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Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.


Cincinatti, OH


Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.






2023 BoCo Teaser - Episode 400 Remix featuring Matt Doyle!

We wanted to share a little teaser of our MaxFunDrive Bonus Content, so here's a short clip featuring the inimitable Matt Doyle. If you want to hear the whole thing, head over to to get access to this, plus the bonus content from MaxFunDrives past.


MBMBaM 652: Travis's Fast Soup Cup for Boys

We've got some HOT tips for your yo-yo throwdown, how to get the best moves up and down, and also around. How about simmering some plants to help focus with some yo-yo pro-pro pre-pro potpourri? Or if you're filming your neat tricks on a ship, better use a Jo-Co Go-Pro. Suggested talking points: Bird That's Also a Person, That's Why I Watch Ella Enchanted on the Company Time, Strict Teddy Bear Punisher, Chk'n and Wffls, Fast Beetlejuice. Equality Florida:


MBMBaM 651: Face 2 Face: Structural Xboxes

Live from Washington, DC! Instead of thinking about how weird it is to just drive and walk past the White House all the time, we're answering live questions about professional mummy touchers, distant-cousin discounts, and Luis Guzman's Mystery Box. Suggested talking points: Lived Inside Chevy Chase, Ron Paul Carwash Song,I Would Pay To Touch a Mummy, Baby Yoda Waves, Can’t UnCut the Hair, Five Dollar Foot Deeps, The Machine In your House That Makes the Stink Go Away Equality Florida:...


MBMBaM 650: Dadfishing

We’re so sorry about last episode. It turns out we had on a role-player and not the real Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis. But don’t worry, we’ve got the real one this time, and he’s here to talk about animals that build their own houses, pretending to be a famous gentleman thief, and different kinds of cheese that he has definitely eaten before. Suggested talking points: Eternal Shadow of My Spotless Mind, Beefers and Haters, Mustard Chief, Little Pinchy Crab Boy, Interactive Plumber,...


MBMBaM 649: Truly Random Nudity

Brace yourselves, we have a very, very exclusive guest on this week. He doesn't know what malls are, nor crispy mac & cheese, nor his own birth year. But he does love a good chocolate custard drink and casually giving Travis an existential crisis. Suggested talking points: Joking for Two, Dead Man with a Boner, Peaky Blinders: The New Class, Hat Waldenbooks, Singles Awareness Day, What is Acting but a Lie Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness:


MBMBaM 648: 200-250 Catchphrases Per Episode

This episode we’ve got some classic life hacks™(dot biz) like insider trading of niche domain names, getting taco bell tips, and buying discounted chocolate, with some bonus fit and sexy rodents to boot. Suggested talking points: The Trashcan that is My Body, Illegal-dot-horse, Justin McElroy Solo Mish, Asphalt Jack McCyber, Bike, Butt, Brie, Ceiling Fan Panic Button, Isaac the Child Chocolatier Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness:


MBMBaM 647: Share the Holes

Listen. We can’t get into why, but our beef with ham is back on. You know the one. The thing where every so often we decide that ham is the worst thing in existence? Yeah, that whole deal. It’s back on. Fuck ham. Suggested talking points: The Quittin'est Guy in Hollywood, The Cranberry of Meats, Homework in the Microwave, Nasty Geocaches, Sarbbytical, All-Chicken No Crust Justin Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness:


MBMBaM 646: Fart Power to the Max

We’re FINALLY bringing that energy. The kind of energy you find in a one-drink coffee shop someone invested all of their life savings into. The kind of energy you bring to impersonate your grandma. The kind of energy perfect for a very short sketch show writer's room. Suggested talking points: Cup-a-Chino, Boat Ingredients, The Grandma Inhabiting Me, Remember When Time?, MILF and Cookies, How to Draw Sports Cars that Look Like Your Dad, You Can’t Have Upwalls Foundation for Black Women’s...


MBMBaM 645: Pawn Time Boys

If we've learned anything from the dozens of Munch Squad reports, anything at all, it's that someone on this planet has the world's biggest pizza living inside of them, and we have to find them. Suggested talking points: Bank of America with Me and P!nk, Wart, Doggus, and Biff Stewart, Corrections Count as Engagement, Sad Papaw is Down, That's a Lot of Oregano! RAICES:


MBMBaM 644: Which One is the Old Man

Have you ever wanted to finally get into My Brother, My Brother, and Me? Well, this is the perfect episode to start! We got cool movie reviews, some ideas about reboots, some Munch Squad. No pre-requisites required at all. Except one. You DO need to have a working knowledge of Cats the Musical. Suggested talking points: It's Planentines Plane, Animorph Smell, Matt the Cat, Italian Stewart, Johnny ChaCha, Jeremy Criterion, The Hieroglyph for Crispy RAICES:


