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Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.


Cincinatti, OH


Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.






MBMBaM 688: Face 2 Face: You Can’t Boo Through the Whole Thing

This was during a very important sport game, so thank you Philadelphia for coming to the beautiful Miller Theater instead. We know how much Philly loves their sports, but we also learned they have a lot of feelings about other things, like large bees, studying, Step Mania, and Dolph Lundgren. Suggested talking points: Dog Bees Got Wolfman Magic, Loudest Baddest Idea, The Curse of Pocket Grandpa, 12-year-old What Got Bigged, Salt Knuckles, Who is the Chief of the Munch Squad, Fix Our Special Food, Easy and Good Cheating Fair Elections Center:


MBMBaM 687: Trunchbull on the Phone, Temple Guards Behind Me

Hello, you've reached My Brother, My Brother, and Me. We're kind of busy right now cooking actually five pounds of corn, deadlifting at the beach, and building the perfect booth to keep those nosy guardian angels from peeping on you. Don't leave a message, though, we definitely won't check. Just send a text like a normal person. \ Suggested talking points: So Much Corn Power, Pod Up the Garfield, Pre-Existing Arby's Account, Queso Erotic Dreamscaper, St Michelangelo's Jerkin-It Faraday Cage Fair Elections Center:


MBMBaM 686: Oompa What Now

We can finally talk about movies again, and we don't even know where to start. Just kidding, of course we do. We'll have to unpack Cold Ghost Busters another day, because it's time to get into the Wonkaverse! Suggested talking points: Wonky Makes Me Feel Good, Berry-trocious, Ketchup Joke Surcharge, Anti-Sports Island, Jackson Pollock of Autumnal Flavor Fair Elections Center:


MBMBaM 685: Take the Egg

Happy birthday to Justin and Travis! As a birthday treat, Griffin is taking over the episode to let them chill, bringing segments about plane seats, slang for immortals, and celebrity wine. It’s all punchlines, no setup. Suggested talking points: Creamed Corn?, Rudd Run, Edgehogging, Hypermortality, You Would Get Langoliered, Sad Music Chris Fair Elections Center:


MBMBaM 684: Beta Bat Bet

A representative from the Democratic Republic of Griffin has been granted special Travlomatic immunity to Trav Nation this week, and they're here to talk all about tasty eats for the creepy season: movie theater dinners, kids made of pizza, three donuts baked together, and delicious bugs just in your house. Suggested talking points: Six Degrees of Ke$ha, Who's the Pace Horse, A Hearty Snack for Boys After Dark, Tech Deck Devil Sticks Reproductive Freedom for All:


MBMBaM 683: Cool Ranch for Drama, Nacho Cheese for Comedy

We’d like to take a moment to sincerely apologize for the excruciating and honestly impressive detail, contained within this episode, concerning instruction on how to savor a certain fancy chocolate snack. We also thought about apologizing to our fantastic guestpert Felicia Day for a gross episode, except that she does offer advice about the intersection of IBS and therapy. Suggested talking points: Gross Nation Pee-Pee Vitamins, Go Woke Go Broke Dad, The Ferrero Rocher Ceremony, Fifth Wing Fancast, Bespoke Tater Tot Container Check out Felicia’s new podcast Third Eye: Reproductive Freedom for All:


MBMBaM 682: Face 2 Face: The Fourth Brother

It’s the closest we’ll ever get to making our dad proud, live from the sports-themed WaMu theater in Seattle, WA. Join us as we learn more about cool French stuff, famous internet cats, and Griffin’s misconceptions about rodeo clowns. Suggested talking points: Killability, Swizz Beats is Holding You Back, Bone-Ruggedness, Costume of the Nose, Good Eye It’s From France, You Wouldn’t Download an Aquarium Fish Reproductive Freedom for All:


MBMBaM 681: Strawberry Banana Bonanza Testicle Festival Shake

In the Spirit (get it?) of the season, we present you the three copyright-free brothers: Chaddy, Smelsa, and Shaquille O’Squeal. They’re here to educate us all about scary topics like acting, how to talk to children, and sloppy burgers. Suggested talking points: Spirit Trampo-ween, No Christ No Pain, There’s Only so Many Seals Left, 24/7 Baby Craving, Jims from Juice, Put the Soup Burger at the End Reproductive Freedom for All:


MBMBaM 680: Wife Guy and Knife Guy

With Valentine's Day just around the corner in four short months, it’s time to start planning a romantic evening with your sweetheart. Oh, you don’t have any ideas yet? Well don’t worry, you can just explain to them the plot of Outlander as they gently drift off to sleep and that counts as a pretty successful date. Suggested talking points: Key Bandolier, Keep Your Balls Warm, Girl Munch Interrupted, Baby Beluga Caviar, The Concord Milf-Hunters, Hubris and Humility, An Outside Bell Reproductive Freedom for All:


MBMBaM 679: Pizza Slice Emoji (Sexual)

It’s Saucetember and there’s only a few more days until the Brood Mother stops excreting into bottles and returns to the vat she’s used to. To celebrate, we’ve got a saucy episode for you, jam-packed with dog reunions, suggestive baguettes, egg birds, AND meat birds. This episode brought to you by Paul Oxo’s Good Grips Four Cup Fat Separator 4 Bois: “It shits the good stuff out.” Suggested talking points: No Pickles for Breakfast, Clam Up, Life Finds a Way to Poach Chad, Look at These Hands, Guest is Boss, Siplimatic Immunity Hawai’i Community Foundation:


MBMBaM 678: Travis-Level Funny

Buckle up, y’all, Hogflesh pirate radio is taking over the waves! Join Skin Pigs, Hog Flesh, and Oink Meat as they talk about the sports we all love, sexy science nerds, and that one commercial with Tom Brady and the mattress. Post-order Hunk Green’s 2018 novel “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” at Suggested talking points: Touchdownton Abbey, Match-Rizz Matchmakers, Afflecktation, Our Cousin Billy Zane, Trickle-Ouroboros Economics Hawai’i Community Foundation:


MBMBaM 677: Am I the Sphincter?

It's that time of year again! Time to make our case to the great pumpkin demon so that we might be allowed to have that good good fall flavor in all our foods instead of being destroyed. Suggested talking points: Dr. Samantha Brainmedicine, Sigmund Slip, Griff of Theseus, Start Lickin', Pumpkmanis, Second Jeff, Soul Kegels Hawai’i Community Foundation:


MBMBaM 676: Face 2 Face: Teddy Laid it Down Sideways

LIVE from beautiful San Jose, a real Justin town, with questions about haunted wedding venues, accident cheese, and the looming threat that is robots giving us no more than the mandated number of chicken nuggets. Suggested talking points: The Holy Spirit Takes Orders from ME , Subliminal Jackson, Parkour Plateau, Pre-Show Big Burrito Bowl, Pennywise Ate All Our Posters Hawai’i Community Foundation:


MBMBaM 675: A Great Lay But a Real Wet Hug

We’re doling out the wisdom – that’s right, old school full-circle Farm Wisdom from us, to you. When’s the best time to eat asparagus? How do you clean that thick denim? And how do you get sand out of a Tuba? It’s You-you-useful information! Suggested talking points: Fartichokes, You Gotta Have a Mirepoix Going On, Laundry Antagonist, 25-21 Years Outside of Highschool, Storage Wars OST, Wet Stink Meat Please, Try to Vape the Piss Earthjustice:


MBMBaM 674: Plato's Rave

We’ve finally done it. We’ve come up with the single most ambitious business idea of all time. We want to tell you about it, but you’re gonna have to listen to the full episode, because conceptually it cannot be contained in this description. Also for real, we’ll know if you show up at the Container Store after you’ve listened. Don’t do it. Suggested talking points: Submitted for the Approval of the Gary Society, Chat GPT Made That Squirrel, We're PLURs, not WHDDs, Sauce on Six, Staind-Brand Earplugs to Block Out Trapt Music Earthjustice:


MBMBaM 673: Face 2 Face: You Will Pass Your Stones

Live from the Balboa Theater during San Diego Comic-Con 2023, we've got a 4DX Experience for you that will have you feeling the soup. We're helping people in all dimensions with astral projection, cat hair, and a beaver heist. Suggested talking points: His Health is Great but I Want to Start Early, Paranormal Lovers, Astral Project or you’re fired, Birds Must Die, Hole Madness, Take a Penguin, Leave a Penguin Earthjustice:


MBMBaM 672: Sure Thing, Dave Matthews

It’s August 2023, aliens are real, and so is Dave Matthews. He could be anywhere! In light of this new information, we’re doing our best to keep things light and loose so we’re ready for the upcoming taco wars that will define our founding-father given rights to Taco Tuesday for good. Suggested talking points: Reggie Used to work at America, Crash into Dave, Filling the Pockets of Taco Bell’s Lawyers, The Code of the West Earthjustice:


MBMBaM 671: Sun's Out, Pits Up

It's Sloppy Wet Boy Summer out here, just in time for August. We've got everything you need to do it up right, including a black tie tank top, mystery rocks, and Justin's handmade splinter-free lotion spatulas. Suggested talking points: Ben Shrekpiro, Hot Boy Hot Dog Summer, Malligator, Spatula Splinters, Like the rapper?, Shittles, Coffee Restaurants, Recursive Infinite Cookie Scheme Earthjustice:


MBMBaM 670: Face 2 Face: Hey You, Learn How to Juggle!

Live from the dreamy Carpenter Theater in Richmond, VA! We bring together the forces of Richard Stink, The Minions, and a prayer circle to ask the audience the most important question of our time: What is the milk of Cars? Suggested talking points: Successful Creep, Keep Your Pants Up, There’s no Angels in the Playoffs, Tailgate your Lunch Break, I Don’t Drink Fragrance Anymore World Central Kitchen:


MBMBaM 669: Oomp, There It Is!

Wee-ooh-wee-ooh, it’s Wonka-watch! Get that kid from Dune in here to make those magic chocolates! We’re so excited about the extended Wonkaverse, which will of course include starring films for all of the Wonkas, all featuring Andy Serkis as Huge Grant. Suggested talking points: Hot Topic Employee Energy, Wilder than Wilder and Deeper than Depp, Twonka, Paranormal Charles, Consume Slenderman for Fuel, Hidden Bepsi, Why Papa Make Chippy Horny World Central Kitchen: