in-person adventurers who dress up and meet up for sprawling campaigns, intrigue, battles, romances, and mugs of imaginary(?) ale. This week, Alli and Jen chat with Rachael Cofield, the director at Garden of Destinies LARP, who...


173 The Satanic Temple (with co-founder Lucien Greaves)

Any mention of "Satan" is sure to elicit pearl-clutching from the religious right. But The Satanic Temple, a purely secular and non-theistic organization has been using the dogmatic baggage of that word to its advantage since 2012. This week, Alli and Jen talk with the Temple's co-founder Lucien Greaves about the origins of The Satanic Temple as a way to protest the evangelical agenda, its journey to becoming an officially recognized religion, and the secular people who find community among...


[Encore Episode] 121 Gone Wild Audio (February 24, 2020)

Due to scheduling conflicts, we've got an encore for you this week, and it's one of our most popular episodes of all time! Enjoy, or re-enjoy! Original Notes Nearly 400,000 listeners subscribe to r/GoneWildAudio, a community for high quality, audio-only erotic vignettes. Creators there use high-end microphones to create specific, explicit, and often elaborate fantasies for listeners. The visuals are left entirely to the imagination, and the intimacy level is off the charts. This week, Alli...


172 Video Game Speedrunners (with world-record holder Niftski)

For years, 4 minutes and 55 seconds was the fastest a human being could beat "Super Mario Bros." for the NES. After every technique, glitch, and warp had been analyzed for decades, the "55 barrier" was long thought to be unbreakable. That is, until early April, when speedrunner and Twitch streamer Niftski incorporated a specific flagpole glitch into his technique. The results were historic: 4:54:948, the fastest SMB run ever, making him a new world record holder. This week, Alli and Jen talk...


171 Ken M

Dumb comments at the bottom of news articles and Facebook posts are a dime a dozen. But for the last 10 years, Ken M has turned misinformed Internet commentary into a masterful comedic art. His brand of earnest, oblivious comment trolling (and the angry reactions of people who think it's real) earned him hundreds of thousands of fans, who screenshot his comment threads across the Web and laugh hysterically on Reddit and Tumblr. While Ken M has become the stuff of Internet legend, the real...


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170 #FreeBritney

In 2007, Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship, relinquishing control of her finances to her father. This legal arrangement is typically constructed for elderly people with significant assets and declining faculties. In Spears' case, the pop star continues to perform and generate income regularly, yet cannot prove to the probate court that she has overcome whatever mental health challenges might have lead to the conservatorship in the first place. The result has been increased...


Introducing "Table Flipping"

We're taking this week off, but we wanted to check in and share an episode of another great podcast on our network called Table Flipping. Table Flipping shamelessly celebrates “guilty pleasure” TV and praises the women of reality who boldly bare it all. Previous episodes of Table Flipping features guests such as Dayna Kathan of Vanderpump rules, Sean Clements host of Hollywood Handbook, comedian Ryan O’Flanagan, the writer of 500 Days of Summer Michael H. Weber and more. Table Flipping is...


169 Why the Creator of Nyan Cat Could Have Made Millions, But Didn't

In 2011, Chris Torres drew a pixelated cat with a Pop Tart body and a rainbow shooting out of its butt. It raised $100 for a charity in Texas. 10 years later, it's not only one of the Internet's most iconic images (representing the silliness of the social media age), but has sold at auction as a non-fungible token (NFT) for 300 Ether -- currently, the equivalent of $590,000. So how can you own an Internet meme, which is by definition a digital file that has been shared and remixed millions...


168 Dogecoin and the Decentralized Dance Party

Since 2013, The Doge meme has made us laugh, cry, and stare longingly into the beautiful eyes of a Shiba Inu. Like most memes, it’s an image put into new contexts again and again. And in late 2013, it was turned into a cryptocurrency. Dogecoin began as a joke — a way to poke fun at the rise of blockchain and crypto trends. But today, it's incredibly popular as a commodity and digital currency, with an estimated market cap of $5 billion (as of this writing). Gary Lachance, an open source and...


167 Ships of the Northern Fleet

The cult steampunk adventure book series "Ships of the Northern Fleet" has inspired a TV show, graphic novels, and even a breakfast cereal. But the influential show has fallen off the pop culture radar in recent years. That is until a TikToker named Mister Nickel brought a flood of nostalgia back to the Internet to reunite the rabid fan community. Alli and Jen talk with Mister Nickel and the one and only Catie Osborn, the actor best known for playing Annie on "Ships" for multiple seasons...


166 How 'Blaseball' Fans Help Create the Game They Love

Bored during the pandemic? Maybe you should try betting fake money on a league of simulated baseball teams where imaginary players like Jessica Telephone and Jaylen Hotdogfingers are regularly incinerated, undergo life-altering surgeries, and become ... encased in giant peanut shells? Welcome to "Blaseball," the absurdist browser-based game that has captured thousands of imaginations and spawned an obsessive fandom that creates art, backstories, podcasts, multi-verse wikis, and even music...


165 Consensus-Based Reality: How Blockchain Communities Could Change the World

When people talk about Bitcoin and blockchain tech, the conversation typically moves to the price of commodities and the hype around trading them. But the actual blockchain movement is about so much more. Alli and Jen talk with Adam B. Levine, the podcast editor at CoinDesk, who breaks down how our trust in banks, governments, and monetary policy has failed us in the 20th century, and why cryptocurrencies re-assign that trust to math and a "consensus-based reality" — that is, a majority of...


164 Why Disinformation Spreads So Quickly in Online Communities

While we love Internet communities, it's clear that some can seed and spread weaponized information at breakneck speeds. Platforms facilitate this, but social dynamics are also at work here. And if there's any hope of squashing disinformation, it's time to take a hard look at the communities that are incentivized to manufacture it. Alli and Jen talk with Bridget Todd, an activist and host of the podcast "There Are No Girls on the Internet," whose recent series "Disinformed" is about making...


163 The_Donald

Here on 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST, we typically cover online communities that make a positive impact on the internet through their creativity or inclusivity. But not all digital watercoolers are a force for good. The_Donald is a now-banned subreddit that was home to some of the former president's most passionate supporters. That, in itself, is barely interesting. What boggles the mind is how this community rocketed disinformation into mainstream discourse, helped organize the January 6 insurrection,...


[Encore Episode] 111 @MugJerry and the Quest for Instagram Justice (December 8, 2019)

We've got some great new episodes in the pipeline for you, but while we wait, here's an encore of one of our favorites, originally published on December 8, 2019. -Original Notes- The Instagram account turned multi-million dollar media company @FuckJerry is notorious for stealing funny tweets, memes, and other content from creators, and posting them — without credit or compensation — to their own social accounts. Fuck Jerry's following has exploded in recent years (14.5 million Instagram...


162 Something Awful

Since 1999, the website Something Awful has been an Internet culture tastemaker, and this closed community is still going strong two decades later — a rarity for online platforms. Many modern memes and web culture references have their roots on Something Awful's humor forums. For a one time fee of $10, you get full access to the site's vibrant discussion and community. That nominal barrier-to-entry is the secret to keeping the discourse quality high and shitpost ratios low, according to the...


161 Buy Nothing

Want to save money, help your neighbors, and create less waste all at the same time? The Internet can help. Specifically, the "Buy Nothing" communities that have sprouted up in thousands of cities and towns around the world. Usually, they operate within Facebook groups, where people post things they want to get rid of, and neighbors can claim them. Alli and Jen speak with Marina Milosevic, the admin of the Santa Monica, CA Buy Nothing group, about the origins of the movement, managing a...