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Two actors who perform the weird Internet on stage dive into the deepest web wormholes with members of fringe online communities. Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula have hilarious and humanizing conversations with furries, ticklers, balloon fetishists, professional cuddlers, adult diaper enthusiasts, and more. You can't un-hear this

Two actors who perform the weird Internet on stage dive into the deepest web wormholes with members of fringe online communities. Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula have hilarious and humanizing conversations with furries, ticklers, balloon fetishists, professional cuddlers, adult diaper enthusiasts, and more. You can't un-hear this


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Two actors who perform the weird Internet on stage dive into the deepest web wormholes with members of fringe online communities. Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula have hilarious and humanizing conversations with furries, ticklers, balloon fetishists, professional cuddlers, adult diaper enthusiasts, and more. You can't un-hear this




121 Gone Wild Audio

Porn on Reddit should come as no surprise. But nearly 400,000 listeners subscribe to r/GoneWildAudio, a community for high quality, audio-only erotic vignettes. Creators there use high-end microphones to create specific, explicit, and often elaborate fantasies for listeners. The visuals are left entirely to the imagination, and the intimacy level is off the charts. This week, Alli and Jen speak with Belle_in_the_woods, one of the most popular and prolific erotic audio creators on the...


120 Genyus Network is a safe social space for stroke survivors

Caleb Rixon was a 24-year-old musical theater actor in his prime, who had just landed a major role in a production of Chicago. He hit the gym to prepare for a long tour of song and dance, when he felt something explode behind his eye during a workout class. He remembers being taken away in an ambulance and not much else. He woke up a month later, unable to walk, talk, or swallow. But he was alive. A rare brain abnormality had caused a massive stroke, and Rixon was on a slow road to recovery....


119 How one woman hacked online dating to find the perfect partner

Quantitative futurist Amy Webb was fed up with online dating in 2005. The questionnaires and algorithms on sites like Match and OKcupid that were supposed to connect like-minded people and form lasting relationships yielded nothing but duds and disastrous dates. Despite advice from family and friends to cast a wider net, Webb did the opposite: she became even more picky. She created a long list of dating criteria and narrowed the pool of singles down using a complex scoring system. Then, she...


118 Sign Language Is Rapidly Evolving in VR

Deaf users of immersive social platforms like VRchat can face a tough time communicating. Unlike other social media, VR spaces rely on verbal and physical communication rather than text. And sign language with current-gen VR controllers is limiting and clunky at best. But groups of volunteer interpreters inside VR worlds are hard at work making sure these spaces are more welcoming and accessible for deaf users. The result is an empowering community of "Helping Hands." This week, Alli and Jen...


117 Urban Exploring

Sneaking into abandoned buildings and filming urban decay may not be the newest trend, but obsession with so-called “urban exploring” and “abandon porn” has skyrocketed alongside the widespread accessibility of social media. Today, millions of viewers eagerly await the videos of intrepid explorers like Bob Thissen, who travel the world in search of abandoned power plants, coal mines, theme parks, hotels, and shopping malls. Thissen’s mission is archaeological: to document places where no one...


116 The man who sold shares of himself on the Internet

In 2008, Mike Merrill divided himself into 100,000 shares and offered them to the Internet for $1 a pop. After the initial wave of friends and family bought in, online strangers began to acquire shares of Mike⁠ — a regular person, not a company. With those shares come voting rights. Shareholders were allowed to decide Merrill's diet, his romantic decisions, even whether or not to get a vasectomy. Any personal life decision for which Merrill would seek advice from a friend, he instead posed...


115 Lissa Explains it All

In 1997, an 11-year-old girl set up a website with HTML tutorials and guides for Neopets. Within a few years, "Lissa Explains it All" was serving 500,000 monthly visitors, its forums hosted 75.,000 users, and Google was sending her big fat ad revenue checks. Alyssa Daniels, a kid from Orlando, was teaching the world how to make websites long before YouTube tutorials and Squarespace — and making legit money in the process. Alli and Jen talk to Daniels about her childhood entrepreneurial...


114 Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Romance novels get a bad rap, probably due to a history of stereotypical characters, plots, gender roles, and an all-around "trashy" look on supermarket and drug store shelves. But the genre has changed radically, and romance fiction now spans a wide variety of sub genres and writing styles. If you love romance, but not sure where to find the best authors and titles, start with Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, a community co-founded by Sarah Wendell nearly 15 years ago. The site (and podcast) is...


