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The Morning X with Nick and Dick – Yep That’s Still The Name Of The Show

Nick had a double dose of Dear Redacted for this week, we’re Burning X about how much is too much to spend on tattoos, and how the real winner of the Golden Bachelor was apparently people who get off on gassy GILFs. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - The Cybertruck Is Here... Kinda

Nick and Emily discuss how right now is the perfect time to go Christmas shopping, how Tesla's cybertruck is technically finally here, and why Nick doesn't respect a little kid's quest to change the nerd emoji. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - Is Taylor Swift Responsible For Racist Chiefs Fans?

We discuss whether candles are a good Christmas gift for moms, whether Lethal Weapon is a Christmas movie, and if it's Taylor Swift's job to fix racist Kansas City Chiefs fans. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - What To Do With Porch Pirate Neighbors?

No Dick just Nick today, he discusses whether it's insulting to Dolly Parton to call her the new Betty White, whether your neighbors are porch pirates when Amazon delivers your protein cookies to their porch, and even some Don't Nick My News. See for privacy information.


Best Of The Morning X with Nick and Dick - The Waterloo Media Parking Lot Pooper

We remember trying to figure out who is pooping in our parking lot, Jason discovering his girlfriend's kid is hoarding trash in his room, and when Jason wanted Nick to #&@# his mom. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick – Refuses To Finish The Job Guy

We discuss how Jason is surrounded by people who seemingly don’t want to do their jobs anymore, an early round of Joke Court, and the dumbest thing Jason’s ever heard Nick say. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick –Uncle Clyde’s Sausage

We discuss whether Nick can bring sausage to Thanksgiving even though his Uncle Clyde has clearly establish that’s his territory, Travis Kelce saying Taylor Swift told him how lucky he was to be getting a shot with her, and a round of TP the Box Office for Tom Segura tickets. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick – Where Did It All Go Wrong For You?

We discuss whether Jason’s family will be upset if he plays golf before Thanksgiving morning, the acceptability of giving a 15 year-old a “groin-hair trimmer” for Christmas, and how great Nick’s life would have been if he just touched Lisa Clark’s boob back in high school. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - Curse You Num Lock!

We discuss why Nick is angry at whoever invented the num lock on a keyboard, Joke Court, and Dennis De La Pena calls us entitled Longhorn fans. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - Is Jason's Austinite Status In Jeapordy?

We discuss whether putting Oreo McFlurry on a cheeseburger is as gross as it sounds, whether Jason will still be an Austinite when he moves to Manor, and if Kim Kardashian deserves the title of GQ's Tycoon of the Year. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - Milk Obligations

We discuss whether having a second dishwasher is elitist, what That Guy Jason has declared Nick this week, and if Nick is a out of order for signing Jason up to bring milk to the Waterloo Media Thanksgiving pot luck. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - Do You Tell Someone They're Stupid?

We discuss whether you tell someone that they're stupid, why it's totally fine for Nick to enjoy veggie burgers, and we blow the dust off the Google Game. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - Jackass Or Dumbass?

We discuss Nick’s spoiler-free review of The Marvels, whether Bumblito is making Jason’s life difficult on purpose, and why Jason says Tesla has stolen his relatable brand automobile. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - And The Winner Is...

We discuss why Nick wants to name goats in Dear Redacted, who's guilty of crimes against comedy in Joke Court, and whether anyone will figure out Jason's Green Day mashup. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - DJ Dickmash Green Day Edition

We discuss whether anyone will be able to crack the code on Jason's Green Day mashup and win tickets, whether Jason needs to do anything for Mama Dick's birthday, and Nick reviews Jason Dicks' Overcooked-Steak-But-That's-How-Nick-Likes-It Stir Fry Surprise. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - Is Jason Really A Green Day Super Fan?

We discuss That Guy who wants you to do their work for them, whether Jason is a Green Day super fan in name only, and why his insurance company won't just total his Telsa. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick – Doubling Down On Innuendos

We discuss Nick's Last Minute Barely-Researched Most-Likely-Biased Guide To Voting, why Jason is remixing Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax with a Family Guy clip, and a round of the Apple Music Game for Green Day tickets. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick – Quien Es Mas Macho

We discuss Nick’s official review of the Jason Dick’s chicken fajita stir-fry surprise, whether Jason changing his own Tesla tire counts as having a macho weekend, and how Jason has no idea how much Delta 9 gummies should cost. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - The Daylight Saving Debate

We discuss whether humans are the only animals to have breasts, whether Nick actually understands why he's against permanent daylight saving time, and Jason celebrates an important anniversary. See for privacy information.


The Morning X with Nick and Dick - House Update!

We discuss how Jason's new house in Manor is behind schedule and over budget, Nick confirms Flowers of the Killer Moon is too long, and we ask our IT guy if it's possible Jason took the station hack home. See for privacy information.