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Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.

Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.


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Westwood One


Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.




Is It Time To Use The Military To Stop The Antifa Violence?

Jerry Nadler says Antifa is a myth. We have an insurrection, Trump seems to be in retreat. Trump needs feedback to get energy. The news everywhere is terrible, but I can't be a Pollyanna. The positives are in your family. No Dems are stopping the violence, they must want it. Whenever there is social upheaval, people want a conservative. Savage goes down the news of the day. Why are these rioters different than ISIS and Al Qaeda? They want to end the country the same way. Leftists don't...


Dems Go Full Fascist - Savage Raps on the News

New York Gov. Cuomo says chicken wings are not substantial food in order to sell beer and bans visitors from 39 states; Portland mayor Wheeler is a domestic terrorist; Rutgers English Department to deemphasize traditional grammar ‘in solidarity with Black Lives Matter’; Pelosi calls federal agents being sent into violent cities "Stormtroopers", going full Nazi; Savage watching "Fear City" on Netflix; More fake polling data predicting a Biden win; People are so disgusted they may sit out the...


Approve/Disapprove of Trump's Fed Police to Stop Domestic Terrorists in Portland and Other Cities

Savage supports sending federal troops into Portland to handle the violent protesters; de Blasio has ruined New York; Talk radio is largely dead; Is it time to eliminate the presidency and move to a triumvirate? The Constitution is no longer effective; Savage has long thought our system of government is broken, winner-take-all not working; How will Biden fix everything? Time for new thinking in the country; Covid may have mutated, hospital beds filling up; Savage penned an open tweet to...


The Conmen Amongst Us; Left, Right and Center

Savage is a reflection of what's going on in America today; People don't know what to think about the virus; How to destroy a nation from within; Michael Avenatti back in the news; Unemployment benefits are being extended, there's no such thing as a free lunch; California neighborhood paying to put homeless in luxury hotels; Canadian man who raped a 3 month old gets gender reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense in prison; You think things are bad now, wait until Biden potentially wins in...


The Myth of White Supremacy; Savage Raps on Covid

What we're living through right now is akin to what the Germans lived through in the 1930s; Not every white person is a racist; Fake grievances of the left; Stories from a San Francisco SWAT team member; Media rewriting our history; Smithsonian declares the traditional family, science and more are examples of white supremacy; People won't talk about God anymore; NYC Mayor de Blasio boasts about having fewer people in jails, doesn't mention the rising crime rates; Lowering of standards will...


Vile, Racist Death Threat Against Savage - Details Here

Savage receives a disgusting death threat, shows how far our society has fallen; No media outlet will cover the threat, except Breitbart; Glenn Beck, and other fake conservative media people took PPP money; Fired media personality Nick Cannon says white people are closer to animals because of the lack of Melanin in their skin; How does big tech allow such hatred to be sent? Biden emerges from his basement and talks about climate change; San Francisco museum curator forced to resign after...


Is Bipolar Disorder Overdiagnosed? Misdiagnosed? Plus Hot News of the Day

AOC says uptick in crime in NYC is because of hunger; Trump commutes Roger Stone's prison term; The news is horrible, Savage can't stand to look at it; What Savage learns by watching birds; The misdiagnosis/over-diagnosing of Bipolar Disorder.


The Myth of "White Privilege"; Interview with Dr. Marilyn Singleton

Herd mentality that has developed over the past few months has dissolved our nation; The truth about Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln; Hospitals falsely labeling deaths to alter data on Covid death rates; Business bailouts, more information coming out; Pelosi gets upset when someone asks her if she would release her tax information; People writing Black Lives Matter on public roads; Savage a self-made man, no white privilege played a part in his success; NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio trolls...


U.S. Being Overthrown, No Top Leadership to Stop Them

Savage's last political book coming out later this year, what it's about; Ilhan Omar should be thrown out of Congress and the country for calling for dismantling the nation; The insurgency has already begun, people are too oblivious to notice; Who got money from the Paycheck Protection Program and how much they got; California Governor Gavin Newsom takes PPP money for winery claimed to be in a blind trust and run by his sister; How Savage continues to go on the air everyday while the country...


Have the Mobs Already Won? Is Trump Doing Enough? Western Civilization Falling

Have the mobs won? California Gov Newsom bans singing and chanting in churches; Savage tweets from the holiday weekend; de Blasio blames increased crime in NYC on COVID-19, not the protests and defunding the police; Stories from; Communists in the media; Mega Trump supporters are saying he's an absentee president right now, including women; What can Trump do? Money that is supposed to be going to people has gone to wealth management firms; Where everything went wrong in San...


Gov. Newsom Will Use Secret Police To Arrest People At July 4th BBQ's

Newsom destroying bars and restaurants. Trump can't be blamed for the social upheaval. Trump could face trouble at debates if he's not careful. California stops releasing mug shots. Conway daughter comes out against Trump. Newsom cynical - attacks family gatherings. Staying home makes Covid worse. Sorcery, Illness and Social Control in a Philippine Village. Watching Pelicans, Soros is paying BLM as companies bow to them. Trump needs to use RICO to stop them. What will the trigger be that...


Have You Given Up On Trump - Plus Masks Don't Work

Fauci ordering a vaccine despite saying it may be only 75 Percent effective. Do you believe the polls? Have you given up on Trump? I have not. What do you think the Trump campaign slogan should be? Borders, Language, Culture. Another shooting in the Seattle CHOP zone. Letter by Dr. Simone Gold that was rejected by USA today talking about masks. Tammy Duckworth on the short list for Biden VP, she would be a threat. Republicans don't have a counter to that. Who got the bailout money? Big...


Growing Up Savage

Biden was confused when he said 120 million are dead from COVID, these are all the dead who the Dems are sending mail in ballots to. He just got mixed up; Peggy nuisance, an ancient Reagan speechwriter, is pushing for a Biden win; She is an antique and on the wrong side; Trump says he's arrested anarchists; Savage loses a long-time friend over the death of George Floyd; Savage gives a breakdown of the show rundown; Savage shares a pair of stories from his younger years in A Savage Life;...


Those Who Subverted America

The subversion of America, who started it; Former KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov on how to subvert a culture; Which figures would replace the statues the rioters are tearing down? Trump is talking tough, but not delivering action; American people are screaming for leadership; Savage sends an emotional message to the President; Mashable releases a 'how-to' guide for taking down statues; Trump in danger of losing supporters, using old campaign and not updating message.


The Naked Communist Revolution in America

Hoover was well aware of the communist infiltration of America in his time. and while it looks different, the same thing is happening today; Exposing the naked communist revolution; de Blasio is a naked communist; Trump needs to listen to Savage more; We're letting the scum of the Earth tear down statues, destroy property, all under a false cause; We are living through a revolution, and like all revolutions, it will end badly for everyone; Is Trump finished? Georgia teaching assistant says...


Bolton is a Traitor, Should be Tried for Treason

Bolton stabs Trump in the back with his book; Savage warned everyone about Bolton in 2016 when he sat with President Trump in Florida; Highlights from Bolton's book; Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts sides with the left again, protects DREAMer act; American dreamers dream first; Budget blowout, currency on path to become worthless; Savage shares pieces from Brave New World, a novel by one of his favorite authors, Aldous Huxley; Pelosi and the dems react to Bolton's accusations and the...


From Dim Sum to Some Are Dim in One Generation

Black Lives Matter and the radical left wants white people erased from the country; Thoughts on Monday's interview with President Trump; Just a few until the election; NYC Mayor de Blasio praises the protests, looting and riots, but condemns Jews for breaking into a playground to let their kids play; San Francisco used to be a great city, now it's a nightmare; Savage shares dog stories.


President Trump Interviewed by Michael Savage

President Trump joins Savage and discusses jobs, the outlook for re-election, court appointments, the recent riots and much more; Where the country is headed, especially if Biden wins the election; The Enemy Within; Savage wants Trump to win re-election; Depression is aggression turned inward; What's happening in the country is no accident; Savage's book Stop Mass Hysteria proven correct, dedicated to the police; History of nullifying votes in California; Where the country would be without...


Seattle Riots: Why Trump Should NOT Send In Military

South Park captures the situation in Seattle perfectly; List of supplies needed in CHAZ; List of demands from CHAZ; Radical left is trying to bait Trump into a military situation; President Trump to be on Savage Nation Monday, June 15; John Bolton's book drops, Savage tried to warn Trump about him; Who set Trump up for a fall by putting him on Fox News with Harris Faulkner? Infighting already happening in CHAZ; Police Chief women who can't fire a gun are running police departments like that...


Civil Rights Movement Hijacked by Revolutionary Communists

MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech real or wishful thinking; The civil rights movement has been hijacked; Oprah complains about systemic racism, despite being a billionaire, she'd be a trillionaire in a fair system; The myth of systemic racism; Savage wants more police and higher salaries for them; If you want to always be told you're the problem as a white person, vote Joe Biden; Trump losing support from people who care about the environment and animals; Weather Underground has risen; Paul...