MBMBaM 643: Wet Out of 100

This year we’re helping SO MANY PEOPLE, we barely have TIME to contain ALL THESE QUESTIONS. SO here’s a quick summary. Eggs? Eat them (unless you’re Jason Mantzoukas). Plants? Don’t eat them. Cows? Better with abs. Avatar? Bring on the fire! Pizza? Cover it in parmaasagn orezgiano chseasoning. Suggested talking points: The Easy Answer is God Got the Avatar Pregnant, Name One Jazz, Boys of Moo Mesa, Out-Pizza'd The Hut, Four Crates of Chuckin RAICES:


MBMBaM 642: Snort the Pod

We're banging out more advice than ever before! New year, new brothers! Actually, it's the same brothers, but new advice! Actually, it's very similar advice, but with one key difference: this is the year we finally admit that sleight-of-hand prestidigitation is not the answer to everyone's problems. Suggested talking points: Welcome to Podcast, Find the Bidet, Did You Piss On Your Hands?, It's an Homnor to be Menonmanated , Sauce Sauce Sauce Shoes, Poppet Never Does That for Anyone RAICES:...


MBMBaM 641: The Naming of 2023

Not gonna lie folks, this year was the hardest it’s ever been. We had an existential crisis or two in the middle but don’t worry, no more than one third of it is just us barking syllables at each other. Possible talking points: A year with the McElroy brothers, Deeper than Words, Uncle Blunty Tree, Twenty Hunny Vine: Monkey Beesness, THE SEA IS DEEP RAICES:


MBMBaM 640: Playing the Gravy Card

Now, we've had only two Sheldons for years, but hear us out, what about . . . Wet Sheldon? Or Dry Sheldon? The Floor is Sheldon! We can't believe we're giving away all these great ideas away for free. FOR FREE. Suggested talking points: Diagnose Your Algo, Sheldon Programming Network, Ways To Make Enemies, My Elective was South Park, A Baby Swimming Pool of Succotash, Gravy Lovers Double-Fuckit Beast Harmony House:


MBMBaM 639: 62 Minutes of Three Men Gnawing

Newest Pokemon just dropped! Psychic-poison type, has 2 evolutions, something about eggs. Special move is mansplaining Subway cookies and butting into group teeth-brushing sessions. Yeah, this Pokemon is not for everyone . . . how about even newer Pokemon, CupHolder? Suggested talking points: The Sound of 18 Brushes, Dougbater, Emo Basketball Type, A Little Bit of Ruffalo Coming Out the Sides, Trash Cat, Always a Risk of Bees Harmony House:


MBMBaM 638: Great?! Expectations

Are you being totally PWNED on the video game airwaves and need some tips for turning the tables? Well then this is the episode for you! We've got topics for n00bs, like shelf elves, feet movies, and underappreciated highschool drama teachers. Suggested talking points: Big Adult Energy, 2 Hodgemans Removed, Santa Faith Hard Mode, Don’t be Agnoxious, Car Dates with Babes Harmony House:


MBMBaM 637: Face 2 Face: The Hairy Food that Everyone Eats

Live from Detroit, MI, it’s our best show ever for no reason at all. Not trying to make up for anything that may or may not have happened 4 years ago in Detroit. Just pure excitement about bringing sophisticated fart jokes and horrible ways of eating fruit to the fine people of Detroit. Suggested talking points: Egg Pervert, Jpeg of a Fart, Scrape and Lick Method, Loaded Cyberfries, Luke spelled BRIANNA, Firefighter Fighter, Scootin' on my Block North American Indigenous Tribal Food...


MBMBaM 636: Millie Vanilli Bobby Flay

This episode IS for the cool babies! We've got some visual elements in this for the kids out there, including kid-friendly food challenges, cool toys like marbles and capos, and our popup kitchen, McElsnacks! Suggested talking points: Engagement Pasta, Mental Itzakadoozies, Satisfried, Italian Hephaestus, Draw from the Bag of Daves North American Indigenous Tribal Food Systems (NĀTIFS):


MBMBaM 635: Batman v Pennywise Dawn of Justice

There are a LOT of evil clowns out there, but are any of them actually funny, like, on purpose? To answer that very important question we have on special guestpert Griffin Newman, aka Griffin Twoman. Suggested talking points: Birthday Sailabration, Dog God Mother, Jamiroquai Faith, Comedy Guy, Horngry, Worth Negative Dollars North American Indigenous Tribal Food Systems (NĀTIFS):


MBMBaM 634: Universally Unpleasant Gestures

We're really elevating the brand, striving for a more grown-up adult vibe. So we're trying out some new mature segments, like Fitting in with the Dads, How to get the baby bookings, and Justin McElroy's Munch My Stuff. Suggested talking points: Chili Splash Zone, Plenty-A-Centa, The Secret But for Bad, Keep Your Ribs, I'm More Delicata Squash than Man, The Biden-McElroy Agenda Fair Elections Center: