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339 : Tik Tok with Robots

Guest MIRP, NetHead, and gentleman Will Wilkins joins Marty for a one-on-one about the midterms, technology, the pets we love, video games, how to experience Marvel movies, and all the things in between. Plus, some awesome softballs via the mail sack. Mail sack? Right here:


338 : Man, I Told You Not to Go in That House

John tries to reprogram his human responses to fit in Marty's narrow view of discourse. Along the way, they talk about Twitter, perfect movies, and the last line of "Get Out." Unfortunately, we never find out what that last line is. But there's still some juicy mail sack. Do you have mail sack juice?


337 : John Shits on Democracy

John and Marty try to solve the world's problems only to discover's complicated? Marty abandons improv rules to just shit on John. John obliges. Then they discuss the scariest, grossest, and funniest movies they've seen. Let us know yours:


336 : Funnier in Hindsight

Tonight John and Marty make each other laugh about the usual nonsense: mediocre TV, movies we haven't watched, and news we don't understand. John explains Seattle. Marty laments...something? Plus some delicious softballs from Peter WG!


335 : Subterra Anyone?

@stephenkrueger joins John and Marty to talk about the herculean effort it took to produce Subterra season 2. We talk about dogs, post-apocalyptic media, and other fun stuff. Join in the conversation:


334 : Nyquil Chicken Breast in the Butt

Marty is genuinely surprised that there are lies propagated on the internet. John practices the comedy callback. The two talk the state of animation, the anticipation of Andor, and mail sack stuff. Plus, John explains the comedy legend that is Bob Newhart.


333 : Harry Potter Is a Mary Ann

Before John takes off on vacation from the inferno that is Los Angeles, he offers his opinions about "The Rings of Power", "John Wick", and the increased body count trend. He and Marty talk about philosophy, movie gripes, and more! Your opinions welcome:


332: Eating up Time

Marty and John fill a couple of hours with mindless pontificating about canceling your favorite movies, bad filmmaking with Jamie Foxx, and science fiction, among other things. Enjoy and fill our goddamned sack, yo!


331: A Dad Joke Works!

Somewhere in the podcast, John actually tells a funny dad joke. See if you can find it. Plus, there's talk about dealing with hopelessness, what's good to watch, the bullshit of tipping, and other fun stuff like floods! Where's your mail and why's our sack empty?


330: Happy Birthday Papa Kevin

The MIRPs get in deep on so many topics tonight! The dumb Senate, poisonous propaganda, Beyonce, and some delicious mail sack offerings. We dissect the MCU and its place in mythology and have some good life and death discussion. Join in!


329: Insert Obscure Reference

John and Marty cover the gamut of topics: news stuff, Comic-Con, breakfast delights, cooking movies, and more! It's a forest of conversation! Don't forget to fill the sack:


328: Mic vs. Dildo

On tonight's two-hander, Marty tries to talk about his first job on location amidst John's "questions." The two MIRPs go on to talk about things Marvel and other media. John explains the key to staying creative while Marty shares his secret on how to be useless and idle. The choice is yours. Share with us:


327: Donald Glover Is an Alien

After a brief hiatus, the MIRPs are back! We catch up about the goings on of the world: John explains how little he knows about Bitcoin, Marty breaks every rule of improv, and Cassandra talks about loss and...whatever the opposite of loss is. Plus, we start celebrity rumors! Listen in for more and let us know what you think:


326: The Boys (and Girl) Are Back in Town

After a brief hiatus, the MIRPs meet virtually (for reasons) and discuss all the biggest news stories, talk about getting out of their comfort zone, and chat about cult movies. Don't forget to fill the


325: The Insignificance of Insignificance

Cassandra and Marty talk about navigating changing careers and the search for meaning until John comes in and kicks their butts back into happy-fun mode. We have ads! We have interviews! We have mail sack! No spoilers, but the first words after the recording stopped were, "Probably so wrong, but so fucking hilarious." We welcome your feedback (and challenges!):


324: Sponsored by Tittie Formula!

In their first sponsored pod, after John talks about sunsets (blech!), the MIRPs explore their kinks, assign tasks to each other, and lament the shitty news of the world. Plus some bullshit mail sack stuff about a guy named Krueger? Get in on the action:


323: 2001: A Space Colonoscopy

On his last episode, Steve leads a shit show, Cassandra channels a pug, Marty can't tell a story, and Hank Jobs (stepbrother of Steve Jobs) explains how he created and lost the amazing hPhone. Plus a lot of shitting on each other and 9.8 emails.


322: The Cadence of My Anal

On John's MIRP-cast, John quickly loses control as Krueger muscles the conversation to his perverted sexual predilections. Cassandra and Marty do their best to ignore it. John tries to introduce debate topics. And yet... Hey, y'all! Fill our sack or Steve will get all sad. We need emails from 10 different peeps! Questions, comments, salutations—it's all welcome!


321: Post-Oscar Jamokes

On tonight's two-hander, Steve is reluctant to talk Oscars, but Marty insists! These two commie morons talk about NOT getting rich, NOT getting famous, and NOT chasing after every item in the zeitgeist. What a bunch of losers! And if you listen, why not fill the sack?


320: Marty Is a Fuckup

After over a decade, Marty still can't start on time! You're spared the 41 minutes of him searching for a working memory card. Instead, you get pure MIRP one-on-one with John and Marty talking about sociopaths, true crime, Batman, mail sack, and more! Join us: