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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!

Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!


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Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!




#159 - You Can't Dismember Your Problems in Florence, Arizona

This week, in Florence, Arizona, one of the craziest stories we've ever had unfolds in just as weird of a way. A troubled man ruins every opportunity he has to turn his life around, and ends up committing a truly unthinkable crime against the one person who he could trust. There is a jaw dropping reason why, in addition to his theories of psychology, and his belief that you can teach a dog to do truly remarkable things! It's as wild as it sounds!! Along the way, we find out that prisoners...


#158 - A Hollow Full Of Murder in Tiline, Kentucky

This week, in Tiline, Kentucky, where crazy circumstances unfold around the disappearance of local resident. As it unfolds, we find out just how insane things had become, as blame gets placed in unlikely places, and police struggle to make their murder theory stick. In the end, the right person is seemingly brought to justice, but will it stick?? Along the way, we find out that being awake for 3 weeks can have an effect on your judgement, that there is definitely such thing as too much...


#157 - Every Step You Take... in Jefferson, Wisconsin

This week, in Jefferson, Wisconsin, a quiet town is rocked on a serene Easter Sunday, by a vicious murder in a rural home. No one can understand how this could have happened, until a truly odd, twisted and unexpected plot begins to emerge, complete with unexpected liaisons, and bold threats. The details are shocking, and the only question people have is just how many people were involved? It's a seriously crazy tale! Along the way, we find out that some people are very enthusiastic about...


#156 - Lies Can Be Deadly in Salem, Massachusetts

This week, in Salem, Massachusetts, a local woman goes missing, and the local police do everything they can to find her. Including consulting friends, neighbors, witnesses, the town witch, and the community pervert. What follows is a twisted road of fabrications, half truths, and complete lies. Will justice be found, or will it slip away? Plus, you'll never look at George Washington the same again!! Along the way, we find out that witches are psychic, that just having a boat won't...


#155 - Two Bodies & One Big Coincidence in Raeford, North Carolina

This week, in Raeford, North Carolina, a family in crisis is the perfect prey for a predator, who moves in, and disrupts any potential harmony. When a 15 year old girl goes missing, she's is considered a runaway, but when a close family member also disappears, it seems like a bigger picture is forming. It all ends in a courtroom showdown with the death penalty in the balance. There's a lot of crazy in this one!! Along the way, we find out that turkey cooking is very competitive, that...


#154 - A Bloody Puzzle With Missing Pieces in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

This week, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, high school sweethearts get married, and raise a nice family, until some "sexual problems" cause a few waves in the marriage. After trying to work it out, and being on the road to marital bliss, one of them ends up dead. But was it an intruder, caught in an attempted burglary, or something far more sinister? Along the way, we find out The Pioneer Woman owns a good chunk of Oklahoma, that you should find out what you're into before you ask others to...


#153 - That Can't Be An Accident in Brookfield Township, Ohio

This week, in Brookfield Township, Ohio, a casual evening of drinking at a local small town bar turns into a search for a missing person. Family, friends, police... and even the murderer all hunt for a trace of the person, in hopes of finding them alive. Unfortunately, this search turns into the search for a body, then after some new information, turns into a hunt for body parts. Will the monster who was responsible be brought to justice? This one is wild! Along the way, we find out...


#152 - Taming The Beast in Shelton, Washington

This week, in Shelton, Washington, when a brutal murder is discovered in a woman's home, the police have very little to go on, except a mysterious, one-shoed man, found wandering the highway, in an older woman's housecoat. What unravels is one of the most insane explanations ever offered, in the history of the planet earth. In the end, the case makes history, and precedent. Pure crazy!! Along the way, we find out that every town wants to claim Christmas as their own, that wearing one shoe...


#151 - The Panhandle Samurai in Vincennes, Indiana

This week, in Vincennes, Indiana, a troubled person's life seemingly spins out of control in a sea of arrests, fights, marriages, drugs, bats & swords. This all comes to a head when a relationship ends, and rumors begin to fly about what this person's ex may be up to, and who with. In the end, will a really weak excuse & some flimsy legal wrangling be enough to get out of it? Along the way, we find out that bathtubs aren't just for baths, that a samurai sword will definitely get someone's...


#150 - A Betrayal Of Hearts & Knives in Rome, Georgia

This week, in Rome, Georgia, a picturesque, all-American couple find each other in high school, then get married, start a family, and live happily... until things aren't so happy, anymore. Too much church, not enough romance, and a secret affair all lead to the the downfall of a marriage, and ultimately, one of the most brutal, but clumsy murders possible. From there, we learn that some people never learn!! Along the way, we find out that every "mushroom festival" might not be what you...


#149 - Brutality, Karma & Cold-blooded Stupid in Stillwater, New York

This week, in Stillwater, New York, a lone shoe, protruding from the snow is quite the tip of the iceberg, as a brutal scenario is played out. The question is, who will take the blame? Just when all seems wrapped up, the whole thing takes a massive left turn, and gives us an ending that no one saw coming, but no one is exactly upset about! One of our craziest, yet!! Along the way, we find out that you didn't have to be tough to command a red coat army, that "very sophisticated" is a very...


#148 - A Deadly Recipe in Alturas, Florida

This week, in Alturas, Florida, a rural family deals with what appears to be an illness, running through the family, until a doctor notices a symptom that isn't exactly relevant to the flu. A panic forms in the community, only to find out that this attack is of a very personal nature, and very directed toward this particular family. This one has crazy around every corner!! Along the way, we find out that people don't write well in Florida, that Coca Cola probably isn't the medicine, and...


#147 - That's Not Junk In That Trunk in Ocean Township, New Jersey

This week, in Ocean Township, New Jersey, opposites attract, as two people seem to finally what they're looking for in a relationship. They seem to be living a little family dream until every day pressures make it difficult. This is all fine, and normal, except someone ends up dead. The problem is, the evidence just doesn't seem to point to any of the obvious subjects, until a video is uncovered that explains it all! Along the way, we find out that free parking is essential, if the earth...


#146 - A Strangle Here, A Strangle There in Hutchinson, Kansas

This week, in Hutchinson, Kansas, a woman's mysterious drowning leads to no on being punished, but plenty of rumors swirling around her ex husband, who had his murder charge dropped. After many more years, and many more wives, this man shows behavior consistent with a murderer, including trying to murder someone... But will he get away with the death of his first wife? This one has some twists... Plus, another edition of The Prisoner Dating Game!! Along the way, we find out that looking at...


#145 - Killing, Cover Up & A LOT of Sex Toys in Fremont, New Hampshire

This week, in Fremont, New Hampshire, when a woman, who also happens to be an out of state fugitive, goes missing, police are baffled, until an expected source leads them to something small... which leads to something much bigger. As the layers of this onion are peeled away, every detail is more shocking, horrifying, and somehow hilarious than the last. When the whole story is out in the open, all you can do is shake your head in amazement!! Along the way, we find out that snowmobiles...


#144 - One In A Ditch & One In A Bed in Forest City, Iowa

This week, in Forest City, Iowa, a young, aspiring school teacher is brutally murdered in her own bed, in a rural farm house. Police immediately look at her husband, a cocaine dealing farmer, but they have to change course when he is also found dead. What ensues is a mess of small town "justice" mixed with some really lousy people. The problem is, did they find the right lousy person? This one is twisty!! Along the way, we find out that Puckerbrush isn't something totally gross, that...


#143 - A Scary Story On A Quiet Street in Pitman, New Jersey

This week, in Pitman, New Jersey, a quiet, idyllic street, where two beloved local residents are planning to spent the rest of their lives is shaken, when those very same beloved people are found in pools of blood, inside their own home. The particular brutality of the killings are a source of confusion for police, who wonder "who could have wanted these nice people dead so badly?", and for the rest of the town, who wonders if they're next. The legal wrangling that follows take almost a...


#142 - Where Is The Head?? in Dickson, Tennessee

This week, in Dickson, Tennessee, a local woman, with some problems, from a prominent family, goes missing, at the same time as a local man, from a not so distinguished background is also reported missing. One of them is found, and police suspect that person in the other's disappearance, after some digging into their background. When the other missing person is found, it's a most brutal scene, sending investigators in every direction, looking for body parts & evidence to put away a multiple...


#141 - The Bart & Milhouse Ritual Killing in Springfield, Oregon

This week, in Springfield, Oregon, where we cover a town that's a little larger than normal, but still has that small town feel, and just as much of small town murder. When a teenage girl is found dead, in the woods, police think they may have another one of The Green River Killer's victims on their hands, but figure out quickly that it's something completely different. Satan, a black witch, nefarious plots, and rune stone instructions are what follows, turning this into one of the oddest,...


#140 - When Death Is Too Easy in Troy, Illinois

This week, in Troy, Illinois, a drifter, fresh out of prison, blows into town, and is caught with a stolen car, and quite the story of how he came to acquire it. The story gets crazier as more details come to light, and once the march to death row begins, it only gets more absurd. A brutal murder, an awful person, and a pretty amazing last meal make this a story to remember!! Along the way, we find out that past behavior often predicts future behavior, sometimes you maybe shouldn't give...