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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!

Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!


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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!




#182 - Two Shot Glasses Of Blood, Please in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

This week, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, a mystery grows around a local woman, found brutally murdered in her own bed. The case goes cold for over a year, until a very interesting story emerges, telling a tale that is both fascinating, and horrifying. A tale of petty revenge, and a blood ritual of sorts, from an unlikely person, a 14 year old girl. The full story leaves mouths open is shock, but will that be enough for a conviction?? Wall to wall crazy!! Along the way, we find out that...


#181 - A Bloody Path To A Monster in Enosburgh, Vermont

This week, in Enosburgh, Vermont, a young woman disappears, with zero clues to go on. Police classify her as a missing person, but family members fear the worst. When she is eventually found, brutally murdered, the investigation quickly goes cold, and stays cold for 14 years, until new information comes from a very unexpected sources, and puts all the pieces in place. The result is a the outing of a monster, and a tough legal battle. More layers than a gigantic onion in this one!! Along the...


#180 - Dark & Dirty Motivation in Mustang, Oklahoma

This week, in Mustang, Oklahoma, the area is rocked by the murder of a prominent citizen, in their own living room. As the town mourns, they also fear this could be a maniac on the loose. Luckily for everyone, it turns out to be not so much of an aimless maniac, but a person, very close to the deceased, who seems to have just snapped, lately, but not in the way you might imagine. This thing is a twisted, dark mess! Along the way, we find out that tornadoes often come to the same area more...


#179 - Deep Beneath The Goat Heads in Gunnison, Colorado

This week, in Gunnison, Colorado, a happy go lucky young man disappears into thin air, and his friend wonder if he left to build a better life, or if someone in his family might be hiding the truth from them. Over the 2 years that he's missing, many rumors about his life, and possible destination are spread around town. Was he a violent, drug addicted, and lazy person, who abused his sick, elderly mother, or was he a nice person, with a penchant for a clean good time? Either way, where did...


#178 - Proud To Be Cruel in Middle River, Maryland

This week, in Middle River, Maryland, a troubled man, who is rightfully called "pure evil" at many points in his life, gives up on trying to make a go of a normal existence, and decides to go on a killing spree. He is cruel, angry, and completely out of his mind. When he is caught, he not only confesses, but is proud of what he did. His final statement at his trial may be the craziest thing ever said in a court of law. Will he gets executed, like he wants to be?? Absolute insanity! Along the...


#177 - Sex, Deception, Death... And A Pig in Verdigre, Nebraska

This week, in Verdigre, Nebraska, a rural farm is the setting for a tale that seems simple enough, until you begin to unravel the layers. This story has it all, sex, lies, murder... and a pig, named Arthur. In the end, one person is dead, and one person has quite the story to tell. Will her own written words be her downfall? As this case unfolds, we're left with more questions, than answers, but the most pressing question is, why?? Along the way, we find out what a kolach is & why it sounds...


#176 - Sicker Than The Average Strangler in Gaffney, South Carolina

This week, in Gaffney, South Carolina, it looks like a typical domestic dispute, ended in an unusual way, when a woman is found, naked, and strangled, in the middle of the street. Her husband seems to be the culprit, and is convicted, but everything becomes unclear when a local newspaper editor receives some strange phone calls, and more women start to disappear. There's a shocker around every corner! Along the way, we find out that a whole town can be obsessed with peaches, that confessions...


#175 - Cruel, Unusual & Pointless in Newville, Pennsylvania

This week, in Newville, Pennsylvania, local Wal-Mart employees find love, but things don't go as planned, when a new woman starts work in the photo department. What ends up happening couldn't have been predicted by anyone as it turns into a heinous murder, and completely inept cover up. Things don't get any less messy in court, as decisions get upheld, and thrown out, seemingly on a yearly basis. What a ride! Along the way, we find out Pennsylvania is half Arkansas, that building bicycles at...


#174 - Open & Not So Shut in Belle Terre, New York

This week, in Belle Terre, New York, a wealthy couple is found dead, in their own home. The only other person in the house is their adopted teenage son, who makes a full confession, including the motive of being angry about not getting a new sports car. Case closed. Right? Not even close. What follows is a tale of lies, corruption, and outright insanity. One of our craziest yet!! Along the way, we find out rich people don't need fire insurance, that you don't need evidence if you have a...


#173 - Three Is A Ring, Four Is A Crowd in Marmaduke, Arkansas

This week, in Marmaduke, Arkansas, two couples become close friends, and even more, until a proposition for an unconventional "business proposition" turns certain people against certain others. In the end, the only solution is... someone has to die. The question is, will the right person suffer the consequences for their actions? What a wild one! Along the way, we find out Marmaduke is named after an actual man, that you shouldn't be surprised when your friend doesn't want his wife to be a...