[Encore Episode] 42 Bronies

Happy New Year from 2G1P! We're taking a break this week, but wanted to re-share another one of our favorite episodes: Bronies! Enjoy and we'll see you in 2020. Original publish date: July 23, 2018 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


113 ClausNet: The Social Network for Santas

Portraying Santa Claus in the modern era takes a village. What's the best way to whiten your eyebrows? Growing a beard, or applying one? How jolly is too jolly? That's where ClausNet comes in. It's a social network, online forum, marketplace, and community where Santa performers can trade tips, tell stories, and learn the best ways to communicate with excited kids. Michael Rielly has been portraying Santa Claus since he was 12 years old, and founded ClausNet in 2007 after identifying a...


112 The Cottage Industry of Custom VR Sex Avatars

The rise of powerful, free 3D modeling software has emboldened a cottage industry of VR enthusiasts to create custom sex avatars for virtual porn. But what happens when members of this community start requesting models that look like celebrities, ex-girlfriends, classmates, and co-workers? Samantha Cole covers VR and online sex for Vice, and her recent piece titled "They Can't Stop Us," chronicles the sometimes well-meaning but often seedy underbelly of a marketplace that trades in virtual...


111 @MugJerry and the Quest for Instagram Justice

The Instagram account turned multi-million dollar media company @FuckJerry is notorious for stealing funny tweets, memes, and other content from creators, and posting them — without credit or compensation — to their own social accounts. Fuck Jerry's following has exploded in recent years (14.5 million Instagram followers at the time of publication), but so has the backlash. The #FuckFuckJerry movement became an anti-piracy rallying cry across the Internet. Two comedians (Davram Stiefler and...


[Encored Episode] 82 God

We're taking the week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but we hope you enjoy one of our favorite episodes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a conversation with a very popular social media influencer: God. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices



This week, we prank Jen, when her boyfriend Adam pretends to be an adult baby who knows a little too much about her personal life. Get ready for some epic 2G1P hi-jinks. Support 2G1P on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/2G1P Join us on Discord: discord.gg/2g1p Email us: 2G1Podcast@gmail.com Talk to Alli and Jen: https://twitter.com/alligold https://twitter.com/joonbugger Call the show and leave a message! (347) 871-6548 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


109 The Teens of TikTok

TikTok came on the social media scene relatively recently (2016), and teens have flocked to it. The Chinese-made lip-syncing video app boasts 500 million users, most of them young. TikTok has developed its own culture and communities within, and Rolling Stone writer EJ Dickson has been observing and reporting on them in detail. As a non-teen herself, she's fascinated by the empowerment and deep social awareness that appears baked-in to Gen-Z, thanks to their constant connectivity. Alli and...


108 Virtual Reality Therapy Sessions

The anonymity of the Internet has long made it a place for confessions and bonding with strangers you'll never meet IRL. Virtual reality kicks it up a notch. Social spaces like VRchat allow strangers to inhabit the same "room" and communicate vocally and with body language, two aspects that differentiate it from the chat rooms of yore. One VRchat user, Syrmor, has found the platform to be an extremely compelling place for soul-baring, therapeutic conversations. So much so, that people around...


107 'World of Warcraft' Reunions

When World of Warcraft came on the scene in 2004, it redefined the potential for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Players not only spent daily hours grinding for loot and gear, but socializing in a deep and organic way. Lifelong friendships and IRL marriages were forged in the flames of Azeroth. As WoW and MMOs evolved, some players yearned for that simpler time. And with the recent release of World of Warcraft Classic, guild-mates and raiding parties who haven't played together in...


106 Deepfakes (with Sham00k)

Deep fakes, a process that uses AI and machine learning to place someone’s face on another’s body with Hollywood-level results, have been entertaining and terrifying the Internet for the last few years. And the technology is advancing exponentially, according to Sham00k, a programmer and popular deep fake artist who recently transformed impressionist Jim Meskimen into the 20 different celebrities he’s impersonating. But with this great power comes great responsibility. What do deep fakes...


[Encore Episode] 01 Is 'Furry' a Sexual Orientation? (Published Oct 2, 2017)

We're taking the week off due to unforeseen scheduling mishaps, but wanted to share one of our favorite classic episodes that longtime listeners and new fans may not have heard. It's our very first published episode about the Furry community, which came to define the mission of the show, and set the tone for future episodes. We hope you enjoy, and we'll talk at you next week! Original Description: Alli and Jen speak with Dominic Rodriguez, director of the documentary Fursonas, about life...


105 Virtual Reality: Sex, Marriage, and the Future of Relationships

Virtual reality might still be for early adopters, but as headsets get smaller and social norms evolve, more people are meeting, hanging out, having sex, and even getting married in virtual spaces. Peter Rubin is a VR expert, author, and senior correspondent at Wired, where he covers VR social spaces. And while people have been socializing and getting kinky online for decades, Rubin believes that "embodied presence" (truly feeling that your body is physically next to another person in VR) is...