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324: Sponsored by Tittie Formula!

In their first sponsored pod, after John talks about sunsets (blech!), the MIRPs explore their kinks, assign tasks to each other, and lament the shitty news of the world. Plus some bullshit mail sack stuff about a guy named Krueger? Get in on the action:


323: 2001: A Space Colonoscopy

On his last episode, Steve leads a shit show, Cassandra channels a pug, Marty can't tell a story, and Hank Jobs (stepbrother of Steve Jobs) explains how he created and lost the amazing hPhone. Plus a lot of shitting on each other and 9.8 emails.


322: The Cadence of My Anal

On John's MIRP-cast, John quickly loses control as Krueger muscles the conversation to his perverted sexual predilections. Cassandra and Marty do their best to ignore it. John tries to introduce debate topics. And yet... Hey, y'all! Fill our sack or Steve will get all sad. We need emails from 10 different peeps! Questions, comments, salutations—it's all welcome!


321: Post-Oscar Jamokes

On tonight's two-hander, Steve is reluctant to talk Oscars, but Marty insists! These two commie morons talk about NOT getting rich, NOT getting famous, and NOT chasing after every item in the zeitgeist. What a bunch of losers! And if you listen, why not fill the sack?


320: Marty Is a Fuckup

After over a decade, Marty still can't start on time! You're spared the 41 minutes of him searching for a working memory card. Instead, you get pure MIRP one-on-one with John and Marty talking about sociopaths, true crime, Batman, mail sack, and more! Join us:


319: John Sylvain - Cinematic Genius

John and Marty delve into movie nerd talk! Hear about New Hollywood and auteurship and their favorite directors. Plus Marty ruins it with some depressing news talk. But you can join in (to shut Marty up):


318: I’d Fuck Code (If It Was Hot)

In today's bro-down showdown, John, Krueger, and Marty review the State of the Union (without having watched it) and talk about a bunch of other news stuff without any real knowledge or authority. We get a taste of Putin's YouTube channel and talk about how genius is made. Fill the sack!


317: Mazda on the Outlook

Today's Cassandra Cast is full of romance, intrigue, gender reassignment, and so much more! John and Marty join in to talk about all that plus Love Is Blind, moral quandaries, and engagement stories. Plus, a pretty thin mail sack. Do your part!


316: Tiptoes 2: Shitty Miniatures

John leads the MIRPs on an improv journey through the news and the Oscars. Krueger slices up his big, fat salami. Cassandra shares her Valentine's Day wishes. Marty...does whatever Marty does. Huzzah! Share your thoughts:


315: When Cassandra Was Young

Cassandra comes to terms with her adulthood when faced with an opportunity to relive her emo days. Plus John explains inflation to the rest of the MIRPs, Marty gets shit for wearing a shirt, and Krueger talks Tip Toes. Plus, the most offensive email we've received yet! This is not a challenge, by the way.


314: #CancelParis

Cassandra, Krueger, and Marty compare their dry Januarys. Krueger pitches a new scripted podcast, Cassandra laments her lost, Sk8tr Boi youth, and Marty goes to the (digital)( library. Plus, they all shit on that dickwad, Joss Whedon. And don't miss the Mail Sack item that literally brings Krueger to tears!


313: Too Drunk for Cat AIDS

On tonight's Johncast, all the MIRPs gather to review the upcoming movies of 2022, explore America's wildlife, and laugh inappropriately, and Cassandra laments the passing of America's favorite director, Bob Donavitch. Sack it up, yo!


312: The Literal Shit Show

Krueger, John, and Marty start off the new year talking about hopes, dreams, and feces. We talk about upcoming movies and TV shows, plus great action directors. Plus John reveals his inner buff Buddha! Don't forget to fill the sack:


311: Big Dick John

The dick-swinging MIRPs talk about their roses and thorns of 2021. There's some talk about big franchise sequels, celebrity predictions, the holidays, and John Madden. Let us know about your feelings about 2021 and hopes for 2022:


310: John, the Earl of Sum

On tonight's John-cast, John is absent but his topics live on! Cassandra, Krueger, and Marty share their favorite holidays and holiday traditions as well as shit on each other's favorite holidays and holiday traditions. Share your faves from 2021 with us!


309: Krueger-A Convenient Jew

Steve and Marty dive head first into today's news stories. Steve tries to solve racism. Marty is a dick about it. They try to fix crime, pick the year's best albums, and wade through the mail sack. Send in your favorite movies and TV shows for 2021:


308: Anti-Intellectual Property (Moronic Property)

Steve and Marty duke it out on the podcast battlefield, mano a mano! They talk Thanksgiving, Omicron & COVID fatigue, content creation, and the magic of Goldblooming. Join in the fun:!


307: Krueger's Greatest Episode

Krueger abandons his episode leaving the other MIRPs to talk about justice, giving thanks, DNA tests, and a slew of other silliness. A couple good mailsacks (, Cassandra explains the reality of healthcare, and John talks about the old days, which span from the 1700s to last week.


306: John Does a Show!

In tonight's pod, John leads us on a path to understand the magic of Thanksgiving sous vide cooking in a rip-roaring laugh-riot of a podcast. Then Krueger shits on stuff that other people like while Marty sulks like a teenager and Cassandra ghosts everyone. Yet it's still somehow a delight? Let us know what you think:


305: That's Why Pipes Are Round

All four MIRPs congregate for an epic podcast where they shit on each other nonstop. No! For a change, Cassandra, John, Krueger, and Marty actually talk and listen to each other about the news, job interviews, the mail sack, and more! Tune in and join in: