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The Brian Noonan Pocast from Chicago's WGN Radio 720.




2020 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout preview

The Black Friday release of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout is one of the most highly anticipated beer events of the year, and 2020 may see the best lineup in recent years. To discuss their brewing process and preview this year’s varieties, Brian Noonan and Cody Gough are joined by Mike Smith, Sr. Brand Manager at […]


Brian Noonan in for Nick Digilio | 6.5.20

Hour 1: + At the Breweries Hour 2: + Ryan Oestreich, Music Box Theatre Hour 3: + Bad Theater Manners + What will you miss this Summer? Hour 4: + Overnight Arcade Hour 5: + You Big Dummy + Straight Outta Context + Tiger King update + Cicadas return!


Can independent movie theaters survive the pandemic?

While the city slowly opens restaurants, barbers and more, movie theaters are left in the dark. With current restrictions, theater owners are searching for a middle ground to reach profitability. Ryan Oestreich, general manager of Chicago’s legendary Music Box Theatre joins Brian Noonan to lay out the state of the movie theater business and what […]


The ins and outs of comedy on a cruise with Lenny Schmidt

Comedian Lenny Schmidt knows a thing or two about life and comedy on the high seas. He joins Brian Noonan to talk about his experiences as a cruise comic, how to handle pandemic comedy and his upcoming comedy album.


Brian Noonan in for Nick Digilio | 6.3.20

Hour 1: + Kevin O’Hare, The Bad Apple Bar + Are you ready to return to restaurants? Hour 2: + Marnie Shure, The Takeout Hour 3: + Comedian Lenny Schmidt Hour 4: + Dog tips for Tom + Calls from around the world! Hour 5: +Should we be worried about asteroids?


How do pets react to our stress?

World-renowned pet expert and WGN host Steve Dale joins Brian Noonan to explore how stressful times can affect our pets and answer listeners’ questions about our furry friends.


Brian Noonan in for Nick Digilio | 6.2.20

Hour 1: + Mark Reddig, Land Line Now Hour 2: + Steve Dale, Pet Expert Hour 3: + Michael Osacky, Baseball in the Attic Hour 4: + Worst Father’s Day Gifts + Grilling Tips


Central Camera pledges to continue its 121-year Chicago legacy

In the wake of destructive riots, Central Camera was left in ruins at its longtime location on Wabash Ave. But third generation owner Don Flesch doesn’t plan on shuttering his beloved photography store. Flesch joins host Brian Noonan to dive into the deep history of Central Camera and the family legacy the store represents for […]


Cocktails for Hope pushes for cocktails-to-go in Illinois

Ian Beacraft and Julia Momose are with Cocktails For Hope, the organization that helped push the bill that will allow the takeout and delivery option for premixed cocktails in Illinois. The two spoke with Brian Noonan about the soon-to-be new cocktail takeout ruling. Beacaft and Momose also talk about the precautions in place from the […]


How hotels have been impacted and how post-pandemic hotels will operate

With Illinois reopening and the summer travel season starting, some people are expressing anxiety about staying in hotels. Michael Jacobson is president and CEO of the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association and joins Brian Noonan to discuss the impact the pandemic has had on hotels. Jacobson talks about the measures hotels in Illinois are taking […]


How to treat your anxiety as reopening begins

Doctor Stewart Shankman is the Chief of Psychology at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. Dr. Shankman says that the biggest problem is the uncertainty. He says that it’s normal to have some anxiety as things begin to reopen because there is a level of trust that must take place between people when in public. […]


Illinois State Parks open May 29th, here’s what you need to know

Brian Noonan talks with Colleen Callahan, the Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources about the reopening of Illinois State Parks on May 29th. Callahan says that Illinois residents have become a “model” for other states and their parks as Illinois opened a few sites early. Callahan also breaks down the new guidelines in […]


This is how the Coronavirus is hurting small businesses

Katherine Valleau is the owner of Exit Strategy Brewing and talks to Brian Noonan about how the recent news of all Illinois restaurants, bars to close for inside dining for 2 weeks to limit COVID-19 spread


Here are the tips you need to help your anxiety during the Coronavirus

Doctor Stewart Shankman, Chief of Psychology at Northwestern Medicine, joins Brian Noonan.


Here is how you should talk to your kids about the Coronavirus

Florence Ann Romano, The Windy City Nanny, is an author, philanthropist and web series star/host. She joins Brian Noonan to talk about how to describe the Coronavirus to your kids or grandkids.


Brian Noonan (2/2/2020) | Full Show: How reliable is Punxsutawney Phil?

It’s Groundhog Day and Brian Noonan fills-in for Rick Pearson with a very eventful show! Brian, accompanied by Roger Badesch in the Newsroom and Producer CaSera (aka Cash), talks Groundhog Day results; follows up on New Year’s resolutions and how people are keeping up with them; and the various effects of the “Superbowl Syndrome”. We […]


Brian Noonan in for Roe Conn Full Show 1.2.19 | Legalization: Day Two, Chicago White Sox, Lauren Lapka's Wing-Women Guide, Toaster VS. The Toaster Oven and MORE!

Brian Noonan is in for Roe Conn on day two of the new year bringing you all of the laughs and news you need this afternoon! To kick off the show, Brian welcomes back Lauren Lapka and Kevin Powell back from their time off for the holidays. Brian then talks to WGN-TV Ben Bradley about […]


Brian Noonan has High Hopes for the New Year

Brian Noonan begins his New Years Day show by discussing what the ramifications of legal marijuana will have on the state. He has WGN Reporter Ryan Burrow come on to discuss what his findings were outside the marijuana dispensaries this morning. Then Brian brings on Midway Dispensary General Manager, Leo Barajas, to ask how his […]


Brian Noonan’s Christmas Classics!

Brian presents his classic recordings of “Yes, Virginia” and “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”


Brian Noonan’s Christmas Eve Spectacular!

Brian Noonan is in for John Williams on this foggy Christmas Eve bringing you all of the laughs you need this morning! To kick off the show, Brian covers some stories such as Lincoln’s alleged hat, a school distrcit accused of plagiarism and two friends who have sent Christmas cards to each other for decades […]