#172 - Natural Born Killer Idiots in Chubbuck, Idaho

This week, in Chubbuck, Idaho, two young men, seeking the infamy of their serial killer heroes for themselves, they set out to make a mark on the world, with murder. Luckily for police, they brazenly document most of their own thoughts, actions, and confessions on video, that is found after the boys finally go too far, and commit a senseless, and brutal killing. This one is extra crazy! Along the way, we find out that people in Idaho don't seem to like Idaho, that you probably shouldn't...


#171 - Til Dismemberment Do Us Part in Decatur, Alabama

This week, in Decatur, Alabama, a young widow, with an infant daughter finds love with a new husband, but he doesn't quite provide her with the lifestyle she desires, so she decides to leave him. He does everything he can to find her, and finally gives up. What happens next still has people talking, even 30 years later! This one has some twists! Along the way, we find out that Alabama loves hot air balloons, that you should always think before you murder, and a new use for a utility knife!!...


Bonus Episode! Prisoner Dating Game - All Violent Felon Edition

This week, we bring you an extra special bonus episode!! We line up 4 bachelors & 4 bachelorettes, and pick one of each as the winner of a hypothetical date! The catch is, they're all incarcerated violent felons, and Jimmie doesn't know what they've done until after he picks them. After that selections, we will find out exactly what landed them in jail, with a synopsis of each of their crimes!! Along the way, we find out that people that are too nice just might be murderers, that you...


#170 - An Attempted Suburban Vampire Cult in St. Cloud, Minnesota

This week, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a troubled pair of brothers end up renting a run down house that becomes a magnet for runaway teens, troubled adults & even whatever drifter wanders through. One of the brothers decides that this is the perfect opportunity to start a vampire cult. He sort of succeeds, as a murder does happen, but it's the most bumbling murder committed by the undead, in history! Along the way, we find out that drifters make terrible roommates, that vampire cults are more...


#169 - A Brutal, Silly & Victimless Murder in Layland, West Virginia

This week, in Layland, West Virginia, police come upon a dead man, dangling by one foot, off of a local bridge, while people are observed fleeing the scene. How that man got there is one of the craziest stories ever told. A tale of violence, anger, untold stupidity, and little remorse. Then again, there are some people that make it awfully hard to feel sorry for. This one is absolutely nuts! It's a family affair! Along the way, we find out that coal mines might not be the safest thing, that...


#168 - A Killer In The Cards in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, England

This week, in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, England, a troubled young man finds his idols, when he reads books about serial killers like Jack The Ripper, and The Yorkshire Ripper. He tells everyone who will listen about his plans to match their deeds & infamy. Will he accomplish his goals, or be caught before he can make himself a legend? Along the way, we find out that England is really, really old, that announcing your intentions to be a murderer may not be the best idea, and that you...


#167 - You'll Have To Chop Off More than That... in Antelope, California

This week, in Antelope, California, when a young woman is found, dead, on the side of the road, with some very unusual clues, police wonder if it could have been an ex-boyfriend, or even a budding serial killer, but they could never have suspected what actually happened. When facts come together, there is only one person who could possibly be the killer. Will they go down for the crime? Along the way, we find out 5 hours of explosions isn't as cool as it sounds, that smoking meth & watching...


#166 - Starting Your Own Religion Can Be Tricky in American Fork, Utah

This week, in American Fork, Utah, when two brothers from a very interesting background get excommunicated from the local church, they form their own belief system. These beliefs include some VERY weird things, to say the least, including several people who God has apparently told them to murder, starting with some family members. This is only the start of the crazy, as their explanations for their actions are even more bizarre! Along the way, we find out that it is definitely possible to be...


#165 - Sex Tape Bait in Port Penn, Delaware

This week, in Port Penn, Delaware, a woman's Sunday night out to pick up a sex tape from an ex-boyfriend, and skating at the local roller skating rink turns into a case of a missing person, then quickly becomes a murder investigation. What follows is a mess of lies, excuses, alliances, and court battles. And that's only the beginning, as yet another murder plot unfolds. This one has more layers than an onion!! Along the way, we find out that William Penn was overrated, that holding a sex...


#164 - The Idiotic Avenger in Greenwood, Florida

This week, in Greenwood, Florida, a local rivalry is heated up when there are accusations of affairs, and worse. This results is an attempt too settle all scores, all at once, with his son as the wingman. Will the perpetrator end up with the death penalty, or even get away with it, all together? This is a crazy tale, from start to finish. Plus, a new edition of The Prisoner Dating Game!! Along the way, we find out that a town with nothing in it isn't much of a town, that when a woman tells...