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Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.

Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.


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Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.




The Inauguration of Fear and Loathing

Savage describes his dream about the Last Elephant, Biden's first actions: appointing transgender to Dept. of HHS, and bringing in a bust of Hugo Chavez, monologue on the Inauguration of Fear and Loathing, Savage breaks down the 17 executive orders signed by Biden yesterday. Savage reads analysis from special forces soldier titled Winter is Coming, Savage describes what life is like under communist rule by reading from Life and Death in Shanghai by Nien Cheng Learn more about your ad...


How BLM Hijacked MLK

Savage goes back in the archives to 2014 and 2015 to recount his experience of unexpectedly going to Memphis Tennessee and visiting the Lorraine Motel where MLK was assassinated. Savage discusses how and why MLK's dream was hijacked. Savage discusses the history of society and how it can exist going back to Cicero and discusses how slavery had been the norm in the world for millennia. CS Lewis' thoughts on equality and obligation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Impeachment Hysteria - Provoking Fifty Percent Of America

Impeachment Hysteria, Pelosi is stoking a mass hysteria in this country over impeachment, News of the Day; Savage goes over the important headlines of the day, Savage explains the man in charge of impeachment, the night school nebbish. Liberal pollster and former Clinton strategist Mark Penn has a poll that shows Americans want compromise, not division. Savage gives a lesson about mass hysteria in America in the past and today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mob Rule - Some Mobs Are More Equal Than Others

To be clear, what happened at the Capitol was wrong and those who rioted should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Yet make no mistake this was not spontaneous. It had been building for many years. We could go back to the Occupy Wall Street movement and the other Occupy movements. The leftists were taking over portions of cities without one word from the media without one word from the government at the time. Under the leftist government and so this mob rule that we saw,...


God Bless America - The DC Riots + Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy

Savage reads from the bible, explains 'an eye for an eye', Outraged at Murder on Capitol Hill of innocent woman. The Dam Has Been Breached. Violence is not Condoned, But Where Was the Outraged Media All Summer Long When Cities Were Burning, Savage breaks down what happened in Georgia. Savage brings you his immediate reaction to what happened at the Capitol with his Periscope post, hear it here. Interview with Newxmax CEO Chris Ruddy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Covid Concentration Camps plus comments on the Trump Tape

Savage addresses the bill in New York setting up basically what are Covid Concentration Camps, The Washington Post deceptively edited a conversation with the President and Georgia officials over election fraud. The missing flu numbers. K9 officer on video punching his K9 partner. Janet Yellen taking millions in speaking fees. The billionaires that got rich during covid. More news of the day. Sound of the day. The Trump Tape, Slaoui and Fauci both deceive on the vaccine. Boy in the basement...


Ethnicity and Covid plus The Boy In The Basement

FIRST PODCAST OF SAVAGE NATION 2021, How Covid 19 affects different ethnic groups, News of the day, New Year's Day 2021, Intro to Savage's book The Savage Nation, A sneak peek at the upcoming film of Michael Savage by famed cinematographer who created T-Rex for Jurassic Parik Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Last Savage Nation Radio Show + Savage's Son Russ

Savage says goodbye to his audience, takes calls from listeners, interview with his son Russ. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Listeners Talk - Next to Last Radio Show of the Savage Nation

Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Savage Goes All Podcast in 2021 - Next To Last Broadcast of His 26 Year Career

Savage goes all podcast in 2021, SD Sen. John Thune sees challenge to Biden win going down like a "shot dog", Melatonin used to lessen Covid effects, right wing shows air clarifications about rigged voting machines after legal threats. Nanoparticles in Pfizers vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions, anti-freeze one of the components. White House wants to ease approval of gene edited meat. Savage takes calls from listeners on a great career. Serbian thanks Savage for being the only one to...


Title: Is the vaccine 100% safe? Rove calls Trump a sore loser

Possible dangers of the Covid vaccine; Karl Rove and Chris Christie turn their backs on Trump; Electoral College votes today, who will accept the votes; NY Gov Andrew Cuomo accused of sexual harassment, is also reportedly in the running to be Biden's Attorney General; How the Covid vaccine is different from other vaccines; Evaluating risks of Covid vaccine vs. contracting the virus; Savage appears on Newsmax, hear the interview here; News and headlines from Learn more about...


S.O.S. - Save Our States, Increase ICU Capacities, Don't Close Businesses

Why state are closing restaurants and other businesses; ICU capacities need to be increased; San Francisco mayor is destroying her city; Newsom's career hangs in the balance; Dems may lose voters because of the lockdowns and business closures; Savage makes an appearance on NewsmaxTV today; Why National Guard can't staff hospitals or provide temporary hospitals, hint, it's not a manpower problem; Savage gives the audience a behind the scenes look at one of the most infamous moments in his...


Has The Country Moved To The Left? Most Visited News Site Say Yes

Rep. Eric Swalwell reportedly had a relationship with a suspected Chinese spy, says the report is disinformation; Has the country moved left? Media news race, most visited sites; Savage predicts a great depression like drop after Biden gets in office; Los Angeles restaurants win court battle over closures; Savage reads from A Time For War; Savage will refuse to take a mandated vaccine; A preview of Savage on Periscope; Biden appointing radicals for cabinet positions; Biden HUD pick has...


From the Japanese Internment of WWII to the Martial Law Lockdowns of Today

Looking back at the attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII and at the same time looking ahead to where we are in 2020; Japanese internment camps during that time racist or justified? Lockdowns are a form of martial law; California entering another harsh lockdown period; How history will judge the lockdowns; Millennials don't know WWII happened, all they care about is being an influencer and what their abs look like; Savage predicts there will be censorship on every platform within the next year;...


Massage Parlors and Strip Clubs Open, Churches Closed in San Francisco

How China will end up ruling the world; How we got here; Drunken Monkey Style Kung Fu; Bring back manly men; America has been a cloaked Oligarchy from the founding of the country; NY Gov. Cuomo calls Covid the Grinch, when he is in fact the Grinch; Everyone being punished with lockdowns, everyone thinks they're an Epidemiologist, but only Savage has a PhD in the matter; Dems constantly violating their own rules; What is happening to the morale of the country; San Francisco bans smoking,...


From Triumph of the Will of the American People to the Triumph of the Ill of the American Sheeple

Savage is petitioning President Trump to lift the ban from Britain; Boris Johnson, at the time of the BAN "..the ban against Savage makes us look so infantile, so we need to be protected against these dangerous American radio shows?" Flashback audio of Savage's reaction in 2009 to the British ban; Media companies are laying people off at record levels; Savage Sunday night radio show is on the horizon; Kazakhstani bodybuilder marries sex doll after whirlwind romance; 150+...


Biden and Harris Racism Exposed on The Great Pre-Thanksgiving Show

Biden says he needs Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the Senate to enact his radical leftist agenda, what would have happened if Trump had said he needed people for a radical conservative agenda? John Kerry says Biden will trust in God and science to deal with climate crisis; Willie Brown demands Gavin Newsom replace Kamala Harris with a Black woman; Justice’ bill would transfer up to 32 million acres to Black farmers; "Uncle Joe" is a front for the most radical leftists in history;...


The Beginning of the Long Goodbye

Beginning of the long goodbye; Greatest Savage insults; Savage will become a life coach, but no medical advice will be given; NJ Gov. Murphy Confronted At Family Dinner After Ordering Limited In-House Gatherings; Chris Christie: Trump’s Legal Team Has Been a ‘National Embarrassment’; Rand Paul: ‘The masks aren’t working; social distancing is not working. My proof? The numbers’; Maxine Waters wants Trump investigated; Dr. Fauci would be comfortable working for Stalin; The Savage Glossary from...


The Passage of Time Plus Savage Raps on Rock and Roll Friday

Rock and Roll Friday, Open Mic to Mike; Nearly a Third of Democrats Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump; News, views and reviews; Radio not the first or last career for Savage; Funny how time passes; Round of applause for Robert, handling studio duties all alone on a Friday; Censorship isn't limited to social media; Big tech always pushing for cheap labor; If you thought Trump was a dictator, wait until Kamala Harris assumes control of the White House; Savage reads from Abuse of...


1950s America Compared to 2020s - From Stability to Chaos

America in the 1950s and how America became splintered; Comparing the 1950s to the 2020s; Are you getting together with your family this Thanksgiving? How affirmative action has affected people; Voters oppose affirmative action-even in states with large Hispanic populations; Dog-owners are 78% more likely to catch Covid, study claims – as experts rate risky activities; Geo-location of the audience of the Savage Nation Podcast; Crazy libs can't tell you how they have actually suffered under...