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Legendary entertainer Rosie O'Donnell shares her take on fame, family and fun from her vantage point at 61. Onward Folks! We have no other choice. During her weekly show, Rosie will speak with friends, celebrities, newsmakers, artists, poets and TikTokers.


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Legendary entertainer Rosie O'Donnell shares her take on fame, family and fun from her vantage point at 61. Onward Folks! We have no other choice. During her weekly show, Rosie will speak with friends, celebrities, newsmakers, artists, poets and TikTokers.




Rerelease: Jenifer Lewis

This week, a favorite from the early releases - the "Magical Wisdom" of actress, best-selling author, and dear friend, Jenifer Lewis. Rosie and Jenifer have an uproarious and deep conversation about life, mental illness, and self-care. We'll be back with Murray Hill on December 5th! Share a voice memo with your questions for Rosie to: OnwardRosie@gmail.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Allison Josephs

Our guest this week is Allison Josephs, who Rosie met thru social media years ago. Allison's platform, @JewInTheCity, is a non profit organization that works to change negative perceptions about Orthodox Jews and Judaism. Rosie and Allison sit down together to have a real exchange on what they each see has been happening since October 7, 2023. It is complex, and they both are resolute in their thoughts and feelings, sharing with respect and an honest desire to understand one another. The common goal being safety and peace for all. Not a light listen, but an extremely important conversation; one that cannot be avoided, and one that is happening all over the world. Please join us. More info on Allison Josephs' organization: https://jewinthecity.com Please send any comments or question by voice memo to OnwardRosie@gmail.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Alexandra Pelosi

Journalist, documentary filmmaker, and friend, Alexandra Pelosi sits down with Rosie to discuss her crucial new documentary, "The Insurrectionist Next Door." Alexandra, who is the youngest daughter of Nancy and Paul Pelosi, was with the Speaker inside the Capital, on Jan 6, 2021. After witnessing the violent insurrection unfold, Alexandra talked to the people who stormed the building, to ask why, and as a daughter, if given the chance, would they have actually killed her mother? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Cheryl Dunye

This week's conversation is with the phenomenally talented Cheryl Dunye, an award winning filmmaker and television director. Rosie's love and respect for Cheryl's 1st film, 'The Watermelon Woman' (its groundbreaking style is now known as Dunyementry*) is the spark that ignites this gabfest. But as all great conversations go; they wander thru just about every topic under the sun, including working together on the ill-fated 'American Gigolo', motherhood, being union strong, and vid-cons! (*Dunyementary, is a hybrid of narrative, documentary, comedy, and autobiography style of filmmaking with a narrative that may not exactly be true but gives voice to real people and events that have never been represented) See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Charles Busch

This week, Rosie's guest is the award winning playwright, actress and drag legend, Charles Busch. One of the funniest broadway shows Rosie ever saw was Charles' The Tale of The Allergist's Wife and when deciding to produce Taboo on Broadway, he was THE only writer she wanted! This pursuit and production began their lifelong friendship filled with drama, laughter, and survival. Join us as Rosie and Charles sit down to a long overdue chinwag about his fantastically fun and poignant new memoir, Leading Lady; finally embracing their experiences of Taboo; each of their ignored heart attacks; and the undeniable moments when magical thinking somehow appears at life's darkest and most needed moments. Please send voice memos with your questions, comments or thoughts to OnwardRosie@gmail.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Angela Tucker

This week's guest is Angela Tucker. A brilliant filmmaker, author and transracial adoptee, her new book on that subject, You Should Be Grateful, makes for a fascinating conversation with Rosie. Listen in as their unique perspectives of adoptee and adopter makes for an engrossing and enlightening conversation about the many layered complications of adoption, which often are portrayed in a fairy-tale narrative of "You Should Be Grateful"... Links fro the spisode: https://www.adopteementorship.org/ https://www.angelatucker.com/ Please send voice mail with your questions, comments or suggestions in a voice memo to OnwardRosie@gmail.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Sophie B Hawkins

This week, join Rosie and her guest, artist Sophia B Hawkins, in a absolutely fantastical conversation. Having met right after Sophie released her biggest hit, Damn I Wish I was your Lover; and Rosie was seen in her first movie, A League Of Their Own, they experienced a deep and magical connection like none other. Their long soulful friendship is on full tilt as they chat about fame, motherhood, protecting yourself and self love. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Amy Nelson

Rosie's guest this week is Amy Nelson. In 2020, while the entire world suffered the catastrophe of Covid, the Nelson family was under an even bigger added attack. Amazon accused her husband of several unfounded crimes and felonies, and used the DOJ and FBI hoping to get him to plead guilty anyway. FBI agents knocking on their door with guns drawn; their bank accounts emptied by the DOJ; their employees subpoenaed; threats of family members also being arrested; and still to this day, not one single charge has been filed against him. Why? And what is Amazon's end game as this nightmare of injustice and exorbitant cost to the Nelson family still goes on? In an eye opening, absolutely alarming conversation, listen to Amy's utterly herculean effort to keep her family safe and whole, fighting against Amazon by sharing her story wherever it can be heard. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Judy Gold

Comedian, tv writer, actor, author and activist Judy Gold catches up with Rosie for an impassioned conversation packed with laughs, love and rage at the current climate of hate and intolerance. Good friends for so many moons, Judy and Rosie share their longing for the time when their kids actually wanted to hang out with them, when theater geeks and freaks ruled the air waves thru Rosie's talk show, and women had the right to their own choices and health care decisions. Share your voice memo with onwardrosie@gmail.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Lyle Menendez

This week on Onward, Rosie has a fascinating conversation with Lyle Menendez. Many of a certain age will remember the sensational trials of Lyle and his brother Eric, found guilty of the murder of their parents. So sensational within the American zeigeist; this case has been made into movies and tv shows, it has also been studied in law school as well as a mainstay of cultural conversation. Recently, new information and evidence has been revealed in a documentary that now gives room for the brothers' to file a Habeas; which could mean freedom, after serving 34 years in prison. Join us as Rosie and Lyle talk about the past, the possible future of what this new evidence could mean; and, how one has to find it within themself to remain hopeful, but truthful, even in the worst of circumstances. After listening, please send voice memos of your thoughts, observations and questions on this episode to: OnwardRosie@gmail.com Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual and Emotional Child Abuse, and Incest is discussed in this episode. Please Note: This discussion is not graphic in nature, but, this is a truthful account of events. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Kathy Griffin

"Griffin." "O'Donnell.' "O'Donnell." "Griffin." This week's special guest is none other than Kathy Griffin. Join us as these two long term cohorts hang out, chatting about life and stuff; both big and small. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Alexander Vindman

This week Rosie has a very special guest, American hero, Alexander Vindman.Vindman, in honoring his oath to democracy and the constitution, reported Trump's quid pro quo phone call to Ukraine's President Zelensky. Rosie and Alexander talk about his childhood as an immigrant growing up in NYC, his service careers in both the military and the White House, and the decision to expose Trump's abuse of power, leading to Trump's first impeachment. Here they discuss what public service, honor, and love of country really mean in America, as well as how doing the right thing has affected Vindman and his family. https://vvfnd.org/ https://votevets.org See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Lena Waithe

Writer, Actor, Producer, and Creator Lena Waithe joins Rosie for this dynamic episode! The two bond over manifesting their careers as they dreamed from a very young age and their incredible love for Mary Tyler Moore. Waithe produced the doc, 'Being Mary Tyler Moore', that Rosie also appears in... Their powerful conversation is a true heart to heart about how different a person and their persona might be; using their voice and platform to support others, especially those who are other; and speak honestly about how impossible it is to be all things to all people. And then some! This is an episode you don't want to miss! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Maria Bamford

This week Rosie chats with standup comedian, actress, and author, Maria Bamford. Listen in for their laugh out loud funny and honest conversation about dealing with mental illness, getting through day to day obstacles, and shared experiences as standup comedians. Maria Bamford's new memoir, Sure I'll Join Your Cult, is available on Sept 5th. Please Note: Mental Illness and OCD Issues are discussed in this episode. If you need to talk to folks for help here are some sources: https://iocdf.org/ https://www.iasp.info/suicidalthoughts/ Help Maui: https://mauiunitedway.org/disasterrelief https://hawaiifoodbank.org/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Elizabeth Falkner

This week, Rosie sits down with chef and filmmaker, Elizabeth Falkner, who is a multi-award winning celebrity chef and author, a Food Network and Bravo TV regular, and has appeared as both a competitor on Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef, and as a judge on Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Just Desserts. She also happens to be Rosie's personal chef! Together they speak passionately about and Chef Falkner's first documentary SORRY WE'RE CLOSED, food in general, families (blood and chosen), and the actual love involved in the restaurant and service industry that very few people even notice. SORRY WE'RE CLOSED, a film by Elizabeth Falkner and Pete Ferriero, is an insider's perspective on the state of mind of chefs, how the independent restaurant business deals with crisis, and how food systems must evolve. It's just been released on multiple streaming platforms for your viewing! LINKS TO HELP MAUI: https://hawaiifoodandwinefestival.com/kokua-restaurant-and-hospitality-fund-for-maui/ https://www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/strengthening/maui-strong-fund See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Samantha Bee

Rosie's guest this week is comedian, political commentator, host, mother and old friend, Samantha Bee. Tune in as they chat about everything under the sun, including feeling like their kids' private Uber drivers, the shocking loss of hard fought for rights, and the untold issues and insanity of menopause! Links for Maui response: https://www.hawaiiancouncil.org/ http://www.mauirapidresponse.org/ https://www.mauihumanesociety.org/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Marci Marie Simmons

This weeks guest, Marci Marie Simmons, is building a new life after surviving 10 years in a Texas Prison. With over 250K followers on Tiktok, Marci answers questions about what life was really like behind bars. She's become an activist and advocate for those still inside. She's also become a friend of Rosie's, having captured her interest and respect - first online with her prison cooking antics and then in person as a fierce woman who refuses to give up on herself and others. Still on parole, Marci, who was never a violent offender in or out of custody, shares her experience with openness and honesty. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Sheila Nevins

This week, Rosie has a conversation with dear friend, collaborator and mentor, and documentary empress, Sheila Nevins. Throughout her tenure, Nevins has focused the lens on character-driven stories, allowing real people to do the talking. Lauded by both audiences and critics, Nevins’ unique theatrical style has garnered numerous awards for her and her team throughout her career. A New Yorker through and through, Nevins is famous for speaking her mind in all situations, which is one of the many things that she and Rosie have in common, making them *mishpocha from the day they met. (*Mishpocha is the Yiddish word for family) Share a voice memo with your questions for Rosie to OnwardRosie@gmail.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Dr. Daniel Rosen

This week, Rosie chats with bariatric surgeon, Dr. Daniel Rosen. Rosie was recently prescribed Mounjaro to control her diabetes. (Mounjaro is approved strictly to treat Type 2 diabetes and it has not yet been F.D.A approved as a weight loss drug.) Since being on it, Rosie has experienced slow and steady weight loss and, even more surprising, she's been able to say goodbye to the non-stop food chatter she's had to deal with for years. In her opinion, Rosie's been given a miracle drug and she wanted more info about it to be able to share whatever trusted information she could find with others. Dr. Rosen, as a medical specialist in both weight management and specifically Mounjaro, is on TikTok relaying reliable and relatable information to help answer questions and to remove stigma surrounding obesity and its treatments. So Rosie reached out to him. Listen in as they discuss these new drugs, costs, the diet industry, and living a healthy positive shame-free lifestyle. Share a voice memo with your questions for Rosie to OnwardRosie@gmail.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Kristin Chenoweth

On this week's episode, Rosie catches up with her dear friend and 'little sister,' Kristin Chenoweth. In 1999, after Rosie saw Kristin in the Broadway show, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, in the role of Sally, Rosie predicted she was going to be a "huge huge huge star." And as we now know, Rosie was correct. But what neither of them realized back when Kristin first came on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, was that that was the beginning of a longstanding friendship, which later led them to become each other's chosen family. After not seeing each other for a while, listen in as Rosie and Kristin catch up in only the way sisters do, sharing updates on their personal lives, as well as how they're adjusting to the world at large. Share a voice memo with your questions for Rosie to OnwardRosie@gmail.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.