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Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.

Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.


Cincinatti, OH


Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.






MBMBaM 622: Face 2 Face: Leave the Cannoli, Take the Gun

This week's episode is our 20-Rendezvous live show from Portland, OR. We’re pros at giving advice but sometimes we have to defer to a higher legal power: Judge Judy. Suggested talking points: Suited and Zooted, Dr Dr give me the Phil, The Doll is Right, Meat Sweat Defense, Slim Badbody, The Shrek-Godfather Tontine , 4-H After Hours Center for Reproductive Rights:


MBMBaM 621: Face 2 Face: That’s Not My Orb

It’s our show from mountainous Salt Lake City, UT, which we had to run through at a clip so that we could get our dear audience member to Olive Garden before it closed. We understand priorities. Suggested talking points: Damien Iceblayde, Grandpa Dan Goes to Taco Bell, Cars Is Big Scooters, Unexpected Surprise Milk, Fine Art and Green Candy, Skanking is Discouraged in the O.R. Center for Reproductive Rights:


MBMBaM 620: Face 2 Face: Djinnergy

We’re on the road, so we’ve got a different show from a different road to share. Straight from the better Kansas City, we bring you the world’s first Gurt Alert. We sure were hurtin’ for a gurtin’ on this show. Suggested Talking Points: Fast Cream for Business, The Art of Walking Down Stairs, Mr. Died in Fire, My Brother’s Idiot Fish, FILFs Trans Youth Equality Foundation:


MBMBaM 619: Great Stuff You Can Do in the Bathroom

It’s a callback to the 90s, with answers to the terrible question “What’s up?,” dated commercial taglines, and bootleg Big Bad Beetleborgs. With featured guest, Justin’s new sound board! Suggested talking points: Vitamin D, The Snyder’s Cut, Time Zone Denial, Toilet Buddy, Sandwich By Number, Promote Chicken Platform Trans Youth Equality Foundation:


MBMBaM 618: Face 2 Face: Lovely Feet

Some of us are out of town, so we present our first live show of the 20-Rendezvous Tour, in St. Louis, MO! Keen listeners might be able to sleuth out what unofficial holiday this show took place on. Hint: it’s not 7-11. Suggested talking points: The Whoopsie Stamp, Reverse Burglary, Paul & Storm & Bradley, Smoot, Jersey Dave, Bidets and Confused Trans Youth Equality Foundation:


MBMBaM 617: Platonic Neck Kisses

If you’re at a loss for what to write in your Freedom Day cards, we’ve got you covered. Big ups to the self-sustaining heroes of past or whatever, but we’re focused on that giant cheese cracker, y’all. You know the one. Suggested Talking Notes: Flimsy Man Make a Accident, Netflix's Psychic Weapon, The Clown Prince of Factual Accuracy, Legally-Mandated Sprinkle Jimmies, Orange Slog Bog, Meat Jazz Trans Youth Equality Foundation:


MBMBaM 616: Professor Honey and the Bone Drones

This show is for real BROS, living by the code. Brosephs, Broses, and Brosires. What kind of BRO are you? Listen to this episode to find out! Suggested talking points: Sony Phony, If God’s Not Dead How Do You Explain These Gains, Twelve Furious Bros, Frog Purgatory, Death By Conversation Fairness West Virginia:


MBMBaM 615: Face 2 Face: Zap Daddies

Live from the road in beautiful Beantown, it’s the Fancy Takes Flight Boston Show. Now there’s only one McElroy brother who hasn’t gotten stuck in a bathroom before a live show, but don’t worry, his time will come sooner or later. Suggested talking points: Personal Pan Watermelon, Bring Your Python to Work Day, Goodbye Vessel, It’s Time To Summon Grandpa’s Ghost Fairness West Virginia:


MBMBaM 614: Bigfoot Historical Site

We’ve been struck by a terrifying possibility: what if we’re all just pretending to think? Does that mean that we don’t really exist? How do you know the difference between actually thinking and only acting like you’re thinking? Who knew acting like a Furby could cause this much existential dread. Suggested talking points: Dino Park, Jujubee, Electronic Flour Bag, Building a Mystery, Bugs Vizier Fairness West Virginia:


MBMBaM 613: My Bee, My Bee and Man

Can we be serious now? We’re going to take a tour of Justin’s memory palace. There’s rooms full of ham, tiny donuts, and people falling all over each other. It makes sense, trust us. Suggested talking points: 14-Year-Old Babysitter to 13-Year Olds, The Bee Limit, Don’t Worry About the Glasses, Un-Biebed Fairness West Virginia:


MBMBaM 612: Love is a Competition

We recorded this early, but we desperately need an answer to a mystery. It’s been haunting us since the letter came in. PLEASE release us from this torment. Suggested talking points: You’re the Blood in My Bread, Gozer Beer, Work Glitter, The Tushless Town, Dark Green Iridescent Mystery NARAL Pro-Choice America:


MBMBaM 611: Re-Pumba’d

Sometimes you need to put the bits on hold for a moment to do some inner digging and analyze your dreams. What does a sealion mean to you? No, not THAT. Surely not that. Dream interpretation is subjective, but THAT is definitely not correct. Try harder. Suggested talking points: Dukey Man, A Dream Seal Told Me I’m in Love With You, Amber is the Color of My BBQ, Blood Harmony, Secret Bathroom Gushers, The World of Jurassic NARAL Pro-Choice America:


MBMBaM 610: I Don’t Know, My Glasses Were Off

We know that our soothing voices are something that people sometimes fall asleep to, and we can’t help just how calming we are, but the point of this podcast is jokes, okay? So we hope sleep-laughs is a thing. Suggested talking points: Glue Yourself to Starbucks Challenge, The Looooove Department, MackleLess, That Hair is Ripe, Uneaten Spider Donuts NARAL Pro-Choice America:


MBMBaM 609: Face 2 Face: Thirty to Forty Ghosts

Fancy Takes Flight with the first leg of the 2022 live shows, from the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis! Justin is fancy! Travis is fancy! The audience is fancy! The haunted dolls are fancy! Griffin is . . . fancy-adjacent. Suggested talking points: Lunch Smock, Not How I Would Have Phrozed It, Time Pizza, They Thought it Would Be Like 8Mile, Garf Maul, Normal Digestive Systems, I Would Like to Touch the Dinosaurs NARAL Pro-Choice America:


MBMBaM 608: Banished to the Space Jam Annex

Vroom vroom, let’s get this race started! We’re coming down the track with Justin Trackelroy, Travis McElRoyce, and Grippin Roof Rackelroy. And uh, Drippy. Suggested talking points: Rex the Dino is for Me, Floor Chocolate, Fresh Kill Spot, Community Theater Easter Bunny, Buckquet


MBMBaM 607: Are You Fleetwood Mac?

We’re all set with some new comedy tools at our disposal. These are some real state-of-the-art specialty items that’ll help us jimmy office supplies, hurt Qui-Gon Jinn, and see ghosts or something. Suggested talking points: The Hat That God Couldn’t Kill, P Your O, Hugh Jacksis, Dad-Spouse, Bustin’ Makes me Buy Stuff, Sentient Tuba Case Transgender Law Center:


MBMBaM 606: Blazed and Glazed

Get those miracles solidified! It’s the only way to ascend and gain acknowledgement and praise for those two-to-four miracles you performed. Good news: you don’t have to fight a bee! Bad news: you do have to first become a skeleton. Suggested talking points: Imdbee, How is it Ten, Piss Boys, Humously, Prescription Belt Transgender Law Center:


MBMBaM 605: Could You Fight a Horse?

We’re talking classic movies and TV today. Films about superheroes everyone has heard of, video game sequels starring YOU the audience, and of course that iconic episode of The Office where Andy makes the journey to meet The Chronicle of Gonsolar to fix his vision but instead gets second sight, and it’s a whole thing. Classic! Suggested talking points: Too Many Jareds, Morebius, Stinky Rick’s Dirty Plates, Justam, Don’t Move that Big Fat Butt Transgender Law Center:...


MBMBaM 604: Fluffybutt Acres

We’d like to introduce our new (old?) middlest brother, Steve(n) Johnson. He’s super aloof, loves dangerous candy, and is the CEO. Suggested talking points: Professor Gadzooks, Donut Hush Money, Hawk Raisins, Stack of Things, Subwayne and the Sand Witch Transgender Law Center:


MBMBaM 603: A Cold One Between the Shoulders

This episode has some notes of oud wood and creed green Irish tweed. It’s a little bit chewy with some sulfur undertones, and it’s a bit dry on the palate. In any case, there’s definitely some lingering wetness. Suggested talking points: Bespoke TikToks, Time to Blast Off, Umami Water, Community Theater Shrek, Bosh, Clone Cologne The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum: Harmony House: